The Basics of Impregnation Fetish (Complete GUIDE) (2019)

Different people have different kinds of fetishes when it comes to sex. There are some crazy and weird fetishes in the world which can even question the normalcy of the people who have them.

Some people get high by sniffing the armpits of their partner while some women love to wear high heels while having sex. Some of these fetishes are very common whereas some are rare and can be found in only some individuals. One such fetish is the impregnation fetish.

Impregnation fetish refers to the excitement women feel by thinking that they may conceive a baby while having sex. However weird it may sound but the fact remains that countless women in the world get high at the idea of getting pregnant and it is not abnormal at all.

Even some men feel excited at the thought of making their lady pregnant, but the percentage in men is quite small compared to that in women. Today we are going to discuss everything about the impregnation fetish and the things which are related to it. Let us discuss things more in detail:

What is Pregnancy Fetish?

Is impregnation fetish normal?

Are you the one who feels kinky at the thought of having a baby after or during the intercourse? If yes, the thing may be bothering you, and you might feel that this is not normal but rest assured as the idea of getting pregnant has been the source of inspiration behind sex to women since ages.

Not many have discussed it, but they do feel ecstatic when they think about this risk involved while indulging in sex. Therefore, you are certainly not alone if you have an impregnation fetish.

However, if the question still bothers you, you can use the internet to find out if other women have a similar fetish as you have. You can use the social media platforms, post on a sex forum and discuss the topic or use the chat option available in many of the sex-related websites.

By doing this, you will find out that the impregnation fetish is not an abnormal thing and there is no harm in having one!

What makes the impregnation fetish so special?

  • The risk involved in having unprotected sex is arousing enough for both the men and women. The thrill is similar to the one you get while having sex at public places because there is always a risk of getting stopped or caught.
  • Even men can find this risk sexy enough to make them go hard and rough while having sex. Making a woman pregnant is more under control of her man for the obvious reason. This can give him a sense of dominance, and there are even some communities and cultures where a man has the decisive power of choosing whether to make his woman pregnant or not. This thing can make impregnation thing special for both the partners.
  • The sexiest thing about the impregnation fetish is that you are compelled to have sex without a condom. The direct contact of your genitals makes the process a lot more stimulating for both the partners and they might feel the urge of doing so even when they should not be doing it At the time of periods where the chances of getting impregnated are very high.  
  • Some women who have both semen fetish and impregnation fetish may feel very kinky just at the thought of having unprotected sex. This may lead to higher ejaculation, and such women are more prone to be addicted to unprotected sex.

Are impregnation fetish and pregnancy fetish the same?

However similar they may look like to you, the fact remains that pregnancy and impregnation fetishes are different things. Pregnancy fetish refers to the sexual arousal a woman feels after getting pregnant and similarly a man too can feel aroused at the idea of having sex with a pregnant lady.

This is quite dissimilar to the idea of impregnation fetish where a woman may not be willing to conceive a baby but might be just aroused at the idea of getting pregnant while having sex. Therefore, pregnancy and impregnation fetishes are two different things.

Greater risks involved with impregnation fetish:

  • The chance of getting pregnant is not the only risk associated with the impregnation fetish. The fact that you are having unprotected sex makes you vulnerable to many sex-related diseases and disorders. Sex without a condom can lead to STD (Sexually Transmitted Diseases) or STI (Sexually Transmitted Infections). A man can transmit these diseases and infections to a woman, or the man can also get infected by it while having sex with a woman already suffering from them.
  • The worst thing that the impregnation fetish can do to you is you getting contracted with HIV which eventually will lead to AIDS. Therefore, having sex without a condom may not be as kinky idea as it seems to be and you must be more practical to make wise decisions in life.
  • Some women who have impregnation fetish tend to consume birth control pills simply because they do not want to have a baby. Studies and research have shown that consumption of hormone control tablets or capsules is not safe for you in the long run and can ruin your mental as well as physical well being.

What to consider when you have impregnation fetish:


Participating or encouraging impregnation fetish means you are planning to have sex without a condom. The first and the foremost thing you should do in such cases is to get yourself, and your partner completely checked and tested for STD's and STI's. Also, do an HIV test just in case you are in a new relationship.

Doing such tests does not mean that you doubt your partner it just means that you both care for each other and do not want grimy things to happen. Once you have done that, you must wait for the results. If the results are all good, you may proceed to satiate your impregnation fetish.


Now that you can have unprotected sex with your partner do not forget the fact that the risk of getting pregnant is still on. Therefore, if you are having a period, then you definitely must avoid having unprotected sex by all means if you do not wish to be pregnant.

Also, you can use contraceptives to avoid pregnancy during this period. The ovulation of the female egg starts way before your menstrual cycle which can be approximately 12-15 days. Therefore, you need to use birth control pills or contraceptives during this period as well.

There are many modern techniques and testing methods available now which let you determine whether you are proceeding towards a menstrual period or not. You can make use of these techniques to be sure before having sex without a condom.

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Many single women and divorced ladies too have this fetish and can find it very frustrating not to satiate it. Finding a suitable partner for sex itself is quite an ordeal for many women and to find a partner who is ok with your impregnation fetish can be a real uphill task for you.

However, do not loose hopes as there are numerous individuals on the internet and social media who are willing to support your fetishes as such fetishes ride them. Finding such partners can be a tasking job, but it is certainly not impossible.

You need to research and connect with such people and try to know them more as your bond gets stronger.

After all the compatibility tests if you feel that you have found a suitable partner, do not forget to get all the tests done for both of you to be sure that you are not transmitting or receiving any other thing apart from sex and semen exchange.  


Also, if you want to avoid pregnancy at all costs ask your partner to pull out his member from you the moment he feels that he is closing to an orgasm. You can satisfy him even after pulling out by giving him a blow job or hand job that would blow his mind away.

The women who have impregnation fetish are naturally attracted to semen, and if they wish to play with cum after having sex or giving a blowjob, they must be allowed to do so.

Impregnation fetish can get kinky and wild, and you need to be prepared for everything while having sex with men and women who have such obsessions.

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What to do when you get pregnant?

Even after taking all the precautions and safety measures for having impregnation urges satisfied, the chances of getting pregnant aren’t minimized to zero. That means that you can be pregnant in spite of all the safety measures which can be a grim thing for both you and your partner.

The first and the most necessary thing to do in such cases is to talk about it with your partner. The idea of impregnation fetish was your own but if your partner had consented to it both you and he must be ready for the consequences as well.


In most cases, the couple tries to abort the child. However, abortion is illegal in some places, and therefore you must always abide by the law of your country.

If you decide to conceive the child, then the financial responsibilities and nurturing responsibilities must be shared appropriately between the two of you. Proper care and love should be given to the lady during the pregnancy period.

Kinky Ideas for Impregnation Fetishists - Hospital Roleplay

Impregnation fetish can bring in a lot of sexy, funny and interesting ideas which can make your sex life that much better. Making sex on a hospital bed especially in the delivery ward can be quite a kinky thing to do for such couples.

If you are scared of doing such nasty things you can even buy a regular hospital bed or create such settings in your bedroom itself to get real kinky pleasures while having sex. Engaging in role play sex can be quite interesting for the couples ridden with impregnation fetish. 

nurse porn

The woman can play the patient, and the man can play a doctor and assume that they are testing whether she is pregnant or not. You can even trash talk during this which can be amusing and sexy in its ways.

Also, the female can play the doctor and tell nasty things his dick can do and that it can make any woman pregnant can make the sex session a lot rough and enjoyable afterwards. The idea behind impregnation fetish is not to get pregnant but risk it to the limit that pregnancy seems to be the only outcome.

Such couples should go through the risk by having sex during the menstrual cycle if it is not so painful for the women and she can take contraceptives later to avoid pregnancy. Increasing the risk quotient can make things quite sexy for both the partners and they can take their sex life to another level.

Final Thoughts - The Verdict

These were some of the precautions and ideas that the couples who have impregnation fetish should follow. Impregnation fetish is a kinky thing only if you and your partner do not cross the limits and play it as safe as possible.

If you have more kinky ideas about impregnation fetish, please share it with us, and we will be pleased to investigate more into it. Also, please let us know your feedback and thoughts through the comments section. Enjoy your fetishes to the core and give steamy happy endings to your partner!

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