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Complete Guide on How to Find a Date (2020)

Everybody needs somebody. Look around you, you will find most of the people walking in groups, or else with a partner.

All of us are trying to fit in and trying to find a company for ourselves.

Having said that, one thing that every single person looks for is a dating partner.

No matter what type of relationship you are looking for, permanent or casual, having a dating partner makes your life easy.

You know that you have someone to talk to, someone who you can call randomly, go out, have fun and if things become serious, you can propose them to marry you.

Well, that’s only for those who are looking for a more serious dating partner.

getting a date

Are you now tired of  finding the right one that will match with your personality, are you done trying dating apps that you have downloaded on your mobile phone desperately trying to find the right match, or are you done with those flaky people with their utterly fake personalities?

If yes, you have come to the right place because we have prepared a thorough guide on finding the right date. The details that we have shared with you are sadly the stories of every person who wants to find someone offline or online.

Before we proceed and talk about the top ways to find the right approach, we have a valuable piece of advice for you. Set your expectations right. If your first date doesn’t work, try again. See, nothing is as easy as it seems.  

You will have to do some work on yourself if you are seriously looking for a dating partner.

For example, you will have to groom yourself, if you wish to impress the person, you will have to figure out what type of person you are looking for, beware, there will be all sorts of people loitering here and there, trust us, everyone is desperate when it comes to finding a date.

Don’t be one, please. Try to analyze who is being honest and who is not, be honest about your expectations and let them know if you are looking for a casual dating partner or a serious relationship. The more truthful you are with yourself and the person you have met, the better the outcome will be.

One thing that you should never do is showing the other person that you need them. When it comes to breaking a deal with your partner, conferring neediness is the root cause of every damaged relationship. People with low self-esteem often struggle to trust themselves.

How to Ask Your Crush on a Date

Whenever you show the other person that you can do anything and everything to fit into their lives, you automatically become needy.

You are an individual and a respectful one. The moment you start lying about yourself, for example, you lie about your hobbies, interests and the rest, just to impress the other person, you right away become a needy person.

But here’s the truth, those who are smart can sense that you are trying to fit in. And that can push them to walk away.

You can try your best to behave like the coolest chick or dude ever alive on this planet, but when you try too much, the person you are trying to date senses your vulnerability and whoosh they go. Here’s what most of the people have to say about being indigent.

Many people state that needy behavior is a clear indication of being manipulative.

They want a date for their own benefit. Let’s explain this with an example. You come across a salesman who is selling a genuine item; however, they seem to be too pushy, they are blatantly trying to get inside your mind and trying to sell their item. ​

That’s the only thing they want to do. Now, doesn’t that outright feel wrong? Would you really buy something from someone who is so adamant to sell something to you? Now, compare it with someone who is trying to fit into your life dreadfully.

Should you or should you not let them in? That’s the question that you need to answer yourself. Being needy, we also care about what others think of us. . However, at the end of the day, what you should really be bothered about is what YOU think of yourself, rather than how OTHERS feel about you.

Since we have shared our first piece of advice with you, now it is time to get more serious. What we have for you is 20 dating tips, which we think will help you find the right match that will make you happy.

Try as many opportunities as you can

Here’s what we would like to say to each one of you.

If you are lucky, you might end up meeting your dream man or woman right at the corner of a road.

But for those who have been trying to wait for the luck to knock on their doors, go out, explore and try as many opportunities as you can.

We guess your friends and family members might have also suggested something similar, haven’t they?

Be honest now, haven’t they asked you to go out or try some dating apps or  go to a random bar and approach someone you find attractive?

using phone

These are actually some of the right things to do. How will you come to know whether someone is interested in you or not if you don’t try and don’t give yourself the opportunity to meet someone new? To meet new people, you have to and you must put yourself out there.

Do things that make you happy. Engage in some activities that give you joy. The reason why we would like you to get enrolled in things you like is that there is a huge chance of meeting someone who shares similar interests.

Your potential partner already shares something common and they also know that you are interested in a particular activity. This will let you and your future date to go together to that program and do things together.

Enroll Yourself in a new class

Think about a course that you have wanted to pursue for a long time but never had the courage to do because of whatever reasons.

Now since you have enough time to find a date, you will surely have time to join a class too.

It can be literally anything. Probably, you were thinking of joining a dance class, a cooking class or even a yoga class.

And who knows, your future date  might already be enrolled in that class. 


Often times we meet our lucky someone in the most unexpected places. Joining a new class will allow you to be happier along with increasing the chances of finding someone who might be interested in you.

Be truthful

This goes without saying that we try our level best to impress the person that we like.

But there’s a thin line between trying to impress someone and trying too hard to fit into someone’s life.

Ask yourself, won’t be right to let someone like us for who we really are, rather than wearing a mask and try to be someone who we aren’t?

talking swinger

The world is full of all sorts of people. If you are genuinely trying to find a good date, you will have to open your doors to opened-mindedness. You will find women who are only running after money and men wanting to get into your pants  and nothing else.

Yep, be ready to find someone like that as well but the more real you are to yourself, the better you will become in reading your date’s mind.

Those who are only interested in a casual dating relationship are often clear about their expectations, but when it comes to more serious dating, you should never try to pretend to be someone you are not. Be honest, have a loving heart, set the right expectations and meet the person.

Try to find love in different places

People and opportunities are everywhere. You just need to be the one to get yourself a right one.

Don’t hold yourself from talking to a cute looking girl that you see in a grocery store, or if you find someone interesting waiting at the airport, simply go and make a move.

Have the courage to communicate with them.

We want you to communicate with them first and not tell them that you are interested in them right away.

unexpected meeting

Get to know them first, find out if they would be willing to share their numbers so that both of you can keep in touch even after just say-one interaction. If the person you are interested in doesn’t show any interest in talking to you, don’t push.

Step back and move on. Better luck next time, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to talk to people that you find attractive.

It is a common way to get to know more people. Let’s suppose that even if someone shares their number and after one date if both of you figure out that it won’t work, you can still stay in touch with each other as friends.

Probably, you guys are better off as friends. And the more the people you know, the better the chances to find someone through them.

Talk to the Dates that didn’t work out

This might seem to be a bit weird or strange for a few of you, but in reality, networking opens new doors to finding someone new every time.

So, what if the person you dated didn’t make it through.

If you guys are still friends and are in good terms, both of you can still help each other out in many ways.

Sometimes casual dating turns into a good friendship and if you like someone, they are friends with, talk to them and see if they can fix a date with that person.

swinger discussion

Trust us, this can work big time. Don’t try this with each of the people you dated, though. Do it with only those who are still in good terms with you and you share a good friendly relationship with each other.

If they ask for your help, you can simultaneously tell them that you are single too and actively looking for someone. Put your collective network for good use.

Ask Help from Your Friends

You have friends, right? So, let them know that you are single and looking for someone to date.

Every friend has a network of people that they hang out with.

Probably there is someone in their group of people who are also looking for someone. 

Don’t miss this grand opportunity to find someone who might actually be a good match. 

discussing experiences

The plus point here is your friend or friends already know this person and you. They can be a matchmaker.

They can tell you how that person is like, what they like to do and can even help you in figuring out whether both of you will be a good match even before you meet each other. Just be open to opportunities as much as you can.

Don’t upload your selfies on dating profiles

If you are new to the dating game and you are going through your smartphone looking for the best selfie to upload it on the dating app you have just registered on, stop it then and there.

Selfies are so overrated and those unwanted selfies that people use to make themselves look like someone else, don’t work anymore either.

Everyone can look like a stud or a beauty queen while uploading a selfie. Also, selfies could mean that you have no social life at all.

arousr profile create

Allow people to see the charming side of you. Upload a fun picture; show the world the amazing side that they truly are interested in. Here’s what we want you to do.

Think about the last trip you have been too, or the last party you enjoyed, you should upload a picture that reveals your true self. So, if you are a party freak and you would like your prospective someone to know about that, upload that photo as your profile picture.

Else, if you are an outdoor and adventurous person, uploading a fun outdoor picture of yours will be the perfect way to outshine every other selfie girl on different dating apps.

Everyone is beautiful and handsome in their own way, be confident about your looks and how you feel about yourself. Carry a natural smile. That’s the secret I just revealed.

Don't Spam on Dating Platforms

Dating platforms are the best way to find someone's perspective.

There are millions and millions of people who use these kinds of dating apps to find someone every day and we guess you are also using some kind of dating apps to hook-up as well.

We want you to wait before you start sending private messages to the women or men that you see online.

Because there are many people using these kinds of dating apps, you have to be sure about the person you are sending a message to. 


Also, don’t message the same content over and over again to every random person you find attractive. As we said, you will have to put efforts to genuinely impress someone. Along with that, try to see if the person you are interested in has a genuine dating profile.

Does the picture look authentic, read the bio, does his/her bio reveals how their personality is and more? If they have some public photos, click on them to know more about how they look like. Finally, if you are genuinely interested in someone, let your message be a bit more personal.

Add a personal touch and try to communicate well with the person.

Take a Break in Between, it’s okay

Dating apps are great, we know that, but top-rated dating apps are not that pocket friendly.  

These tools help you to find the perfect match, but they will ask you to pay a per month subscription as well.

If you would like to take a break because it is a lot chaotic out there, you can take a break in between, nothing is wrong with that!

Don’t make online dating a part-time job. 

plus size bath

We understand that you are actively trying to find someone to date, but your eyes and brain need rest too. So, get rid of the mobile phone or the computer you use non-stop and go out. Go for a walk and take some fresh air. It’s good for your mind.

You will still feel burnout if you continuously use dating apps. If there is someone who is genuinely interested in you, they will come back tomorrow again asking about your whereabouts.

Find someone who shares similar interest

It is always fun to do fun-filled activities with your date.

So, when you start looking for a date, you need to find someone who shares similar interests as you.

Not that you can’t develop an interest later, but if you already get in touch who likes to do the same thing as you, you will have a lot more to talk about.

You must have chemistry with your date to have with them; otherwise, it is going to be a very boring night out.

dating gamers

So, try to figure out if the person you are dating is interested to go out with you on an adventurous trip, or if you are a painting lover, do they also like to explore every new painting exhibition, if yes, you have cleared the first stage of your relationship.

Be who you are, it’s really important

The crux of finding someone who can match your personality is to be who you are.

If you are someone looking for a serious relationship and you try to pretend that you are here just for a hook-up or searching for a rather causal relationship, you will end up hurting yourself.

And why would you want to pretend to be something that you are not just because you want a date?

There are dating apps that are specifically designed for people who are looking for a more serious relationship, so rather than creating a profile on a hookup, or casual dating apps, it is better to find an app that lets you settle down for a long-term relationship.

alternate modelling

Also, you must share your feelings with your partner that you are looking forward to taking the next step in your relationship. This fresh breath of new step will allow both of you to be honest with one another and set your expectations right.

If You are genuinely looking for a Date, Make it a Priority

Once you find someone who is equally interested in you, don’t stop communicating with them or meeting them just because you have found someone.

Finding someone right should be taken seriously. Remember how frantically you have worked hard to find the right job?

Well, the same goes for finding someone else well.

scheduled sex

Be on different dating profiles and also once you find someone, don’t relax. Your date should be a priority, so find out time for them. Talk to them, meet them, go out and have dinner, and be together. Create intimacy to move forward together.

Don’t restrict your expectations

We know that you have your own set of expectations when it comes to finding someone.

You will want the person to carry certain kinds of looks; probably you want someone with a good physique, someone with a stable job, or someone who shares similar interests.

But sometimes being too rigid with your expectations can intervene big time in finding the right partner.

Opposites attract remember, so give people a chance who might not be the idle profile as per you, but what is the harm in knowing them?

plus size modelling

And you never know, a person who you never thought would be the right fit for you might end up being the miss or mister perfect!

Always set healthy boundaries

Sometimes you may feel that you are investing a lot into a relationship.

Like starting from being there for your date to always reciprocating to their calls and messages.

But if you start feeling that your date is not putting in much of an effort because they know you are always there, then there is something wrong in the relationship.

And that is you have not set the boundaries right.


If you constantly fear that something will happen if you don’t respond to your date’s messages, or you fear abandonment, it’s a clear sign that you need to work on yourself. No one should play with your emotions, particularly those who you are meeting or communicating for the first time.

No matter what kind of relationship you are searching for, both you and the other person has to try to communicate their expectations properly.

Do mind your manners

When you approach someone, always behave properly. There is a thin line between being confident and overconfident.

How would you like someone to behave with you when you meet them for the first time? ​

The same goes for the other person as well.

Whether you are sending a direct message to their online dating profile, or you are meeting someone for the first time physically.

Be polite and kind.


If you come across as someone rude, no one would like to pursue their relationship with you any further. Unless you are Tom Hanks, good manners are necessary to find a date! Period.

Always Have a proper plan

Going for a first date always comes with some anticipation.

You don’t know how the date would turn out to be. Is it going to work, or will you guys kiss each other goodbye forever?

Anything can happen, right.

So, rather than blowing a date because you weren’t prepared, we would recommend you to have a proper agenda.

planning date

Sounds like a bit too much? But if you want to have a great date meeting, you will have to work for it. If you plan for a date, it will show the other person that you have good leadership skills. 

But just because we have asked you to plan, doesn’t mean you should come across as a dominating person. Let the person know that you were waiting for this moment, and you would like them to feel comfortable, that’s why you have planned for it. Simple!

Try to do some fun activity

After you are done with your dinner or lunch, whatever you guys planned to do on your first date, why don’t you make it more interesting by incorporating an activity?

If you both are adventurous, probably a bike ride would be a fantastic idea?

But if you would like to come across as a romantic person, take her or him out for a lovely walk.

Talk about yourself, and listen to what they have to say. Communicate as much as possible.

This increases the chance of seeing your date once again.

arcade date

Try to Listen to him/her

Of course, there will be a lot that you would like to talk about yourself.

But let your date talk too, listen to them while they talk to you, have proper eye contact, nod in between to let them know that you are there and you are listening to them.

If you really like the person you are meeting for the first time, the more you will allow the other person to talk, the more comfortable they will start to feel with you.

listening on date

Always Believe in second chances

Enjoy your date, and if everything works out fine, plan for your second date, let your partner for that evening know that you had a great time.

Learn their body language, it will tell you more  about their interest in you.

The pressure will always be there to make your date night a memorable one, but don’t forget that meeting someone new is always fun.

Have fun and be you. If you enjoy the moment you spend with your date, you will give away positive vibes to the other person.

They will also feel that they should go for a second date as well.

second chances

If the first didn’t work out, Ask them Out for a second one

Sometimes anticipation can lead to losing the best deal that we have at hand.

Probably you were way too nervous to meet the person physically for the first time.

If so, let them be aware that you are feeling nervous.

Also, if things don’t go right, and still the other person asks you out for a second date, take a deep breath and start everything afresh.

The second meeting will be much easier because you have already met them once.

second date


Time will only tell if the person you have met is your perfect match or not. But to meet someone you will have to do some homework. We hope our guide will help you to prepare yourself when you start finding a date.

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