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Chicago as a city is wonderful and unique. The diversity of the city makes it the wonder that it truly is.

Although it isn't really known for its strip clubs, that doesn’t mean that you can't find quality establishments in the city. 

The city has more than a handful of fine gentlemen’s clubs where you can choose to spend a couple of hours after work or visit if you are a tourist in the city.

Navigating around a new city can often prove to be challenging especially when there is no one to give you directions. 

With a little effort you might find a place where you could visit but who knows what the place has in store.

We took it upon ourselves to make a list of the best strip clubs you can visit while you're in the city. Chicago has various unique establishments that you could visit, each club has a unique feature to offer. 

There are various events that take place in these clubs each day of the week, these events are filled with attractive women and quality parties.

There are few things that the people of Chicago love more than a strip club so we had to make a list for all the strip club enthusiasts out there. 

Be sure to visit them if you are in the city of Chicago and always remember if someone checks your internet history after you're done with the article, reading is not a crime.

Here is a list of the top 10 strip clubs in Chicago that you most definitely should visit.

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Top 10 Best Strip Clubs in Chicago, IL (2022): Gentlemens Club

1. Pink Monkey

Pink money as the name suggests is one of the best places to spend some real cash. The place is loaded with beautiful topless women who are always in the mood to party.

 A very unique feature that Pink money offers is that it's BYOB! Yeah, you heard it right this is a strip club that allows you to bring your own booze. What else could a man need if there is a question yet to be answered? 

The food is great at the establishment and you can have quality meals while having attractive women around you.

Pink money went all out and even offered lifetime membership to people for 10k US dollars. 

So, if you are planning to settle down in the city of Chicago and are a big fan of strip clubs this is an opportunity you should be interested in.

The dancers at the club are very attractive and completely topless, they will surely distract you from your worldly concerns. The strip club is pretty solid with an online rating of 2.8/5.


  • 750 S Clinton St, Chicago, IL 60607, United States
  • Google Rating: 2.8

Admiral Theatre has got to be one of the most popular strip clubs in the city if not the most popular one.

This particular establishment is extremely famous among the locals. The club provides completely nude attractive women for your entertainment. You're sure to have a great time while at the Admiral Theatre. 

The only downside that the club has is that it doesn’t serve alcohol. The women of the club are extremely beautiful and very friendly, the dancers are extremely well trained on the pole!

As far as strip clubs go, the no alcohol policy is a major upset. The place makes up for the no-alcohol policy by hosting unique regular events. 

The ‘Miley Cyrus lookalike contest’ is one of the few strange yet fun events that the club regularly hosts. The strip club is affordable and you can have quality time while being at the club.

 The club has an online rating of 3.8/5 and the closing time is 6 am so be sure to party all night and have fun.


  • 3940 W Lawrence Ave, Chicago, IL 60625, United States
  • Google Rating: 3.8

Atlantis gentlemen's club is old school and subtle. The place is quite luxurious when you compare it to other strip clubs in the same region. The club is huge and is quite spacious.

The place boasts 24 dance rooms and 10 suites, the club is nothing short of a complete package. By now you would be able to guess what women in the club would look like. 

Yes, Atlantis has some of the most attractive strippers in the whole state and that’s probably why the club is never empty.

The club is designed beautifully and it resembles ancient Greek buildings. The club looks like a regal Greek palace when looked at from the outside. 

The insides of the club are equally impressive as the place is kept extremely clean and pristine at all times. High rollers can often be seen at the establishment as Atlantis is one of the few premium establishments in the city. 

There are only a few clubs in Chicago that can compete with the quality of services offered by the Atlantis club; the women here are quite stunning with many surprises up their sleeves.

 The online rating of the club is pretty impressive at 3.4/5, be sure to visit the place if you are visiting the city of Chicago.


  • 1897 E Lincoln Hwy, Ford Heights, IL 60411, United
  • Google Rating: 3.4

PoleKatz club is more of a traditional Las Vegas club in the city of Chicago. The club is huge and is designed beautifully. The club has over 150 dancers in the club at all times who are fully nude for your entertainment.

Each strip club has its own unique USP, PoleKatz offers pick-up services if you are not in the mood to drive all the way to the club itself.

The pickup is done by a Mercedes sprinter bus which comes with its own pole and stripper so yes, the party never stops.

At this fine gentlemen's club, you can avail of ‘full contact’ lap dances with some of the most attractive women in town. 

There are many private rooms in the back where you can test your mettle against the beautiful strippers and remember no touching no matter how hard it is! If you are a local living in Chicago or you happen to find yourself in the city for a business trip, be sure to visit the PoleKatz and witness the kittens in action. 

Kittens are what the club likes to call their strippers and for all the right reasons. These kittens are well trained and quite friendly, the comfortable atmosphere of the club will make you feel right at home.

 The club has an online rating of 3.5/5 and continues to be one of the finest establishments in Chicago.


  • 7337 W 100th Pl, Bridgeview, IL 60455, United States
  • Google Rating: 3.5

Club 390 is more of a tourist attraction in the city of Chicago. The club is quite popular among non-residents of Chicago too.

What is the reason you must be asking? Worl famous porn star Lisa Ann likes to party at club 390. This is reason enough for millions of her fans to travel and see the club and her in person. 

The club boasts of a smoke haven that is completely enclosed and is a comfortable space for smokers to have a good time.

 You can stop your starvation at the executive lounge by making the best out of the food menu club 390 has to offer.

After seeing the attractive strippers at the club, surely your hunger would be for different things but who knows what the future holds so make sure to have a full belly. 

The club hosts regular fun events that you could be a part of on the weekends. If you're looking to spend a couple of hours partying and having fun Club 390 should be your top choice.

The club has an online rating of 3.3/5 and is definitely a must-visit.


  • 390 E Joe Orr Rd, Chicago Heights, IL 60411, United
  • Google Rating: 3.3

This club boasts a unique title to itself as it might be the only strip club in Chicago that provides customers with full liquor service. Oh, but this unique title comes with a price and the price is quite high.

 Strippers at the bar have to wear strange-looking nipple pasties which take half the fun away from the audience. 

But after some quality liquor, we are sure you would find more things to distract yourself with so it's not that bad of a deal.

The club has a cover charge to deal with the over-drinks so be ready to spend some bucks at the establishment.

 The place comes alive after the sox play and the party is quite wild on those nights, in addition to the wild parties there are regular events that take place in the club on a daily basis.

The stripper at the club offers quality private lap dances in the back rooms for some extra cash, be sure to witness the action up close in real-time.

Vip’s gentlemen’s club is the spot to visit while in town; the club also boasts of an online rating of 2.5/5.


  • 1531 N Kingsbury St Chicago, IL 60642
  • Google Rating: 2.5

7. Scores 

Customers should be made aware that this particular Score is in no way connected to the famous New York area scores.

Both of them are different establishments run by different sets of owners. 

The club has over 100 strippers that are willing to take it all off for your entertainment.

 Scores claim to be the top destination for bachelor parties and they are quite famous for hosting some wild bachelor nights. 

The club also has exclusive dealings with local limo companies so you can arrive and leave in style. 

The party at scores goes on for a long time as the closing time of the club is at 5 am. The dancers at scores are extremely attractive and well trained, they are sure to get some tips out of your pocket no matter how big a miser you are. 

There are private dances being offered at Scores, so make the most of the opportunity to get close to the stripper of your choice in the rooms at the back. If you're looking to do a bachelor party or just to party in general, Scores is the spot with an online rating of 4.1/5.


  • 4003 W Lake St, Stone Park, IL 60165, United States
  • Google Rating: 4.1

Rick's is a part of a very exclusive club in the Chicago area. The club features a full bar and you could drink the liquor of your choice.

All good things come with a price, no? The price of liquor in the Chicago area is watching women wear nipple pasties all the time, that’s quite a price indeed. 

You and your crew are sure to distract yourself with the booze and after a couple of drinks, even nipple pasties might look attractive.

The party at Rick’s never stops and you should visit the club if you are in the city or a local searching for a place to have a quality couple of hours. 

The online rating of the club is a solid 4/5 and considering it's one of the few clubs in Chicago that offers liquor service, it's pretty nice.

This particular gentlemen’s club is considered to be a reputable place with a no-bullshit policy.


  • 1531 N Kingsbury St, Chicago, IL 60642, United States
  • Google Rating: 4.0

9. Ocean Gentlemen's Club  

The ocean is a water-themed strip club in the city of Chicago, I mean the name is quite self-explanatory.

Well, the place is full of surprises as it has a huge pool in the middle of the place! Who knows they might even let you jump in it after a couple of shots. 

The lighting and the sound systems of the place are state of the art and are loved by all who visit the club.

The club is located far by the Midway airport and that makes it quite a journey in the first place to reach the club. 

The strippers at Ocean are extremely beautiful and they are sure to get your knickers in a twist.

There are a couple of private dance areas present in the club and you can avail of their service by paying a little extra. The online rating of the club is an impressive 3.1/5 and the establishment calls its girls mermaids!


  • 750 S Clinton St, Chicago, IL 60607, United States
  • Google Rating: 2.8

Often considered to be one of the hottest clubs in Chicago, Blackjack’s is sure to say bye to you after leaving you satisfied.

The staff of the club makes the place the success it is. The staff of the club is highly trained, well-mannered, and customer friendly. 

You get the complete premium customer service while being at Blackjacks.

 This exceptional customer service has allowed the club to retain many customers as it continues to grow. The gentlemen’s club is located in an extremely safe region and hence customers feel safe leaving and exiting the club. 

The girls at the club are not only friendly but stunning. The private dances offered by these beautiful women will make you fall in love with the place itself.

Blackjack is considered to be a premium club and has an online rating of 2.8/5. What more could you possibly want that Blackjack doesn't have to offer?  


  • 7N657 IL-25, Elgin, IL 60120, United States
  • Google Rating: 2.8

Gold Club is the new club on the street but is making a name for itself. This relatively new establishment has a point to prove and the wild parties at the club are making quite some noise on the street.

The décor and the ambiance of the club are wonderful and quite modern. You will be surprised by the elegance of the club at times. 

The topless stage dancing by well-trained dancers at the Gold club will give you a run for your money.

The place is perfect to have a bachelor party or just spend some hours partying.

The club is open 7 days a week and has a solid online rating of 3.2/5. be sure to visit the club if you are in the city of Chicago for whatever reason.


  • 3815 W Lake St. Stone Park, IL 60165, United States
  • Google Rating: 3.2

Final Words

Everyone loves to party, a wild party at a gentlemen’s club could lead you to have the time of your life. Chicago as a city is unique and beautiful. The city isn't really known for its strip clubs. That doesn’t mean you can't find quality places to party if you look hard enough. There are a handful of quality places in the city of Chicago where you can enjoy the company of topless women. 

These clubs serve more purposes than one. If you are looking to host a bachelor party, blow off some steam after work, enjoy the company of attractive women, or just party in general, a strip club is the right place to be. What people should remember is to not let things go out of hand, we understand your urge to party with attractive women but it's always important to adhere to the rules of the establishment. 

Strip clubs have been here for a long time and have been bringing quality entertainment to the table. The modern strip clubs have the inclusion of various fun events which are extremely fun. If you find yourself in the city of Chicago, be sure to visit the aforementioned establishments.

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