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Easy and Effective steps to shave your pussy

Before we step into the article, we want to clarify the point that this is totally your choice if you want to shave your vagina or not.

It is entirely a personal choice.

Some women like to keep it natural the way it is, some prefer to keep it trimmed while some want their pussy to be with no hair at all. It is a very common question that comes in every girl’s mind- How to shave down there?

As vagina is one of the most sensitive parts of the human body, you have to be extra careful in shaving there. Hence, we have found the most easy and effective steps to shave your pussy which would help you to get a silky-smooth pussy. 

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Shave Pussy: How to shave down there? Guide (With pics & video)

What is better: Shave, wax, or something else?

There are different ways to remove body hair like shaving, waxing, using an epilator or getting a laser treatment. Now, the question comes, which way is the best? Well, it depends on your budget and preferences.

If you are someone who is looking for a painless way of removing your bikini hair then shaving and laser technique is the best choice for you. But laser hair removal treatments are quite expensive, so it might not suit everyone’s budget. Hence, you are left with shaving as a painless option. 

To be honest, waxing is a better option in our opinion if you want very smooth results but the pain in ripping your bikini hair is the downside which can’t be ignored.

Similarly, using an epilator is also very painful as it plucks the hair from the roots. So, shaving is the best option which is painless and gives you the control in your hands at the convenience of your own home. 

How to shave down there?

  1. Trim your pubic hair:

The first step before shaving your pussy is to trim the hair to a certain length to get better results while using a razor. You must trim your hair as short as you can using a pair of scissors if your hair is longer than an inch.

This first step should be done before stepping into the shower. Trimming your hair will help to get a clean shave and will avoid ingrown hair as well as razor burns. 

  1. Exfoliation:

To get a smooth shaving experience, it is important to exfoliate the bikini area with the help of a loofah, a gentle scrub or a washcloth. Dr. Ashton explains that the hair follicles on your skin will open up after shaving or waxing which increases the chances of any bacteria to enter your skin and cause infection.

 So, it is important to remove the dead skin from your outer pussy to avoid ingrown hair and infection. A simple scrub will do the job. Just exfoliate the skin using a mild scrub to remove the dead skin for a smooth shave. 

  1. Apply shaving gel/cream

Do not ever dry shave any part of your body especially your vagina because dry shaving causes razor burn and a lot of ingrown hair. Always make sure to apply shaving gel or cream before shaving. Make sure that your skin is not sloping wet when you apply shaving cream.

The skin should be damp to retain the cream. Shaving cream helps in getting a really close shave and removes the tiniest of hair from the vagina. Also, keep in mind to use unscented products for your bikini area as it is one of the most sensitive parts and you do not want to irritate the skin down there.

  1. Start shaving in the direction of hair growth

Now comes the main action part- Shaving! Make sure to start shaving in the direction of the hair growth, not the opposite direction. When we shave the rest of our body like our hands or legs, we always shave in the opposite direction of hair growth because the skin on the rest of our body and growth is different from the vagina.

Hence, we have to shave in the same direction of hair growth while shaving the pussy. It will save you from razor burns and ingrown hair. After doing it in the same direction once, you can go in the opposite direction at last to get a closer shave. 

  1. Rinse!

Make sure to rinse the razor while shaving as the shaving cream will build up between razor blades and a few pieces of hair might also get stuck in the blades. Rinsing the razor blade between strokes will clear all of that.

Be careful while doing the same and never try to remove the build up with your fingers as you will cut yourself.

  1. Cleanse!

Now, clean the cream and any residue left on your skin with the help of water. It is always recommended to shower in lukewarm water while shaving as it helps in rinsing off all the creamy product off your skin and does not clog your skin pores.

After that, pat dry your skin with the help of a towel. Do not rub the towel on your pussy, just patting is required. 

  1. Moisturization is the key!

The most important part of the whole process of shaving is the after care. This includes moisturization. As you exfoliate and shave the skin, the skin will be dry and might cause itching and dryness.

To avoid the same, use a good layer of moisturizer on your skin to calm the inflammation and redness. As we mentioned above, try to use unscented products for your vagina to avoid irritating the skin. 

How to avoid Ingrown hair?

No matter how easy and painless the process of shaving is, we can not deny the fact that shaving is the main cause of ingrown hair. When the hair is trying to grow but somehow gets curled inside the skin rather than curling out of it like normal hair, this causes ingrown hair.

Sometimes, the skin gets inflamed due to the ingrown hair and results in an irritated swollen bump. 

To avoid ingrown hair, you must always use good quality razor blades. Also, make sure to never use rusty or old razor blades. Another tip to avoid ingrown hair is to exfoliate the skin before shaving and using a shaving cream to shave. These tiny things help a lot in avoiding the ingrown hair issue. 

Tips to avoid razor burns or bumps on your Vagina:

Now, we have told you the steps to get a smooth shaving experience. But as we are dealing with razors, we have to be extra careful as we do not want any kind of razor burn or bumps on our vagina. So, we have curated a few tips which will help you in avoiding the razor burns or bumps.

  1. Include shaving in your shower routine.

As shaving requires frequent check ups because the hair growth is much faster as compared to waxing, you will have to make a shaving routine to be prepared always.

So, it is better to include shaving as a part of your showering routine as it will save you time and energy. But make sure to shave at the end of the shower as it will give ample time to your skin and hair follicles to get soft. This will result in smooth shaving and avoiding razor burns. 

  1. Avoid using blunt razors.

Effective and correct tools are an important part of any process and these make the difference. As we mentioned above, using rusty or blunt razors is never a good idea as you will not get the desired result. Using a blunt razor increases the chance of getting cut, ingrown hair and razor burns.

So, throw away the blunt razors as they are of no use and are not suitable for sensitive skin at all. Always use fresh and sharp razors for good shaving results.

  1. Invest in a good quality trimmer.

Investing in a good quality trimmer is always a good idea. A good quality trimmer will help you trim the bikini hair with precision. As you have to trim your hair before shaving to get prepared, a trimmer will help you.

And if there are hair which you do not want to shave off, you can use the trimmer to remove those hair. This will not result in any razor burns or bumps. Do not use a beard trimmer for your vagina. Make sure to research and use a trimmer made specifically for women’s intimate areas. 

  1. Do not dry shave on your vagina

This is the most important tip. Do not dry shave on your vagina if you want a clean shave and want to avoid irritating the skin. The skin on your pussy is extremely sensitive and you should be careful about not doing anything that might cause inflammation or dryness.

So, the best way to get a clean shave and avoid bumps is to soften the hair follicles with warm water and using a shaving cream or a gel to shave your pussy. This will reduce dryness of the skin and will give best results. 

  1. Avoid using fragranced products down there.

The body-lotions we use are full of fragrances and highly scented which is a good thing for the rest of our body but our vagina’s outer skin is extremely sensitive so, we should avoid using the scented body-lotions after shaving our pussy.

You should always use a mild natural moisturizer to soothe the area post shaving. The after-shave oil or lotions for men are also not good for using on vagina’s outer skin as it is very strong and might cause skin irritation and razor burns. In our experience, aloe vera is the best option. 

  1. Cotton panties are the saviour.

After care post shaving is a must to get smooth skin and avoid any redness or razor burns. For this, you must make sure to wear cotton panties after shaving as cotton is a soft fabric and allows the skin to breathe.

We know that fancy satin or nylon thongs are very attractive and sexy but those are good for only intimate moments, not for regular use as they irritate the skin and will not be suitable after shaving. Hence, wearing 100% cotton panties are essential for avoiding the razor burns or bumps.

What to do if you cut your skin while shaving?

We all know using a razor down there is risky and we have to be extra careful but don’t panic if you nick or cut your pubic area. If by any chance, you cut yourself, just apply gentle pressure over the cut to stop the bleeding and wash the area using a mild soap and water. This will disinfect the area and will reduce any chance of infection. 

Also, shave only the outer vulva region of your vagina. Do not try to shave in the internal area because it is riskier and you do not need to remove every single strand of hair from your pubic area just for the sake of it. So, be careful.  

Steps for aftercare post shaving:

After care is an important step, so you should not skip this at any cost. Always pat the area dry after cleansing. Do not rub the towel and avoid douching at all costs. Apply razor bump serum or oil for intimate areas post shaving.

Then apply a layer of moisturizer to reduce dryness and irritation. Make sure to wear 100% cotton panties to let your skin breathe. You should also avoid wearing jeans for a day or two post shaving. 


So, these were the effective methods and tips for shaving your pussy to get smooth results. We hope that you will find these steps and tips helpful and if you experience any kind of discomfort post shaving, always consult your doctor. 

There is no particular answer if we should shave or not because it is a personal decision of how you want to keep your vagina. Now-a-days, women have started embracing the natural look of vagina. So, don’t take any peer-pressure and do whatever feels right for you.

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