PornLeech – The Complete Review (2020)

Porn Leech

Are you looking for an online platform which enables you to download various genres of porn content in torrents?

If so, Pornleech is the site to go to.


  • Most of the free adult content that you find on this site are available in HD quality, which is a big win.
  • This torrent site has a lot of adult niches and categories like hardcore videos, hentai porn, adult movies, 3D adult clips and much more.


  • However, the small font-size of text ruins the appeal of the web design.
  • There are lots of flashy ads and pop-ups on this site, which furthermore faces problems of navigation.

The review offers more details about its technicalities and features.

Everyone likes free porn, and if there is one tube site where everything is free, that is PornLeech. No more paying for exorbitantly priced. PornLeech has many categories, such as FAQ, Bitbucket, OXXX, Amateur porn, Friend List, etc. Below the main tabs, you will find additional tabs, such as torrents, upload, requests, catalogs, etc. 

We all love sites that provide free adult content. Pornleech is a torrent site that enables you to download different kinds of porn videos seamlessly.

These porn clips and videos consist of hardcore videos, hentai porn, adult movies, 3D adult clips and much more. Therefore, you don’t have to look anywhere else when you have sites like Pornleech.

If you look closely at this site then you will see that there are thousands of sex clips in each category.

You also get all the information about the torrent such as the quality of the videos, length, comments of users, and much more which will give you insight about the porn video or movie that you are about to download.

There are lots of porn sites that provide free adult content but we see that most of the videos and porn clips lack in quality or have a very small collection of HD videos. However, you can change your experience by using a torrent site like Pornleech.

It is not like the usual porn sites that get stuck while you download a video. Moreover, Pornleech also provides full-length adult scenes and porn movies which makes it quite different than the other free porn sites. 

You can check whatever category you want. To register, you will have to click on the register option. It will be on the homepage. To register, you will be introduced to a form. Fill in details like your username, password, repeat password, email, repeat email, style, country, etc. PornLeech is famous for being the best and having the greatest number of fetish and kinky videos. 

Once done, you will be able to upload torrents, download them, and so on. You can even check out the forums; members usually share links of different porn movies that can be clicked and downloaded. 

Step by step process on how to download?

Step 1: Get torrent software on your computer. 

Step 2: Click on the Torrent that you wish to download. 

Step 3: You will see a DL option; click on that. 

Step 4: Click on OK after you choose to save the file. 

Step 5: The Torrent will be downloaded. 

Step 6: Click on the downloaded file, and Torrent software will launch. 

Step 7: Choose the destination folder, else, begin the download.

Step 8: Right-click on the video to locate where it has been saved. 

Step 9: Double click on the video and the process is completed. 

Step 10: Seeding might begin, click on the Torrent's file and click on stop to stop seeding. 

What makes Pornleech special?

All porn sites do not provide high-quality content. Some sites provide free content but they don't allow you to download the videos. Therefore, you have to solely depend on the buffering speed of these sites.

However, Pornleech has a large collection of HD videos that you can download whenever you feel like improving your arsenal of porn clips and adult videos. You might get bothered due to frequent appearing adverts but you cannot ask more from a free torrent site.

Best Torrent Sites for Adult Videos

All kinds of porn niches and categories are available on this site. Therefore, all your kinks and fetishes can be found here easily. You just have to search for your favorite porn category and then you can choose the videos that you seem the most appealing.

Also, it not only provides videos but also has tons of adult pictures, games, and much more. As a result, millions of users find this site suitable whenever they feel erotic and horny. If too many ads bother you then you can use the adblocker to minimize them instantly.

The site gets updated regularly with hot and erotic content and therefore you can never get a better site to release your load!

Site Statistics

  • Adult videos – over 10K
  • Update frequency – daily
  • Payment option – Free site
  • Popular porn stars – Riley Reid, Veruca James, Lana Rhodes 
  • Advanced search options – Yes
  • Mobile-friendly site – yes
  • Bonus content – Games, nude pictures
  • Highest video resolution – 1080 pixels
  • Highest image resolution – 1920 * 1080 p
  • Most popular models: Jessa Rhodes, Katana Kombat, Riley Reid, Abella Danger, Autumn Falls, Valentina Nappi, Gabbie Carter, Liya Silver, Susy Gala.

  • Models: Models are 18 to 40+ years. They are mostly from the US.
  • Body Type: The models are extremely good looking. They have great features, such as large breasts and asses.

  • The total number of models available: 3000+

Performance Score (Out of 10)

Website Design


Video Downloading Speed


Quality Of Content


Adult Niches


Preview Options 


User-Friendly Features




Value For Money




Content Updates


Overall Score



Website address

Average visits per month – 3.10 million

If you don't know what a torrent site is then let us understand a bit about the torrent site. Torrent sites are used for downloading videos or any other content. These sites give you the direct address of the servers and compute on which a Hollywood movie or porn video might be uploaded.

They act as an indexing site and provide you with the torrent file which guides or directs you to the actual content.

As a result, a torrent site like Pornleech is supposed to provide the file name or adult movie name, its length, parts (if the video is uploaded in parts), and some other useful information using which you can decide whether you want to download the file or not.

When you enter the site you notice that the fonts used on this site are too small. The bright background of the site can hurt your eyes and you might be tempted to mellow down the brightness of the screen.

Once you land on the homepage you will find that the site has been divided into sections that are nothing but the best torrents of every category. The categories are diverse as we told you earlier. Therefore, there are adult comics, 3D videos, adult movies, HD clips, pictures, Hentai content, and a lot more.

Apart from these regular categories, you will also find two unique categories named Pack and 0Day. 'Pack' is a section devoted to numerous porn clips and videos of the same production house or porn celebrity.

0Day is meant for the hackers who want to download the porn videos the moment it gets uploaded on the site.

Therefore, this section will be useful to you only if you have some basic idea about hacking. However, let’s not get into much detail about that.

Also, there is a torrent page where you will find popular porn categories like lesbian, gay, hardcore clips, etc.

There is also a regular search bar that allows you to search a video as per the title.

Pornleech has videos of all the popular porn stars that you love to watch. 

pornleech GUI 1-min

The quality of the videos is also quite exceptional as compared to the other free porn torrents.

As a result, we can say that this site is one of the best porn torrent sites on the internet. Moreover, you can also create your account on the site. We have noticed that as you create an account on this site for which you don't have to spend anything, the ads get reduced to a great extent.

You can also find different forums that discuss torrent sites, downloading options, etc. However, you will also notice that these forums aren't as active as they should be. The remaining tabs are nothing but other porn sites and torrents so let us ignore them.


You don’t have to worry about pricing as this site does not charge you for downloading any video or for using its features. This is an endearing aspect of this site that porn lovers would admire.


  • The site comes with different kinds of request sections and forums that prove to be beneficial for individuals who do not know much about torrent downloads and peer sites.
  • Most of the free adult content that you find on this site isavailable in high definition quality. Therefore, you don't have to worry about the resolution and sound quality of the porn clips.
  • This torrent site has a lot of adult niches and categories. Therefore, almost anyone can find his/her dream porn content on Pornleech.
  • This torrent site has a lot of adult niches and categories. Therefore, almost anyone can find his/her dream porn content on Pornleech.
  • If you create your free account on this site then you can even upload the adult videos. Not only that, you can share the content with your friends easily. This site also allows you to add friends and chat with other people using the multiple forums that exist on this site.
  • You not only get to download a lot of hardcore porn videos but amateur and softcore porn videos too, which are also available in large numbers. Therefore, you can download the videos according to your mood and preference.
  • Using this site you can download the content of famous porn celebrities. Therefore, you get to download the videos that are generally available only to premium subscribers of porn channels.
  • When you click on the title of a video or adult movie then you will see a few previews in the form of screenshots. This gives you a fair idea about the quality of the video.
  • Not many torrent sites allow you to create an account. Therefore, you get a unique experience whileusing the site.


  • The first and the foremost thing which we did not like about this site is its ultra-small fonts. Therefore, if you need spectacles to read then you might find it a bit hard to understand the details especially without wearing your specs.
  • The layout and design of this site are also far from impressive. The navigation is also not as smooth as it should be. Therefore, these things deteriorate your overall experience of using this site.
  • There are lots of flashy ads and pop-ups on this site. They not only distract you but sometimes you may also get redirected to useless spamming sites.
  • Due to an overdose of ads and redirect links, you might need to be a bit cautious while using this site. We did not encounter any virus or malware on Pornleech but you never know what you might face on these free porn sites. Therefore, we recommend you to be careful while going through the numerous download options that this site provides.
  • The videos and porn movies on torrent are usually not acquired legally. Therefore, there is always a concern about legal ramifications while using such sites.
  • The site is not secured through the HTTPS encryption. As a result, you might not feel so secure while using this platform.


Riley Reid


  • Measurement: 34B-25-36
  • Age: 29 years
  • Nationality: American 

Jessa Rhodes


  • Measurement: 32D-25-36
  • Age: 27 years
  • Nationality: American 

Gabbie Carter


  • Measurement: 32DD-22-32
  • Age: 19 years
  • Nationality: American


Many sites boast to be porn torrent sites but only a few of them are as good as Pornleech.

The sites that provide serious competition to Pornleech are The Pirate Bay, PornoLab, PornBay, etc.

There are also torrent sites whose functions and features are similar to Pornleech.

Some torrent sites like The Pirate Bay provide excellent sorting features while some other sites have a better layout and design as compared to Pornleech.

pornleech LP-min

Sites like Pornbay not only have better navigation and design but they also have better filters and advanced searching options as compared to Pornleech. Also, it has a tasteful collection of hardcore and amateur porn videos which make it one of the best porn torrent platforms on the internet. 

Pornleech remains relevant to the users because it is free and provides premium quality content without subscribing to a premium plan. However, it will have to work on the design, layout, and overall look and appeal of the site if it wants to outperform its competitors.


Pornleech or any other torrent sites do not have a complaint section or separate page for the customer support section. However, you can get answers to your queries and you might also find someone, on the multiple forums that are available on this site, who can resolve your issues.

Final Verdict

If you come across an adult torrent site then you might be tempted to download a sex video or full-length movie. Pornleech provides them all and much more content like adult comics, games, photos, et al.

Also, you get access to a large collection of HD porn videos and movies on this site. The ads can be a bit daunting but you can always use an adblocker application to get rid of them.

The site does not charge you for anything and the site also allows you to interact with people who have similar interests when it comes to adult content. However, we advise you to be a bit careful as this site is not secured with HTTPS encryption.

Parting words

A free site like Pornleech does not have many flaws if you understand how a torrent site works. However, do not indulge too much as there is always a chance of ending up on a spam site by clicking on the ad posts.

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