TNA Board Review (2020)

TNA Board

TNA Board is a forum-based website exclusively made to cater to the horny individuals across the USA who are looking to break out from the cycle of monotony and add spice to their otherwise dull and drab sex life.

You can reach out to the wide plethora of escorts who are willing to offer sexual services.

If you enjoy paid sex and if you don’t mind some sexual fun that is safe and legitimate, you can access TNA board.


  • One of the largest and most established online escort services in the USA with about a million active users.
  • Covers a lot of districts and cities across the United States.


  • The bland and unimpressive user interface provided with this website.
  • Very expensive pricing.

If you are somebody who wants a break from the monotony of everyday life or just want to add a little bit of spice to your boring sex life, one website that you should definitely check out and give a shot is TNABoard.

TNABoard is a forum based site that offers companionship services to horny individuals across USA. It is a wildly popular platform for people to not just advertise and find companions for themselves, but also to offer their companionship services to others around them.

The site, if you would try to simplify, is basically Craigslist, but for companionship and sexual pleasure.

As a free / unregistered user, you are allowed to browse around the various sections on the site, but itdoes not show the profiles and details of the escorts you are trying to access, if you haven’t paid the subscription fee.

The folks at TNABoard post reviews of all these local escorts onto the platform from time to time, and assist you in finding the one that’s right for you. While they refer to these girls as ‘providers’, they don’t explicitly reveal the fact that they’re actually those who provide sex services.

If you enjoy paying for sex and do not mind some fun that’s safe and secure, TNABoard is one of the sites that will help you do just that. The site looks legitimately weird and have also exclusively stated that they would not be responsible for whatever you browse on the site.

Professional hook-up or dating sites usually have a good amount of work being done on the design, but the homepage of the TNABoard community is not something worth writing about because it looks unconvincingly weird.

Currently, they offer two account types, namely – 1) hobbyist and 2) advertisers. The first one is for those who are looking to find a companion for themselves, whereas the second is more about offering your services to people in and around your local area.

The features on the portal aren’t just related to sex workers and their customer reviews, butone can go on and find sugar babies and daddies and even some short term, casual relationships as well.

At the first step of your registration, you will have to choose amongst the two aforementioned account types, enter your email ID, your location, age and preferences.

Once through with this process, you are all set to either view the profiles or read reviews about the sex workers in your area, which is tailored to your preferences post the signup process.

One of the negatives we noticed on the site is that they tend to redirect to third party sites when you want to access singles and sugar babies around you.

This is not a recommended practice, since you don’t know how safe and secure that website might be and also because they’ve clearly mentioned that they wouldn’t be responsible for any loss of data or any other violation of privacy.

Further, you can use the filtering options to finally jot down the people you wish to connect with, as per your preferences and interests. 

tna board logo

On the left, there’s a drop down menu which contains a few options to choose from and also filter content on the site as per different cities across the US. Most advertisers tend to include pictures in their ads and you can quickly drop in a query about their availability if you like someone.

Recently displayed ads are placed at the bottom of the page and the centre of the webpage is filled with different advertisements.

It is important to keep in mind that not all of these people who advertise their services post their real photos in here, and the reality can often turn out against your expectations, so you must not keep your hopes very high, until of course, you score a really good chick, LOL!

The site employs SSL encryption, which adds up to the safety of the user, although how safe the site is ultimately something that only you’ll know once you’ve been registered on the site.

As a free user, you are also allowed to browse through the site and post a limited number of ads under the ‘Hobbyist’ account type. 

It is imperative to note that some of the locations mentioned/serviced by TNABoard have a fairly low number of providers, such as the TNABoard Idaho and the TNABoard Oregon forum, which have little to no escort companies advertising on the platform.

Fora user, TNABoard is a really handy tool if you’re someone who is a frequent traveller between cities and are looking to spice up your weekend getaway or business tour with some great sex.

You can choose from different locations, and find yourself a great sex partner to spruce up things the next time you’re out in the wild (pun intended).

Why is TNABoard better than other similar sites?

The online escort industry has been around for over a decade and a half now, and has been a hugely popular phenomenon in many countries in the West where people are looking for ways and means to quench their thirst and make the most of their experimental, carefree young days.

TNABoard is one such site that has been around for a long time now and probably is among the top 5 online escort providing companies in the USA.

They have an active user base consisting both advertisers who offer their services to users and the ‘hobbyists’ who are individuals who are looking to have some paid fun.

Being present in a number of US-based cities, they are one of the biggest and most renowned sites in this niche during this Internet-fuelled age. Owned by the GoDaddy group, they have a famous name backing their claims and that is probably something that takes up their credibility a few notches up.

In comparison to sites such as Meet&Fuck, Live Cams and GFE Escorts, the site currently sits right amongst the most used online escort service portals with an active user base of 1.4 million users from the USA alone.

Some states and cities in particular, have a sizeable number of providers and hobbyists as compared to the other ones, and the gender distribution is as follows – 1) Females – 52% and 2) Males at a comparatively lower 48%.

TNA Board - The Better Alternative

Secondly, there’s also a set of features which you can use without having to register as a paid user to the site, and that is something that’s worthy of appreciation, since a lot of sites similar to the one we are talking about here, do not provide access to even the most basic features without people having to register as a paid user.

The navigation is decent to say the least and while it can be a little confusing sometimes, on the overall, it has a certain sense of ease while using or randomly browsing through the site.

Since it asks for your preferences while signing up to the site, the folks at TNABoard are able to understand whom you would like to hook up with and match you with only the similar kind of people as mentioned by you in your signup process.

Additionally, member services are offered at no cost at all to those who have paid for the subscription. You can post comments, reply to threads, join the discussion on the forum, and even receive notifications regarding any post that you make on the site.

As a paid member, TNABoard also allows their users to contact other users/providers directly, rate threads and make use of their advanced search capabilities to filter and find exactly what they want.

Performance Score (out of 10)



Website Design

7 / 10

Live Stream Quality

7 / 10

Quality Of Private Shows

7 / 10

Number Of Models

9 / 10

Streaming Options

3 / 10

User-Friendly Features

7 / 10


5 / 10

Value For Money

6 / 10


5 / 10


5 / 10

Overall Score

61 / 100

Site Statistics

  • Models – 1.4 million
  • Active Models – About 690 users at a time
  • Payment options -  Bitcoin, Credit Card and Debit Card
  • Model Age – 18 to 50 years of age
  • Advanced search options – Yes
  • Media Player -  None
  • Bonus content – Deals, discounts and links to live cam sites

Website Overview

Website address:

TNABoard is one of the biggest sites when it comes to finding escort services online.

Similar to Craigslist, they offer users a platform to fulfil their sexual desires and on the other hand, help escort providers with a platform that enables them to communicate and to advertise their services to a broader set of audiences.

Since most advertisers here are escorts who are providing their services for a fee, this portal has grown exponentially over the last decade, to a staggering current user database of about 1.4 million users from various cities and districts of the United States.

Not just listings, the site also features reviews of service providers’/sex workers who have advertised for their services in the past. 

tna board lp

Reading comments by users who have previously availed services of these escorts and knowing about their experiences can help a great deal to decide if you should go ahead with a particular escort.

The service provider’s profile contains their details, age, names and preferences along with their specialities and a few photographs.

Although not all of these escorts tend to upload their real photos, it is a bit difficult to figure out if you are contacting the actual person, which adds a question mark towards the overall credibility of this platform.

The live cams, studio blog and online store are some of the benefits that come with being a premium, paying members of the site and definitely add up to the overall browsing experience of the site.

Lastly, the mobile-friendly website further ensures that users are able to access their favourite gay porn without any hassle whatsoever, while still being on the go. Users are required to register to post ads and leave comments on them.

It’s important to note that the sign up and registration process here is a bit lengthy and might turn off a lot of people, owing to the sheer length of this entire cumbersome process.

The UI and design of the site is pretty bad too, and it seems that the developers haven’t really cared to touch upon the existing site structure to improve user experience for a long time now.

The website is filled with advertisements on each page and there is a lot of cross-selling happening in and around the site, which is a bit confusing.

The company’s refund policy is also one of the worst we’ve seen so far and they literally do not return the user’s money if at all the membership gets cancelled.

Pricing & Membership Fees

The pricing and membership packages at TNABoard do not do justice to the features and experience that the site provides, since they charge a lot of money despite the fact that there’s no extraordinary feature or aspect of the site which can be applauded or is worth investing in.

In order to post ads, they charge users a hefty sum of money, which is not something we would recommend you to do. The current payment options that can be utilised here include –

  • Bitcoin (preferred)
  • Debit cards
  • Credit cards


  • One of the largest online escort service companies in the USA with about a million users
  • Users who have registered can not only view others’ profile, but also message them directly
  • Rate discussion threads
  • Post requirements/advertisements
  • A sizeable ratio of women offering escort services
  • Covers a lot of districts and cities across the United States
  • Join the discussion forum
  • Receive notifications regarding your post
  • Read reviews, comments and posts
  • Accepts bitcoin as a form of payment
  • Advanced search capabilities for paid members


  • Bland, unimpressive UI is one of the biggest cons of this site
  • At a time, only 690 members are active on the platform
  • The features are not something that would make you jump out of bed
  • They can cancel your membership anytime they want to, without any notice
  • They don’t refund money in case membership is cancelled
  • No credibility of the profiles
  • Pricing is on the expensive side
  • Non-member services are pretty limited
  • Do not take the responsibility of what sites it links to and how itaffects users
  • Lot of cross selling
  • There are plenty of ads on every page
  • Law enforcement agencies are in the process of taking down all such sites and members associated to them

Competitors of TNA Board

TNABoard competes with the likes of other similar sites such as, SnapSext, among others. Similar to all these sites, the set of features, user experience and security features of TNABoard are in dire need of getting improved drastically if they have to justify their pricing structure.

Customer Support

Although paid sex is illegal and TNABoard is one such site which encourages paid sexual encounters, they have several helplines and customer support teams in place in order to address any unforeseen, unavoidable circumstance, they can be reached out at the following links -

Final Verdict

As a paid sex site, TNABoard is one site that we would totally not recommend to our users. A lot of stuff on the site is illegal and shady to say the least and the site is filled with dubious links and offers which can land you in trouble if you don’t have an idea of what is coming up next.

The site also has a really crappy refund policy which is something that is professionally, and ethically wrong for it being an Internet based business.

Although it has an SSL layer on top of it, the site on the whole cannot be trusted with your private details and hence we would recommend you to give signing up to this site a miss.

Parting words

Reviewed above, were some of the pros and cons of the online escort service site, TNABoard.
We hope that you enjoyed reading this review and found it helpful. Further, we would love to know your thoughts and ideas about how we can constantly improve and help make your browsing experience with us as delightful as it can get.

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