How to Dominate Over Someone Through Text Messages?

In today’s world, some partners keep on dominating 24x7 in a relationship but on the other hand, there are many other people who dominate at the time of having sex or at the time of fantasies.

Healthy dominance is only created on the basis of trust, respect and also honesty. 

So, in this article we will discuss how to dominate over someone through text messages.

This article will help you out to learn different ways to maintain your dominance over your partner, so read this article thoroughly.

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What to Text?

If you want to text then there are many things that you can message but yes definitely, it is true that to start texting initially is really tough, so we will here help you by sharing some ideas which you can send at the time of talking.

It is important that you follow the below points so that you can easily take your discussion further.

Ask Questions

It has been noticed that the best DOM are the ones who really take care of their SUB and also try to know them more and more.

So, to do that it is important for you to ask, listen and learn. It is important for you to put some questions in front of SUB so that they can tell you about it and you can also know about your SUB.

The questions can be related with what turns them on or what are their limits or set boundaries, what are their preferences.

Also, it is necessary to ensure that if your SUB is giving you the answers never judge them. But always ensure that they feel comfortable while sharing their things with you.

Always provide them the surroundings in which they can easily share their thought process with you and also the feelings with you! Some questions that you can ask are: Which is your favourite position?

How do you prefer to touch yourself? So, such questions should be asked so that you can know about your SUB in a proper way.

Make some Ground Rules

After asking the questions from your SUB and also after collecting their responses, you can text them some of the rules that are important to be considered.

These can consist of the different parameters in relation to masturbation but still you can be more innovative or creative and can fix some rules which are unique for you and also for your partner. At the time of setting the rules, it is important to consider the interest of yours and of your partner.

If the rule is not preferred by your partner then it can create conflict, so it is important that you should have proper communication with consent so that no issues can be identified later between you both!

The rules that need to be fixed can be of different types such as you will not touch me unless and until you take permission from me, you will not be playing with yourself till then I give you permission.

So, such types of rules you can set but again there should be proper consent.

Discipline and Correction

If you are texting your SUB with pleasure or without pleasure, it is always seen that it assists in modifying the bad behaviour and force towards accepting good behaviour.

There are many ideas linked with the punishment such as standing in the corner or texting them to be in pain. So, it is important that there should be discipline and also correction.

Call and Response

To maintain the connection, it is important to text, repeat and also ask the questions and this can be done by considering the aspect linked with call and response.

If you keep on repeating the variations of the similar questions, it will not only assist to maintain your dominance but will also help in training your SUB to attain the positive outcomes.

Time to respond

With the SUB, it has been examined that it consumes time to respond and also text back. It is essential for you to make the decision that you can really maintain the process of follow-up on the commands which are given or not.

Either you can text them when you are free and have time or you can tell them there will be some time where you will not revert to the message.

It is not good for you if you ask your SUB to keep on waiting for your text as there may be chances when your SUB will feel ignored and also rejected. You should maintain the flow of messages without ignoring it for hours.

Few dominant commands you can give to your sub via text

There are few dominant commands which can be given to your Sub through text.

Write a note and put in your panties

Take a small piece of paper and a pen and write a good affirmation on it. After writing it just fold it and wear it in your panties and do not remove it till text has been dropped to you for the same!

You can also change the language according to your preference but the overall objective will be the same.

This is one of the best ones as firstly you are making her write a good affirmation and secondly it is important for you to make a decision that you are helping to grow or you want to just turn her on.

Make her drink her water

Through text you can ask your SUB to drink 5 glasses of water by a specified time duration and the pictures should be sent to you at the time of refilling the glass of water each and every time.

As a DOM you can also focus towards considering persuasive powers for the betterment. You can ask him to eat healthy food so that she can be healthier and also make her go to the gym.

Make her wear your fav outfit

You can text your SUB regarding the outfit as well! For example: you can ask to wear a specific dress with jewellery for dinner.

You should also not wear any panties as I want to have convenient access to you!

You are going with her on a date night so it is important for you to enhance that spice in your relationship by just asking to wear the dress in which she looks amazing or hot!

If you will keep your preference in front of her, then she will not be worried about what to wear.

Pick her clothes

You can text your SUB to send the pictures of the three dresses and from that you can select the one for her!

This will also help her to select the dress easily. It is important for you that you should have enough knowledge about her clothes so in this way you can easily ask her to wear your favourite outfit!

The clothes which are selected by you should be decent so that she can also feel comfortable with you!

A fucking selfie- a day

Just bend down on your knees and take a picture by keeping your mouth open and tongue out and asking her that you are imagining to fuck something later and there is only two hours left for the same!

There are chances that she will revert back with a picture which is naked or with a similar sort of picture on text.

Orgasm denial

You can text your SUB that from today and for the complete week, your orgasms belong to me only. If you deny her orgasm then you are giving her a punishment so if she will be playing with her then it could be tricky as well!

If you are texting her in such manner than there are chances that she will be more comfortable when you will be meeting with her and at that time you will have a good sex and she will become hornier.

How do you text in Sexting?
Take Control

Always focus towards maintaining control when you text in sexting. Always try that she will accept what you are saying so that healthy communication can be maintained.

Don’t race ahead

Text her with patience and also praise via text. Do not do anything in a hurry, just take your time and control the things in a proper manner.

Strike a balance between personal exp and Fantasy

At the time of texting in sexting, it is important to maintain the balance between the personal expectations and also the fantasies.

You cannot put the fantasies just over the personal expectations.

 So, always ensure to focus towards maintaining the balance between the person exp and also in terms of fantasies.

· Ask questions

Questions can also be asked so that you can get more excited by the answers given by your SUB. The questions should be spicy or entertaining enough so that it could be fun while texting during sexting.

So, never miss the chance to ask the questions and always focus towards asking the interesting questions so that it could be fun.

Use Pauses effectively

Pauses used while text helps to maintain clarity, so at the time of texting it is important to take care that proper pause is given between the words which are used as it will help to convey the right information to the second person.

Do not text anything in a hurry, take sufficient time and text with proper patience so that your thoughts or ideas can also be clear to the other person.

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