Top 20 Lesbian Sex Toys (2020) – Review & Comparisons

So what if you don’t find that soft corner for men. Just because you are a woman, that doesn’t mean your heart should beat for  opposite sex only.

With 2020 in, finding love in the same sex is also pretty common.

Even if you are a gorgeous woman yourself, you might still find yourself getting attracted to another sexually attractive woman. If the feeling is reciprocal, then you are in love.

But what if you can find some sex toys you can enjoy with your partners as well. So, let’s talk about the top 20 sex toys designed for lesbians, particularly.

lesbian porn

1. Womanizer Inside Out

Known for stimulating not only the clitoris but also the g-spot, Womanizer Inside Out is a perfect blend of stimulation sex toy for covering the entire lesbian category.

One of the finest pulse wave based sex toys, the product is known for its famous “suction technology.”

It has been implemented on multiple sex toys in the past, but nothing comes close to the one in here.

This product is known to be the highest rated lesbian sex toy among millions of people and for so many reasons.

womanizer inside and out

Now you can enjoy quicker orgasms, with tons of features. It is pretty easy to use and has already been featuared in Cosmo, Refinery29, and various other places. So, if you are literally struggling to get the best item within $199, then Womanizer Inside Out is the one for you.

  • The item is waterproof and rechargeable.
  • There are 12 different intensity levels for vibrations and 12 different levels for suction power.
  • It has pulse wave technology for stimulatingIt is furthermore dubbed with a 90 seconds orgasm machine.
  • The item is whisper-quiet, so you can discreetly use it without the fear of getting caught. It comes in a luxury case with some accessories included in the list.
  • One can use this machine with all kinds of lubes. It is ergonomically shaped and comes with a USB rechargeable cable.
  • Great to look and easy to use
  • Very light in weight
  • Discreet
  • The shape is sleek and effective
  • Inability to move a stationary vibrator
  • Have to stick to a few poses
  • Might be uncomfortable for some bodies




2. Eva ll

A tiny vibrator of the modern century, this amazingly designed Eva ll will revolutionize the way you use lesbian sex toys.

This tiny vibrator is known to house two flexible wings, which will promisingly grasp right between the labia.

So, just spread your labia gently and enjoy direct clitoral stimulation all the way through.

This product is known for its rumbly pleasure, covering the entire clitoris. It will leave access open for the ultimate vaginal penetration.

It is one unique hands-free vibrator, which will take sex life up a notch.

eva ii

It is user-friendly and comes with a single button right at the top. It comes with three different vibration levels and is 100% safe. It is 100% waterproof, and a single charge will let the product last for 5 hours straight.

  • It comes with a USB rechargeable option and a storage kit that also charges the main vibrator.
  • It is a travel-friendly product and known for its discreet size and smaller look.
  • The product comes with three years of warranty.
  • It is easier to clean and won’t take more than a few minutes.
  • Flexible wings for easier grip
  • Perfect stimulation feeling
  • Easy to clean
  • Quiet discreet in look
  • Doesn’t take size difference into consideration
  • Not always suitable for all women choices




3. Le Wand

Want to know more about the most powerful wand you could have asked for?

You do not have to look elsewhere when you have Le Wand on your side.

It is a perfect mechanism for clitoral stimulation and also for blended orgasm.

The product is versatile and known to offer external pleasure only till the time you put a different head attached to it.

It helps you to enjoy some of the most powerful vaginal penetrations of all time.

le wand

The wand is known for its luxurious look. Known to house ten vibration intensities, this product starts with a small tickle and will finally rock your whole world! It has 20 different vibration patterns to choose from!

Moreover, to top it all, this item is cordless and comes with a flexible 360 degree rotating neck. It is also splash-proof. There are four different attachment heads for you to try out too.

  • This product is known for its well-known ten vibration speeds.
  • Right from gentle vibrations to something powerful, the wide ranges of intensities will make this brand quite versatile to use.
  • There are 20 different vibration patterns, which will never have sex toy usage a boring device for anyone.
  • Right from solo masturbation to use with your lesbian partner, this product is perfect for all!
  • It is made using body-safe silicone.
  • It comes with a flexible head, which is designed to rotate 360 degrees.
  • It helps the vibrations to resonate through the body without any overstimulation or any friction.
  • It is cordless in nature and splash-proof too.
  • Easy to clean
  • Completely rechargeable
  • Travel-friendly
  • Too big to carry
  • Not discreet at all
  • Lasts just 3 hours on a single charge




4. We-Vibe Tango

Rated as the number one clitoral stimulator for the past two consecutive years, the extremely basic design of Tango is rather deceptive to its functionalities.

The discreet size might be deceiving as it is not larger than your finger.

But it knows how to function well and target the notable area where it stimulates the clitoris with eight separate vibration modes.

You will literally get shocked after using this product for the first time! How come a product so small can pack such a punch?

we vibe tango

Well, use it to understand its power more. It is rechargeable and waterproof in nature. It is a deal for the decade to go for under $100. As it is made using body-safe materials, so anyone can use it without a worry.

It has some of the precise, powerful vibrations and can be recharged using a USB port.

  • This precious little gem comes with eight different vibration modes.
  • The clean-up procedure is rather easy with mild soap and water, that’s all
  • You can use it with any kind of water-based lubes for the fantastic experience of all time.
  • It is just for external use only.
  • The product happens to be a favorite among people for its discreet size.
  • Easy, friendly companion with a discreet look
  • Lightweight and easily portable
  • Super strong and powerful
  • Too small for some
  • Available in just two colors
  • Have to carry USB cable separately




5. Ora 2

A perfect product from the house of Lelo, Ora 2 is one of the best sex toys for lesbians around the world.

Known for its rotating hub, this product quickly sits behind layers of smooth silicone skin, giving you that real feel every time you plan to use one.

These products come handy with long seductive swirls, giving you the closest feel of oral sex you can possibly come up with.

This is one amazingly designed rechargeable sex toy, which comes with ten different stimulating modes.

No need to carry extra battery as the cable is available with the pack.

lelo ora 2

This sex toy is known for its SenseTouch technology, which will activate and change the modes, based on contact with the skin. Yes, it is true that the product is a bit expensive to purchase, but worth the investment made for sure.

  • A perfect oral sex simulator of all time, Ora 2 is known for presenting thrilling and teasing sensations of oral sex.
  • It comes with a vibrating and rotating nub with its super soft silicone body.
  • It comprises the SenseTouch technology, which increases intensity along with increased pressure.
  • It fits well in hand providing proper control.
  • The award-winning design comes with ten pleasure settings, and it is 100% waterproof in nature.
  • It is completely rechargeable and also featured in women's Health, GQ, and more.
  • Great to look at
  • Perfectly discreet in look and feel
  • Body safe for sensitive skin users
  • Available in just three basic colors
  • Pretty expensive
  • Hard to use for the first-timers




6. Double-Ended Dildo

You might have tried out hands-free dildos before, but not every one of them was able to win your hearts.

Well, you will be singing a different tune after using Double-Ended-Dildo.

There’s no need to add clips diffing right onto the side, working out with straps that literally hurts and dildos, which are harder to control.

Just lie on your back and ask your partner to insert the bulbous end inside you.

Well, gravity will be by your side then, and the receptive partner will have entire control of angle, depth, and speed.

This is one preferred sex toy for all the hungry lesbians out there.

Ice Gem Realistic Double-Ended Dildo
  • This phthalate-free product is made with medical-grade silicon
  •  You can use it with any lube, and that’s how easy it is to work with.
  • It is also super easy to clean and comes with a stronger bullet vibe power.
  • There are five different vibe modes to this item, and it is rechargeable as well.
  • Being 100% waterproof in nature, you can use this sex toy while having fun in the bathroom or in the pool too.
  • It comes with the curved G-spot targeting the mouth to it.
  • The item is rather flexible for ease and comfort.
  • It has a removable bullet, which is yet another positive sign to address.
  • This item is bendable on both sides because of the internal memory-based copper wire.
  • Amazing to look at
  • The great super smooth outer body
  • Good grip and long-lasting working ability
  • Not that discreet
  • Always need your partner to use
  • Not many vibrating modes available




7. We Vibe Sync

Whether you are a lesbian couple or a straight one, Sync is for all.

It is one of the top-notch couple sex toys of the modern century and has been in this position for the past three consecutive years.

It uses two of its independent motors, located at each end.

One end is preferably designed for that g-spot stimulation, and then you have the other end, which wraps comfortably around the clitoral for stimulating that perfect spot.

match by we vibe

This item is an amazing choice for foreplay, scissoring, and also for stimulating the front portion while leaving the back open for some anal action. 

This product is not just easily rechargeable and waterproof in nature but also happens to be app friendly.

You can easily control it with its added app, making it a clever choice for the masses to consider.

  • It comes with an adjustable fit, and the item is further 100% waterproof in nature.
  • It is made up of  100% body-safe silicone, perfect for sensitive spots.
  • It comes with two different vibrating motors and a tip and in the base.
  • The product comes with a USB charging cord and a free sample lube.
  • The item comes with its sleek storage. Furthermore, there are batteries for the remote included with the list. It is quiet to use and hypo-allergic in nature.
  • Good for long-lasting response
  • Great fit anyone, making it portable
  • Known for its quiet and friendly usability
  • Not a perfect size for all
  • Bluetooth connectivity not stable
  • Not always adjustable for all vaginal sizes




8. Five Jules

One of the best sex toys for harness use, Five Jules, will fit perfectly into that Tomboi harness you own already.

So, whenever you want your lesbian partner to thrust that big and bulky penis within you, this product might be your answer.

This perfectly matching dildo is designed for harness use only.

It comes with a wide base, and its long curved out shaft makes it an amazing experience for penetration.

Made only using 100% body-safe medically graded silicone, this product is perfect for your anal play.

If you really want something to insert into your harness without causing any damage, Five Jules would be the right choice.

five jules

Now you don’t have to bother dealing with difficult dildos and controlling the same. It is super affordable, making it all the more important among the masses.

  • The item is waterproof in nature and is very much safe for  your bathroom routine.
  • It is also anal safe and made using 100% body-safe materials.
  • There are no phthalates available, and the item is 100% waterproof.
  • It can work great with the water-based lubes here.
  • The item is known for its hypo-allergic feature.
  • It is quite durable and won’t take much time for you to clean up the mess once done.
  • Easy cleaning up mechanism
  • Perfect for deeper penetration
  • Good to use with a harness
  • Only suitable for harness use
  • Not at all discreet
  • Available in basic colors




9. Sensual Suede Whip

The next time you are bored with the basic lesbian love and willing to spice up your love life to a completely new level, you are most welcome to try out the Sensua Suede Wipe.

This suede whip is the brainchild from Lelo and literally won over so many hearts right from its inception.

Thanks to this playful whip, you can caress and playfully hit your partner, or can heighten up her experience by whipping her ass.

It all depends on her needs.

It is made up of premium quality supple sheepskin, which comes with a metallic handle, known for its durability.

lelo sensual suede whip

Other than the working mechanism, in terms of looks, Sensua Suede Whip is ten on 10.

  • Has a  solid grip  because of  metallic and acrylic handle
  • Use of skin-friendly and supple sheepskin, which will caress her body just the way she always wanted
  • This whip offers gentle and not so gentle stokes, which make it one desirable accessory for the couple, looking for some excitement
  • Thanks to this whip, you can explore the daring approach to the current bedroom intimacy
  • This product is perfect to not just seduce your partner, but surprise her as well
  • This sex toy for lesbian love is perfect for novices and even experienced couples alike
  • Amazing and solid hold
  • Long-lasting working functionality
  • Easy to store
  • Not quite discreet
  • Used in the same way
  • No variation




10. Iconic Rabbit 2

If you and your partner are into a vibrator, then the market houses so many options to try out.

Among the lot, you are most welcome to try out the Iconic Rabbit 2, as one of the top-notch sex items of all time.

This classic rabbit vibe shape is perfect for stimulating your g-spot like never before.

It is waterproof in nature, quiet in its functionality, and comes handy with digital controls.

It is further USB rechargeable, which forms another plus point of this item.

It really knows how to pack that good vibe, and comes with a straight shaft for penetration.

It further helps in yielding a clitoral stimulator, which is yet another plus point to consider. 

Iconic Rabbit 2

So, you can try using this iconic vibrator on your own for that solo performance or try indulging your partner in the same fun.

  • This Rabbit vibrator is perfectly designed for its classic look, but completely jam-packed with some of the modern-day features.
  • It is a perfect sex toy for enjoying blended orgasms through g-spot stimulation and clitoral stimulation. It will literally overwhelm the body with some of the eye-rolling pleasures.
  • You can control this vibrator for those tickler experiences.
  • It is one huge vibrator known for deep penetration for the fullest sensation of all time.
  • The item is also USB rechargeable, which will help it charge anywhere you want when the product is out of juices.
  • There are seven modes available to add new spice to your love life daily.
  • It is also 100% waterproof, making it easier to clean and can be your shower or bath-time partner anytime you want.
  • Comes with the USB rechargeable code
  • Safe to use
  • Comes with modern designs
  • Easy to carry
  • Not quite discreet
  • Hard to carry around because of its size
  • Not easily available always




11. ​Rock-Off Enigma

A luxurious example of the vibrator, Enigma, is a perfect dream baby from the house of Rocks Off.  

This product is well-crafted with two different motors, working independently.

The first motor is located in the shaft, and then you have another, which is located within the nub for that clitoral stimulation of all time.

The best part about this product is its handle. It is perfect for offering that impeccable control along with that desired angle over here.

There are ten different and powerful vibration levels along with that g-spot flexible shaft.

rock-off enigma

Moreover, the item is proven to be completely waterproof in nature, making it a clear winner among so many other lesbian sex toys in the market.

  • For that ergonomic g-spot stimulation, you have the large swooping handle of Enigma at your service.  
  • The dual motors are perfect for double up fun, charging the g-spot and clitoral at the same time!
  • There are ten different vibration patterns and several other intensity levels available. So, there is always something new for you to consider while trying using this sex toy.
  • This product comes with a detachable USB based charging station.
  • Being 100% waterproof, it can be your perfect bathroom partner.
  • It comes with the precise g-spot shaft with an abroad clitoral stimulating nub at the same time.
  • There are three different controlling buttons, making it perfect for first-timers as well.
  • Great to hold and use
  • Easy even for the first-timers
  • Stylish to look at
  • Won’t be a discrete item because of its size
  • Only available in 1 color
  • Not suitable for all vaginal openings




12. We-Vibe Rave

One of the highest quality vibrators of all time, Rave, is a unique and much-awaited item from the house of We-Vibe.

This is one of the best sex toys designed for lesbians, known for its powerful and quick charges.

Furthermore, it has this amazingly designed angle for covering your notes on g-spot stimulation well and with ease.

But, apart from the g-spot orgasms, it can further offer that cool feature if you can hook it up with the app.

So, even if you and your partner are just miles away, still the one controlling the app can give the other a sexual pleasure of her lifetime.

we vibe rave

There are some of the best masturbation sessions available, and you can try getting one for sure. The app, perfectly designed for this vibrator, will help you to customize the intensity and the pattern of vibrations as well.

So, for all kinds of deepest desires, this product is the one that you got to try.

  • It is well-crafted for its g-spot stimulation and it comes with the deepest rumbling vibrations of all time.
  • It can give you the powerful g-spot stimulations of all time.
  • This product is great for its external use.
  • The tapered tip and the strong vibrations will be amazing for clitoral stimulation.
  • It is made using 100% body-safe organic silicone. It is also known for its velvety smooth touch.
  • The item is USB rechargeable, and a single charge can make the product last for 2 hours straight.
  • It is splash-proof, which makes it easier to clean up once you are done with all the fun.
  • We-Vibe app is free of cost and can help you get connected with ease.
  • Very quiet with a powerful motor
  • Easy to clean
  • Amazing to look at
  • Once charged it would last for just 2 hours
  • Available in only one color
  • Expensive when compared to features




13. NJoy Fun Wand

Njoy has been making some of the best sex toys of all time, among which, Fun Wand happens to be a crazy toy for the lesbians out there.

Made using 100% stainless-steel, this product offers  frictionless penetration experience of all time.

It will not just provide you with a pleasurable experience, but this wand is actually dual-sided.

It means not only you, but even your partner can enjoy the vibrations at the same time.

Whether you are up for some lesbian love or looking forward to versatile masturbation, this product is the one to try out.

5 Njoy Fun Wand

As it is made using stainless steel, the product itself turns out to be rust-free in nature. One side comprises 3 beads, which are curved and get larger in size gradually. Then you have the other side with a single large bulb to it.

So, with this item, pleasurable opportunities are coming your way for sure.

  • Made using 100% body-safe stainless steel material
  • It is non-porous, making the item easier to clean. It is also dishwasher safe, to be precise.
  • The item is waterproof in nature and polished to give that versatile use glow to it, whether with the dildo or the anal beads.
  • The beads will range from 1 inch to .75 inches.
  • The overall length of the product is 8 inches, and it will weigh somewhere around .75lbs.
  • It is luxurious looking and sleek in style. Also, the sex toy could easily work with all kinds of lubes.
  • It is one 4 in 1 sex toy that you can’t get enough. It can be used as a dildo, anal beads, p-spot, and g-spot stimulations.
  • Amazing design for all
  • Known for its portability
  • Stylish shine with a 4-in-1 purpose to it
  • Pretty cheap when compared to other products
  • Doesn’t have any vibration to it
  • Have to be used manually completely
  • Available in just plain silver steel color




14. NJoy Pure Wand

You have been searching frantically for the better sex toys to gift a lesbian couple.

Well, among the lot cropping up right on your screen, the Pure Wand from Njoy might have hit the mark well.

Women are just in love with this item, known for its classy, sexy, and traditional looking dildo.

The one thing that you can’t miss with this item is its larger sloping curve, which comes with a small to the medium sided bulb at one end.

Njoy Pure Wand

This product is amazing for that g-spot stimulation, or you can easily use it with your partner, to say the least. It is made from the stainless-steel as its main body. It is way easier to clean up and can be used even by the novices without any rocket science involved.

It is one lube-friendly item that you might want to try.

  • This product is known for its waterproof feature, making it a clever choice for you to take with you while taking a shower together.
  • The sensually curved body is perfect for directly connecting to your g-spot.
  • It is made using medically graded stainless steel only with perfect curvature.
  • It is a perfect item if you are planning to spend some relaxing time with your partner.
  • Curved dildo for long-lasting pleasure
  • Easy to hold
  • Rust-free in nature
  • Designed to last long
  • No cleaning mess involved
  • Doesn’t have powerful motors
  • No vibrations involved
  • Available in basic stainless steel color




15. Tomboi Harness

The first-ever harness, which is pretty identical to underwear, happens to be the Tomboi Harness.

It is one product you can discreetly wear out in public, and no one will even understand what you are up to.

The best part is the material used for manufacturing a Tomboy.

It is not at all discomforting to wear this item for a long time, and it won’t cause too much sweating or binding. 

tomboi harness 2

It is not just comfortable but will allow a promising control of most of the dildos available in the market. The one dildo which is made for Tomboi Harness got to be The Five Jules. It is known for its athletic cut, which can fit into any body shape you have.

The perfect grip will surely ensure that you won’t feel uncomfortable while wearing this item out for a long time. The item is not just comfortable to wear, but you are free from wearing any bulky straps too. It comes with an expandable hole, which is perfect for great control.

  • It is known to hold most of the dildos types, and it comes with zero chafing.
  • It is made using the light weighted fabric with breathability.
  • There are hidden pockets inside in case you want to store something.
  • This is one nylon spandex-body safe material to consider.
  • The item is 100% waterproof in nature, so you can wear it even while jumping straight into the pool.
  • There are two mini-vibe pockets included, in case you want to spice things up a bit.
  • Dries up quickly
  • Won’t stretch with time
  • Great fit for all
  • Vibes not included
  • Manual usage throughout
  • No vibrations included




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