Top 20 Best Trucker Dating Sites – 2019 – (Reviews & Comparison)

Many of us fail to realise that we can order most of the essentials goods and services directly at our homes or offices only because of the truck drivers who work relentlessly to keep the wheels moving.

These truck drivers or truckers as we popularly call them to have little or no personal lives due to their busy schedules.

Therefore, they hardly get to date or have fun and are forced to live a monotonous life. To break this jinx, many dating networks have come up with their dating sites for truckers only. 

These trucker dating sites help truck drivers to find a suitable match or date for themselves or they can also use some of the sites to have fun and hook-up with singles who are trucker admirers.

Today we are talking about the best 20 trucker dating sites that have managed to sustain the niche of trucker dating sites by attracting millions of truckers and truckers admirers from across the globe.

Let us have a look at these trucker dating sites in detail:

Top 10 best trucker dating sites




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Estimated visits last month – 28.4K

Match may not be an ideal site for the people who are looking for exclusive trucker dating sites, but it still has a wide number of truckers and trucker admirers on it.

Therefore, if you wish to experience a unique dating site that can also be fruitful in trying out the other niches, then you can register on

For 12,6 and 3 months subscription plan you need to pay $20.99, $23.99 & $26.99 per month respectively.



  • There are millions of active members on this site which help you to find the match of your dreams.
  • The site is built to be user-friendly and convenient to use.
  • You can narrow down your search by using the advanced search options and filters.
  • There are millions of other singles out there so finding a trucker would not be that easy.

#2. eHarmony

Estimated visits last month – 5.3 million

eHarmony has tons of users who are either truckers or admirers of truckers.

Therefore, if you wish to date a trucker of your dreams, then you can register on this site.

It is a premium site which also targets numerous other niches. For one month you need to pay $59.95, and for the three-month plan, you need to pay $89.85 on eHarmony.



  • There are truckers from different parts of the world and who differ in age, religion and much more. Therefore, you can find the trucker of your dreams on this site.
  • The site keeps the data of the users confidential and does not share it with any other sites.
  • The overall design and user interface of this site are worth noticing.
  • The premium charges of eHarmony are a bit overboard.
  • The site can be upgraded with more search options.

#3. Tinder

Estimated visits last month – 54.8 million is not meant only for truckers, but the possibility of finding tons of truckers cannot be neglected because all the men on Tinder are horny and we know how horny a trucker can be!

Therefore if you are looking for some action with a trucker, then you can try your luck on Tinder.

Tinder is free but Tinder plus will come at $9.99 if you are under 30 and members of 30 and above 30 years of age will have to pay $19.99 per month.



  • It has millions of users online, therefore, finding a trucker or trucker fan should not be a difficult task.
  • Most people come to Tinder for casual dating and occasional sex. Therefore, if you are looking for same, then Tinder gives you a lot many options.
  • The site is user-friendly, and its free version is good enough to find a perfect date.
  • Serious relationship seekers can stay away from this site.
  • It is not an exclusive trucker dating site.

#4. Trucker Dating

Estimated visits last month – NA

Trucker Dating is a website which has been designed only for the truckers and their admirers.

Therefore, if you wish to experience dating fun with real truckers, then this can be site built especially for you. You can join on this website for free.



  • Dating truckers can be a bit tricky for girls who have heard of them being nasty and indecent. Trucker Dating defies this as it has some of the most decent and well-groomed truckers.
  • This site looks classy and justifies the look of a premium site.
  • You can join without any membership charges to try some basic features of the site.
  • Special features are only provided to the premium subscribers.
  • It lacks quite a few premium features that the truckers might be looking for.

#5. Meet A Trucker

Estimated visits last month – NA

Meet A Trucker is powered by the Online Singles network which is a reputed singles dating network.

Therefore, it is a reliable site for meeting online truckers and trucker admirers who are looking for some fun or adult dating.



  • It is made only for the truckers, and therefore you can find some genuine truckers here.
  • The standard membership is provided at free of cost which includes numerous features such as sharing winks, smiles, browsing profiles and much more.
  • You get to explore the other singles dating sites on its network which is a cool option for those who are thinking of trying out new options.
  • The layout and design of the website are simple.
  • Unique and advanced features can only be accessed by the premium members.

#6. Trucker Personals

Estimated visits last month – 62.43K

Truckers are usually busy round the clock and throughout the year.

Such busy truckers can upload their personals on Trucker Personals.

The members of this site can be from any corner of the world and different backgrounds as well.

Therefore, it is an ideal dating site for truck drivers. The basic membership of the site is offered at zero cost.



  • The site doesn't look special, but there is nothing much to complain about it due to its simple and user-friendly structure.
  • The registration form is simple to understand, and you can complete all the process in real quick time.
  • Here you can also find some female truckers who aren’t afraid of anything.
  • The homepage of this site can be much more attractive and appealing.

#7. Date Truckers

Estimated visits last month – NA

Truckers are wasting too much of time on the roads and are quite lonely all the time.

If you are the one who wishes to put an end to this loneliness, then Date Truckers can be a good option for you.

Date Truckers is a dedicated truckers dating site which is committed to providing a healthy dating environment to the truckers and their fans.

Registration and most of the basic features are available at free of cost on this site.



  • Thousands of hot and manly truckers are waiting for you on this site.
  • Most of the features are offered for free which is a great advantage to the members of this site.
  • New profiles are flashed on the homepage of the site.
  • The design and layout of this website look outdated.
  • The site is set in the Polish language by default which can confuse newly visiting truckers or their probable dates.

#8. Trucker Matchmaker

Estimated visits last month – NA

Trucker Matchmaker is made for the women who are seeking truckers from around the world.

Here you will find truckers of various kinds who drive different types of trucks, and therefore you can choose the trucker type which appeals to you the most.



  • All the features of this site are available at zero cost.
  • The registration form is simple and enables you to sign-up seamlessly on the site.
  • It is rich in features and provides endless dating options to the members.
  • The site looks simple and boring.
  • Its design and layout are ordinary.

#9. Truckers Nearby

Estimated visits last month – NA

Truckers Nearby is an interesting online dating option to the truckers and their fans.

It is loaded with features and works well to provide with potential matches on a regular basis.

Also, it has thousands of eligible truckers who are good enough to date with. The basic version of this site is free.



  • Truckers Nearby are available in app form for the smartphone and iPhone users.
  • You can use your Facebook account to log-in on the site.
  • It has a smooth and intuitive user interface.
  • The navigation of this site needs to improve.

#10. Trucker Friends Date

Estimated visits last month – 223.23K

Trucker Friends Date is a special site where one can find truckers of different age, sex, backgrounds, and experience.

Therefore, you are also able to find many female truck drivers who are registered on this site. It is suitable for those who are looking for friendship, romance or a date with truckers.



  • It is a site which has some decent truckers.
  • It is a free website which doesn't charge you for anything.
  • The site is quite clean and appealing which is hardly the case with free dating sites.
  • There are quite a few disturbing endorsements featured on this site.

#11. Single Truckers

Estimated visits last month – NA

If you are looking for a manly and hot trucker, then Single Trucker is a tailor-made site for you.

It has a vast number of beautiful single women and hot single truckers who are looking for suitable dates.

Therefore, if you wish to explore the fun of dating a trucker, then you must check-in here. Join for free and enjoy the basic features without any charges.



  • The website of Single Truckers is simple, easy-to-use and clean.
  • It is suitable for those who are looking to befriend, date or loves a trucker and vice versa.
  • There is a separate section for gay and lesbian truckers on this site.
  • The site looks too simple.
  • It lacks most of the premium features and advanced searches.

#12. Trucking Singles

Estimated visits last month – NA

It is a complete trucker dating site as it has plenty of truckers, fans of truckers, gay truckers and lesbian truckers as well.

Therefore, if you are looking for a complete trucker dating site for keeping all the options open, then you can opt for this site.



  • The sign-up is fast, easy and free.
  • Few basic features are offered free of cost for the users who are using its basic version.
  • The look and feel of the website are quite impressive when you compare it with some other premium trucker dating sites.
  • The layout of Trucking Singles could be improved.
  • The homepage of this trucker dating site can be a little more informative.

#13. Trucker Chat City

Estimated visits last month – NA

If you wish to experience dating with truckers never like before, then you can check out this site.

It is specially made for truckers who wish to have some advanced flirting and dating options on their fingertips. The standard version of this site is completely free to use.



  • You can experience live chat experience on this site.
  • If you want to check if the pictures are real, then you can use the webcam service provided by this site.
  • The private messaging option makes your dating experience much more interesting on this site.
  • The website looks cool and appealing than most of the premium trucker sites.
  • There are real and genuine truckers here who are handsome as well.
  • The site looks a bit amateurish.

#14. Trucker Passions

Estimated visits last month – NA

Trucker Passions is filled with different types of gay, straight, lesbian and transgender individuals who are either truckers or looking for a decent trucker date.

Therefore, it is a lucrative option for all the types of truckers and also for those who are passionate about truckers.

It is a perfect blend of a dating site and social media portal.



  • You can find a trucker friend, date or companion for travelling by using this site.
  • You can see the active members who have logged-in seconds before or after you entered the site.
  • It is a free dating site which means that there are no hidden costs for using this website.
  • There are few ads here, but they do not bother you too much.

#15. We Trucker Club

Estimated visits last month – NA

We Trucker Club is a unique community which presents ample of dating opportunities to the lonely truckers.

There are thousands of genuine truckers and admirers on this site which shows from the fact that their chat rooms always show full.

There are no charges for becoming a member of this site.



  • We Trucker Club is a part of Online Connections. Therefore, you can be assured of the fact your profile will be showcased in plenty of exciting dating sites.
  • Multiple chat rooms are provided to make the dating experience interesting.
  • The website looks fresh and different from the regular dull and boring dating sites.
  • The site gets slow sometimes.

Estimated visits last month – 1.07 million is not meant exclusively for truckers but can be an interesting prospect for truckers who want to date or find love.

Also, chances of finding a trucker dude cannot be neglected as there are many ravishing girls out there.

Therefore, if you are a trucker, then you can try your luck on Cupid.

The premium membership cost starts are 27.99 pounds (U.K) per month and the monthly rates for three, and six-month plans are 20.99 and 13.99 pounds respectively.



  • Thousands of single girls and boys who are excited to date truckers can be easily found here.
  • The site is known for its cool and user-friendly search options and exciting features.
  • It is a dependable and safe site for everyone that also targets different dating niches.
  • Chances of finding a real trucker are not that bright for the single girls and boys.
  • It is not an exclusive site for truckers and trucker fans.

Estimated visits last month – 6 million

If you wish for a site that provides trucker dating opportunities for free, then you must look out for Mingle2.

This site is free and has lots of singles who are either fans of truck drivers or truck drivers themselves. Also, the quality of the matches found here is very good.



  • If you are looking for trucker singles for love, dating, romance or casual fun, then this site will be the best option for you.
  • You can sign-up here within a minute and that too without spending anything.
  • Truck Drivers can put in their free personals on this site.
  • Too many ads can spoil your mood here.
  • It misses out on some of the premium features.

#18. Plenty Of Fish

Estimated visits last month – 83.3 million

POF is another website which is not meant only for the truck drivers and their admirers but also targets different dating niches precisely.

Therefore, with this site, you can explore the fun of dating truckers, or you can even explore a few other niches to find someone attractive and hot.

It is a leading international dating site, and therefore you can find truckers from any part of the world here.

You will have to spare with $5.95 per month if you are availing the one year plan and $9.80 per month if you are availing the three-month plan on POF.



  • This site provides plenty of dating opportunities for everyone as it has millions of registered users.
  • There are genuine trucker profiles in huge numbers here.
  • Members can explore more than one niche on this dating website.
  • Plenty Of Fish is not just for the truck drivers and their lovers.
  • The site gets slow sometimes.


Estimated visits last month – NA is an exciting site for the people who are searching for a companion, friend or lover who is also a trucker by profession.

Truckers need not be nasty or rude, and the gentle and polite truckers of this site prove this perfectly.

It is a U.K based site, so it is more feasible for the truckers and their fans living in the United Kingdom. It is a free website.



  • Find handsome truckers who are rough in appearance but soft and gentle from inside.
  • There are plenty of beautiful matches for the truckers, and they can certainly be thrilled about that when they visit this site.
  • It is suitable for the singles and truckers living in Scotland, England, Ireland and other parts of U.K.
  • The site looks quite simple and plain.
  • The layout needs to be redone for this site.

#20. Trucker Lifestyle

Estimated visits last month – NA

For those who wish to adhere to the lifestyle of truckers can pay a visit to this site.

This site contains plenty of truckers who are handsome, sweet and are known for living a hectic and rough lifestyle.

It provides numerous dating opportunities to the truckers and entices them to explore their dating options.  Basic membership can be availed free on this site.



  • The sign-up process is quick and easy to follow and helps you to be on the site quickly.
  • You can fill in the finer details about your interests, lifestyle and much more in this site as they provide a separate section for it. However, if you wish to start dating directly, then you can skip this process as well.
  • It is not just a dating site, but its community provides you with plenty of options to interact and socialise with like-minded individuals.
  • The site looks outdated, and there is nothing special or unique about it.

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