JapanCupid Review


If you are searching for a one-of-a-kind dating platform that offers users to find their true love, particularly among young Japanese people, JapanCupid would indeed prove to be a fascinating website.

More, one should not be misled by the name; JapanCupid is diverse, and the users do not belong to the Japanese community but from various corners of the world too.


  • The platform is also useful since they have a lot of members. 
  • Also, all the information you need to know about the person is visible, which allows you to make a more informed choice. 


  • However, the website is quite expensive compared to other dating sites. 
  • Moreover, the accessibility is limited to Android with a minimum version of 5, hence leading to issues of compatibility. 

This review shall provide an extensive overview of the features and customizations of the website and offer you a better understanding of its performance.

If you are interested in finding a possible true, everlasting love then joining JapanCupid is highly recommended. Created by the popular dating site creators, Cupid Media Pty Ltd, those who are finding true love will never be disappointed when they register to JapanCupid.

Cupid Media has been in the industry long enough and created more than 30 dating sites operating and catering to different nationalities and regions. JapanCupid is participated not only by Japanese but non-Japanese too, particularly those with Western backgrounds.

Anyone who wants to look for someone to talk to, share romantic moments and even pure fun chatting must have an account here. This is a perfect way to make your life better and make your heart happy.

This review will make you understand and realize whether this site is for you or finding something else is needed.

What Makes JapanCupid So Popular?

Japan Cupid compared to other dating sites, welcomes no specific nationality.

It is open to all backgrounds, making it more interesting for people already on the edge of losing interest in finding true love. With thousands of profiles available for everyone to look at, there is no reason why you would not see the one who’ll make your heart beat fast.

The site has a diverse subscriber base, hence it doesn’t matter where you are in the world, finding the love of your life is not impossible. A few clicks is what it takes to complete your account is complete.

Also, it does not only have a site version but an app version also to make it highly accessible and usable. And yes, the app version looks exactly like the website version; hence, adjustment is not as required. Unfortunately, the app is not available on iOS and only works on Android with version 5 or higher.

Just like any other dating sites, JapanCupid is free to use, but you can upgrade to gold and platinum memberships which cost a few dollars. To add, the site is straight-forward and easy to understand, so anyone from any generation will find it easy to navigate the site.

Another reason why this is so popular is the instant translation where users can translate the language used by the other party uses for a better communication.


Website address: https://www.japancupid.com/en/auth/login

Estimated Monthly Visits: 1.92 Million

Only those who are aged 18 years and above are allowed to own an account on JapanCupid. It is fair considering that there are conversations that younger people may not be able to understand. 

Signing up on the site is very easy, your first name or Facebook account is enough to create a profile and start searching for thousands of members on JapanCupid located in different parts of Japan and the Western region.

Those who will use their Facebook account to register must not worry as much as the site will not post anything on your account related to your registration or activities you do on the site.

Although this is mainly created for Japanese men and women who are looking for love, everyone is still welcome to register as long as they want to feel and look for love.

The site also has a very informative FAQ tab. Hence all your questions will be answered even before you send a message to ask.

While using the site, you will not get disturbed with pop up advertisements which other dating websites have. This is a perfect place for anyone looking for a penpal, romantic dates, love or even friendship.

japan cupid app-min

You can also add your favourite members on your list, so contacting them is easy. Almost all information about the other party is written on their profile, including their photos, interest, profession, income and what they are looking for.

Hence you will not find it hard to find which one suits your interest and desires. Unfortunately, there are some limitations for those who registered on this site for free. Therefore, if you want to maximize its use, it is best if you pay premium.

On the other hand, those who do not want to pay any amount just yet can register to JapanCupid free of charge and still enjoy privileges that can help them connect to the right person. Chat services, checking on photos and profile of love-seekers are available to everyone, including free members.

Those who are not comfortable reading in English can change the language of the site according to their preference. And with that, even if you see find someone using a different language, communicating with them will not be as hard. 

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The app can be downloaded for free on different devices. It is available on Play Store; hence those who are using Android with version 5 and up can easily download it. Unfortunately, iOS does not support the app.

Therefore if you want to use the app, buying a new phone or using laptops or desktops is recommended. This being said, you will find no excuse to not consider this app when searching for someone to spend the rest of your life with. The site is very simple and straightforward.

There are not many fancy colors or even pop-up ads. Hence, you can enjoy chatting without too many obstructions, therefore focusing on finding your future love is easy, stress-free and straightforward.

Just like any sites, some drawbacks are also there of using this site, some people may not be comfortable with the amount of security the site asks to ensure that members of the site are genuine and will not do anything foolish.

Also, the price of becoming a premium member is not affordable for people on a budget. But needless to say, the good things overpower the bad on JapanCupid. 


As previously discussed, it is free to join and download the app, but if you want the most from the site, paying a premium is recommended.

For gold membership, the price varies depending on the package you will choose. 

If you decide to try the membership just for a month, the cost is $29.98, and if you want three months, it is $20.00 while if it is for a year membership, the cost is $10.00 a month. 

On the other hand, for platinum membership, the cost is more expensive than gold where a month only membership is $34.99, while three months is $23.33/month and $12.50 a month for one year of membership.

japan cupid box banner-min

You can choose to pay using bank transfer, credit card, PayPal or Paysafecard. Whichever you see is the most comfortable for you, you are free to use it. There are many ways through which free membership can help you find true love but paying extra is still recommended.

Communicating to all members, from free members to gold and platinum members is possible if you are a premium member of Japancupid. You can also have a live chat with instant messages. You can also enjoy a no ad usage of the site.

Those who do not want to be visible to others can hide their profile or view anonymously if they are a premium member. Another reason why premium membership is recommended is your chance to introduce yourself more to love seekers as you can double your profile space.

Site Statistics

  • Male Members: 88%
  • Female Members: 12%
  • Ratio of male to female: 7:1
  • Total Visit: 1.92M
  • Average Visit Duration: 00:06:52
  • Browse Rate: 32.38%

Performance Score (Out of 10)

Website Design










Value for money


Overall Score


Competitors of JapanCupid

Although this is the most popular among the dating sites in Japan, they also have competitors that are popular in the country, Tinder, DateinAsia Japan, Meetup Japan, Hatch are a few of their many competitors.

What make this site more favourable than others is its accessibility and usability on iOS and Android lower versions. They come in many advantages and disadvantages just like JapanCupid, yet if you want greater coverage and higher popularity, it is JapanCupid that you must try.


There are many reasons why JapanCupid is highly recommended and to name some of them, read below:

  • Their free services allow people to find love. Under their free services, people can enjoy checking profiles of different members, send chat, create a profile, see who is online, add photos and more.
  • JapanCupid is diverse, hence expect that you can see not only the Japanese community but Western and other people from different corners of the world too.
  • The dating site is top-rated hence expect that they have a lot of members. This being the case, you will be allowed to find true love with limitless options.
  • The dating site is top-rated hence expect that they have a lot of members. This being the case, you will be allowed to find true love with limitless options.
  • You can post and see photos. Hence physical attraction, which is very important for others, are possible using the site.
  • You are given many payment options, so you can use the possibility that you are most comfortable using.
  • There is an app you can download, giving you an easier way of communicating and finding true love.
  • Using the site is very easy, hence expertise is not required to enjoy its benefits.
  • Registration is fast and easy, all you need is to provide your basic information, like name, email address or Facebook, and voila, you are now ready to find true love.
  • Using your Facebook account will not give the site any right of posting your personal information or connection with the site.
  • There are no distracting advertisements or pop-ups which other sites have. And with this, finding love, talking to someone or just navigating the site is easy.
  • Your messages are automatically translated to language you and the other party understands. And to that, communication is easy, and the language barrier is not an issue at all.


Although some others see this site as a perfect site to let them achieve their love goals, there are some consequences you may also want to consider, to name some of them, read below:

  • It is quite expensive compared to other dating sites. Unfortunately, those who do not have too much money to spare may not see this site as a good site for them to consider. The rates are $10 and can go as much as $34.99. But, since there is a free membership that is enough to find your true love, considering it if you cannot afford the premium membership is fine.
  • The accessibility is limited to Android with a minimum version of 5; hence if you are using iOS, you have no choice but to find other sites or consider buying a new device.
  • The security is not as tight with JapanCupid. Hence, anyone with no good intentions can easily create accounts and start fooling around.
  • The ratio between male to female members is quite far, 7:1 to be exact. Hence, women who want to find love may find it a bit harder here because of the said ratio.


The good news is, the FAQ portion of the site is more than enough to answer anything and everything you need to know about the site. Reading it will give you deeper knowledge about the site and other information you need to know. Moving on, there are many ways to get in touch with them.

  • Online support form: https://www.japancupid.com/en/help/helpdesk (to ensure that your inquiries will be delivered the soonest time possible.)
  • Email: team@JapanCupid.com
  • Telephone number: +61 7 5571 1181
  • Fax Number: +61 7 3103 4000
  • Post: JapanCupid.com, PO Box 9304, Gold Coast MC, QLD 9726, Australia
  • Director: Andrew Bolton


There are many sites in Japan where you can find true love, but among all of them, it is JapanCupid that tops the board.

Its members is more than enough to help you find true love. 

To add, the ease of using the platform, the detailed information to read about the members make this site one of the most efficient to use when looking for a new love.

Another reason why this is better than others is the availability of the app to download. 

japan cupid banner 2-min

Many people want to find love easy, hence the on-the-go characteristic of this app makes it highly popular. Members are allowed to use their free services, but if you want to maximize what this site can offer, considering premium membership is recommended.

The charge may be a bit higher compared to other sites, but needless to say, you will never get disappointed considering the privileges and benefits you can get from doing so. If you have spare money to spend, instead of dealing or using unreliable sites, register to JapanCupid.

Also, pop-up ads are not as prominent on JapanCupid hence your search for true love will not be hard. The site has many success stories to share, so for sure, being a member of their community will bring you to success too.

Since the security is not as tough with JapanCupid, it is highly recommended that you perform your research as well to ensure that you make the right decision and not put your guard down too easily.

Also, since the site does not work or downloads on all devices, hence, having a device that can work perfectly is highly recommended for them to use. Some may see this as another expense but needless to say, you will never regret considering the fact that finding the love of your life is priceless.

Worry not, as the site is not only for Japanese, hence anyone is free to join and be a part of this creative and romantic site. Also, the automatic translation option makes it easier to cross language barriers.

Final words

If you are looking for love, friendships, romantic dates and more, this is a good dating site to consider. The popularity of this site not only in Japan but in other places makes this one of the most effective sites to use to find your perfect match.

If you want to get more than the usual things you get from this dating site, it is best if you consider their premium membership, expensive, but you are guaranteed that finding love will be easier and more effective.

japan cupid banner-min

This is one of the most trusted sites, and based on the success stories shared by their previous members, you will get the confidence and happiness using this site when looking for the next person you plan to share your life with.

Also, since membership is a bit expensive, it is highly recommended that you try on the free membership first and if you feel satisfied. You see yourself craving for more, then that is the time you will consider registering and becoming a premium member of the site.

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