Oral Sex Positions for All Couples (2020) | 19 positions

The process that you use to stimulate the genital of your partner’s using your tongue, lips, or mouth is called oral sex.

Through oral sex, you will get the pleasure of licking or sucking the clitoris, vulva, vagina, or penis, and even the anus of your partner.

The magic of oral sex is that you would get to seduce your partner enough to prepare him/her for the main show. The acts that involve oral sex can enhance your relationship with your partner.

You should do it more often to make sure that your sex life remains interesting. This article would discuss fourteen exciting sex positions that would provoke you to make intense love with your partner today.

These sexual positions are not awkward to try. Read about them and try them out without any delay. 

Oral Sex Positions for All Couples

The Magic of Oral Sex

Oral sex is a better way of relieving yourself and your partner especially if you are not an intercourse expert. This also goes for the men and women who are not able to please their partner during the sex sessions.

Oral sex is fun, satisfying and requires fewer efforts and stamina as compared to real sex.

Therefore, it has become quite popular these days in spite of being considered as a taboo in many religions and cultures even today. They might not accept it, but they are certainly having a kinky blowjob or a steamy clit licking session in their bedrooms!

Today we are going to learn about oral sex positions that are steamy, wet, wild and utterly orgasmic. Therefore, be ready for a hell of a ride whether you are a girl who likes to suck cocks or a guy who likes to drill your tongue in both her holes!

Top 14 Oral Positions to Try

#1. Sixty Nine (69)

1.1 Traditional Sixty Nine (69)

The 69 sex position can be considered one of the best oral sex positions simply because they allow both the partners to stimulate each other’s genitals simultaneously.

Moreover, the different ways in which you can please your partner using a 69 position allow the couples to keep exploring new methods and techniques of oral sex.

Upgrade: 69 on the bed, Sofa 69, 68


Once you are done with the 69 position where both you and your partner will be lying on top of each other with the genitals close to your mouths. You can try an upgrade of this version, and that is 68.

Where only one person will be doing the oral activity, and the other person would be feeling the sensation. 

How to Get Started with the Position:

  • The common posture of 69 is when the girl and the guy lying on top of each other taking turns and suck, lick and stimulate each other's private parts.
  • This is also a very intimate form of oral sex as it gets them closer and they can feel the entire body of their partner while giving the head.
  • Another favorite 69 position is when a standing guy lifts his girl in an inverted position and enables her to give him a great blowjob.
  • At the same time, her crotch area gets exposed, and he can eat out her pussy to lead her towards wild orgasms.
  • You can also perform the 69 sex position in a sitting position when usually the guy sits with his legs spread wide and the girl can either kneel in front of him and blow him from below or can hug him in an inverted position and make love with his dick.
  • Simultaneously, the guy gets access to her pussy, and he can lick her love petals, suck her clitoris, insert his tongue in her holes and so much more.

1.2 Golden Gate

Few of the oral sex positions can be as kinky and steamy as the Golden Gate. It is simply too hard to resist an orgasm in this position as it gets steamy, slippery and wet towards the end.

However, the girl needs to endure quite a bit of discomfort and needs to be flexible to pull off this oral sex position.

Golden Gate

How to Get Started with the Position:

  • Firstly, you will require a couple of chairs or a couch to perform this action.
  • Both of you need to be seated like we normally sit on a chair.
  • After that, the girl needs to bend down toward the guy to take his dick in her mouth to stroke him like a professional. She can also lick it like it's her favorite candy.
  • She can also use her free hands to play with his testicles and can swirl her tongue around the tip of his penis to drive him crazy.
  • This will push him to the edge, and he will be screaming and panting before sending big jets of semen flying in the air.

8 Variations of the 69 Sex Position

#2. Face Sitting

Facesitting is one of the most useful methods to satisfy your partner orally. It is mostly used done by men to eat the forbidden fruit i.e. pussy of their partner. Let us check some of the most creative and interesting face-sitting positions now:

2.1 Plumber

Plumber is a very erotic sex position which is specially meant to please the male partner. This position is unusual but gives a lot of pleasure to both the partners if the steps are properly followed.

This is where the female or the male counterpart would be lying down on the bed, and the other person will sit on top of them, putting all the pressure on the knees.

Now the female or the male partner can lick and suck the genitals of their better half. 


How to Get Started with the Position:

  • Initially, the man has to stand with both his shoulders in line with the legs. Then he needs to squat down a little lower than his knees.
  • The woman can now suck and blow his dick as wild as she can, and she gets complete access to his private parts due to the position being created by the stance of the guy.
  • The guy can caress her bums and tease her love petals or clit to stimulate her while she blows the hell out of him.
  • It is a very sensual and passionate oral sex position for any man who is deprived of oral sex and needs it badly.

2.2 Mexican Halloween

Mexican Halloween is a unique and very intimate way of showing love towards your partner.

The best part of this position is that it allows a couple to take turns to please each other till they reach a flooding orgasm.

Mexican Halloween

How to Get Started with the Position:

  • The girl needs to sleep on her back and raise only her thighs at an angle which make them the back seat for the male partner.
  • The guy can now rest himself upon the girl in an inverted position with his back resting on her stomach.
  • After that, they both need to adjust so that his penis gets close to her mouth.
  • The girl can then arch her back a little and bring her mouth close enough to give him a mesmerizing blowjob.
  • She can even hold his torso in a tight clasp for a dominant control over him. The guy needs to rest and enjoy the show.
  • Similarly, the girl can rest over the guy and force him to give her oral pleasures.

2.3 Train

The train is a kinky oral sex position which can drive both the partners crazy. It is specially meant to please a woman who is hungry for oral sex for a long time. The train is the kinkiest of all.

The girl or the boy has to must be stand on their knees with their legs distanced apart from each other in such a way that the better half can access their partner’s private parts. 


How to Get Started with the Position:

  • The girl has to stand on her knees with her legs distanced apart from each other in such a way that the guy can access her private parts.
  • Then she has to lean a bit forward and rest her hands on the floor for additional support.
  • The guy then needs to rest on his back and slide his head in between her legs to tickle, tease and give all sorts of oral pleasure to her.
  • He also can tease and tickle a butt hole, and he can even insert his tongue in both her holes if he is comfortable with it.
  • This oral sex position is good enough to drive her crazy with erotic pleasure and stimulations.

2.4 Reverse Face Sitting

Face-sitting gives you extreme pleasure. This position adds an extra element of masculinity. You can sit on top of your partner, and point your genitals straight on her face.

Your partner is going to suck your penis or vagina. Another position that you can try is reverse face-sitting. 

To do this, the lady would be on top of the partner, but rather than facing her partner; she would be in a reverse position. To perform this position, both you and your partner must feel comfortable. 

Reverse Face Sitting

How to Get Started with the Position:

  • You can ask your male partner to lie down on the bed, floor, or couch
  • You will then straddle his face with the legs spread out on both sides of his face
  • The same reverse face-sitting position can be done with men too. But more than the dick sucking, you would be able to lick and suck the balls and even lick the butthole.
  • Make sure you resist the weight on your knees

2.5 Sphinx

Sphinx is a comparatively easy pose for both the guy and his girl. This oral sex position is meant to give the ultimate pleasure of oral sex to the female partner.

It is rather a sexy and such a rear-entry sex position that can be used for anal or vaginal sex.


How to Get Started with the Position:

  • The guy needs to lie on his back. The girl needs to sit one of his sides with her one leg bent and touching the floor whereas she can use her hands to separate her love petals to give better access to her partner.
  • The guy then needs to raise his head to get closer to her pussy and then he can lick, kiss and make love to her in the most erotic way. 
  • He can also use one of his free hands to grab her tits while the other can be used to stroke his member.
  • This position is very effective, passionate and good enough to give ultimate pleasure to the women in a real quick time.

2.6 Female/Male Prisoner

This position is great to get a hard boner for all the males and females to melt with lots of fluids for the females. You have to must allow your partner to lie flat on the back.

Now kneel on top of them in a way that partner’s buttocks touch your chest gently.

Spread your legs and start doing what you do the best. Your partner will insert their dick or pussy in your mouth to let you enjoy the bondage sex feeling.

Female/Male Prisoner

How to Get Started with the Position:

  • Make your partner lie flat on their back. Kneel on them in such a way that your buttocks touch their chest.
  • Spread your legs wide to give them complete access to your private parts.
  • Insert your dick/pussy in their mouth forcefully to enjoy the feeling of bondage sex.
  • You can even grab their hair to dominate them more. However, do not overdo it or it may end up hurting them. This position also allows you to ride your dick/pussy in and out/across of their mouth and deep throat sex sessions are also easy to have in this position. The female/male prisoner gives ultimate pleasure to the male/female partner, and they can always be grateful towards them for this service.

Do Women Enjoy Face Sitting?

#3. Symphony

3.1 Traditional Symphony

Symphony is a classic position for a perfect blowjob which gives immense pleasure to the man who is being blown by his chick.

It is a very erotic position that can stimulate the senses and can lead a man towards huge eruptions.

symphony oral

How to Get Started with the Position:

  • The guy needs to rest on his back first. He can use a pillow to rest his more comfortably. The pillow also allows him to look at the proceedings which arouse him to another level.
  • He then needs to lift his leg upwards and tilt it from 65 to 55 degrees without bending his knees.
  • This provides plenty of space for the girl to get close to him. She needs to sit on her knees and lean forward till her mouth reaches the tip of his penis. She can then tease him and proceed to give him an erotic blowjob that would blow his senses with extreme pleasure.
  • She can also use her free hands to scratch his butts which will arouse him even further, and the perfect BJ will force him to gush out heavy loads of cum.

3.2 Blade

Blade not only sounds kinky but is one of the hottest oral positions which is meant to give volcanic eruptions and pleasures to a man.

Though easy to perform, this position needs a bit practice to master it completely.


How to Get Started with the Position:

  • Initially, the man has to lie on one of his sides. After that, he needs to elevate his torso and rest it on his elbow.
  • The legs need to be entwined in a crisscross position after bending the knees in a wide stance.
  • The gap between the thighs and calves should be big enough for a girl to enter her head inside it to access the crotch of her male partner.
  • The girl then needs to lie on her side in such a way that her body is in a perpendicular position with respect to the body of her male partner. She then must slide her head from the gap and get hold of his dick with her wet mouth.
  • Her hand movements get restricted due to this position, and she only has to use her mouth to make him cum.
  • The guy needs to sit back, relax and enjoy until it gets too hard to resist an orgasm!

3.3 Pisces

Have you ever seen "the Undertaker" delivering a pile driver or tombstone to his opponent? If yes, then this position will be straightforward for you to understand.

However, you do not have to hit her with the wrestling move but use it to hold her close to your body to let her lick and make love to your genitals.


How to Get Started with the Position:

  • Initially, the man has to stand erect on his legs. He can then lift her in an inverted position and allow her to glide her downwards.
  • The position such be such that her head and lips must be close to your penis and her vagina must be right in front of your mouth!
  • She can use her legs to grip your neck from both the sides.
  • After that, you can start licking her, and she can start giving you a blowjob. She can also use her hands to grab your butts whereas she can even finger your anus if her hands are long enough.
  • This oral sex position is very satisfying for both the men and women and proves to be a great stress reliever as well.

Now that you know how to do symphony let’s try reverse symphony. So rather than lying straight on the bed, the partner would be in a reverse position, and in this position, you can lick the butthole and suck his cock simultaneously. This can be done with females too.

Top 10 Best Oral Sex Positions

#4 Sofa, Bed, Chair Oral Sex

4.1 Inverted Bed

This is a unique oral sex position which is meant to please your man with wet, wild and kinky oral services.

This position is very simple but the women wanting to perform it would require a little bit of practice to get to the professional or expert level.

Inverted Bed

How to Get Started with the Position:

  • The girl needs to lie flat on the bed such that her head is positioned at the other free end of the bed.
  • She then needs to glide towards the edge of the bed, and her face must come down the edge in such a way that she must see the things upside down.
  • The guy then needs to walk in front of her and lean forwards till his dick reaches her mouth. She can then give him a powerful blowjob that would burst his nuts.
  • This position also allows her to tease his anal openings and prostate which will further stimulate him.

4.2 Boss Chair

Boss Chair is an extremely kinky oral sex position which entices your senses and is specially meant for offering oral services to the men.

This position is easy, convenient and if you are lucky enough you may be able to experience it in different locations like a cinema hall, at your office or even while traveling with a complete stranger!

Boss Chair

How to Get Started with the Position:

  • Initially, the guy has to rest on his back with his knees raised upwards and legs far away from each other.
  • After that, the girl needs to sit on his chest and bend herself in the backward position. She must create an arch for reaching the penis of the guy which needs to be hard by now for her to access it easily.
  • She then can give a nut bursting blowjob to him whereas he gets to eat her out is the most passionate way. He can also use his free arms to caress her butt to ignite more passion in her.
  • This position is extremely sexy and steamy enough to let gushes of lust run down your thighs!

4.3 Kneeling Position

This position is extremely convenient for the partners and is perfect to give a sensational blowjob to your beloved husband or lover.

All you need is a reclining chair or sofa to make it more steamy and comfortable for both of you.

Kneeling Position

How to Get Started with the Position:

  • Let your guy sit on a reclining chair or sofa comfortably.
  • Ask him to relax with his head resting on the backrest of the reclining chair or sofa. The more he leans backward, the more access and freedom you will have to play with his testicles and surrounding areas.
  • Start by stroking his penis gently. Do not be too fast or he may cum in your hand itself.
  • Increase the pace slowly and make his member very erect and hard. Now start licking from the base to the tip of his shaft and give occasional kisses and bites on it just to make him feel hornier. Swallow his entire length at once and try to gag yourself. It is now time to give him the best blowjob of his lifetime. Tease and scratch his balls frequently to get him more aroused, and you can even take his testicles in your mouth to suck it one-by-one. This will drive him crazy and will push him to the limit, and he will release thick spurts of cum all over your mouth and tits. Swallow this cum if you like it as it arouses the guys and prepares them for another session of a hot blowjob or anal sex.

Top 10 Amazing Male Oral Sex Positions

#5 Oral Doggy Style

5.1 Forbidden Fruit

Just like its name, this oral sex position is exciting and gives kinky and breathtaking pleasures to a woman who loves cunnilingus.

The position is specially meant to stimulate her clitoris, but one can also use the advantage to lick and tease her anus and anal cavity to make her scream with pleasure and lust.

Forbidden Fruit

How to Get Started with the Position:

  • The girl has to kneel forward on her knees and try to touch her head to the floor with the support of her elbows.
  • She has to spread her buttocks wide enough to give complete access to her partner.
  • Meanwhile, the guy needs to sit with his knees bent behind and lean forward to give her oral pleasures. He can hold her thighs for giving her more intense licking and tongue penetration. 
  • This position is complete bliss to the woman whereas the man gets to explore her kinky side.
  • He can also rub her clitoris with one of her free hands to make her cum faster.

Oral Sex Positions to Eat Her Out

Other Positions for Homosexual Couples

The House Bound

If you are someone who loves trying the extreme, the housebound is something you must go for. For this, you will require restraints.

Allow one person to lie back and tie their hands with their knees behind.  The binding will put some force and will allow the receiver to focus more on the sensations that the person is actually receiving.

For upgrading this position, you can make your partner sleep at the edge of a bed so that you can access their genitals more easily.

This position can also be used done by a female to give a sensational blowjob to her partner.

The House Bound

Deep Sea Diver

Another position that your partner might like, but this would require a little bit of bending. Try it out when you guys plan to take a hot shower together.

You are going to have tons of fun. You can either take the wall's support, else, just stand up if you are an expert.

Here’s what you need to do:

  • If you are a beginner, be in a standing position and hold on to the walls. Now crouch a little so that your partner can easily lick your anus and vagina.
  • This position proves to be great for both heterosexual partners and lesbians.
Deep Sea Diver

Shark Fin

Shark fin is the most comfortable oral sex position. And shark fin gives the ultimate pleasure to the partner who will be lying down i.e. on the receiving end.

Try it out with your partner because this would make your female counterpart feel incredibly horny.

So, here’s what you need to:

  • First, you need to lie back on the tub. You can place a towel if you wish.  Your hips will be bent upwards at the edge of the bathtub.
  • Now, you need to spread your legs in such a way that the feet dangle in the water. 
    Your partner will start to give you orally with his/her mouth.
Shark Fin

The Leg-Up

The leg up position would give you orgasm within a few minutes. This position is very intense and allows your partner to have you most comfortably.

Here’s what you need to do:

  • Some women have one side of their vulva to be more sensitive, and if you are someone with a similar thing, you need to try it out.
  • Lie down and choose one of the legs that you would put over your partner. Choose it wisely, because the second leg will be dangling off the bed.
  • Your partner can then begin to lick your vagina something depicting the number eight. 
    Your vulva will be exposed, and you will moan like anything.
The Leg-Up

Final Thoughts

These were a few positions that are meant for oral sex lovers. Oral sex is extremely safe as it does not carry the risk of making your pregnant. If you have more suggestions, please let us know, and it will be our pleasure to include them whenever we discuss more blowjobs and oral sex.

Till then enjoy steamy blowjob sessions with your partner and have the time of your life!

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