Adult Search Review (2020)

Adult Search

Adult search works on a completely different concept.

Unlike  rest of the websites which have porn and live cam sessions, this falls under the category of escort sites to help you have fun with real, live, hot and sexy women.


  • The escorts are available around the world. So, if you’re travelling alone, they’ve got your nights covered.
  • It offers a wide range of escorts. Ranging from sex escorts to massages and body rubs.


  • A lot of people report it as a scam and have been caught for online fraud
  • Too many pop-ups arise when you click anywhere on the website making it quite irritating

Tired of watching porn and adult content online? Do you want to try something real with hot and sexy women out there? Don't worry; Adult Search has got you covered! Unlike other websites which feature porn videos or live cam shows, Adult Search is quite different.

There are no websites like Adult Search, taking into account the number of listings. It falls under the category of escort sites. Reviewers usually tend to ignore such sites as they are complicated and do not belong to their tastes.

To be honest, many escort websites which claim to be like Adult Search, do not offer sexual services. But talking about the safe side, these kind of escort services are almost legal everywhere. It is permissible to hire an escort for sex in many places.

So, Adult Search might be a great place to find escorts in your area and near your city. All you  need to do is just to be aware of the way things work in your area. Are you already wondering if there are any escort services in your country? Well, Adult Search pretty much covers the entire globe.

Not just the US, Europe or Canada, Adult Search has their reach up to the Middle East, Asia and even Africa. Escorts from Australia and Oceania are also featured here. So, Adult Search pretty much covers all the continents.

Now if you are going to ask whether the services reach way towards Antarctica, then you, my friend, have a bizarre fetish. Maybe you just want to speed up global warming by being the catalyst with a hot girl, melting everything with your combined hotness.

Jokes aside, Adult Search is one reliable website. Well, just take a tour of it to know yourself!

Adult Search is entirely different from other porn sites that you visit now and then. They do not have sexy videos to add spice to your mood, or some hot cam girls to make your day. If you just want to watch porn, just go somewhere else! Adult Search is a professional escort service website.

You do not get categories or genre to select the girls. Not everything of your choice is available. You will  need to make a choice at the very moment there and choose amongst the women accordingly. The best thing about them is that the search results show you the best searches near your locality.

You just need to locate your city, and there you go!

Why is Adult Search the best in its services?

Majority of people out there use this website to look for escorts near their place. Sometimes, to have a change, they also escort women where they travel. I mean it is a great idea to go on a vacation and get laid with some of the sexiest girls from that area!

The distribution of the services depends upon the geographical factors. Some places have more options than the others. But, if you plan to visit the same site once again, make sure you bookmark it to have fun the next time you visit it.

If you are planning for a vacation, you can always have a look at that place and plan out things. If you have money in your hand and want to find a real fantasy girl who could satisfy your needs, then Adult Search is the perfect destination.

The websites come with several options featuring various types of escorts. Female escorts, Body Rubs, massage or TS escorts. They have covered many cities from different states of the countries, and to my surprise, they even had some suburban areas on their list. Isn't that satisfying as a customer?

In most of the cases, naturally, you might want to take a look at some of the major cities. But even if you live in the suburbs, you need not go elsewhere, as they have got options for you. Many women feel that people are more likely to prefer cities while searching.

There were some options in my town too and believe me; these girls are HOT!! Adult Search does know what the public wants. When you are browsing through the places near you, you will find a variety of body types and several options for ethnicity.

Some escorts even have their pictures posted there just to let the public know if they fit into their category. It is common for most of the girls to hide their faces for their privacy, which is a big deal for them.

But you will also see girls with full-body pictures, laying on a bed, showcasing their bodies, posing hot and this will surely make you want them even more.

Not just pictures, but some babes also share videos which will catch you off-guard and you will be pleased to see such sexy women who are willing to grind on you. The way they put their bios seems pretty naughty at times. They might put a list of things they generally do with the clients.

After you go through all  that, you will notice that every escort babe does things her way and every girl has a different kink. That's the reason why you will find so many different choices which might leave you confused.

The best thing about Adult Search is that they allow the users to filter the results according to ethnicity, language, services, eye colour, etc. Sadly, they do not have the feature to filter according to body type. But you can always look at the featured pictures to get a general idea.

Performance Score (out of 10)



Website Design

6 / 10

Escort Updates

7 / 10

Quality Of Services

7 / 10

Number Of Girls

8 / 10


8 / 10


7 / 10


8 / 10

Value For Money

8 / 10


8 / 10

User-Interface & Layout

7 / 10

Overall Score

74 / 100

Website Overview

Website address:

Estimated visits last month – 8 million

As already discussed, the website does not have something very different or unique.

Adult search is known as a shady site which is not legitimate, and there are many negative remarks, yet, it received a lot of visits last month.

The website is said to have existed for more than 20 years, which is quite fascinating. Had it been fake, nobody would have accessed it.

The escorts register themselves on the website, and it is then the client's responsibility to make sure the escorts are legitimate and not fake. Some of the pictures featured by the girls are also fake.

Apart from this, Adult Search also hosts a lot of websites which will make you visit and explore them.


Sugar babies and live cams are some of the sites they host. You can always satisfy your hunger by these bonus sites from Adult Search. If you are kinky and have a weird fetish about shemales, then you are just one click away to escort shemales for yourself.

TS escorts provide you with several options and choices according to your location and pick the best ones available near you. Adult Search offers free sign up to access some of their content available there. There is also a chat-bot facility which will help you along the way browsing through the site.

But in the end, it is totally at your risk. Escort service might not be legal in your area, or the girls might be a fraud. If the payment method is online and prepaid, then you might get disappointed if you experience something unexpected or unwanted.

The website is not responsible for any kind of fraud because of its broad reach. This is why many people get scammed here. Just a word of advice, make sure your choices and decisions are well planned, and you know what you are doing.

Competitors of Adult Search

You might not believe it, but there are a lot of competitors even on these websites offering escort services. While Adult Search has its drawbacks, most of the other sites eliminate those drawbacks. Take an example of

This website looks more user-friendly and interactive as compared to Adult Search. They feature several things on their homepage itself.

Most importantly, they show various categories and the types of escorts you want to see - female escorts, body rubs, massage, male escorts, transsexual escorts and much more.

Furthermore, you can also get a VIP membership to avail  some fantastic features and access to a lot of things- Sex, girlfriend experience, blow-job, hand-job, breast play, pussy lick, kiss, squirt and so much more! The list just goes on and on! The whole list alone is enough to make you get excited. is another competitor of Adult Search. Although Adult Search hosts TS escorts, it specializes in transsexual or shemale escorts, which is a choice for some people.

The layout and design are pretty much similar to Adult Search, but the specialization feature is a catch for shemale lovers. Covering most of the places around the globe, the service provided by TS escorts will not disappoint you as it is a hosted network by Adult Search.

Undoubtedly, the fans of Adult Search will recommend TS escorts to their friends, or they might try it for themselves, for a change, maybe?


  • Adult Search has some of the hottest and sexiest girls who would love to spend time with you. All you need is a wallet full of cash to get a grab on their pussies.
  • The escorts are available around the world, covering most of the famous regions in various countries. You are just a couple of clicks away to get your kind of fantasy girl with you on your bed for a night.
  • It has an extensive roster of super cute and naughty chicks and realistic girls, who are always ready to get wild for some money. You just need to put some effort into finding the one who fits your choice.
  • People can register themselves as an escort for earning some money. Adult search allows people to start their escort service or business by showcasing the girls or themselves on their website.
  • Adult Search provides the independence of payment methods. Many of the escorts accept cash as well as online or card payments. But watch out for online frauds as the website is not responsible for anything.
  • The homepage also features a list of various countries where you can select your desired one, and then the cities with escort services will be displayed. The flow is quite easy to understand and browse.
  • There is a wide range of escort types that Adult Search has to show. Ranging from sex escorts to massages and body rubs, you can choose your fantasy of the night and invite the hot ladies to your salvation.
  • Some girls upload their images on their bio or description. The clients can get an idea of how the girl looks; her hair, body type, eyes, boobs or anything else that the client is interested in. Not just pictures, but some escorts have their videos too.
  • Adult search features a list of top metropolitan areas offering the best services. These areas are marked as favourites by some clients, and the website makes sure to help the new visitors from that data.
  • Adult Search has been there on the internet for an extended period, and most of the people prefer this online escort service. But it is totally up to the clients if they want to trust a particular service or not.


  • Most of the user reviews and experience tells that the website is a fake and nothing present on it is real. They say that it is just a waste of time, and the girls are fake. It is totally dependant on one's view to be precise.
  • People reported it to be a scam and are often getting caught as a victim of online fraud. Because of different payment methods, it might be possible that your online payment method will turn into a scam.
  • Not all escorts are professionals and provide the best service. It is complicated to judge whether the service provided will be worth the money. You might get a different girl compared to what you saw in their description.
  • Many cities and states still don't have these services. Only the most famous and popular places are getting updated on Adult Search. So, look out for something where the services reach, and you can have the best.
  • There are too many popups when you click anywhere on the webpage. These popup pages do not belong to legitimate sites. So, they can be fraud or misleading and cause a lot of trouble.
  • You might get redirected from the website if you click different thumbnails. These thumbnails belong to other websites. If you want to stay at this very destination, then these will be an obstacle.
  • There are too many ads on the website to distract the public and redirect them for no reason. Clicking the ads will lead to several unnecessary pop ups. This might also lead to some security issues or frauds.
  • The website's design is too old-fashioned and unattractive. It seems that the site has not been updated with layout and stuff for an extended period. It is annoying to waste time and efforts to search what you want.
  • There is no option of advanced search, which is now available in almost all kinds of websites. The orthodox features and options are too slow, not helpful and challenging to use.
  • The website is not responsible for any kind of fraud as they do not provide the services on their own. People living in certain areas become dealers for free and start their business. Hence, it is not the website's fault if you get scammed.

Pricing & Membership Fees

Adult Search, features escorts which are there to help you out with various things. Mostly these escorts provide services which are related to sex. So, it depends on the escort itself on how much they charge for their service.

The website is just a platform to give you various options, but it is the dealer's will on how much money to ask for. The service can range from $50 to $2000 per night, as what most of them charge.

There are pictures and videos of some girls to judge them and decide if you want to go with them or just skip them. More services mean more charge. Extra services like massage, body rubs, shower, etc. will cost you even more than just having good night sex.

Although the services have expensive rates, browsing through the website is free. You can sign up for free on the site to see some extra stuff they have to offer. You just need an email id to sign up and then the account is permanent. Visitors can visit and browse any time, free of cost.

Customer Support 

There is not much information available regarding the site's customer support. The only way to contact them is through their email id. It is a little annoying because there is no surety of getting a reply from them. There might be thousands of people contacting about various issues.

Hence, not all are entertained. The viewers will be disappointed if they do not get a reply on something essential. But I don't think many people will face issues with Adult Search. The website is quite simple, keeping the complexity off. Everything is easy to browse and choose.

There is no issue of payment as everything is free. So, the problems faced due to online payments and frauds are eliminated.

Besides, there is an option to have a live chat with a chat-bot which will help you through various things, issues, difficulties or problems which you face while surfing through their website. This feature can solve most of the technical problems.

For more information about their customer support, please visit this link:

Final Verdict

Alright, people! This is where it ends. I am pretty sure that you will enjoy all  its features and whatever the site has to provide. You should visit  to check them out and enjoy the full experience. The website is plain and simple to use, but it lacks creativity and usability.

There is a feature to report sex trafficking at the very bottom of the homepage. You will also find a contact link, just in case you want to contact them to report an issue. The website is quite successful in providing services over the past years.

There are a lot of hot women out there; you just need to be lucky enough to be in their area. Adult Search also hosts sites which provide transsexual escorts for interested people. The website is flooded with various places where their service is available.

More than 100 listings of cities from almost every country is showcased on the homepage itself. Many escorts use this website as it allows them to start a business for free. You can surely find something that you have been craving for.

The women present there are hot and sizzling and love being naughty, erotic and horny. No need to thank me, just go ahead and enjoy your visit to one of the best Asian escort destinations.

Parting words

These were some of the eye-catching features as well as some drawbacks of Adult Search. It is a decent site for someone who wants to have real fun on their bed. They just have to make sure that their wallets have enough cash for it.

If you have any experience surfing around the corners of Adult Search, do let us know. I hope that I have covered most of the required features as well as limitations but if you are still curious to know more and wish to resolve your queries, just look for customer reviews online.

Contact us if you want any other site to be reviewed. So, no need to look for other escort services when all the babes from various parts of the globe are available here.

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