Top 20 Best Transgender Dating Sites – 2019 – (Reviews & Comparison)

Sexual orientation is the most discussed topic among today’s generation. Being a transgender is not so easy for people, though nowadays it is acceptable in our society to some extent but not fully.

If anybody comes out to be a transgender, everyone's perception changes and even the behaviour might change drastically.

Understanding the truths and facts about oneself is the basic trait people look out in their partner, but even then finding a partner can be a task.

Now, just imagine being a transgender how difficult it is for them to find a partner who would understand them and not judge.

We all are aware of dating sites, but still, some dating sites overlook these Trans men and women as the part of their dating community.

Unfortunately, some dating sites do not even give the option of Trans orientation in their options which is a great disrespect and sadness for these trans men and women.

To help trans people find love, we have compiled the list of top 20 Transgender Dating Sites for Trans men and women. Go ahead and check them out!

Top 20 Best Transgender Dating Sites

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#1.  Zoosk

Estimated visits: 25.63 M (last month)

This website was launched in 2007, and it is the hub of many Transgender singles nowadays.

The best feature of the website is this that they are already attached to Facebook and Google

Plus which give these Transgender singles access to this website with just linking their normal social profiles.

Not only this but this app or website contains the better amount of users where one can find any profiles to get matched with and start talking to them in many ways.

Well once the connection is made then rest depends on choices and interests to take it along with dating.

This app don did not ask for deep personal information either ask for credits and money thing you just follow some simple steps of signup, and you are on board.


  • Available in many languages – The site is available in 25 languages for easement of users.
  • Millions of users – The site has millions of users from different countries.


  • Lack of search engines – You won’t be able to search by interest or keyword.
  • Activation charge – Besides subscription charge of $14.98, it also charges $24.95 for one-time activation charge.

#2. BeNaughty

Estimated visits: 17.50 M (last month)

Have you ever thought how variant and how vast this dating thing is?

Well of course if you have seen the internet and categories you can recall what all is happening around the globe.

If you are a person of different desires and variant fantasies, then BeNaughty is the one stop where you should stop your car and get into the rollercoaster rides of variant things.

Yes, Benaughty is a dating site which offers the different dating fun for all their members no matter which orientation they belong to.

No matter if you bi-curious, gay or Trans the website is open for all and all can sign up for free to get with many hot singles around the world who have variant fantasies and unique set of interests.


  • Trial period – The site has a three day trial period.
  • Free for women – All the features on this site are free for women


  • Expensive monthly membership – You have to pay $39 for a monthly membership.
  • Automatic renewable – Membership will, but you can cancel if you don't like it.

#3. Friend Finder-X

Estimated visits: 642.59 K (last month)

If you love to date or wish to have an affair or planning to get along with someone for the one-night stand, then this website is the best solution for you.

This website encourages the adult youth of generation and regard to sign up policies all the orientations are allowed to sign up on their website.

No matter if you are a Transgender if you like to have fun then surely just sign up here, and rest will be taken care by them, and you are there with many hot and sizzling singles to get mingle with you.


  • Customisation choices – The site has a wide range of customisation choices.
  • Search engines – The site has diverse search capabilities.


  • Expensive monthly charge – You have to pay $20 for a monthly membership.
  • Restricted communication – The communication feature is restricted to paid members only.

#4. Transgenderdate

Estimated visits: 245.30 K (last month)

Transgenderdate is a redesigned website that is redesigned earlier but was founded in 2007.

This website allows real profile of transgender people on their website and basic information like photos, videos, general information, and other stuff do not cost you anything.

The main feature of this website is that they only approve a profile of 4,000 plus so that one individual cannot face any threat posed by the fake websites.


  • Free VIP membership – If you verify yourself as a trans in profile, you will get VIP membership for free.
  • A huge number of users – You can find people from all over the world.


  • Adverts – You will have to face plenty of adverts on this site.
  • Layout – The design of the site may not impress on the first look.

#5. TG Personals

Estimated visits: 216.27 K (last month)

Another superb website for Trans singles to date their people of same orientation and other as well.

This website was launched in 1999, and this website is a craze for third gender people.

Well, many Transgender singles can make their profile on here and find the best matches for themselves.

If being a Trans you feel the community is not accepting you then don't worry just sign up on this site, and their community of active members will help you find the best match for you.


  • 100% free – This is a free site with no charges.
  • User-friendly – The site is easy to operate and user-friendly.
  • It records clear videos
  • It has a good audio quality
  • It is reliable


  • Less active users – Number of users are few on this site.
  • Simple layout – The site has a traditional layout.

#6. Trans4Date

Estimaed visits: N/A (Not Available)

As the name says, this is the better website for Trans singles as this website allow serious Transgenders to find their partner for free.  

This website is overall friendly as connecting through your old social media accounts is also possible, and that is to be without any cost.

This dating allows you to sign up for free with your basic details asked by them, and later you can link your any social media account for getting more likes and matches from the other people.

This website offers the secure form of dating as its privacy policies are up to the mark, and the designed theme of the website is for Trans singles as it is founded by MTF Candice Horie.

Now you can imagine your dating is so easy just it is you need to take a step.


  • Connectable with social accounts – You can connect the site with old social accounts without any cost.
  • Secured site – The site is genuine and secured.


  • Pop-ups – You may see some pop-ups on this site.
  • Customer support – The site lacks customer support for its user.

#7. TransgenderFriends

Estimated visits: N/A (Not Available)

This website is the safest space for Trans singles community as this site allows many Trans singles to come across other Transgender profiles which are genuine, safe and secure.

The website has a large number of user profiles where one can get connected through chatting platforms.

Just one has to sign up for free and need to make a free profile to get connected with other.

This site also offers the advanced search tools which make it easy for a Transgender to get a match of their requirements and their internal system of emailing help these trans singles connect easily.


  • Free trial – The site has a free limited trial for your convenience.
  • Trans of different ages – You will find trans and shemales of different ages on this site.


  • Small site – The site is small for now and growing every day.
  • Monthly charge – You will have to $26.65 for a monthly membership.

#8. TS Mingle

Estimated visits: 209.41 K (last month)

This website I also the hub of many Transgender singles.

This website offers the free signup for Trans singles, and there are no hidden charges that need to be paid by any individual who created the profile.

Not only this but Transvestites, Transexuals and Crossdressers are also allowed to join this site for free, and even you can fill up the option of your choice as they have the category of pre-op-female to male, post-op male to female, pre-op male to female and post-op male to female options as well.

So, keep your wallet aside forget about your card details as it is not asked just to fill the sign-up blanks and you are ready to find the same as your personality for free.


  • Free sign up – You won't be charged for free sign up and creating a profile.
  • Various categories – There is various categories option to search for your perfect match.


  • Costs you – You have to pay to be a member on this site and get access to all features.
  • Adverts – You may see ads here and there on this site.

#9. I love TAT

Estimated visits: 61.80 K (last month)

This is one of the most famous websites amongst the superb community of transgender as this websites TAT words stand for Try out a transgender.

Well after knowing this you must know the sexual world is full of different fantasies and sometimes people like to experiment with things.

So, not only singles but couples can also login in this website and find the perfect match to fire up their sex life with this website.

Even if someone is single and ready to date a Transgender then surely this website can come handy to give a push to your single life and make you seated in the ride of best dating experience for free.


  • Mobile friendly – The site is mobile friendly, so you can browse from anywhere.
  • Inexpensive membership – You can get a year membership for $19.95 only.


  • Premium site – You have to spend cash to access all the features on this site.
  • Home design – The site can enhance the design of its homepage to lure the users.

#10. My Transexual Date

Estimated visits: N/A (Not Available)

This website of us tops our list for a reason.

This is the famous Transexual women-oriented website that is founded by the French man who is married to his Transexual wife.

Just to oppose the Transgender dis-equality and remove the negativity towards the Transgender community this man created this website where the women with same orientation and sexuality can find a better loving partner for themselves.

No matter if they are transvestites, crossdressers or Transsexual females they will enjoy the best dating time ever and can have some romance in their life through this dating site.


  • Mobile compatible – The site is compatible with smartphone and tablets.
  • 100% free – For transgender women, the site is 100% free.


  • Premium site – The site will cost you if you are not a trans woman.
  • Adverts –The site will display adverts which may irritate you.

Estimated visits: 36.07 M (last month)

Have you ever thought how beneficial it could be if one can filter anything?

Well if you don't know then here is the answer to your question.

Match.Com is a dating site which allows every user to filter the needs of the profile they are searching through by country, sexuality, age, and location.

This website has a large community of over 30 million users from 25 different countries.

Well, they also encourage every sexual orientation so being a Trans this can also become your move to find the best partner for yourself for dating, sexting, affairs and even one night stands.


  • A huge number of users – The site has over 30 million users.
  • Variety of features – The site has an excellent design with a variety of features that can help you to find your match easily


  • Pay for full access – You have to be a paying member to get access to features like instant messaging and video.
  • Men have to pay – Pay to get a membership if you are a man to use all the features on the site.

#12. TS Scene

Estimated visits: 113.23 K (last month)

Being open-minded sometimes becomes a crime. But what if you find the same trait in another person too?

Well, then the crime is done not alone as you choose a crime partner for yourself.

Similar interests Transgender can be found on this TS Scene website where you are allowed to log in for free.

Yes, a website which has much single Transgender waiting for you to get linked with.

You can choose the orientation and filter the profile according to your needs for your dating and sexual desires.


  • Free – The site is free of cost
  • Plenty of users –The site has thousands of users.


  • Poor layout – The layout of the site is poor.
  • Limited features – The site has limited features for search options.

Estimated visits: 95.26 K (last month)

This website has been the topmost Tran dating website among the others from past decade.

Being a Trans single this website is a gem for you as this site includes the features of posting your videos and allow you to see videos posted by other members.

This helps you choose wisely that who you wish to date with and in which context of mutual interest you will start the talk with the other member.  

This website is available on the web in most of the languages so you can understand if the crowd flow is from across the globe then surely the language is not the restriction for anyone on this website.  

This website also offers monthly contests and hosting your webcam which makes it a fully equipped website for any device. No charges, no hidden costs and free dating site for the Transgender singles that help them find love in their rage and allow them to have romance in their life.

Hosting Blogs is also a great feature of this website, and surely this helps each other to understand the views, ideas, and interests of different Transgender single which are making a profile on here.


  • Audio/Video chat – You will get the feature of live audio/video chat.
  • Limited facilities - You can be a member for free but with limited facilities.


  • Pop-ups –There are unwanted pop-ups on this site.
  • No mobile app – The site does not have a mobile app facility.

#14. AdultFriendFinder

Estimated visits: 60.24 M (last month)

This is also a similar dating website like others which help Transgender singles to find a perfect match for them.

Without any fears of being judged this website holds the large number of 77 million users which justify itself the views and interests of different people from around the world.

So, if you are a Transgender single and you wish to find the better date or a loving partner for yourself then surely this website can be your way to reach your desires in life, and you will have the best of it for free.


  • Free Review – It won’t cost you to review your matches for free.
  • Millions of registered members – The site has millions of registered members which is amazing.


  • Adverts – The site displays many adverts.
  • No app for IOS users – Only Android users have the facility of using the mobile app.

#15. Trannyladies

Estimated visits: N/A (Not Available)

For ladies, it is quite difficult to find any such sites that support the best for them but still being a Transgender woman this site is the fruit you will love to taste.

This site offers the best data for tans ladies, and there is no fake data like other sites.

Completely free to use and even mobile friendly. If you cannot open up your PC or laptop then secretly down yourself into your bed and start the game on your mobile.


  • Free dating site – It’s a free dating site without any cost
  • Instant chat – you can chat instantly with other members in the site.


  • Pop-ups – You may not like the frequent pop-ups on this site.
  • Incompatible in mobile – The site is not compatible with mobiles.

Estimated visits: 57.27 K (last month)

This website has various profiles of your choice from young to mid-aged, from transsexual to crossdressers from skinny to average, from thick to milf and Latinas there are so many trans women which you can find on this site and you can sign up and make free profile on this website to have the fun desired by you.

Trans community is not so commonly accepted in the society, so this active community of different members of this website will help you gain the best for your love or dating life.

Just Sign up and start your ride of dating with ease without any fake promises and external charges.

It is just a matter of one step sign up rest is your choice, and the best experience will be offered to you from this website.


  • Free registration – You don’t have to pay for registration.
  • Variety of features – The site has a variety of features which will impress you.


  • Expensive site – The site is expensive as compared to other sites.
  • Pay for major features – You have to pay for major features on the site.

Estimated visits: N/A (Not Available)

This website is designed especially for the Transgender singles to curb the missing needs of the Transgender community.

There are so many profiles that are here with the real photos and real information of the members.

This website helps you the best preferences of yours within the range of Km and locals are also there to meet up.

This website secures the private data of members and all the information shared is not published on your linked social media accounts.

This website also offers the variant wants of TG people as they are allowed to upload bulk photos and set their desires and wants so that they can get the best match for themselves.


  • Automatic matching system – The site will find your match automatically matching different features.
  • Free for trans women – The site is totally for trans women.


  • Classic design –The site has a traditional design which may not impress you.
  • Non-exclusive – You can find people other than trans on this site.

Estimated visits: 59.15 K (last month)

This website is providing the free service to the Transgender community from the past 23 years.

This website was launched in 1995, and it has been the long journey of 23 beautiful years till now.

Posting, browsing and responding to different profiles is the basic and free services from this site which do not include any extra charges for its users.

Intersex, Genderqueer, female to male, male to female, Transsexual, crossdressers, and many more people come to this website as real users of this site, and their details are original as well as they are kept safe by the policies originated by the website.


  • Easy to operate – The site is not complex to operate.
  • Language options – The site has language options for your basement.


  • Features – The site could have more features for search engines.
  • Adverts – You may not like the frequent adverts on this site.

Estimated visits: N/A (Not Available)

This website offers many services that are free of cost. Half of their link building activities are free on this website, and this is the best part of this website which gives enormous joy to many Transgender singles.

There are so many friendly TG communities on this website that you can take into consideration while choosing the best match for yourself.

The website is safe and secure, and even the crowd is very friendly not abusive or fake data.


  • Friendly communities – The site has communities where you can communicate with other members.
  • Safe and secured – The site is safe and secured.


  • Pop-ups – The site has pop-ups which may not interest you.
  • Simple layout – The site must work on its layout if it wants to lure potential users.

Estimated visits: N/A (Not Available)

This website was particularly known for normal dating site before. But later seeing the equality part and the growing era of trans community this site changed their services to the Trans dating community.

No matter if you are pre-op f to m, pre-op m to f, post off tom, or post of m to f.

This website gives a platform to the Transgender to connect with other Transgender or people who are interested in making a relationship with Trans community through dating.


  • Well-designed layout – The site will impress with its design.
  • User-friendly –The site is user-friendly and easy to operate.


  • No mobile apps – The site is not available on the Mobile apps.
  • Limited features – You have to be a paid member if you want to access all the features.

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