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Complete Guide on How to Make Vagina Taste Good (2020)

Oral sex does spice up the fun and adds some mischievous content into it if done properly.

But, a majority of the people feel conscious about their private areas so that it does not turn into an embarrassment for them and their partner.

A woman cannot know how her vagina tastes and this can make her feel conscious or anxious while having oral sex.

It is easy to make that area look presentable by shaving off the pubic hair and making it clean and smooth, but the taste is something that can oomph up the experience of having oral sex.

I am sure you will not want your vagina to smell or taste bad. That area can sometimes have a metallic taste and odour because of more acidic levels.


One should understand that the taste and scent of the vagina depend on a lot of factors like the natural smell of a person, the food you eat, the soap and body lotion you use, plus the arousal fluid.

A woman is usually told that vaginas are stinky and gross, which makes them feel under confident of their own body part. But it is important to know that a vagina can taste metallic, sweet, sour, spiced, bitter, sharp, or acidic at times.

The vaginas also have a pH value, which is a big factor which decides the taste of the vagina.


Your natural state of the vagina will never smell like rotten eggs. It will have a transparent fluid coming through it. However, if you notice that the vagina's smell has suddenly changed, then this is not a normal sign. You need to visit a physician and get the thing checked.

This could be the signs and symptoms of some infections, such as yeast, sexually-transmitted diseases, or even bacteria. If anyone of these three is happening, they might damage the ecosystem of your vagina, leading to an unpleasant smell.

Bacterial infection

When bacteria enter your vagina, the problem is coined as bacterial vaginosis or BV. Masturbation, sex, and even douching can cause BV. However, there can be other reasons as well. If you smell a fishy odour, you probably have BV.

You might have already experienced some pain of discharge while having sex or peeing. Women can have BV without showing any signs or symptoms as well.

Yeast infection

If you can smell something weird out of your vagina, go and get yourself tested, you might have a yeast infection. You will also see some cheesy type of discharge. There are some natural remedies that can cure it, though.

You should take yoghurt to get rid of yeast infection and, if you have this infection, don't indulge in unprotected sex. You might pass this to your partner.

Women can have infection through sexual transmission as well. The foul smell could be a sign of STDs.

All of these three problems are different, and they need medical attention. Only antibiotics won’t stop the infection, especially in the case of yeast infection. Ensure that if you seek medical treatment check if there is some kind of an issue.

On-the-spot solution

First of all, you will already know that your vagina is smelling or not because it is your body. If you are planning to have sex, ask your partner to bring some flavoured lubes.

Flavoured lubes won’ allow your vagina to smell bad because they have a high-intensity scent.

Also, quickly run to your bathroom to give a fast rinse to your vagina. Don't use soap until it's extremely necessary. 

You need to ask your partner to wear a condom and use some flavoured lubes. However, flavored lubes contain chemicals, and that can escalate the matter too.

It is ok for one time, but don't use flavoured lubes again and again, even if your vagina is not smelling bad at all. One thing that you must note is that once the person ejaculates inside you, your vagina is going to smell a bit because your pH level is different.

Keep the Vagina Clean

Tips to Keep the Vagina Clean

Vagina has the capability of keeping itself clean and pH balanced. Thus, there is no special need to clean it with soap or other liquids as it can hamper its ability to work normally and can be infectious. The inner labia use a little TLC to keep itself clean.

You must have seen a sticky white substance on the two folds, the place where labia meet the clitoris. This happens because the dead cells get collected there and impart a musty smell and taste to that area. You can take that build up off very easily by cleaning with plain water.

In the shower, just pull apart the labia gently and wash the inner labia using warm water. Use your fingertips to massage out the build-up. Even before having sex, you can clean the inner labia area to make yourself and your partner more comfortable and your vagina looks more presentable.

This will enhance your oral sex experience. Be gentle whenever you clean this area to avoid rashes and infections, as this area is extremely delicate. Other ways to keep the vagina clean and healthy are by wearing cotton underwear and avoiding thongs.

You should sleep naked or airy cotton clothes, and eat healthy foods. Sex can be messy so always observe what your vagina discharges and if you find any change in the look, smell, or odour of your discharge then visit the doctor right away.

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Why Do We Worry About the Taste of Vagina?

The main issue behind the worry about how our vaginas taste goes back to the time when we were growing up and got to know about our bodies. We were always told that vaginas are smelly, grossy, and sticky; and this got engraved deep inside our minds and hearts.

But this has brought harm to our self-esteem and sex lives. We start feeling ashamed of our bodies around puberty when we get aware that we have a vagina. So, by the time we become adults, we feel that we are undeserving for our partners.

Therefore, before having oral sex, we get paranoid about how the vagina will taste and smell. A woman needs to understand and respect the body God has gifted her. This confidence will avoid the hesitation that you can heave before going for oral sex with your partner.

The mere fact that it was engraved in our minds, it turns wrong for our sex life and this is very frustrating because the whole enjoyment of having oral sex goes for a toss. So, embrace your skin and body and feel confident about it, always.

Enjoy the unique intimacy of oral sex and only think about how your vagina smells and tastes, before oral sex. Work on it if you feel you need to enhance the smell and taste of your vagina, as it is in your hands.

Beautifying your organ and presenting it to your partner can be very sexy and can fire up the session by manifolds. Avoid negative thinking about your body and try to overcome such concerns by staying positive and welcoming about your body.

Also, many times people feel it is uncomfortable to receive oral sex due to some past, horrible experiences, like abuse. Sexual abuse impacts confidence deeply and makes you feel low about your body. In such cases, consult a therapist to regain confidence about your body and self.

Bear in mind that it is your body and it has all the right to get all the pleasures. Make sure it tastes fine and satisfies you as well as your partner. The top reason why women worry about their vagina taste is that they don't want to be embarrassed in front of their significant other.

It is almost the same as the reputation linked to early ejaculation. Both things are different, but there is a feel-good and bad moment attached to it.

Vaginal Odour

What does Vaginal Odour mean?

Every woman knows her normal vagina smell. Any change can be pointed fast and should be paid heed to. Any change in its scent or flavor means there is some infection, especially if there are other symptoms like itchiness, unusual discharge, etc.

In other cases, if there is a change in the smell, it can indicate the onset of menopause as well. The reason is that at this stage the estrogenic levels come down and make the vaginal more basic in nature. Thus, making it smell different.

At the end of it, the vagina is not meant to taste and smell like fruits or flowers.

Vaginal Odour typically means the odour that emanates from inside your vagina. It is quite normal to have slightly pungent odour coming out from your pussy but if it smells too awful (for example, smell like a rotten fish) then you might have something to worry about.

Usually, the foul odour is due to an infection or any other issue that you face along with problems like itching or burning sensation. Also, it is normal for the vaginal smell to vary as per the different days of your menstrual cycle.

Your vagina might smell different after making love with your partner and if you sweat too much then that might also produce a noticeable impact on your vaginal odour.

We have discussed some of the issues like Bacterial vaginosis, yeast infection, STIs, etc. that can contribute towards the awful smell emanating from your pussy but there are many other reasons as well some of which are serious enough to have a drastic effect on your overall health.

Let us discuss some of these issues now:

If your vagina is smelling like a fermented food like sourdough bread or yoghurt then there is nothing to worry about as the sour fragrance is due to the healthy bacteria that might thrive inside your treasure box.

If a metallic fragrance is coming out from your vagina then it might be due to the presence of blood in your vaginal canal. The blood might enter in your vaginal canal through the uterine lining during the periods or insufficient lubrication while having sex can be the reason behind light bleeding inside your vagina.

Therefore, you can check whether the vaginal canal has some blood remains or not. If the bleeding is persistent then you must consult a doctor immediately.

Otherwise, you should not be too worried about it but do care to lube up your insides sufficiently before the intercourse to avoid the metallic smell in the future.

Presence of small amounts of urine or sweat on your vulva or underwear might make your vagina smell like ammonia. Therefore, it is necessary to keep your vulva and underwear clean to avoid it from smelling pungent.

If your vagina is smelling like a rotten fish or egg then it might due to several reasons like you might have left a tampon inside and later forgotten about it completely. STIs like Trichomoniasis can make your vagina smell fishy and to cure it you will have to undergo a course of antibiotic treatment.

You must visit the doctor only in later two cases i.e. when your vagina is smelling fishy or rotten.

However, if your vagina is smelling different and you are also facing other issues like itching, pain, discomfort while having sex, a thick cheesy discharge, abrupt bleeding from the vainga, etc. then also you must visit a doctor at once.

Is it Possible to change the Taste?

Oh yes, there are different ways to improve your vagina's taste and smell. Don't sweat over this concern. No matter how hard you are going to try, your vagina is never going to taste like honey anyway. 

And the man is only bothered about what's down below. However, you should never use regular soap to wash your vagina. Use unscented products to clean it. 

Also, wear cotton panties, and allow your vagina to be free for some three-four hours daily.

improve your vagina's taste and smell

Now, the question arises whether is it possible to change the taste of the vagina. Well, yes to an extent. Here are the ways which will help your partner have a tasty adventure down there. If you have some infection in your vagina, its pH value gets disrupted.

Such infections can be a yeast infection, trichomoniasis, bacterial vaginosis (BV) which can spoil the taste of your vagina and make it taste like rotten fish, matzah, or spoiled meat. You should consult a doctor in such a case and get yourself treated.

If you have a healthy vagina, you can make it taste better with some little effort. There is a study that says that the taste of your vagina depends on where you currently are in your monthly cycle. There is no control in this regard.

For example, while menstruating, the blood imparts a metallic taste to the vagina and during ovulation, the vagina’s taste gets murkier because of the release of cervical mucus.

How Can You Improve the Taste?

Everyone’s mucosal secretion depends on what they eat and drink. If you change the types of food you eat, there will be a change in the odor and taste of your vagina. The main aim is to improve your eating habits and eat a good, healthy diet.

Although there is no connection between a particular food and the effect it has on vaginal taste, however, as per some anecdotal reports spicy foods will make you taste spicier whereas wheatgrass, asparagus will make you taste grassier.

Some other foods which can affect the taste of the vagina are – dairy, garlic, onion, sugary drinks and foods, and red meat. You can determine what changes the taste and smell of your vagina by observing the foods that change the smell of your pee or sweat.

Alright, to improve the taste of your vagina, you need to ensure that the discharge is not smelly. Your vagina has a distinctive taste and smells that is different from others. What you can do is get an unscented bar of soap. Wash your pubic bone only. Don't let the lather get inside your vagina.

To ensure that your vagina feels fresh all the time, always wear cotton panties. Cotton fabric is breathable and would allow air to circulate properly. Not that you can't wear those sexy panties, but once a while, not for daily use.

What if we tell you that you can do something simple every day and keep your vagina away from doctors? Yup, it's the magic of an apple!

 If you want your vagina to taste good, go for citrus fruits. Eat an apple, and you will notice a change in the taste and smell within a few hours! Now that's a quick solution.

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How are the Douches, Washes, and other Hygiene Products?

As told earlier, vaginas do self-cleaning and thus do not require scrubs or washes for cleaning. This is because such products can ruin the pH balance of the vagina and can cause infections.

You should know a vagina does not have flowery or scented fragrance, thus any product that makes it smell like one can be very damaging for health. The acidic environment of the vagina is natural and lets the good bacteria grow and kills the bad bacteria.

The fancy products that claim to give you vagina a lovely smell contain sugars and glycerine which becomes a home for bad bacteria and lets it grow and multiply. If the bad bacteria like Gardnerella or Trichomoniasis, grow in the vaginal area it can lead to infections like BV and gives fishy smell.

Such infections can be harmful and require antibiotics for treatment.

As per professor Deborah Bateson, no one should douche because it can make the smell or taste of the vagina even worse. No foreign element should ever enter your vagina.

Douche and other hygiene products will worsen your natural pH level.

It can make your vagina feel dry and cause infection as well. Clean the pubic mound only, and never insert anything else inside.

You might feel tempted to wash everything down the south, but it can even trigger the infection. So, douche is never the right thing to do.


Is Douche the right thing to do?

Douching is just not the right thing for your vagina as it can harm the natural flora of your vagina and increase the normal pH levels of the vagina. It can cause infections and make the vagina taste very bad. Since the vagina can self-clean, so leave it as it is.

Just maintain it well enough so that it is healthy and offers you great sex life. A healthy vagina will make you enjoy sex more than an infectious or dry vagina. Not any kind of cleaning product (Scented or unscented) should go inside your vagina.

Simply was the pubic hair and the pubic mound but never insert any foreign product up inside the vagina. The good bacteria are already there fighting for you, just maintain it and keep yourself healthy.

Cotton Panties

Tips for Vulvar Care

Here are some essential tips for vulvar care. Remember, just like you care for your face, lips, legs, and hair, you need to take care of your vagina as well. It is crucial to keep it healthy.

Cotton Panties

Cotton is the most breathable fabric and if you wear cotton panties the vulva breathes better and avoids the chances of infections like BV. Synthetic panties can be harmful in causing such infections as the material is not breathable.

Do not fall for fancy and sexy looking panties as they might not be cotton-made. Their sole purpose is to make you look sexy in front of your partner and to coax him to take them off for a steaming session. For regular wear, cotton, breathable panties are the best.

Thongs are certainly sexy, but full-coverage panties must be your go-to panties when it comes to vulvar care. Bacteria love the moist and warm place, and your vagina is simply the perfect zone for bacteria to grow.

 Now guess what could be the most smell provoking fabrics? Those hot silk and laced panties that you can't get rid of. Go for 100% cotton fabric panties.


Your garden must be groomed at regular intervals to make it look presentable and neat. You can also wax the bush below to make it more attractive and alluring for your partner. The reason is the hair bush can trap the sweat molecules and impart bad smell and taste to the genital area.

Getting rid of your pubic hair can keep your area fresh and good-smelling. Waxing or using hair removal creams can help in wiping off the pubic hair and making your down area look seductive to your partner.

Every woman has pubic hair. So, you must groom that pubic hair so that when you wash your vagina with water, your hair shall remain free from moisture content.

 You need to also wash your vagina daily, yet again, don't use any soap to clean the inside of the vagina. Use non-scented soap to clean the pubic mould.

Maintain Proper Hygiene Levels

Always maintain good overall hygiene. Take a bath regularly and do not let dirt or sweat dry on your body. Wash the vulva with warm water and avoid using soaps or harsh products. Simple, warm water is enough to help you get rid of dried sweat or dirt on the vulva as well as the whole body.

The more hygienic you are, the better your body will behave. Take a proper bath, and keep yourself clean. Don't wear the same underwear again, and again, if you have used the underwear even for a day, go and wash it.

Wash the main area where your vagina sits properly. Dry it. Never wear any moist underwear. Allow your vagina to breathe properly.

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No Smoking and Booze

Smoke and booze are those things that can affect the smell of your vagina in a different way. If you are smoking or boozing, it is time to stop doing that for the sake of your vagina.

Alcohol and tobacco alter the smell of your sweat, and similarly, it can affect the smell of your vulva.

Smoking and boozing can make it smell bitter, stale, or sour. As a gym person who smoked or had alcohol a night before, he will smell it in his sweat the next morning while sweating out in the gym.

Smoke and booze have a direct effect on the taste and smell of your vagina, so avoid these things especially before your special night. In any way, smoking and drinking are injurious to health, which also includes vaginal health.

Avoid Nonporous sex toys

Use nonporous sex toys because porous materials have small, microscopic holes that can invite bacteria to reside in them. Using such sex toys can alter the pH levels of the vagina badly and cause severe infections.

Nonporous sex toys are water-resistant, and they are smoother. Not just this, the material used for these sex toys doesn't harbour any bacteria as well, making them safe to use. Porous sex toys, on the other hand, is extremely unsafe for your vagina. Nonporous sex toys are always skin safe.

Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrated has many benefits. It keeps you fit, and your overall body will start to function well, which will ultimately lead to a great pussy taste.

Hydration is important to avoid the concentration of food and drinks. You can guess this by smelling your urine. If it smells strong, then you are dehydrated. The same theory goes for the vagina as well. so drink more water and stay hydrated to avoid the unpleasant smell from your vagina.

Low water levels in the body can be dangerous in several ways and your sweat and urine are the first indicators to know it . Similarly, your vagina can also tell if you have been drinking enough water or not. Vagina needs to remain hydrated and fresh, so drink lots of water on a daily basis. 

Dump People Who Do Not Like Your Smell

If your partner is constantly nagging and complaining about your vaginal taste or smell, dump the person right away. No one has the right to make you feel under confident  and bad about your body.

Anyone who is expecting you to smell like a rose or jasmine from down below is asking something impossible. If he cannot understand the basic anatomy behind it, then he is not worth making happy with your vagina.

The final tip is to dump those who can’t bear your pussy smell. Ladies, your pussy is going to smell a bit no matter what. If the person can't tolerate that, he better be not with you.

What Else to do for Tasty Vagina?

These products are not only good for health but also for your area between the legs, like:

  • Intake of more water
  • Fruits and vegetables which are rich in nutrients
  • Regular exercise
  • Keeping stress levels in control
  • Taking good sleep
Tasty Vagina

Are you curious about finding more ways to make your vagina taste better, well then here are some additional tips!

  • Keep taking yoghurt because it will keep your pH level healthy.
  • You must stay away from any food or beverages that can give you foul-smelling pee, bad breath, and smelly farts.
  • Watermelons, cranberry juice, red grapes, celery, apple, pineapples are all great for your vagina. Have them before you have sex to make your vagina taste yummy.
  • To clean your vagina, replace towels with baby wipes. Baby wipes are the safest and they will be gentle while you clean your vagina.

All these practices will enhance your vaginal health as well as its taste and odour. Eat healthily, drink healthy, exercise, stay happy, and most importantly feel good and confident about your body. A female has the power to make a man go weak in his knees.

Take good care of yourself and your sex organs to enjoy happy and satisfying sex life.

Cleaning sex toy


The cleaning of the outside of the vulva should be done gently and there is a strict NO for cleaning the inside of the vagina.

The vulva area consists of – clitoris, clitoral hood, inner labia, and outer labia. The ideal way to clean this area is by using your fingers to spread apart the labia, then cleanse or rub around the folds with warm water only. This will help in getting rid of the build-up, discharge, and dead skin cells.

It is this white build-up which governs the smell or taste of your vagina and makes it mustier than the normal..

Vagina Loving Vegetables and Fruits

Whatever you eat reflects in your health as well as your vagina. If you wish to have a fruity taste and natural juices to taste from your sweat or vagina, then try consuming more fruits and vegetables into the diet. To make your vagina tasty, citrus fruits really help and fruits which naturally have high sugar.

They also regulate the pH of your vagina and keep it levelled. Within a few hours of eating these fruits and vegetables, you will notice a change in the smell and taste of the vagina. Such fruits and vegetables are – papaya, pineapples, raspberries, strawberries, lemons, avocados, celery, and edamame.

And, if your sugar intake is too high then it can lead to infections which will make your vagina smell and taste like bread.

Let us have a look at some fruits and how they enhance the smell and taste of your vagina:


Cinnamon is an alkaline spice and helps in neutralizing the usual acidic taste of the vagina.

It is a helpful substance in treating yeast infections and acts as a mild antibiotic. It maintains the vaginal balance and thus imparts a better taste to it. Cinnamon is believed to make the vagina taste sweet. Cardamom, lemon, and peppermint also do the same.


Yogurt also neutralizes the taste of the vagina and consuming one serving once a day adds probiotics to the body. Thus, it helps in maintaining good bacteria in the nether regions. It also keeps the taste and smell of the vagina, minimal.


Pineapple is a citrus fruit and other such fruits like grapefruit and oranges help in maintaining the pH balance and add some sweetness to the vaginal secretions. This happens because the vagina is acidic. On the other hand, semen is alkaline. So, consuming citric fruits will make it sweeter.


If your vagina tastes bitter, then celery will help you in reducing that bitter taste. The reason is that celery is rich in vitamin C and water, where vitamin C helps in reviving the preservation of vaginal bacteria and enhancing the growth of healthy flora. 

Parsley and wheatgrass also have a high chlorophyll content which sweetens the taste of the semen and doesn’t make it stink.


Cranberry is effective in killing the bacteria in the urinary tract, and also keeps the pH levels balanced so that your down area does not taste or smell bad. Furthermore, cranberry juice enhances the acidic levels which balance with the alkalinity of the semen.

What Makes the Vagina's Taste Bad?

What Makes the Taste Bad?

Never play with the pH level of the vagina, otherwise, you are inviting trouble and infections. Things that can hamper the vaginal pH are:

  • Scented soaps on the vagina
  • Washing inside area of the vagina
  • Using food during oral sex play
  • Using condoms with flavors during penetrative sex
  • Soaps and detergents with the strong scent

Avoid doing the above things to keep your vagina healthy and tasty. Such practices will only cause infection and problems to your body.


One must incorporate some basic lifestyle changes and habits which can enhance the overall vulvar health. This, in turn, will make the vagina taste and smell better and erotic to the partner. Although there is no particular correct or ideal vaginal taste.

If you and your vagina are healthy, it will taste and smell good or normal. Any absurd or strange smell or taste can be spotted fast and will need medical attention. So, eat healthily and incorporate good fruits and vegetables to keep your down area happy and healthy.

Take note of the points which you should avoid and make your vagina taste good. .

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