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How to Message on Ashley Madison Without Paying Any Extra Bucks

If you don’t know much about Ashley Madison and how to message her without burning a hole in your pocket, we are here to help you. We will let you know the options that you can select and steps that you can follow to message her without paying extra bucks.

Ashley Madison is a Canadian online dating service for people who want to have an affair or a mere hook-up. This service is specifically focussed on married men and works on their weakness to make money.

This dating service lures married men to have a private extra-marital affair and to provide them the service they need. To avail these services, you have to bear the charges. 

Without further ado, let’s get to know how to get the message service without spending any extra money. 

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How to message on Ashley Madison Without Paying (2022)

Different Credit plans for Ashley Madison

There are credits charged for everything you do on the site. Hence, the site has accordingly developed three different credit plans for availing the service you need and you can opt for any credit plan as per your need and budget.

  • Basic Plan: If you get the basic plan, then 100 credit points will cost around $59 which means that one credit will be equivalent to $0.59.
  • How much does it cost for messaging on Ashley Madison?
    If you send a message to Ashley Madison on the site, it will charge you 5 credits for each message. Also, if you open a message sent to you by someone else, it will cost you 5 credits again. You will be able to spend the credits as per your purchase plan. 
  • Classic Plan: Next upgrade from basic plan is the Classic Plan in which one credit will cost you $0.34, hence you will get 500 credit points for around $169.

  • Classic Plan: Next upgrade from basic plan is the Classic Plan in which one credit will cost you $0.34, hence you will get 500 credit points for around $169.

  • Suggestions on How to Message without Paying

  • Elite Plan: Final upgrade plan is called Elite Plan in which one credit will cost you $0.29 which means you will get 1000 credit points for $289. 

Now, let’s come to the main part of the article where we will tell you how you can message Ashley Madison without burning a hole in your pocket. There are few options we have figured and you can select any of these options.

Get a Promo account

First step you have to do is to create an account on the site. On creating an account, the site offers exclusive access to all the services for free for a trial period of 30 days. This is given as a welcome bonus. On completion of 30 days, you will require credits to avail any service on the site. So, what you can do is to take the maximum advantage of these 30 days and send as many messages as you can. And when the trial period expires, you can create a different account to enjoy the promo bonus for another 30 days. Isn’t it great?

Terminate your Premium plan before its due date

The site has given many features to its users to show that they really care about user satisfaction. One feature given to its subscribers by this site is that they will refund you the amount if you terminate the premium plan before its due date. The refund is given as a compensation for not achieving satisfying results. So, you can use this feature for your profit and as a trick to use the service for free. 

All you have to do is to buy the premium plan on the site for which you will be charged. And just before the expiration date of the plan, you can terminate the plan and the site will give you a full refund as compensation. This way you have enjoyed the service without paying. 

Gender Rights

This is the bonus point for women as this site believes in giving its women subscribers an advantage over men. You will be able to send unlimited messages to Ashley Madison if you have registered your account as a woman. You will not be asked to pay a single penny for sending or receiving any messages on the site whereas men are required to pay to avail these services. So, all you females, get on this site and enjoy. 

How to spot the bots on Ashley Madison?

Ashley Madison gives a feature of distorting the profile picture to its users for privacy reasons. This feature is misused by many people as people use fake profile pictures of women to attract men for money. There are catfish accounts and fake profiles created which helps in exposing cheaters. Now, we will discuss the different ways to spot the bots on Ashley Madison. 

Women don’t initiate the conversation:

If you know women, you must know that most women will not message first. On this site, you will see many accounts with the female profile picture sending you messages to chat, but please know that real women don’t do that. So, if you receive a ‘Hi’ or ‘You want to chat’ from a random profile on the site, it has the maximum chances to be a fake account. Do not fall in these traps, figure out the bots and enjoy the real services. 

Invitation to meet up in personal:

Suppose you have initiated a conversation with a female and the conversation is too good to be real, then you must beware of where it is going. If the woman will ask you just after a few chats to meet up in person, then you must know that it is a catfish account because a real woman will take time to understand you and then will be ready to meet you. 

All depends on the personality:

When you start chatting with someone or dating someone, you definitely look for a good personality and something specific in a person. For example, some like great height, some are obsessed with black people, some might be too specific for looks. But if the person chatting with you does not seem to be bothered about the personality at all then beware that it is a bot account. 

How to use this site?

All you have to do is to create an account, select a purchase plan and then use the credit points as per your will. You will need credit points to send and receive messages and the amount of credits also depends on the duration of the chat. For example, 50 credits are required for the first hour of chat, then for the second hour, 30 more credits are required and 20 credits if you chat for three hours. You may also send virtual gifts to someone on the site and the credits vary from 20 to 50 for this.


So, we hope that you will find this article useful in unlocking the strategies on how to message on Ashley Madison without paying a dime. As we have told you that females do not have to pay a single penny to use the site, so if you are a female, enjoy it for free and if you are a male, then spend some money and get the best experience of your life. 

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