Mr. Racy Review (2020)

Mr. Racy

Mr Racy is a very unique website in its approach.  

It reviews your sex life and offers tips regarding how to brighten and spice up your sex life with some recommendation.

This website almost works like a counseling portal, where you can ask for recommendations and tips as well as watch many explicit videos demonstrating how to have a better sex life.


  • This website reviews your sexual fantasies and provides recommendations to take your sex life up by quite a number of notches.
  • If you are a bit reserved on taking sexual advice from real people, Mr Racy provides you with a private online platform where you can receive advice about your sexual life without having to hesitate at all.


  • The website is basically male-centric and offers very fewer options for females seeking advice about orgasm and a healthy sexual lifestyle.
  • The website offers some really sexist advice that might be a bit unnerving for the female audience.

Do you belong to the community that believes that somehow reaching orgasm in sex and a normal missionary position dulls down the whole point of enjoying this natural human feeling of intimacy? Well, here is what Alexandra Katehakis, in her book 'Mirror of Intimacy', writes:

"Many lovers are 'off to the races: Hurtling towards orgasm, they miss the excitement of sensual meanderings along the way". It merely translates to meaning that the whole point of reaching orgasm would be missed if there is no 'foreplay', for lack of a better word; a stage whose importance cannot be exaggerated enough. 

It also brings me to thinking about how the world today has reached a population of more than 7 billion people, and there is still a stigma about sex? In the face of those masses, stands a website unabashed, namely Mr Racy.

What makes Mr Racy different?

Mr Racy is a website that can review your sex life and offer sex tips along with sex toys recommendation. Did I get your attention here or do I also need to add about how the website has countless ideas to excite your sensations including audio porn which translates into masturbating to hot sex sounds?

If you are someone you would also like to experiment more than typical masturbation, (sounds more biological than I thought, as I write) then the author of the page, Dave, also recommends no-so-hard on your bank balance Sex Dolls. Sounds like the perfect site for male enthusiasts, right?

It has actual videos ranging from boob to ass and vagina lovers; the page has videos on how to use those dolls by their makers and how to maintain them. Dave has also been cocky enough to write on those who should not use it.

I mean your girlfriend or wife will most likely freak out unless they're into that kind of kink too.

It is going to work therapeutically for you like this site talks to you almost as if it is a one on one with a therapist, giving you a personal recommendation, starting from why you may need one, to which one is the best for you.

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Website Overview

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Giving enough attention in its introduction, it will most convincingly hook you to the post and make you a believer of its advantages.

I mean it's hard to miss a line that starts with "9 best prostate massagers for his butt". Am I right, or am I right?

If sex dolls are a little too much for you to handle, then there are a lot of toy recommendations for you in this site that are certain to give you a lot of mind-numbing orgasms. 

mr racy-min

Tenga Flip Hole Black is one such magic gizmo that Dave, the author of Mr Racy, cannot stop talking about.

He uses the words, and I quote "I came super hard. Not sure if that's normal, but it’s sure as hell feels good" on using it, he also adds how your masturbation sessions can become an out of the world experience with this toy.

You may also find an OTT expression which may tantalise your senses by merely hearing the description of the products, for example, when he talks about another toy named The Flip Hole. He makes a personal comment "The Flip Hole feels like it sucks the orgasms right out of my dick. No joke."

I kid you not, my friend. Those were his exact words. Makes you want to purchase the product and see what the buzz is all about, right?

The cherry on the cake is the fact that he has given amazon links to every single product he has spoken of; in case you are interested in buying and his how-to-use manual with pictures and a review of what does it feel like.

'Fleshlights' seem to be a top priority for Mr Dave, in case you're looking for a personal favourite of someone who appears to be an expert in this field. Are you unsure of what it would do to you and how to assemble it, once it arrives?

His blog on the same, from 19 June will quench your thirst on this topic (and many more things). Fifi is another recommendation he makes and cannot stop praising about. Are you someone who travels a lot? Then, according to Dave, this one's for you.

It is portable, light and most chances are, no one might even understand what it is, hence discreet, considering your privacy concerns. Are Such descriptions hard to avoid? On top of which he makes it easier for the buyer (which in this case, might be you) to understand what they are buying.

It would be entirely wrong to underestimate his convincing power. As stated earlier, he will do an at length description of his recommended toys, starting from what to keep in mind while using it to how to clean it.

Fifi, according to him, was a solid pick, considering that it was the easiest to clean among all the products he has used.Considering the people with romance ridden problems, he has another section which goes by the heading of 'Sex and dating'.

Are you looking to get more insight into sex education or need dating tips on how to revive the chemistry between you and your lover (a real human)? Then this section is just the one for you. Not to forget: Tantric sex, intimacy and orgasm? Wait a minute.

There is a guide to making your lover feel like divine. Tantric sex, as Dave writes, is as old as 5000 years old. Wait! Does that mean that our ancestors were more favourable of having sexual relations as healthy than the current generation? Oh yes, far more than you can think.

Tantra sex stimulates the mind of the people involved in sex, only to heighten their senses and experience the lovemaking with emotions and spirituality involved. Did I make sense or will writing SEX, but only 100 times better, make it more legible?

What a mind-boggling exploration for a generation like ours; half of whom are surviving on quickies with the other half still being under the illusion of it being a stigma and not wanting to talk about how the world population is sky-rocketing with every passing year.

I mean, are you a quickie person? What does it do to you? Jack off in 5 minutes and satisfy which part of the body? The mind most surely is not satisfied. Which part of "the act of love likened to worshipping your lover as your temple" is more erotic?

Buyers Guide - How to Choose the Best Prostate Massager

The part where Dave refers to Tantra sex, connecting people to their spiritual self? Wait till you know the results of it. Some extreme Tantra lovers, as Dave writes, have had intense orgasms. Some have even lasted for hours; And here you are still debating over whether to give Mr Racy's website a visit not.

Are you joking, right? Instead of treating the feeling, of wanting to pleasure yourself or having sex as a natural human feeling, you are still questioning your priorities? Well, guess what?!

Nothing, and by that I mean, not a thing in this world is ever going to more satisfying than weaving a man and woman's physical forms which are highly meditative. Bonding as a concept, as Dave writes, is going to destroy your western thoughts on sex.

He points out the necessity of forming a bond and not abandoning the intimacy factor. Prolonged orgasms are not the whole point of tantra sex. It involves the process to be slow which may seem weird to quite a bit of you, but the result is often, as Dave writes "unimaginable density of pleasure".

The idea is not to reach climax and release that energy but to use it to feel every sensation and prolong the moment. He has been ardently trying to make the reader explain one point since the beginning, as he writes "Harnessing sexual energy is thought by many to be vital to our physical health.''

Imagine having sex to have a healthy life? This is beyond frank, and you have to give it to Mr Racy for discussing even the minutest of details involved and starting from understanding how awkward it can be in the beginning, to debating the positions that are involved in tantra sex.

Even the part which requires you to synchronise your breathing, the site has enough expertise (read: S-expertise) if you are looking to educate yourself. It has pictures and techniques which are, quite honestly are a boon if you are newbie out there, looking to explore yourself and your sexual desires;

And correct me if I am wrong, but you can satisfy someone else only if you are convinced yourself. Can’t you? One of the most promising techniques ever discovered, Dave guarantees that Tantra sex can make you and your lover reach you a realm that most people can only think of.

All it asks for, in return, he further adds, is patience and a lot of love. Dave's blogs are for sure going to help sort your query regarding dating and sex life if you're looking to solve one. Dating? Let's make that relation steamier. Single? Even better.

Kink is also one such topic that might interest you in this section. So, have you tried putting your big boy in a cage? No? Then welcome to the world of kink that Dave explores and tells you the dos and don'ts of.

Hello, CB-6000 cock cage that is the toy being explored here and may interest you, if you are into involving chastity devices. How striking does "5 tips to increase your stamina in bed" or "5 tips to make her dripping wet" sound?

Not only does Mr Racy make such topics seem shiny from the top but also adds matter on it that you may consider adding to your skillset. Thanks to Mr Dave. What's more amusing is when he addresses the general crowd and uses the phrase "if you belong to the infamous Minute-Man Club".

Top 5 Male Masturbators

It is a brilliant use of wordplay. He is very realistic, though as talks of real feelings and outcomes.

Dave will make your masturbation session seem like a therapy merely by his words, or better, an art; of fulfilling this natural feeling that everyone feels but looks to suppress, for some reason and treat it like it is unnatural.

On one of the first blogs, he writes about prostate health — something as crucial for a woman as is, for a man. I mean, we have all heard about a woman's hygiene and health concerns being discussed. It is high time we took men's prostate health as a serious concern.

He recommends a few meds to keep your prostate healthy. You may consider going through it, given our high quotient of knowledge about it since so many bloggers are talking about it (if you know what I mean).

Starting from capsules to powder options, to the doctor recommended supplements, his blog covers a broad area of content on this topic. Some of which include herbal alternatives such as Hawasu Saw Palmetto and Nature's Life formula, which is being manufactured since the 1970s and is protein nutrient.

I mean, not that a product like it needed additional values, but the more, the better, right?

For options, some of his recommendations include Micro Ingredients Organic Pine Pollen Concentrate, which is vegan-friendly and Samsara Prostate & Hair Formula, which guarantees to liven up your life and must include in your diet.

Who would give up a considerable recommendation like this, right? I think you should go through this website and see it for yourself and believe me.


  • This site offers a legible review of what your sexual fantasies may look like.
  • In a world of stigma, where quite a bit of you may be hesitant to go physically visit a sexual health or wellness expert, Mr Racy comes to you, in your hand, on your digital devices.
  • It opens a whole new realm to the newbies looking to explore
  • One of the blogs speaks of Prostate health of men which is a severe health concern today.
  • It reviews a wide range of options for male sexual pleasure, some of which may widen our perspective on a whole new horizon, starting from kink toys and sex dolls to the prostate massager.


  • Although, it may become a little nervy for women to view this site as Dave also adds that sex dolls are easy to handle than real women because of the lack of attention they need. Or in the words of Dave, they do need to be taken out for dinners or brought flowers and in the worst-case scenario, meet their mother in law.
  • I wouldn't recommend this page for your girlfriend, because it's eight pointer guides to you as a buyer may piss her off and convince you to take a shot at it. I mean, c'mon, it saves you from hearing "I'm tired" or "I want more from our relationship". Cool right?
  • It is male-centric and provides minimal options for females looking to broaden their perspective unless she is reading it to pleasure her boyfriend (or whoever she fantasises about)

Customer Support

There is a contact option at the end of his home page. There is a small form that appears and requires to be filled. It will ask for your name, email address and your message. They promise to get back to you and work out the details of your concern together.

They also entertain businesses targeting leads. Once you contact them, they will send you their advertising kits.

Final verdict

He is someone you will want to talk to, for guidance in this sector. He knows his stuff; and not in a creepy way, but he might even be able to help you out of your sexual dissatisfactions. He has a convincing tone in his review of what you might now consider as an act to influence purchasing.

Very humbly, he has provided the viewers with a very toned-down description of himself, which in my opinion is highly underestimating. This man is realistic and original; Creating and giving form to an idea that most content creators can only think of.

Not to forget the sheepish words at the end of the page which say "Lovingly maintained by Mr Racy | Powered by your Mom", his humour is cynical yet sarcastic.

Parting words

In a very mellowed down version, he describes himself as an ordinary white collared guy who has a thing for sexy women and hot sex toys. Little does he know the number of men his initiative must have helped.

Ending with a contact option, he adds a forum with a small Q&A for those looking to get in touch with him. I am assuming you are convinced by now, to visit his website and get a prostate toy for yourself. If you do, go and say thanks to his man for opening the entire Pandora's box and leaving you to enjoy your sexuality.

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