MamaSiJaYa Review (2020)


Modern times have made porn a very achievable feat on the internet, with millions of people now browsing through hundreds of porn sites,

just trying to get their hands on the kinkiest, filthiest, and most adulterated porn videos, GIFs, images and movies that they find.

There are, however, so many porn sites that claim to give you a joyride in their porn-land, that it becomes tough to pick the best place or two,

from a hoard of porn sites just popping up in front of your eyes.

As far as Latin porn is concerned, we have found a porn site that is worth your time, energy and all the efforts of streaming porn – MamaSiJaYa.

Women who can force men into fucking them, and bend their will for a good fuck, are a turn-on in themselves, and this porn site has plenty of those hot and voluptuous babes.

Think of any and every bad experience that you can want in your porn dosage, daily or even once in a while, and we are sure that the hot babes on this site can give it to you, and give it to you good at that!

MamaSiJaYa is known as one of the most porn rich tubes, which covers categories from ebony and Spanish, to Mexican and Latin. You will even find some hardcore Indian adult entertainment, which will keep you glued to this site for good, and for long.

What makes MamaSiJaYa so accessible?

There are very few porn sites in the market, known for hardcore and homemade HD porn videos, and MamaSiJaYa is one of those rare sites that will offer you real porn tube, which is updated daily!

It has some of the hottest and raunchy sex scenes, and sexy women of different age groups and ethnicities (maybe mostly Latino), which makes it very desirable.

Another feather in this porn site’s hat is that most of its porn content is original and user-submitted videos, which give you a glimpse into the porn lives and sex scenes of real individuals.

You can find some of the best quality amateur porn videos and home movies, which are never-seen-before anywhere on the internet either.

Be it a pair of college teens exploring new porn categories or wanting to watch the MILFs get hot, heavy and fucked brutally; this porn site has a lot of that, and then some.

Variety, quantity and quality of porn is their motto, and MamaSiJaYa holds out to that promise very well. Every porn lover can find something to watch, and a little something that will give them a hard-on almost instantly.

Some of the most trending searches on this porn site are Lesbian Videos Alexis Brill, 20 girls 45 boys new fucking couple HD video download, Download Reagan Foxx Full HD Porn, Lisa Ann Mom Porn, Deadly XXX, X video Girl HD, Hindi Sex Video Chinese Japanese Download, to name a few.

Then there are that darker and more taboo kind of porn searches, like XXX rape in the bedroom, Brutal Rape in Bedroom Full HD Download, and many more, which will give you precisely the porn pleasures that you came looking for on this site.


Website address:

Estimated Visits Last Month: XXX

Every once in a while, you will come across those porn lovers and daily porn viewers, who want to go ga-ga over a particular woman of their choice, and by which we mean Latin!

You can expect to see feisty Latina women getting nasty with their lovers or even cheating

on their husbands, and being groped by men, forced in bondage sex or submission, or whatever have you. 

Get your daily dose of porn from MamaSiJaYa and know how far these women can go, for a good fuck.


With an average of at least 200 visitors per day, MamaSiJaYa is one of the more lucrative porn sites in the market today. Strong-willed Latin and other Hispanic women being royally or brutally fucked in thousands of good quality porn videos are what this site promises, and they deliver quite well!

This porn site has gone to different levels of porn by introducing real-life scrumptious and sultry babes, getting all hot and heavy in the bedroom, on the floor, in public, or pretty much anywhere.

You will even find never-seen-before porn genres like cheating and scheming wives, desperate MILFs and aunties, or the general horny teenagers, being fucked over by men, played and toyed with, and then some.

If you like seeing hardcore sex and want to see women intimating men into giving them a good fuck, then this is the porn site you need to cum too!


There are many porn sites out there, which are quite deftly priced, and it often burns a hole in the porn viewers’ pockets. Every porn fanatic wishes to find the best and most lucid, racy and raunchy porn content possible, and hopes that it is negligibly priced or better yet, totally free of cost!

Well, with MamaSiJaYa, that is precisely what you get, and then some.

MamaSiJaYa is entirely free to watch and download porn site, and it comes as a great relief to most porn lovers out there. Imagine getting your daily porn dose for free, and even getting regularly updated porn videos and new homemade videos to cum to, every single day!

Not only can you watch your voluptuous pornstars for free, but you can also download (unlimited!) your favourite category videos or pornstars doing the nasty, and watch it on-the-go.

Granted that there won’t be much in terms of exclusive features, added benefits or premium sections like Webcam, Live Chat, VR, or any of the sorts, but for a free-f0r-all site, this sure is a porn-tainment on a roll.

To get your daily dose of free porn from hundreds of busty women, MILFs and experienced pornstars today, all you need to do is cum to this free site.

Site Performance Score (Out of 10)



Website Design

8 / 10

Content Updates


Image / Video Quality

8 / 10


7 / 10

Content Amount

9 / 10

Download / Streaming

9 / 10


8 / 10


8 / 10


10 / 10


8.5 / 10

Value For Money

10 / 10

Overall Score

8.5 / 10

Site Statistics

  • Most Popular Characters: Payton Hall, Michelle Tucker, Jean Afrique, Alina West, Rosa Azorra, Melissa Black, Liz Valery, Oral Amber, Kaori Wakaba, Dalila, Ana Carolina
  • Most Popular Niche Parodies:
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Competitors of MamaSiJaYa

As far as porn is concerned, there are porn lovers who want the softcore and oral sex level of porn content.

There are people with porn fetishes, who like to see big boobs, tits, anal sex, and then there are those fanatics who want to watch deep penetration, gang bang, orgy, rape scenes, and other such categories. 

No matter what gets your juices flowing, you will always find a porn site or two, on the internet, which will take you to pleasure-land.

There are some top-rated websites like NovinhasDoZapZap, which may have a complicated name. Still, the porn videos are excellent, Flagras Amadores, that has an extensive collection of Latin porn videos, and Novinha Gozada, a porn site that has some of the racist and most adulterated porn categories.

You can also check out some of the other competitors like XVideos, Colegialasreales, XVideos, PornoAmador, CaiunoXvideos, NaoConto, CNNamador and BrasilTudoLiberado.

While some of these sites have hot and heavy porn videos of some of the most seductive Latina chicks and voluptuous babes, others provide hi-res images and photo galleries that have some of the best-looking girls posing nude and getting all nasty with their hands.

You can also find some good quality GIFs and sexy porn movies or home films on a few of MamaSiJaYa’s competitors.

However, there is a lot that MamaSiJaYa has to offer in terms of raw and raunchy porn content, with hot babes ranging from horny teenagers to busty MILFs. If you are looking for Latin porn, and other sexy and sassy pussies at their finest, then it might be a tad bit tough to beat this site.


  • MamaSiJaYa offers thousands of erotic and homemade porn videos, which are worth your time, and can provide you with porn-tainment for weeks on end.
  • You can watch your porn and download it free on this site!
  • As far as porn categories are concerned, you can find everything from blowjobs and big butt to facial and handjobs.
  • You can also find a variety of women categorized under Brunette, Asian, Blonde, and Redhead, to name a few. And if you are looking for ethnicity filters, then you can also search for Japanese, Asian, Chinese, Russian, Dutch, Latina, Czech, Black, etc.
  • Some of the more scrumptious and racier categories for kinky and taboo porn are also available here, like MILF, Big Cock, deep throat, screaming, gang rape, double penetration, etc.
  • If pornstars give you the much-needed pleasure rush, then this site has some of the best videos listed by the porn star, i.e. Payton Hall, Michelle Tucker, Jean Afrique, Alina West, Rosa Azorra, Melissa Black, Liz Valery, Oral Amber, Kaori Wakaba, Dalila, and Ana Carolina, to name a few
  • You can sort content on this site, based on the long videos, the hottest porn videos, pure porn and even find filters based on Pornstar or porn categories
  • From teenagers to MILFs, and from sexy Asians to hot Indian aunties, women from every age group and different ethnicities are here for your pleasure, doing everything on camera, for your comfort and arousal.
  • As a website, it has a straightforward design, but it is appealing because it doesn’t take away from all the videos you are watching
  • This porn site has one of the most detailed Tube Search Engines
  • It is a responsive porn site, which makes it wholly mobile-friendly and easy to access and navigate on various other desktop and laptop screens too


  • In terms of filters, this website sorely lacks the ‘Top rated’ filter. This way you don’t get to see which are those all-time favourite and top-rated porn videos and films that are catching every porn lover’s fancy
  • The sheer number of advertisements and pop-ups will render you irritated and leave an awful porn experience most of the times
  • This site, unlike many other, even asks you to disable your AdBlocker explicitly, and that may turn a few visitors away from there itself.
  • Since it is a free site, there are no premium or unique benefits, and you won’t even find any added features like live chat or webcam on this site
  • The quality of the videos is not HD, and at best, you can say it is above average
  • A lot of content on this site is contributed, and amateurs make most of it, so you will find more of homemade amateur videos with not many appealing angles and professional finish.
  • No anime, Hentai or manga content is available on this porn site either
  • Some of their videos have more than poor resolution, and often crack or pause during buffering, which may leave a lot to your imagination as well
  • This porn site is not big on offering emails, addresses or other social media networks for you to stay tuned to their latest updates
  • No forum or chat room is available, for like-minded porn viewers to meet and share their favourites for all to see
  • Since it is a free site, you can kiss goodbye to added security, privacy or protection out here
  • Fundamental and out-dated porn site, with not many filters and easy-to-navigate pages
  • They don’t have a mobile app, so you will have to make do with the responsive browser version of the porn site itself.
  • Their photo gallery is pretty basic, which means that you won’t find much out of the ordinary
  • If you have frequented this site a couple of times already, then the porn content will start to seem monotonous, and soon you’ll be either imagining a lot yourself or looking for a new site to find your porn fetishes on


You will not find much on the support front from this porn site. There is an occasional page or two that are generally dedicated to contact or support for any website, and that’s pretty much all there is to this site as well.
However, because this site is self-sufficient, doesn’t cost a dime, and is so well-maintained, that their users have rarely felt the need to get it to touch with the administrators.

If you are looking for some assistance from this site, then you can always visit their website, or look up details on Google, and get an address or two. There is not much requirement of privacy and security in a free for all porn websites like this anyway.


Be it on your web or your phones; you can watch this responsive porn site on almost any screen. MamaSiJaYa is also compatible with iPhone, iPad, Android and other tablet and mobile devices. And as far as new content is concerned, this site takes care of its porn viewers all too well.

You will find frequently updated porn videos, and regularly added content that keeps your juices flowing.

The porn site might not be big on design and layout. Still, it sure has a lot to offer in terms of exclusive porn, busty and horny women from different ethnicities, and thousands of hours in sexy homemade porn videos and amateur films. You don’t even have to browse through all their different videos!

They have very detailed features and a couple of dozen categories that will allow you to quickly find the porn videos that you are in the mood to watch. Overall, this site takes care of your porn-tainment all too well, and all of this is free of charge!

We would recommend you go ahead and give this website a few hours of your porn time, and we are sure that these hot babes and sexy teenagers won’t let you down or let your erection fall either!

Parting Words

Now that you are all caught up with the details of MamaSiJaYa, we are sure you want to sign up and start your porn-tainment right away!

Thousands of videos and months’ worth of amateur and sexy homemade porn is every porn lover’s fetish, and this site will deliver in terms of both quality and quantity then some other site out there. 

If you liked our review of MamaSiJaYa, then stay tuned to our page for more such reports on various other porn sites, and we will tell you which ones are a worthy pick and which sections you should give a hard pass.

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