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Looking for the best trans dating apps ?

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How amazing would it be to find a special dating app for a transgender person? 

Seeing how the world has accepted the transgender community with wide-open arms, finding a long list of trans dating apps would be no wonder. Just like we have normal dating apps to connect with opposite or same-sex people, transgender people also have the same opportunity. While the number of such dating apps is limited, the existing ones have become a lot more popular. 

A dating app will not only help you find a companion, but you can also meet a person having the same desires as yours. You can either date the person or get engaged in a physical relationship as per your needs. It is the best way to test waters you haven't explored yet. You can know your full sexual abilities or what kind of a person you need as your partner. 

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Top 10 Best Trans Dating Apps (2022) - Transgender dating app

If you search for a simple but feature-rich transgender dating app, TSDates is the best platform. Known as the oldest dating site, it has become the top favorite for many trans.

You can start with the free plan and upgrade to a feasible membership plan. 

As the latter is quite expensive, it would be best to enjoy the experience with free signups. 

You can access the Member Activity Feed, chat with girls within a live room, fill the personal HotList with 200 sexy members, and more in the free version.

With the premium Gold package costing about $39.95 per month, you can easily upgrade your account to enjoy more advanced features. 

For instance, you will have advanced filters to match your requirements, reply to private messages, or add 1000 members to the HotList. 

You can use points to tip your users or list yourself as a fan of your favourite trans user. You can access more than 2000 adult movies from the website with the premium package. Apart from this, you have the full freedom to arrange a private chat room.

Its Sex Academy gives you a wonderful opportunity to engage in intimate activities virtually. However, if you are looking for serious companionship, TSDates is not for you.

If you want to meet some amazing transgender women for hookup or companionship, My Transexual Date has got you covered. This wonderful dating app is completely free for women but not for men- a quite ironic advantage for all ladies out there. It features a simple yet engaging user interface with outstanding profile-creating attributes. You can add a short bio, put up the sexiest picture, and even set your preferences. 

The website has implemented a strong security feature to prevent fake profile creation. Every profile add-on or picture shall be screened properly before they are approved. You need to subscribe to the $10.90 premium plan per month if you are male. You can send or receive texts from your following in the fee-based profile and even appear in featured profiles. This will give you more exposure to be seen by some popular trans women on the platform. 

It is an amazing dating app for everyone looking for a serious relationship, including marriage. If you are looking for hookups, this is not your website. It won't allow you to post any nude or sexually inviting pictures. As a male member, you won't be allowed to talk about sexual advancements with a transgender woman.

3. Tinder

Are you looking for both a casual fling and a long-term commitment? If that's the case, Tinder shall be your best shot. 

A website and mobile application give several opportunities to meet new users and connect with them. You can add multiple pictures to be displayed on your profile, your preference and a short bio.

Details like profession, hobbies, and interests can also be added. 

Its Gold Membership plan is highly affordable, coming for $6.92 per month. You can set a distance within which all profiles will be displayed in the free mode. On the other hand, you can easily view global profiles with the premium model.

There is a special SuperLike feature accessible for premium users. It allows you to connect with someone instantly and initiate a conversation. Other than that, you have to swipe right or left to approve or reject a profile. 

If an accepted profile user has also right-swiped your profile, it will match. You can send and receive messages only when two profiles have matched each other. You won't have to pay any additional fee to talk with other users or set up a meeting.

Tinder does not lay any restrictions on its users regarding sexual exchanges, hookups and long-term commitments.

Having a pretty laidback user interface design, Date A Crossdresser is an average-styled dating app for transgender people. While registering yourself, you must provide all valid details and an email ID. Do not forget to give an impactful bio or self-description so that you can impress some of the popular trans on this dating app.

As this dating app is merged with CrossDressing, you will have access to all those members who have signed up with that website. 

There is a special tab named Who's Online, with which you can easily find out whether your favorite user is still online or not. For testing this site, sign up with a free profile.

With this, you will be allowed to browse through different profiles and read their descriptions. Apart from this, you can also see the default pictures of every user profile. While your profile will be put on the public list, you won’t be allowed to initiate any conversation. 

To enjoy more advanced features, sign for the paid membership with several other advantages.

You can initiate the conversation first with any trans woman who has captured your eyes. Additionally, you can use the chat rooms for private conversations or view forum discussions. Get the paid membership to have unlimited access if you want a match.

To view all pictures and videos on a profile, you need to have a paid membership.


  • Google Play Rating: 2.8

5. Taimi

Dedicated to meeting the needs of the LGBTQ+ community, Taimi has received tons of love and appreciation in recent times. It is more of a social media website where you can meet many people from your community. Y

ou can easily rely on this website without any additional concerns with advanced security features. You can find more than 250k US-based users and over 50K active profiles. You won't fall short of the option. 

It is so affordable that getting a membership won't be a hassle anymore, especially since its monthly package comes at $6 per month.

 If you opt for the free service, you will have access to the account creation module and initiate conversations only with profiles you have matched with.

For enjoying far more advanced features and allowances, get the membership profile. 

You can send chat requests to profiles you have liked but have yet to form a match with it. You can easily get back several unrelated profiles with ease.

Ensure to use all the profile booster features with which you can create a never-ending impact on other user profiles. 

You can also access several filter options to find the perfect match. If you want to view the private photos, send a request but only with a paid membership.

One of the cornerstones of signing up with Taimi is to switch to the incognito mode. Here, you can easily hide your profiles from anonymous or unmatched users.

Serving a meaningful purpose, TransgenderDate is one of the most fruitful and unique dating apps. Here, you can mingle with users hailing from different backgrounds, share your thoughts, and take part in activities.

You will also get to know more about the communities in-depth, their cultures, etc. It thrives on the principle of diversity and inclusion, offering different LGBTQ+ communities to represent themselves. 

With more than 110,000 globally registered users, you won't fall short of options, and that's for sure. You can use its geolocation filter to limit user profiles based on your area preference.

It offers a paid membership plan for $19.80 per month or $4.95 per week. The weekly plan will help you get the subscription on-the-fly rather than wasting your savings on a monthly subscription. 

If you have a free profile, you can enjoy image attachments to the emails, use the Instant Messenger feature, and control blog requirements.

On the other hand, you will constantly receive notifications about website upgrades in a paid membership. This way, you won't miss out on any important feature that could have helped you meet the woman of your dreams. 

You will also be able to read receipts of messages and see who viewed your profiles.

While sending friend requests, you can even write a message to have more leverage in being accepted.

Unlike other websites, you can easily create your profile as a straight single and add preferences for transgender people to explore untread waters.


  • Google Play Rating: 4.3

Being listed among the top 10 dating platforms in the Times Magazine, OkCupid has achieved more popularity than the makers expected. It was launched in 2004, and since then, the website has been able to create a long-lasting impression.

The dating site includes over 12 gender options and about 20 sexual orientations to ensure everyone's needs are attended to. 

So, you will have lots of opportunities to create the best profile and stay true to your sexuality.

One of the best things about OkCupid is no member will mock you based on the sexual orientation or gender option you have chosen. It features four languages- French, English, Spanish, and Turkish.

So, you will have clear access to people of different nationalities. 

If you sign up with the platform for free, the features included in this package are enough to help you gain basic knowledge.

For instance, you can check who has visited your profile or liked you, search matched profiles and message other people. Apart from this, you can also participate in the famous Double Take feature.

If you want to avail the fee-based services, you have to pay a subscription fee of $17.49 per month. 

With it, you will have access to several advanced filters to meet your desired user profiles. The daily auto boost keeps your profile optimized and visible to other users.

You can sort the messages based on their priority. One of the cornerstones of using the OkCupid platform is the absence of advertisements.

8. Lex

Lex is more of a text-based dating app that started from Instagram. It serves the purpose of helping two people from the LGBTQ+ community connect.

It is a lesbian dating app with a free version offering most features. In the beginning, you can try out this platform without paying for it.

 If you want more, you can get the premium version.

If you are looking for a free trans dating website, register yourself on TGPersonals. It perhaps heard the despair of many people belonging to the LGBTQ+ community and decided to keep its features free. This way, everyone can easily enjoy connecting and venturing out into another world.

aving a user-friendly website, you can easily maneuver around and find your way to access some of the best features. 

TGPersonals is best-suited for people hoping to get a casual relationship. You can either get hooked up or share a friendly relationship with your favourite user.

Once you are done with the registration process, you can start swiping the profiles left and right to reject or accept them. Continuing on this journey, you will get basic matches. Once you have matched with another, initiating a conversation will be done in a breeze. 

This platform comes with a blog feature. You can read those blogs, comment on them, and even pin them for future references.

It also features live rooms where you can chat with other members and enjoy an amazing sexual experience. What makes this site different from others is the absence of discrimination.

Every user respects the gender and sexual preferences of another. 

You will come across several user profiles where people blatantly express their views on sexual desires and fantasies. So, do not contemplate much and start making your user profile.

10. Fiorry

Are you looking for an easy-to-use dating app for transgender people? If yes, then Fiorry has got your needs covered. It comes with an intuitive user interface that will help you move around easily and explore its features to the best.

It comes with a mobile app feature to have the chats within hand's reach. You won't have to worry about sitting in front of your laptop to reply to the messages. 

Most profile details are private, apart from the profile pictures and biography. No one will be able to view your sexual orientation. So, if you are scared of scrutiny or any discrimination, Fiorry is an easy pill to swallow.

If you want to sign up for the membership, the monthly package comes at $6.99, while the unlimited package comes at a price of $13.99. 

Its high level of anonymity ensures that your profile is safe from scammers. So, just get engaged with the chat without worrying about anything else.

Final Words

Finding dating sites for straight singles is very easy. There are multitudinous options to choose from. But when it comes to transgender-based platforms, the number drastically falls.

We don't deny that the trans dating app options are a handful. But the numbers, in comparison, don't sit well. So, you need to get the best dating app that features the LGBTQ+ community. 

With most communities accepting the LGBTQ+ population, you wouldn't have trouble finding a real relationship or casual hookup. All you need to do is stay clear of scammers and look for a dating app that meets your requirements. Just a piece of advice: Do not sign up for membership from the beginning. 

Please start with the free plans of the dating app, get a hangover, and then move to the membership option!

On the one hand, having so many dating apps for trans people is exciting, on the other hand, it might lead to bafflement. If you mistakenly end up with the wrong dating platform, you may get stuck in a whirlwind. Besides, how will you feel if you cannot find any person looking for a simple relationship on a dating app? It is pretty obvious you wouldn't feel happy. 

Bearing this in mind, we have brought here some of the best trans dating apps. With this specially curated list, you can find the best platform for yourself to fulfill your desires. So, what are we waiting for? Let's find out what we have stored for you!

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