Top 11 Best lesbian tv-shows of all time

Looking for the best lesbian shows?

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With time, filming has changed too over the past years. People are now more invested in new plots and romance than in watching the same old boring story.

 With more and more people coming out, both the LGBTQ as well as straight people have begun to acknowledge and drool over shows depicting same-sex relationships. 

Here are some of the best, and most beautiful tv shows with amazing stories and lesbian romance to binge-watch.

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Top 11 Best Lesbian TV shows of all time (2022) - Lesbian Series - Shows with lesbian characters

The series L-word gathered a huge fan base because of its ground-breaking portrayal of lesbian and bisexual women owning their sexuality and living their life successfully.

The series had shown the honest replication of lesbian sex and gave the audience a rare peek at how homosexual romance is between women of modern lifestyle. 

The L-word tv show also caught some attention because of the original makers who were behind this brilliant idea.

The creators themselves were proud queer members who were bold enough to come up with the show’s script and hold out the truth about lesbian relationships and where it stands in everyday society.  

The pilot episode, which was first aired on January 18th 2004, initially started the season with some of the fresh faces of that time. The casting was bold and perfect for each of the characters written for them. 

The show balances the beauty in every kind of sexual relationship and gives the viewers a real idea of how same-sex and bisexual couple work out things and manages in the real world out there. 

The L word can turn out to be one of the sweetest watches if one is looking for shows romanticising lesbian relations.

It is binge-worthy and takes the audience on a rollercoaster ride of emotions.


  • IMDB Ratings – 7.6/10 
  • Complete seasons 1-6
  • 2004-2009
  • Available on Hulu, Apple TV, Showtime, Prime Video
  • Cast:Cast – Jennifer Beals Leisha Hailey, Laurel Holloman, Mia Kirshner, Katherine Moennig, Pam Grier 

The show turned out to be the best gift for the former fans of the L-word tv show. The L-word generation Q came out in 2019, the sequel to the L word show, almost after 10 years.

The fans were least excited when they got to see some of the old characters on the show continuing where they left off, along with new casting and roles. 

This show even gets better because of its modern and recent portrayal of lesbian intimacy. The show does not forget its prequel memories. It reminisces the old love scenes and relationships in a way that the viewers can relate to.

The L-word generation Q does a wonderful job in writing romance, love and relationship, the kind that is shared between the LGBTQ peers.

The female protagonists are the bravest women that there can be in a tv show. They tackle their shortcomings and never back off from falling in love. 

The L-word generation Q is even considered the best reboot after the L-word tv show. Not only did the new generation fans enjoy it, but the old audiences were also left satisfied and content.

The L-word generation Q will remain to be the perfect binge-romance drama series of all time.


  • IMDB Rating – 7.3/10
  • Seasons 1-2
  • 2019-present
  • Available on - Hulu, Apple TV, Showtime, Prime Video
  • Cast – Arienne Mandi, Sepideh moafi, Katherine Moennig, Jennifer Beals, Jacqueline Taboni, Jamie Clayton

The haunting of the Bly Manor is one of the few Netflix horror shows that did not ruin the book it was adapted from. The show turned out to be the most satisfying, scary and goth tv show of recent times.

It is not every time that a horror genre lover finds a decent watch for his leisure time. But this limited series consisting only of 9 episodes is not only worthy of your time but also asks for a repeat watch. 

The haunting of the Bly Manor lives up to your expectations. With no meaningless jump scares and intolerable screaming, the show delivers a good storyline with chills and shivers of a good horror experience. 

The other element besides good content is the lesbian romantic relationship between the protagonist Dani Cayton and Jamie. Their love and intimacy are surely one of the best elements of this show. 

The smooth and unforced portal of Dani and Jamie’s intimacy draws every audience who is a sucker of good lesbian tv series.


  • IMDB Rating – 7.3/10
  • Season-1
  • 2020
  • Available on Netflix
  • Cast – Victoria Pedretti, Kate Siegel, Amelie Bea Smith, Oliver-Jackson Cohen, Amelie Eve

To those who love to see lesbian romance with a background of the supernatural storyline and exciting climaxes, Wynonna Earp might just be the perfect tv show for you.

The show is the perfect balance between dark comedy, horror and romance. 

The show leaves you wanting more love scenes between the protagonists Waverly and Nicole.

Their intimacy and love against all odds make their romance worthwhile. The show makers know what they are doing and never leave the “wayhaught” (the couple name for Waverly and Nicole) fans dissatisfied. 

Besides the jaw-clenching supernatural twists and comic timings, the on and off cute moments between the lesbian couple are what keep the audiences interested. 

The Wynonna Earp is one of the best to watch, especially for the LGBTQ members.

Its portrayal of love between two girls is not over the top, but rather very sweet and emotional to watch.


  • Completed Season 1-4
  • 2016-2019
  • Available on Netflix, and Hulu
  • IMDB Rating – 7.3/10
  • Cast – Dominique Provost-Chalkley, Melanie Scrofano, Katherine Barrell, Tim Rozon, Shamier Anderson and Varun Saranga

Orange is the new black is one of the most anticipated and watched original Netflix shows.

Not many shows depict the women’s lives behind the bars. The story and plot are what make this show irresistible. 

Though the series can be a little gory and dark, it has its beautiful moments with some of the most emotional scenes. Orange is the new black gives its characters the perfect passionate love stories.

It goes far in making us believe that falling in love behind bars is also possible.

For those who love spending their time watching series in their free time, Orange is the new black will surely make your time worthwhile. The tv show also has a super LGBTQ fanbase because of its honest portrayal of lesbian romance. 

The intimacy and falling in love between the main character Alex and Piper turned the heads of many crazy fans.

The plot is beautifully elevated through the seven seasons, with a perfect balance between good plot and romance. The love scenes between the two characters left all of us wanting more and more.

 The Orange is the New black who gave the fans a satisfying last season where Alex and Piper finally got their happy ending with each other.


  • Completed season 1-7
  • 2013-2019
  • Available on Netflix
  • IMDB Rating - 8.1/10
  • Caste – Taylor Schilling, Uzo Aduba, Laura Prepon, Danielle Brooks, Natasha Lyonne, Samira Wiley

6. Wentworth 

Yet another great tv show with lesbian romance that remains in people’s hearts is Wentworth. The audiences strived for the show’s tight and gripping storyline, executed with perfect violence and climax sequences. 

The show has some of the best love story plots between characters, that take its fans on a rollercoaster ride even till the end of the season.

The love, expression, and sexual tension among the lesbian couples in the show are breathtaking. 

The main characters of the show are lesbians and their portrayal of intimacy and steamy scenes are worth looking forward to. The fans cannot hold their breath when Franky and Bridget (the lesbian couple) share the screen.

Their on-screen chemistry and sensuality became the major reason why fans decided to stick with the show till the end of the time. 

If you are looking for a perfect drama with suspense, thrill and lesbian romance then Wentworth is a great option to consider watching.


  • Season 1-8
  • 2013-2021
  • Available on Netflix
  • IMDB Rating – 8.6/10
  • Cast – Kate Atkinson, Nicola Da Silva, Pamela Rabe, Danielle Cormack

7. Dickinson 

Surely all the literature lovers already know who Emily Dickinson was. Her talent and creativity still live in every poem. The Dickinson is an American series which revolves around the famous personality of Emili Dickinson before she became known for her beautiful words. 

The series is a great watch overall, but what stirred people was the uncaught romance that was shared by the incredible poetess and her sister-in-law, Sue. 

The relationship which innocently started as a friendship, caused some screams as it later turned out to be the best written lesbian romance in the history of tv shows.

The inevitability of falling in love with a brother’s wife, and the reciprocation of the same for one’s own best friend is surely very emotional to watch.

The portrayal of vintage, soft and romantic love between two women of the early century, with poem, drama and misery left audiences crying all over the world.

The Dickinson tv show has also great comedy, balanced with a serious storyline and unhinged character development.

If you are an old school, then this lesbian drama series is just your cup of tea.


  • Completed Season 1-3
  • 2019-2021
  • Available on – Apple Tv
  • IMDB Rating – 7.5/10
  • Cast – Hailee Steinfeld, Anna Baryshnikov, Ella Hunt, Jane Krawoski

Gentleman Jack is a period drama based on theatrical historic events. The story revolves around the real-life-based landowner and industrialist Anne Lister played by Suranne Jones. 

The series beautifully holds up the atrocities faced by the then female business owner. To break the stereotypes this character Anne Lister dresses up as a gentleman and marries a rich heiress named Ann Walker played by Sophie Rundle. 

The brave personality of Anne Lister and her never backing off from real-life challenges is the best element of the story. The show moves forward with a romantic relationship developing between Anne and ann.

The show successfully holds up the intimacy between two women. The ups and downs, the rush, tension and sexual energy between the pair.

Gentleman Jack gives you the old touch of romance that used to prevail in early times.

The close scenes and sexual bond between the lesbian pair in this tv show remain one of the favourites for the LGBTQ fan members.


  • Season 1-2
  • 2019-2022
  • Available on HBO Max, Hulu
  • IMDB Rating – 8.2/10
  • Cast – Suranne Jones, Sophie Rundle, Gemma Whelan, Amelia Bullmore

The Fosters is not like any other show. While the story does involve a beautiful lesbian couple Lena and Stef, the show is a lot more than that.

This tv series shares a long and humble journey between the couple. It depicts how a relationship is not only about intimacy and sex, but also about love, honour and responsibility.

The show also normalises how a same-sex couple takes over foster kids and develops a parental instinct and care in no time.

The relationship shared by each kid and their foster parents is the main highlight of the show. 

The show is the perfect watch for every teenager and adult who are into drama and romance. The actors do a wonderful job to bring the characters into life.

Their marriage and understanding set a good example for today’s lesbian couples. 

The foster tv series aired with much hope and ended with the same enthusiasm.

It never disappointed its viewers on the way, but only encouraged them to see how a lesbian couple survives and thrives not just as a romantic couple but also as responsible and loving parents.


  • Completed season 1-5
  • 2013-2018
  • Available on Hulu and amazon prime video
  • IMDB Rating – 7.9/10
  • Cast – Sherri Saum, Maia Mitchell, Teri Polo, David Lambert, Hayden Byerly, Ciera Ramrez

10. Feel good 

This Netflix original is different from the usual ones. It stars the famous and incredible comedian Mae Martin, who plays herself on the show. The episode is also co-written by her.

This tv series is light and humorous. The comedian tries to get back to her old balanced life and recover from her addiction issues. The story takes a turn when she gets involved in a romantic relationship with a girl named Georgie. 

If you are not a fan of mae already, this show will make you one. The lesbian couple is a delight to watch on screen. Their romance and friendship are what make the viewers stick with them. 

The show shows us how addiction can take a toll on personal relationships and one’s development.

 on and off, up and down, sweet and bitter moments between the lead lesbian couple makes the fans root for them even more.

Though the series ended in 2021 with a final season of 2, some fans are still waiting on when they will get to see such a good same-sex couple again with drama and comedy both on sides.


  • Completed season 1-2
  • 2020-2021
  • Available on Netflix
  • IMDB Rating – 7.5/10
  • Cast – Mae Martin, Charlotte Ritchie, Ritu Arya, Lisa Kudrow, Phil Burgers, Ophelia Lovibond

Who does not love a superhero show right? Supergirl brings fun, sci-fi actions, mystery and drama to the table. Every nerd and dc comic lover joined together with excitement when CW aired the pilot episode of Supergirl. 

Though the show did not have lead lesbian characters. Nonetheless, the fans began to see the romance between the two female characters of the show, Maggie Sawyers and Alex Danvers.

 The fans not only gush over them, but they also came up with their couple names Sanvers. Their romance brought freshness to the series, leaving the fans in love with them.

The show has one of the best pilots to date. It came up with many promises for the DC universe fans and it did live up to expectations.

Supergirl is a symbol of loyalty, braveness and strength, and the show went to lengths to portray the character in the best way possible.

Every character had growth each season and love plots were written with subtle poise and balanced drama. This sci-fi tv show makes one’s time worthwhile with a touch of lesbian romance to go along in the way. 

 The supergirl tv show had some of the most impactful episodes, filled with twists and sci-fi plot jumps. With the female protagonist and lesbian romance, the audiences loved this show throughout and expected more each time a season aired.



  • Completed season 1-6
  • 2015-2021
  • Available on Prime Video
  • IMDB Rating 6.2/10
  • Cast – Melissa Benoist, Chyler Leigh, Katie Mcgrath, Mehcad Brooks, Chris Wood

Final Words

These series with exciting lesbian romance are only a few to name. These shows are the most anticipated and highly ranked by critics. While some of them will give you surprising chemistry between a lesbian couple, others will portray how calm, and loving a lesbian relationship can be in the long run. 

The aforementioned tv shows have the highest IMDB ratings and best reviews. The fans have waited years and years just to watch their favourite lesbian couple get their happy endings as deserved.

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