Mixxxer (2020)


“No strings attached” is a brand new status symbol for the generation of today.

This relationship, if you could call it that, is simply all about getting consensual sex and getting a lot of it. 

The best part about the NSA relationship is the fact that both the participating adults know the limits and the expectations of such an arrangement. There are people out there who want nothing to do with the personal relationship and are only on a lookout for the pure joy of sex.

It is the excitement for the moment, by the moment and to the moment. This means that you wish to get together with a person only for the physical requirement of that time and should be able to get going without any baggage of a regular relationship.

Mixxxer.com does just that, as this site receives together people who wish to hook-up, have sex and move on. This is a perfect set up for those of you who do not want to waste time, energy and money on the traditional manner of courtship and so on.

The site is a ‘sex app’ where consensual adults know what to expect and what to get out of the hookup. The site is sexy, savvy and straightforward. There are no look about and chase as such.

Here you get downright to some serious business and get going. Adults here sign up and know what they want and exactly what they want.

The site is an excellent connection between two person who wishes to have some great sex when and where they are and not to have to go about the formalities as such. The site is the safe and secure way to get sex as and with whomsoever you believe is sexually compatible with you.

Why is MIxxxer.com so popular?

Mixxxer.com has grown quite popular in its accessibility in recent times. This is generally because people today do not want to have to work too hard just to have a fling. This makes the site much accessible as it helps connect those of you who wish to have some great sex and not the entire relationship only.

The site helps get your location and offer you the suggestions around likewise. The site has essential features that make it easier for users to go about their hookups.

The site is popular as it depicts the fact that if you need to get laid and they are there for you. There are no ‘quizzes’ and unwanted ‘cupid shows’. In an almost no-nonsense approach, you can get together with a person who simply wants some action and wishes to move-on.

This could also be called as the best sex-finder, where you register simply and swap nudes to get the right kind of attention. The geo-location technology is applied by the app to help you get a possible hook update with whom you can meet up.

However, the main advantage of this site is the fact that your exact location is not given away by the website. In the event, only the suggested position of the area you live is informed to the other interested users. This is vital, as now you can check out for yourself if you want to meet this person or not.

It also helps, as the last thing you want is to have a ‘stalker’ chase you. You give away your exact location only if you want to after you have established a proper sense of security regarding the other person.

The site also is explicit, making it a visual treat in itself. There is no censorship involved. This allows you to get naked and as ‘dirty’ as you possibly wish to. Of course, as the theme of this site is ‘adult business’, it is a no brainer that all you want is some excellent visuals and some super hot sex.

So, it is only apparent to get some great pictures of you in various forms of nudity or a complete graphic shot altogether to get the temperatures soaring. The best part about this site is that you can upload pictures, angles, sections, visuals as you want without having to reveal your total self.

The site accepts all uploads, and you can get as many photos of person as you think will help you get you the right kind of hook-up.

Pricing at the site

The site is free essentially. This means that you do not need to pay before you enjoy some action. The site is free, and you can create a profile, register, sign up and exchange photos as and when you need. The entire process is free also takes about a few seconds of the time.

However, as there are users, who wish to experience an upgraded version of the site, so for them the paid membership is a good option:

  • One month--- 7.99 USD
  • Three months —19.99 USD

It is worth mentioning that, even the paid subscription at the site is not such a bomb as compared to the other dating sites, thus, making it all the more accessible.


The address of the website - www.mixxxer.com

Estimated visits in the last month - 1 million

Registration at the site is a breeze. As this is an adult site with some sex-related severe needs,

you can sign-up within seconds. You are not redirected to various other pages or any protection walls either. 


You simply log in with your necessary details and get started forthe hookup. It is recommended that your username should be as suggestive as possible or should at least be able to get you a possible ‘sex-date’ of your liking.

Here you need to exchange racy pictures of each other for getting going, as one needs to know what you are to expect. So, your images better are ‘dirty’ enough and at the same time sensible sufficient to be able to attract the person of interest.

The membership is free, so the site is not a complicated portal of too many steps to process before you get your ‘prize’. Here you come, you see, you send, and you get. Simple. This is not a site that will get you to pay and then get you a possible date. Just like its theme, the approach is rather direct.

The best part about the site is perhaps its approach to security. You are not connected to your Facebook page or any other social media pages either. As most of the users need to stay discreet, the site ensures you get just that.

Also, various users do not wish to reveal their faces; this is entirely possible, as you can post profile pictures that show only your assets and not your features.

To get started with the site, you don’t need to install it from any play store or likewise. This makes it all safer, as your privacy stays in your hand as you want them to be. The site can be accessed by the users when they want and that too through the simple process of log-in.

The site is GPS powered, making it easier for people to get a hook-up whenever and wherever they want. As it is a ‘sex-finder’, you also need not get into the process of the know-about. The people here know exactly what you need and have similar expectations.

So, you simply need to hook up with the best possible match at your locality and have some great sex.

Performance Score



Website design


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User-interface & layout


Overall Score


Site Statistics

  • Most popular porn stars (Female) - NA
  • Top niche sites – NA
  • Total number of videos – NA (only introductory videos are available)
  • The average length of videos – 5 minutes
  • Maximum resolution of videos – 1080
  • Download limit – No
  • Total number of photosets – 11K+
  • Photo slideshows – No
  • DRM protection – No
  • Watermarks on Photos – No
  • Maximum resolution of photos - 2495 pixels


  • The site is easy to use and quite pleasant to look at. The various features of the site are quite precise and useful, making it easy for the people interested to hook up with you. The registration process itself is quite easy and can be done within a few seconds and with just a few steps.
  • The profile pictures can be uploaded of any ‘type’. As this a ‘sex-based’ site, it is not necessary that you need to upload a photo of your face. The profile picture of the user can be of any angle and as explicit as required. You can get down and dirty and get a raving response as it is, after all, a site that requires the potential sex-seeker to be able to get interested in you.
  • The user name at the site need not be your name necessarily. As the website is used by the users to get ‘laid’, you can use any sex-based, erotic sounding name as you wish to attract the potential partner for a quickie.
  • The site utilizes geolocation technology. This means that your location will be pencil-marked, without letting out the exact nature of your whereabouts. This is done to ensure that the user is safe and secure. You could exchange your location as and when you feel it is appropriate to with your potential match.
  • The site is perfectly safe, as it does not connect to any other social sites like Facebook. Your log-in and outs are perfectly discreet, and the world does not need to know where you have been if you do not want them to know. This makes it all the easier to hook up when and where you like without having to watch your back every single time.
  • The site is ‘mobile-only’, making it a perfect place to hunt your sexcapade when and where you want to. As this is an adult dating site, it is necessary that the site also takes care of your privacy. Hence, this site cannot be downloaded from any of the ‘play store’. This makes it a safe bet, especially for all the introverts out there.
  • The site has no prejudice and propaganda. It is a simple website where consenting adults get together to have sex. That is all. You could belong to any group, ethnicity, origin, sexual orientation, sexual preference-type or a cult. There is room for all. You simply need to fill in the required necessary details about yourself, and you will surely find a person in your nearest locality who wishes to have some fun.
  • Majorly, the site is free and does not require you to spend a single buck before they make you ‘happy’. Here you can register for free and get started with your business right away. The free subscriber can upload pictures, locate a member, exchange messages and much more, all for free. However, even the paid membership is quite easy on the pocket and a small price has to be paid for uninterrupted and an upgraded version of the current features.
  • This is not a romance and dating site. It has been created exclusively for having quick and uncomplicated sex with a willing partner. So, primarily, it supports the swing lifestyle and does not promote or provoke any form of relationship baggage with it. Here the message is quite clear. You simply have logged-in for some harmless sex and ‘no questions’ will be entertained if you do not wish for them to be.
  • The registration and the overall navigation at the site are quite smooth. You can easily switch from one feature to another one without having to face any troubles. Much like the theme of the site, you can now sign up, chat and upload pictures without having to face any redirections.


  • The support at the site can be improved. The communication for swift problem solving can be better planned to enhance the customer’s comfort.
  • This site is available only on the mobile. This somehow limits its usability and accessibility.
  • The site lacks social features as such.
  • The site is an exclusive ‘sex-finder’ type. So, there is no scope for some harmless dating.

Competition to www.mixxxer.com

Mixxxer is an excellent website that caters to the needs of the NSA relationship type. Perhaps, this is its main asset. However, there are also various other sites of a similar theme that help singles who do not wish to mingle but want to have great sex :

These are some of the more popular websites that operate on a similar theme. Tinder especially has taken the current dating market by the storm. This is basically because the site is all about getting to know a person who wishes to date you within your close vicinity.

This makes it easier for any person to get a quick date right where they are and when they want it to be.

Support At www.mixxxer.com

In case, a user comes across any issues relating to the site, they can always post a message  at the ‘Contact Us’ page. This is a convenient and a basic ‘box’ where you simply need to fill in your necessary details and write up your question directly to have them attended to.

Also, the FAQ feature of the app is quite useful. Here the users will get to check out the queries and questions and thus, seek their answers likewise.

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The Final Verdict

This site is what it says. It is a primary sex-finder site where consenting adults get together to have some harmless fun. The site is discreet and respects the user’s privacy. For this, it does not connect to any social sites.

The registration at the site is a natural process and does not require the users to go through too many steps or processes. The site utilizes the geo-location technology to help you hook up within your area for quick action.

The Parting Words

Not everyone is made for relationships. There is a particular set of people who would love to get some sex from a reliable person and have no relationship baggage to go with it. Either they do not have time or no interest in the traditional form of dating.

Mixxxer brings such adults together to have some NSA arrangement where the ‘sex’ is the focal point, and you do not have to reveal anything about yourself. This site is easy to register at and easy to get started without having to fill in too many details.

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