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Vegas pool party outfits

Vegas is probably the most popular and well-known city in the world when it comes to partying. The city is called Sin city because that’s what people do there. Sins here mean people engage in adult entertainment activities that they normally do not do otherwise.

This includes everything, ranging from clubbing, visiting strip clubs and watching as well as participating in striptease performances, engaging in coitus with people they do not even know, and a lot more activities. 

Vegas is known for its nightlife and party culture. As soon as you land in Vegas, you get greeted by the free-spirited air of the city that tempts you to activate your party mode on.

The word party has different meanings in Vegas and its interception includes a variety of activities, that include but are not limited to visiting and trying your luck in a casino, getting drunk in a bar, and making drunk memories with your friends, to of course enjoy clubbing. 

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Vegas Pool Parties Outfits: What to Wear? Complete GUIDE (2022)

However, there is another fun activity that happens in Vegas that is somewhat less explored as compared to the other things that Vegas is known for. Though less popular, this way of partying is just as much fun if not more.

What is a pool party?

We are talking about pool parties. Vegas has numerous luxurious hotels and resorts that boast mind-blowing infrastructure that strive to offer nothing but the best stay experience to their customers. 

Several of these hotels and resorts organize pool parties that take place everywhere. Pool parties are a good change from the clubbing and casino visits that Vegas is mostly known for. 

In case you do not know what a pool party is, we’ll help you get a better idea of it. As the name suggests, a pool party is a party that is organized close to a pool.

Pool parties are not necessarily held in hotels alone. A pool party is a common way of partying, meeting people, both known ones and unknown ones.

A pool party can be organized at home, among your friends and family members just as efficiently as at a hotel or a luxurious resort. 

Since most people staying at these resorts like to explore the extraordinary infrastructure of their resorts or hotels, the hotel management makes good use of this opportunity.

A pool party not only is a popular activity among the guests but is also a great way of making more money for the hotel.

What to expect at a pool party?

The idea of pool parties can be new to a lot of people. Many people aren’t even familiar with the term. As a result, one might wonder what a pool party is like, what people at a pool party do, what the environment is like in there, and so on. 

Well, pool parties are nothing alien-like. Most of us have seen glimpses of pool parties in movies and TV shows. 

To clear any doubts that you might have of pool parties, we are going to make you aware about what to expect at a pool party.

  • Ambiance- 

The first thought we have when we think about any place or party is, what the ambiance would be like. Well, in case of a pool party, there is not much room for wonder.

A pool party is usually organized around a pool. Since it is a pool, the area for partying is mostly open, under the sky. Music plays an important role, as it does in other parties, as well. 

Huge speakers, a DJ, and loud music are a common sight at pool parties. Sometimes, there are small dance floors as well, next to the pool or close to it. The hotels and casinos might use small props and balloons for decorative purposes, but there are pretty much all of them.

  • Types of people- 

Pool parties attract a varied crowd. Most of the attendees of pool parties are party people who love to meet new people, and are outgoing and extroverts.

Another important aspect is, most of the pool party attendees can swim. However, you can still attend a pool party if you cannot swim. Several attendees cannot swim but they have just as great a time as any other swimmer.

  • Types of activities undertaken at pool parties- 

Pool parties are usually filled with high-spirited, overly excited people. You might see people throwing each other into the pools. Do not get alarmed as it is a common practice at pool parties.

You will find several people enjoying their drinks in the pool while a lot of people dance their hearts out on the dance floor. Most people will be sipping cocktails under the shade while some people might even be sunbathing. These are the common activities a person can witness at pool parties. 

Suitable outfits for pool parties

An important question that hovers around the mind of everyone before attending any party at all is, what to wear. Parties are great places for meeting people.

If your relationship status is single and you are looking for a partner, parties can be a great place to find your suitable match. Chances are even better since chances are both of you would know someone of the other in common who might help set you up. Therefore, it is important to dress appropriately for parties.

A lot of people who are unfamiliar with pool parties or come from a place where pool parties aren’t conventional or a part of the norm, get confused about what are the suitable outfits for a pool party.

We are about to discuss this important factor in detail and introduce you to some of the latest trends regarding pool-party outfit ideas.

  1. Bring out your Bikinis- when attending a pool party, women are expected to wear bikinis or swimsuits. You are not supposed to wear denim, shorts, or skirts, and flowy dresses.

  2. Wear clothes that are meant for pools. These could include beachwear clothes, swimsuits meant for the beach, a good-quality bikini you would use for sunbathing, and so on.
  1. Look presentable- in usual cases, you wouldn’t need your hair and makeup on point but since this is Vegas, you have to put in effort.

  2. Things are done differently in Vegas. While attending pool parties, you would mostly find women who dedicated their time to applying makeup and styling their hair.
    A loose bun, unkempt hair, etc. can be off-putting considering most people around you would look really presentable so if you do not do the same, you might look like a misfit.
  1. Follow the trend- pool parties are a great source of meeting people, as mentioned earlier. So dress to impress. Especially if you are partying at a high-end resort or casino. Swimsuits and bikinis are easily available in the US. Buy yourself a trendy, modern piece, and you are good to go.

Trendy outfit ideas for pool parties in Vegas

  1. Sizzling one-pieces- one-piece swimsuits never get out of style. If you are uncomfortable showing your tummy, one-piece swimsuits are the best option for you.

  2. Buy yourself a trendy one-piece and rock that piece in your party. One-pieces are also a great choice for women with thick thighs. One-piece swimsuits enhance the beauty of your curves and accentuate the looks of your legs. 
  1. Trendy two pieces- these consist of a bikini bottom and a bikini top. The most popular choice for pool parties, two pieces are a great choice for anyone interested in sunbathing and comfortable with showing skin. There’s nothing quite like a backless two-piece bikini set. Get one for yourself and invite all the glares at yourself.

  1. Statement bold colors- if you do not like experimenting with colors or are one of the people who stick to wearing the same few colors, this is the greatest option for you.

  2. Bold colors are always in trend. Imagine stepping into the pool wearing an all-red bikini in the Ruby-woo shade. Great for daytime parties, bold colors like red, neon, and the all-time favorite black, make for great choices for people who do not like too many colors but always want to leave a mark.
  1. Fruity florals- floral print bikinis and swimsuits are currently in trend and are a lot of women’s favorite. If you want to try something different as compared to an all-black or red piece, you can pick out florals.

  2. Cute floral prints of fruits prints on light colors are in trend. Choose white daisies printed in a pretty light yellow shade. 

If you want to stick to bold colors but still try prints, you could choose a hot pink bikini set with cherry prints. You could also choose a tangerine swimsuit with blue or green flower prints.

Such prints are less common and also refreshing to look at. Pair these with light shade lipstick and minimal makeup and you are ready, looking as fresh as a daisy.

  1. Low-cut one-pieces- low-cut swimsuits have a deep neck from behind. These are usually designed to enhance the appearance of your curves and are comfortable to wear as well. If you want your swimsuit to be revealing but also prefer one suit, a one-piece with a low-cut back should be your pick.

The most popular pool parties in Vegas

Several places in Vegas organize some of the best pool parties you could ever attend. Since Vegas has an exclusive party culture, it makes sense to expect that there are some of the greatest pool parties being organized in the city.

If you are in Vegas and fancy yourself some partying by the pool, surrounded by like-minded people, who live to eat, drink, dance, and party, then you cannot afford to miss these other-worldly pool parties in Vegas.

These parties are bound to leave you exhausted but satisfied. 

We have handpicked the best pool parties in Vegas and curated this list of a number of pool parties in Vegas that you cannot afford to miss. 

  1. Tao at The Venetian- The Venetian is one of the most popular resort hotels in Vegas. It has several branches in some of the other greatest cities in the world as well. 
    The Tao is situated on the top floor of The Venetian where it offers its customers a 30-foot tall bar to satisfy the thirst of drinkers who cannot have enough alcohol, dozens of luxury cabanas, daybeds, and DJs as well. The place is one of the most popular choices of the pool-party lovers and once you are here, you are going to be spellbound.

  1. Kaos at Palms- Kaos is an over-the-top day club. Kaos features several celebrities like Cardi B and so on. Here, they have a luxurious club but it’s their outdoor pool deck that we should be discussing right now. The Kaos throw one of the most amazing pool parties in Vegas. 

Their most popular attraction is an almost 65-foot-tall sculpture of a headless, naked man. They have two levels of cabanas and a huge stage.

The best thing about pool parties here is that they are organized late at night on Sundays. This makes it the most ideal choice for office-goers and makes for a kickass refreshment before you experience Monday blues the next day.

  1. Daylight at Mandalay Bay- another unmissable spot is the Daylight at Mandalay Bay. They have a huge pool and you can find some of the most popular DJs and stars on weekends, apart from some popular rappers as well. 

Their property is one of the most amazing properties in all of Las Vegas. Here, they have two dozen VIP cabanas, and ultra-luxurious VIP bungalows as well.

They also have a parking lot so you do not have to walk to the casino. Daylight at Mandalay Bay is the daytime version of their nightclub. Best believe, they redefine luxury with their luxurious, eye-appealing, huge property and extraordinary services.

  1. Bare at Mirage-
    This upscale and sophisticated is quite cool about their dress code. Here, women can go topless and enjoy the pool party to the fullest. 

    They have a jungle-like-looking path where visitors can take a stroll. This tree-laden path leads you to a 1400 square foot hidden gem that gives European-style sunbathing vibes. The Bare also has two dipping pools, lavish daybeds, and a full bar for an unforgettable pool party.

These are some of the most popular pool parties in Vegas that you should not miss. These places organize pool parties keeping in mind the demands of their customers and what is in trend. A pool party can be an exhilarating experience, especially for first-timers.

These places can cost a little more than what is ordinarily found in our local areas but the service is unmatched and you would definitely have the best time of your life here.

General Dos & Don’ts of pool parties in Vegas 

While pool parties are organized with the sole purpose of having fun, there are some things that people should be aware of. Every place or party has some general rules and restrictions that people are expected to follow. Here are some general Dos and Don’ts to keep in mind before visiting pool parties. 

  1. Keep the dress code in mind- most pool parties, especially the ones organized at these high-end resorts, have a dress code. The dress code expects you to dress a certain way and avoid wearing a few things. Sportswear and athletics gear is strictly prohibited at pool parties so make sure you are not wearing sports jerseys and all.
  1. Keep your flip-flops away- while you don’t need to wear branded shoes or heels at pool parties, cheap flip-flops are prohibited at most pool parties.The bouncer will most likely turn you away. Not only do they look appropriate for events at upscale places, but they are also unsafe around pools as flip-flops can be slippery. It’s better to invest in pool slippers. Trendy pool slippers can also compliment your looks in a great way.

  1. Cover up ladies- while pool parties are places to flaunt your curves, you are expected to cover up while arriving at the pool. So if you are wearing swimsuits for bikinis, cover yourself with a shawl or scarf. 

  1. Avoid unnecessary accessories- an important thing to remember about pool parties is that one should avoid unnecessary accessories. A lot of accessories aren’t allowed at pool parties. These include sports gear, pointy jewelry or accessories, and even hats.

  2. A lot of pool party organizers might not even allow hats. So before you attend a pool party, check the general dos and don’ts. In some cases, party organizers might even curate different dress codes and general rules for day and night parties. These rules are subject to change so check updates before going to the party.

Concluding Thoughts

These are some essentials about pool parties. Pool party outfits can set your look apart from everybody else. While choosing your pool party outfits, ensure you choose clothes with materials fit for pools and water sports.

Do not pick cotton or other such material as they are not appropriate for pools. 

These materials stick to the skin when they come in touch with water and become see-through. So, pick out the coolest and trendiest swimsuit and enjoy your pool party.

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