ModelHub Review – How to make money ($213/day)

New favorite site of clip selling models nowadays is modelhub. I personally know girls who are making $10k-20k/month. This is why ModelHub has gained in popularity.  

That's right, the traffic on this site is due mainly to the high quality content. Moreover, you benefit in more ways than one when it comes to getting a slice of the revenue pie.

You heard that right. ModelHub now lets viewers and video uploaders get a slice of the revenue pie. What more could you possibly want from a high quality porn site.

ModelHub has gone up the ranks of the porn pages for good reason.

Mainly, ModelHub caters to what the fans are looking for. In other words, if you can't find the movies you prefer on other sites, ModelHub will be sure to have it. 

modelhub review

This is why this website and porn base deserves five stars overall. Not only are videos of great quality, the actors involved look professional and aim to please.

This website deserves all the good things said about it because it delivers exactly what you want to see. Expect your expectations to be exceeded, to say the least.

Passive Income, Anyone?

Not only can you watch your favorite videos on ModelHub, you can also earn passive income with ease. Passive income is more than a possibility on ModelHub because you only need to create one video and earn from it in years.

Viewers can give ratings, buy or watch your video as long as your video remains on the servers of ModelHub. You will attract more and more fans the longer your video stays on air. Even while you work in your daytime career, or even as you sleep at night, you will be earning passive income.

This is why passive income is also considered getting paid for not working at all. Sound too good to be true? You will be surprised how the demand for porn is going to jump start your career which you can start by creating a video at the comfort of your own home.

Plus, the good news is that if you keep churning out regular content and commit yourself to the process, you can aim for maximum revenues. In fact, you may be surprised at your popularity after a while, with avid followers awaiting your next set of videos.

On ModelHub, only visitors who pay can view the video. You can also create shorter clip versions of your video to tease your audience. Ask your fans what they want to see and you may be able to offer them exactly what they want. Your fan base will be sure to grow when you cater to your fans' needs.

For your favorite fans, you can even create customized videos just for them. They will love knowing they have their own unique movie made, directed and starred in by you which no one else has.

ModelHub is where some of the best porn in the industry can be found. This hub offers not just the opportunity to view some of the world's best pornography videos, but also allow viewers to have the option to take part in the revenue.

You heard that right. You can earn through ModelHub. All you need to do is to register for free, be eighteen years old or older and take home sixty-five per cent of the total selling price for the videos submitted.

In fact, if you have been on the edge of your seat wondering how on earth to jump start your career in online pornography, this is a great place to start. As a newbie, you will be featured on Model Hub's Featured section and this attracts more video sales, viewers and fans.

There are so many benefits to becoming a part of ModelHub it's not even funny.

First and foremost you can make a real living when it comes to reaping the benefits of making money on ModelHub.

There are a few ways to get involved with earning money through ModelHub. Before anything else, however, let's discuss why you should even give ModelHub a second thought, ModelHub is a hub where you can enjoy watching sex videos and is among the top pornography sites available today.

You may have watched a couple of videos done by ModelHub without even knowing it!

You may have heard about it but never realized how much potential this site holds for making money. Being one of the top pornography sites means that there is a lot of traffic going on in the web. Face it, when has porn never been popular?

The fact that it is considered adult entertainment that you need to watch privately or with just a few good friends makes it all the more enticing. The site has visitors that come see what the latest videos are by the millions. This means a huge profit potential in the dollar pie just in terms of traffic.

One way you can get a slice of this enticing pie is to actually perform a few videos yourself. ModelHub welcomes all performing aficionados that want to turn a side job into a lot of extra bucks. Porn stars can earn up to forty thousand dollars monthly just by selling custom clips.

This definitely sounds like something most hardworking workaholics would be interested in!

Doing live shows via web-cam is one way you can earn. Plus, you get to interact nonstop with your viewer. This is one of the great niches you can get involved in regardless of sexual preference, gender, status and age.

All you need to be is older than 18. Sign up and verify your identity on ModelHub and you are off to a great start. Becoming an experienced adult internet performer is easier now more than ever. You won't need to travel and can create videos from the comfort of your own home.

There is no need for a group of agents you need to book. All you need is to pick a great spot in your studio, apartment or home, some basic equipment and a whole truck load of confidence to take with you into this brand new profession.

You will be in charge of the content with no director dictating what to do. Depending on how great you perform, you will have complete success. You might want to give your viewers great bang for their buck, so to speak, by investing with top of the line equipment.

With the income you will be making, this is probably going to be easier than it sounds. Factors such as ratings, views and revenue will be the basis for how you earn. Naturally, the more people want to see your show, the more you earn. 

You may eventually make more money than your day job provides on ModelHub, with enough effort and time you invest into it. 

Meet the Community

ModelHub features a section called The Community in which you can do advanced searches for models and video content. Increase your video's exposure by getting added to the community. When you become part of this community, you then get more chances of revenue shares as well as view counts.

ModelHub is a great tool promoting you work and letting you earn revenues in the process. Being a community in itself means that you can consider ModelHub to be a social platform. This means that private messages, activity feeds and friendly connections can be made.

The best part is that there is no need to pretend, because everything is friendly to adult conversation. That means that you never need to edit what you really want to say. In mainstream platforms such as Twitter, for example, adult language is frowned upon.

In contrast, ModelHub encourages you to speak your mind and still make friends in the process! This is what makes this website unique and addicting. Another benefit is that you can actually promote your own website through the ModelHub platform.

The way to do this is to create a watermark that states your website and apply this right on your videos.

You will be surprised at how much more traffic your website gets when you do this! Particularly if you are just starting out, you will be exposing yourself to millions of ModelHub viewers, which will inevitably translate into more traffic for your own personal website.

In fact, if you add adult toys for sale on your own website, you can imagine how much more sales you will get when ModelHub's viewers hop onto your website as well! This could really mean huge bucks in a short amount of time.

You can also list your website on the Amateurs profile page which informs viewers on ModelHub about your own website. ModelHub allows you to compete in contests and win money. There are so many creative contests featured on ModelHub in which the winning video wins money.

The prizes handed out include a price for video of the month, newcomer of the month and amateur of the month. The prize money ranges from two hundred fifty dollars up to a thousand dollars. Not bad for a few minutes of video creativity.

The best part of ModelHub is that aside from the traditional method of earning income through video uploads, ModelHub also lets you earn from various streams of revenue. For one thing you can earn shares of advertising revenues.

What happens is that when it comes to the revenues that the ModelHub content generates, you get a percentage of shares.

The impressions and clicks determine how much a video is worth and this varies according to the bid of the advertiser. The cost per thousand impressions will be generated and no matter what the number is, one thing's for sure and that is the fact that it will add up in time. 

Regardless of which aspect of ModelHub you want to take part of, you will be sure to end up as one happy customer. Whether you uploaded your own videos and are enjoying the fruits of your labor, or are simply there to enjoy a few good shows, ModelHub does not disappoint.

Even if good ratings are hard to come by these days, this site deserves an inevitable five stars. The reason is that there are so many ways the website lets you become a part of it. Each method is designed to result in huge revenues or greater traffic that slides over into your own website.

Plus, amateur and even experienced film makers can make money from their craft right at the onset.

No need to go through an agent or an actual producer. This method is straightforward and goes through a fast process of being available to viewers. Starting from the first video you finish, you get published into a platform where millions can watch the film you just made.

What a great way to perform and make money instantly! For amateur actors, this is one way you don't have to worry about having to perform in front of people or being apprehensive about taking it all off in real life.

It is so much easier to do everything in the comfort of your own zone and release the movie when you have finished editing it to perfection, and get paid for it immediately. What more could you possibly ask for in a porn site? If only ModelHub was available in previous years.

This platform would have saved you the trouble of going through so much just to make your work available to your waiting public.

Case Study

Amari Anne

I used to work as a salesperson in Target earning seven dollars an hour. I was a part-time student so I suppose student rates applied.

I decided to do a little side gig and uploaded my videos on ModelHub. I was apprehensive at first, thinking no one was going to watch my newbie video.

It turns out people love newbies and first-timers. I got so many views I made between twenty to forty thousand dollars per month. I now upload three videos a week and just wait for the revenue to flow into my account.

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How to Join ModelHub?

If you want to join ModelHub for making lots of money then you can follow this process:

  1. 1
    Visit the website of ModelHub first. After that, you can find the page from which you can sign-up to their ‘Model Program’. For visiting the website directly, you can use this link –
  2. 2
    Once you find this page, you can create a free account on this site. However, the account can be accessed only once the admins of the site verify and approve your account. For verification purposes, you should submit two government IDs that contain your photograph.
  3. 3
    There is no need to worry while providing the details, as a security system is integrated into the account creation process. You also need to provide the video of your performance and if anybody else is performing in the video, you will have to provide their government ID proofs as well.
  4. 4
    If there are any conflicts while verifying your account, the admins will contact you on your email id and ask you to submit another ID proof.

If you have any other doubt, you can take the help of their Helpdesk.

Alternative Ways to Earn Money

There are other ways to earn money from once you have signed-up on the ‘Model Program’ successfully. Let us now discuss them in detail:

Earn by Uploading Free-to-View Clips

You can upload free-to-view videos on Pornhub. Ads are published on the pages of free videos. Also, you get a good percentage of money that Pornhub earns through these ads. The money you earn through these ads depends on the number of times your video has been viewed.

It also depends on the ratings that you receive from the members of the site.

Earn by Selling Videos

You can also earn by selling your videos on Modelhub. As Modelhub is Pornhub's sister site, you get to upload the videos on Pornhub as well. Also, you can decide the price at which you want to sell your videos and keep 65% of the total price that you earn by selling them.

As we have discussed earlier, you can earn from the ads that are featured on your free videos.

However, the free option can be limited only to streaming and you can fix a price for downloading. You can also block the option of downloading if you do not want the members to download your videos.

Upload on PornHub Premium

When you upload a video on Pornhub, you can also choose the option of uploading it on Pornhub premium.

The premium videos can only be accessed by the premium members and it also pays you according to the number of views your video gets. However, the price per view for premium videos is much higher and can go up to $45 per thousand views.

Earn by Creating Fan Clubs

You can create your fan club on Modelhub just like you can create fan clubs on other camming sites.

You can decide the price at which you want to sell the membership of your fan club. Moreover, you can also sell your videos, adult services like sexting, and provide discounts to the members of your fan club. Modelhub lets you keep 80% of the total revenue that your fan club makes!

Earn by Selling Custom Clips

Some members and fans are not happy with the regular videos that you upload in your profile. They want you to capture special videos as per their preferences and sell these videos only to them. These videos are called custom clips and you can charge more for such requests.

Like other videos, here also you can keep 65% of the total earnings that your videos make.

Earn by Selling Custom Clips

Some members and fans are not happy with the regular videos that you upload in your profile. They want you to capture special videos as per their preferences and sell these videos only to them. These videos are called custom clips and you can charge more for such requests.

Like other videos, here also you can keep 65% of the total earnings that your videos make.

Earn from the Tips

Members of your fan clubs and even regular members can tip you on your Modelhub or Pornhub account page. Also, you can keep 80% of the money that Modelhub makes from your tips.

Earn as a Model--- Your Payout

ModelHub pays eighty percent of advertising revenue earned by your video

The way your earnings are calculated is the views on your video multiplied to the rate of the ad. Your content would be available on both ModelHub and PornHub, its sister company. Thus, you are assured of getting more views by being exposed on two website. 

Tips for New Models

Whether you are a brand new model or have done a few practice shows in the comfort of your own home, there are a few tips that might help you.  For one thing, remember that most of the videos are going to involve being in the nude. 

A good idea would be to lock the door, pull the drapes and make sure the area has been sanitized for best results. Lock the door because you don't really want anyone to just pop in at any moment. Another tip is to be confident.

Unlike the old days when you had to have an actual director, you can upload your newly made videos after you have starred and directed them yourself so there is no need to be shy! In other words leave your inhibitions at the door.

Lastly but most importantly, you want videos that sell and become viral through this website. For that reason, it is a good idea to study the top choices and check to see what makes them so popular. You want to aim high and be the best, and not be just another online video.

Studying the best of the best will go a long way.

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