Watchersweb (2020)


'We specialize in real life. Homemade since 1998' is the second thing that you will see as you visit Watchersweb.

Of course, the first thing you will see is the excellent content with busty babes on the homepage.

 You will witness a blend of material that is uploaded by the users and some custom content taken from other sites as well.

It is best known for its amateur content, and for having so much in one single place. You can't even contain yourself if you see all the great stock this site has.

People from various parts of the world share the videos with their partners or even the videos from public places as an amateur and homemade content. Users can submit their content and experience if they feel like getting featured in front of millions of people.

If your work is worth it, Watchersweb will make sure to get you famous.

On top of their homepage, you will see various other features to get you horny at once. Along with homemade amateur movies, they have homemade pictures, sex stories, live cams, live chat, and archives. It is some crazy stuff that you will get to access.

Most of the content and movies are hardcore porn and also features lesbian sex scenes in threesomes or just girl-on-girl. There are also a lot of videos on shemales and transgender who are always ready to show off their skills on the camera, even if not professionals.

Even though the quality is good, with the content being excellent, but there is no option for downloading most of the videos or movies. There is a section studio section that has some high-quality hot content that comes straight from some of the popular premium sites.

Why is Watchersweb better than other amateur destinations?

Most of the videos uploaded on Watchersweb are homemade, amateur, and real videos of people having sexual encounters with their partners.

Hence, the quality of the videos or the length may differ for every video.

But this is the reason why Watchersweb is the best destination for amateur porn lovers to witness reality.

If you are a member with a premium tag, then you will face no ads or other distracting things, which makes the site look clean and safe.

If you have to look up for something specific, you can just go and check the list of categories that are in the archive section.  This section has the content which was archived in the previous month.

The search option helps you search for content according to location, username, age, or keyword separately.

Even if the website is big and famous, most of its content is focused on amateur pictures. But that doesn't mean that there are fewer videos. They freshly update the videos regularly every day. It helps users to avoid unnecessary waiting and struggling phase.

Watchersweb is mostly known and visited by the people of the US, and they upload their content with great interest. But you will find girls and couples belonging to European countries like Britain, Germany and many more. So keep enjoying the Caucasian girls with blonde hair and perfect bodies.

Every picture on the website is adequately tagged with categories and many other things so that it is easier to search in the future. If you have a membership on Watchersweb, you can add videos and photos to your favorites, comment, and get much more.


Watchersweb is a big network of porn lovers, and it is the place to find your favorite kinks and fantasies being played by real people. So a basic account on this site can be made free of cost, and it will give you access to the content and its features partially.

This experience can be further taken to an upgraded level by paying for the premium membership. The costs differ according to year and lifetime. A yearly membership will only cost you $39.95, which is less than $3.50 per month. That is quite reasonable, I must say.

You can also have lifetime access to all of their content without any kind of interruption for $149.00 only! But there is a special offer on their website right now, which is $99.95 for a lifetime premium membership.

I will just say that you get your lifetime membership right away and have to never pay again. All you need is to put your details there, and you will be just a click away from getting the best offer.


Website address -

Estimated visits last month – 1.18 million

 Watchersweb is one of the famous sites which focus on the amateur niche. 

They have several videos in their libraries along with some hot gallery pictures which are available for everyone. 

The site is full of hardcore and softcore content, which is known as the heart of porn movies. 

As it is an amateur site, the quality of the images and videos might differ a lot, depending on how it was filmed.

They also have a big collection of erotic sex stories to make you feel a bit warmer in your blanket. Not all the stories are true, some are put from the imagination of the writers, but they are worth reading.

Sadly, like other porn websites, Watchersweb does not provide XXX games or VR porn, which is quite common. Even though they do not feature any cam models, but they do host other sites for cam porn.

The main homepage, as you enter the website, will display the recently uploaded videos and images at the very top, and as you go down, the older content pops up.

The thumbnails of softcore content, images as well as videos can be clicked and watched, but the hardcore content is locked for new visitors. You will need to have a premium membership to get access to that content.

The toolbar of the website has a search bar and a couple of other options for images, videos, stories, live cams, and live chat.

The videos and the galleries have a short description of them, which is given by the uploader. It makes it easier to know what you are going to look at and whether it is worth watching. There is a lot of active public on the website, be it the viewers or the uploaders.

The reason is that Watchersweb has some contests which have prize money for the best and highest rated content in every age group. So be sure to measure your favorite models or the content. There are very few advertisements on the website, even if you are not a premium member.

All of the ads belong to some of the affiliated paid sites, and there are generally no popups or other things that interrupt. The site also has a mobile version that loads quickly and provides smoother browsing. The website works nicely on both, Android as well as iPhones.

Making Your Favorite Homemade Porn

Performance Score (out of 10)



Website Design

8 /10

Content updates

9 /10

Quality of videos

7 / 10


9 / 10


8 / 10


8 / 10


8/ 10


8 / 10

Exclusivity of videos

7 / 10

User-interface & layout

8 / 10

Overall Score

80 / 100

Site Statistics 

  • Total number of videos – 100,000+
  • The average length of videos – 10 minutes
  • Maximum resolution of videos – 1920 x 1080 pixels
  • Download limit – Yes
  • Total number of photos – 1 million+
  • Photo slideshows – No
  • Watermarks on Photos – No
  • Maximum resolution of galleries – 1024 x 768 pixels
  • DRM protection – No


  • If you are into amateur babes, then Watchersweb is a recommended pick for you. They feature a lot of models who are busty enough to tease you and raise the temperature around you.
  • The amateur chicks on Watchersweb also participate into girl on girl play very often during the video. So why not enjoy the spice with some lesbian encounter? It will surely boost the adrenaline to make you even excited.
  • They also have a collection of images taken during the filming of the porn. These images are of good quality and high resolution. Mobile phones can load the image in low quality to consume fewer data.
  • Most of the porn videos are available in high-quality, and you can stream them even in a lower resolution on mobile phones. It gives a lot of freedom to choose your type of device.
  • When you're done looking at all the models on Watchersweb, you still got access to many other sites. It will include adult stores, sex stories, and even live cam porn for some adult cam fun.
  • All the ordinary things like sorting, rating, favorite picks, tags, comments, categories, genres, etc. are provided, which ease the browsing for new users.
  • The users and viewers of Watchersweb can add videos to favorites to find them quickly if they wish to see it again. It will save time for viewers without spoiling their mood.
  • Once you have the premium membership, there is no limit to how many videos you can stream or watch online. There are also several pictures and videos of the models which you can save on your device.
  • Viewers can add comments for videos and images, rate the content, and also add their stuff to an ideal area to ease the task of browsing through an extensive collection of videos.
  • Linked category words or tags with videos help you track down similar videos or more of the same kind of content, but this can also lead you to other sites from the network.
  • Members can earn cash prizes by uploading their videos and experiences. If they have enough votes at the end of the day, they can win amazing prizes. So if you are just a viewer, give votes to your favorites.


  • The videos have various lengths and qualities. As the general public uploads most of the videos, many videos last just for a few seconds, and it might be annoying for most of the audience who are watching.
  • You have to avail of the premium membership to have access to some content which is not available for everyone who visits the website. So, if you want to have access to videos and something more, then take the premium membership.
  • The plots and stories have no background. There are rarely some videos having something unique. But most of the videos include blowjob, handjob, sex and lesbian scenes for some time.
  • The plots and stories have no background. There are rarely some videos having something unique. But most of the videos include blowjob, handjob, sex and lesbian scenes for some time.
  • Some older videos and pictures are available in SD quality. These videos can only be enjoyable when watching on mobile phones. It is quite a disappointment if you enjoy quality videos on your desktop or laptop.
  • The old pictures in the galleries have low quality. They are only meant to be browsed on mobile phones. It seems like they have clicked the photos on mobile phones and uploaded them.
  • Watchersweb is not yet updated with advanced search options, which are very common now. But they have given enough possibilities for sorting and filtering to help in some way. However, viewers might not be satisfied with some old stuff while seeking salvation.
  • Ads on the website distract the public and redirect them for no reason. Clicking the ads will lead to several unnecessary pop ups.


Now, why don't we look at some of the amateur sites, other than Watchersweb that may seduce you with pleasure?

Crazy Asian GFs have their eyes focused on quality, yet it may not be completely amateur and yet the shooting is of such a high standard, I am sure that a studio films them.

You do get to see the reality, Asian babes in the hardcore videos and loads of charming and Asian young chicks sucking dicks.

The videos on Crazy Asian Gfs are accessible as online videos where you can choose the quality from the range of low to full HD.

You've additionally got download option of at least four downloads, and also, there are standard quality or Mp4 videos so that the low-quality videos will work fine for mobile phones. Older and small videos have fewer options for quality settings.

However, the latest ones have seven download alternatives, including the resolution of 1080p and 720p. The overall quality is quite good, another thing which tells that the films have been shot professionally, and there are short videos or clips to run for some scenes from the video.

Networks like that of Mofos pursue those lines. In any case, for young amateur models, check whether Lelu Love, Candy Charms, and Danielle FTV suit you; these are amateur young model destinations.


The customer support team of Watchersweb is brilliant and helpful. It is an easy way to report any type of difficulty you face on your visit. From billing issues to technical issues, they are always ready to help you guys. The separate option of FAQs is one of the best features of Watchersweb's support.

We can say that no other website will help their users the way Watchersweb does. They also have this facility to solve issues by allowing the users to raise a ticket with the query or an issue. There are links to every kind of technical difficulty that users face or the most frequently reported problems.

You can always contact them by email to get your doubts cleared.

For more information about their customer support, please contact

Final Verdict

There are many amateur porn sites; however, most of them provide limited videos and images.

Watchersweb has its eyes focused on mostly quantity, yet it may not be completely inexperienced, wherein the young babes most probably are, yet the video quality is not that satisfying.

As the majority of it is filmed as POV, you incline that you're in the very act. Older and small videos have fewer options for quality settings. However, the latest ones are quite good as compared to old ones.

There is an extensive collection of pictures and photos of models who are not professional, but they do an outstanding job. Updates are quite regular, and people upload their videos very often.

You do get to see the reality, amateur babes in the hardcore videos, with loads of charming and young chicks sucking dicks. The videos on Watchersweb are accessible as online videos where you can stream them, but most of them are very small and just last for seconds.

No need to thank me, just go ahead and enjoy your visit to one of the best amateur content destinations.

Parting words

These were some of the excellent features as well as some drawbacks of Watchersweb. It is a decent site for amateur genre lovers. There are many gay and lesbian encounters in between the stories that may surprise and catch you off guard.

People with weird fetishes and kinks must try these videos for sure. If you have any experience surfing around the corners of Watchersweb, do let us know.

I hope that I have covered most of the required features as well as limitations of the site but if you are still curious to know more and wish to solve your queries, just look for customer reviews online. Contact us if you want any other site to be reviewed.

So, no need to look for other porn sites if you can enjoy young amateur babes on Watchersweb for a reasonable price!

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