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Puba Review


Do you wish to enjoy unmediated porn right of the assortment by porn stars themselves?

Puba brings you a premium porn experience by conglomerating around 50 sites of professional porn stars. 


  • All of the videos available on this site are entirely exclusive, and the collection itself is enormous.
  • The video quality of the content is top-notch; it is even planning to launch VR videos for the members.


  • However, you do not know about the release dates of videos, since they are not mentioned.
  • There are also a few bugs on the website about the download section.

The review which proceeds will explain in detail about the website in question.

Puba is the real deal buddy. This is the website which has brought me close to a lot of my favourite babes. I have links to their personal websites, their twitter account and a lot of their videos. I love Puba and with that note in mind, let’s start reviewing another masterpiece of a website.

I do not know how but, whenever I stumble upon any porn site, it happens automatically that I start with reviewing it first before I would watch anything on it. In the meantime, my cock goes up and down until I decide to select the right video to fap to because I believe that my cum is limited, so I do not want to waste it on just any video.

Coming back to Puba, this website as you know is a conglomeration of around 50 sites of different porn stars. Let me tell you a few names, London Keyes, Priya Rai, Abigail Mac, Christy Mack, and many more. Plus this is an authentic website.

Authentic in the sense that you will be asked to confirm your age before entering and it works under the US law. So, there is nothing dubious or disrupted about Puba. Moreover, when you are visiting Puba, the first thought that comes to mind is what shall I watch.

For that, my friend, you will have to select one pornstar although there are videos on the homepage mixed. But, if you make a choice and then know more about that babe, it is only after that you will be able to enjoy her.

And there isn't just one type of videos on the website but a huge variety. Be it hardcore, softcore, anal, lesbian, romantic, wife, girlfriend, neighbour and much more. These pornstars are starring in all sorts of porn content under the banner of Official Puba studio.

Yes, all these videos are under the banner of Puba, and they aren’t available anywhere else. That is the beauty of it, Puba is an exclusive website all the videos that are present on Puba cannot be seen anywhere else.

So, if you are paying to get a subscription, then you won’t be disappointed with seeing the same video on any other platform, because there isn’t.

puba banner-min

What makes Puba.com so Popular?

Really, do you need to ask? Well, if you do, here it is. Puba is not your regular porn station. It is a featured website which has videos of some of the most prominent and sexy porn stars out there. And that’s not all, and there is a dedicated website or a page for each one of these stars.

So, it is one of a kind website that you can watch porn at

In a real sense, Puba is also helping Porn stars in gaining back their integrity and respect. I mean you should understand that for these babes, this is a just a professional stunt. They have a life behind the camera, they have families, and some may even have kids.

So, when you think that being a porn star, any girl or woman should get rid of her clothes without even thinking and asking money for it, that is where you are wrong. That is the notion which Ivan (the creator of Puba) wants to disrupt and force people to understand the perspective of a porn star.

 Puba Featured - Abigail Mac & Samantha Saint Shoot Christmas

In the end, they may end up getting fucked by a made-up son or neighbour, but they need to be appreciated. And that is what Puba is doing.

And to top that, all the videos are in high quality, HD, and have a fantastic frame rate. When it comes to watching exclusive content, Puba is the place to go. They have all sorts of videos and will present you with a lot of options to satisfy your carnal desires.

The sex scenes are amazing, and they are steamy and sometimes even raunchy. The best thing that I like about Puba is that these guys have made the website super efficient and easy to navigate through. I have been through a lot of websites and porn stations, but this is something different.

And I feel that they are giving a fair share to these sexy babes which they deserve. After all this, one may think that “I can find such authentic videos all over the web”. Yes, you surely can buddy, but whatever you do, you must give Puba a try.

Site Statistics

  • Most Popular Video:   Alix and Tara Massage
  • Number of movies      3400+
  • Average length           25 Min.
  • Full-length videos        YES
  • DRM Protection          NO
  • Streaming                   YES
  • Download Limits         NO
  • Picture Sets:                2727

Performance Score (Out of 10)









Content amount


Money value  


Downloadable videos              






Overall Score



Website: https://www.puba.com

Giving Puba an aerial look, you will notice that the homepage is pretty beautiful, not in terms of sexy nude babes and hotties shown on it but on account of the design and the overall structuring of the website.

Right at the homepage, you will have access to most viewed videos on website.

And below this, there are links to the individual websites of various porn stars. 

puba banner 2-min

Below it, there are images of the porn stars in sexy and seductive poses. So, you will have access to a lot of stuff right on the homepage of the website, which is something that I love the most about Puba. And mind you, there are almost 71 dedicated sites that are connected to Puba.

This means that you can get access to videos of 71 different porn stars who are both hot and alluring. Puba is a membership-based website, so this means that you won’t get anything for free. 

And I don’t think you can even get a preview of the videos without obtaining a membership. Once you get the membership, it will be super easy to watch the videos and images. You can also download them after you are a member of Puba.


  • The platform has more than 1300 videos so far, and it is said that the site uploads fresh new content every week.
  • There are many good quality HD porn movies available.
  • You can stream and download the movies; however, for downloading only 10GB files can be downloaded.
  • The average length of the videos for 20 minutes.
  • The videos are DRM free, and photos can be downloaded as ZIP files.
  • The video format available for streaming and downloading is 1280x720; 5000k.
  • Zip sets are available, and pics per set is 60. You will get 1280x960 as the highest resolution for pic sets. 

The videos are of HD quality, and everything is fucking crystal clear. You won’t be disappointed with anything. In terms of website navigation, on the left-hand side, you will see that there are three lines, clicking on them will open a pop-down menu which has all the pages that you can visit.

And it also has a coming soon section… I won’t talk about it as it will take all the fun out of your watching experience. So, it is better that you check it out yourself. Puba has all the characteristics of a good porn website.

Starting with the website design, we have seen that Puba has an amazing website design, so there is nothing more to be discussed in this segment.

Puba Featured - Alix Lynx Interview About Her Official Website

Then comes the variety of content. Surely, with 71 different porn stars and their websites just a click away, there won’t be any shortage of content. You will have lesbian sex, massage, softcore, hardcore, anal, gangbangs, amateurs, and whatnot.

The quality of the videos is also very good and they are also available in high definition so that you can enjoy them with utmost clarity. And, the last part pertains to the pornstars, their beauty and seductive physique.

Well, I can assure you that, Puba has some of the hottest and most alluring porn stars out there which includes names like Jayden James, Mason Moore, Nikita Von, Abigail Mac, Alison Tyler, Asa Akira, and many more.

All these babes have the best bodies; their videos are fucking amazing and will get you fapping within minutes. So, get set to get brain-fucked and lubricate your cock as much as can, because Puba hotties won’t let you take any rest.


  • There are over 2700 images included, and numbers are growing up day by day. 

    If you have a favorite Puba girl, you may get on with private chat with them. 

  • Through live shows, you will get information about the latest Puba events, and you will get access to the complete Puba live chat as well. 

  • Those who like amateur pornography, you will find amateur footage right here at Puba.


  • None


Pricing is very important and essential for a website like Puba because these guys are providing you with authentic and first-hand porn videos which are distributed only on this website. And that is the beauty of it.

If you are a follower of Porn as I am, you would know what the importance of this exclusivity is. I always wait for my favourite porn star’s videos to arrive. The craze and excitement are similar to what you may experience with a Marvel or DC studios movie before it is released, at least that is how it is for me.

The membership price for Puba is $39.97 per month which I think this is a fair price to ask for. With this price, you can watch a whole lot of content starring some of the most alluring and sexy porn stars in the industry. This is the price that you have to pay for the exclusivity of content.



Trial period

$3.00 for three days with limited access


$39.97 per month


$48.00 for 12 months

puba banner 3-min


Competition is what drives every service provider to be better and assure quality service. And when it comes to porn, the premium porn websites are giving their best of services to it’s members. Puba is one of these websites which strive for providing a good porn watching experience to it’s members.

But they do have some competition to look after. Websites like Adult time, Chickpass Network, and DDF Network are the ones which can match the quality of Puba. And Adult time is no joke, which is one of the most favoured and most visited websites out there.

Irrespective of this fact, Puba has gained a lot of popularity because of its famed porn stars and the presence of original videos all over. Even though there is some competition, Puba can still emerge as a good website to watch and enjoy some steamy sex.

If you think whether Puba has competitors of not, then here’s the thing, no adult website is free from competitors, and the same can be said about Puba. If you want to check out the most significant competitors of Puba, then here they are:


  • The very first thing has to be Puba’s exclusivity. I mean, imagine that you are out there discussing porn with your friends and only you know that Jayden James has made another hot steamy sex video. Everybody will be like, “Bro! How do you know that?” Well, that is the beauty of knowing what others don’t and watching it before everyone else.
  • The collection of videos is huge. Like, as of now there are close to 3400 videos on Puba. The average length of these videos is 30 minutes. This means that once you are a member of Puba, you will be able to watch all these videos.
  • I cannot talk enough about the importance of video quality in a porn video. And the kind of video quality that you will find here is nothing short of a 3D representation. I wonder when these guys will be launching VR videos for the members.
  • Talking about images, there is also a large collection of pictures present on the website. All these images are high quality and the average size of the pictures is kept at 1200 to 2760px. And let me tell you another thing, at this pixel size, you can even zoom the image to check out anything you want. And I already know what you will zoom into.
  • Unexpected, surprising and astonishing, that is exactly what you will experience here. Like I have seen a video where Ava gets challenged by her friend to go full anal with a new glass dildo that she bought. And soon after Ava started, her friend joined in followed by her son. At first, I was like what the fuck is going on, but, that is exactly how a porn video should be.
  • The design of the website is intuitive. It has all the features and other sorts of tabs that are needed. For the porn stars, you will get some information right on the home page. Everything is designed to make your experience on the website worthwhile and cost-efficient.
  • Navigating through the website is also a piece of cake. There are no ads whatsoever apart from some deals and discount offers, but these are a part of the web design only. Having no ads means that the website will load faster, it will get you to the right page without diverting to popups.
  • The coming soon section is a rare thing to see on porn websites. And this is an excellent way to keep users hooked to your website.


  • There are no dates on the videos that are already released and present on the website. Although you will see the coming soon option, videos are dated, but not the ones that have already been released. This is something that don’t like in Puba.
  • There are a few bugs on the website pertaining to the download section which is something that not only me, but a lot of other users have also experienced. It has happened a few times that I have downloaded a set of pictures, and they would not open at all.
  • If you are using an old browser, then the new links to any video or image will certainly open in a new popup window. That is a bit annoying. It means this will surely slow down my desktop’s speed and will be difficult to switch between them.

The Verdict

The verdict is straightforward; Puba is a clear winner when it comes to website which provides exclusive porn content.

The porn stars are amazing; they are hot and come with a massive dose of erotica. Ever since it was launched in the year 2009, Puba has gained a lot of popularity. Today it has become very famous and provides niche content to the viewers.

A few parting words

Well, buddy, this is it. I have tried to give an honest and full-fledged review of Puba.com. There are some aspects that you will love about the website and a few which are not that good. I have done my part, and now it is up to you to visit the website and check it out for yourself.

So, stay tuned until the next review is out.

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