Ashley Madison Review (2020)

Ashley Madison

If you love the concept of online dating and want to spice up your life, then we think you should give Ashley Madison a shot.

Launched in 2001, the site initially began with the purpose of meeting people who were interested in hookups.

However, as of today, the site claims to have tons of other dating options with the essence being still the same - Casual Dating with no strings attached.

In simple words, if you are new to the online dating system, Ashley Madison can be an excellent way to get you started and see how your life turns out to be.

A lot of people have asked us about what makes Ashley Madison different from other popular dating sites (as they claim to be) and whether we recommend it or not. Well, this is the reason why we are here.

We will bring you a whole round of analytics as well as highlight its features to give you a detailed review about it. So, let’s begin.

What makes Ashley Madison different from other dating sites around the world?

Ashley Madison has been quite popular in the online dating industry as it was the first website of its kind. Today, millions of singles, as well as couples, have their registered accounts on the site, attracting an average of approximately 20 million visits every month.

It is quite discreet and free from the social judgements that take you to sign up through your social media profile by providing you with hundreds of extra privacy features such as mask tools for your photos.

With millions of accounts already registered, there is no chance that you can be lonely if you are having an account on Ashley Madison. Whether you are looking for some hookups, casual flirting, a full-blown affair, or some other type of affair dating, Ashley Madison is a site to remember.

Moreover, if you are pissed out with relationship questions on some of the traditional dating sites such as Elite Singles or OkCupid, then Ashley Madison is your golden ticket to start instant communication.

Review of Ashley Madison

It does not take more than 30 seconds to register and get a username, password and smart introduction. Ashley Madison doesn’t expect a mandatory picture or a perfect bio to start things up, which is a good feature and probably the best to get on with your chances for some great flirting and messages.

You are more likely to be approached by people who are looking for a similar things as you do. This is why Ashley Madison works so well and gives you the platform to get cracking for your first or probably the next date from an online dating site.

Performance Score (out of 10)

Based on our own experience and a little get around with its existing members, we gave out the following ratings to Ashley Madison.



Website Design

9.5 / 10


9 / 10


9 / 10


9 / 10

Value for Money

10 / 10


10 / 10

Ease of Use

10 / 10

Quality of Members

9 / 10

Customer Satisfaction

9 / 10

User Interface and Layout

9.5 / 10

Overall Score

94 / 100

This is indeed a great score and we really think you should register yourself up today. However, there is a lot left in this review, so, just sit back and see how Ashley Madison turns out.

Site Statistics

  • Registration - Male/Female category selection; Username and password; Location and Birthday; Greeting and type of interaction; Information and email address.
  • Members and Messaging - Search options through filtering by age, distance as well as last login; Customizing the profile with the sections: ‘My Intimate Desires’ and ‘My Perfect Match’. 
  • Total number of user accounts - 54 million members
  • The average monthly visits - 20 million accounts
  • Quality of members - Medium
  • Account Confidentiality - Yes
  • Popularity - Ranked one of the most popular dating sites
  • Photos available - Yes
  • Photo Security - No
  • Mobile Interactivity / Mobile Application - Yes


Website Address -

Ashley Madison is a famous adultery site that is bound to get single or attached individuals starting to find single or attached others for some socially discreet in-person as well as online sexual encounters.

The covert dating site has attached a ‘discreet’ nickname to its intended mainstream website that asks the user to go around and take full benefits of the Dating and hookups without any trouble.

As of today, the online dating site has released a subscriber count of 54 million users with a 50 percent increase from the last two years.

Ashley Madison

The rise in traffic stats backs up the increase of member base, making the jump in the overall rankings.

As per the data of SimilarWeb, the desktop site of Ashley Madison holds a global ranking of 2,084 with a large number of visitors from the U.S., France as well as Brazil and ranks #134 in the category of the Adult website.

If we consider viewing option, the visitor spends about an average of 4:04 minutes thinking about what to do with it and views about 8.23 pages per visit. These are precisely the reliable indicators considered in a well- organized and a user-friendly site layout. 

Ashley Madison strikes fast with its simple and easy navigation controls where users can  familiarize themselves up. You get a search option which is a primary method to discover others and offers simplicity that no other site provides.

With Ashley Madison, you get extensive profile sections and communication options of call, message, call and IM. The standout features include the feedback section with nine-topic member side on each profile with different amounts of remarkably relevant profile fields.

On top of it, you get the feature of confidently acknowledging who viewed your profile as well as the some extreme rules related to confidentiality and strategic- wise. Besides the security options, you get an easy to navigate layout with “Manage profile” and “View profile” options lying around.

Furthermore, the site has no ads making the user delve into the experience of online dating without any hassles.

Also, with tons of other features, you get a travel feature which allows you to share your travel plans by sending a custom message to maximum 30 people  based on age, location, ethnicity that you will be travelling to. This is a great way to be with some typical hookup style get-together.


Online Dating has seen a tremendous growth in the last ten years creating a war between many sites around the internet for claiming the top spot.

There are many competitors of Ashley Madison which includes the current rank one holder OkCupid, along with some popular ones in 2019, including Match, Elite Singles, Coffee Meets Bagel and many more.

But none can match the diversity that Ashley Madison brings along with some top-quality features and impeccable user experience. The site is already seeing millions of visits every single month and has a lot of potential in taking down the top spot with its name.

Being one of the oldest websites in this niche, they are doing everything that people can ever possibly demand. 


  • From casual talks to flirting and relationships, Ashley Madison has got everything for its users. It has a well-balanced male to female ratio to keep you surrounded if whether you are into girls or guys (subsequently).
  • It has an extensive large user base covering almost every country to help find your perfect one.
  • Your notifications get an extra buzz with Ashley Madison. You will get a lot of notifications about different things including compatible matches in your area as well as who is travelling where (Travelling Man feature which we were talking about).
  • By getting a paid membership, you can start floating away with all the craziness that this site brings. You get to message the girl free for the very first time, and if the lady reacts, then you can proceed your journey by buying some extra credits to be spent on chats and gifts.
  • The travel man feature brings a lot to you. If you travel a lot and plan to meet a lot of girls wherever you go, then you can send a custom-made message to at most 20 girls at the same time telling about the place that you would like to meet her. This is undoubtedly a quite exciting feature. 
  • There is a lot of information on the profile that is related to the person on the profile and what they are looking for in a partner as well as if they are open to casual Dating or something more than that.
  • Ashley Madison works quite well on the mobile that specifically includes a mobile application on iOS and Android. You can use your mobile application which will allow you to flirt and chat at any time on the go.
  • The site offers some amazing features at a good price, and it cares about your secure payments.
  • With Ashley Madison, you don’t need to link any of your social media accounts. You can start with your email ID; however, we advise you to use a different email account for this site only.
  • You can control what you want them to see in your profile. These options are secured as you can use blur or mask in your profile pictures as per your convenience.
  • You can manage your time as well as your connections with the extreme Quick Reply feature. In case you have a lot of winks or favourites, you can easily let those members know that you would be certainly happy to respond to their message. This certainly means lesser reply to those who you don’t want to engage with and more of the discreet relationship with those you want to engage with.   
  • Ashley Madison offers some of the impeccable customer care assistance to its members so that they can get hassle-free user experience. Their support service is quite fast and secure with a lot of measures taken on maintaining your confidential information.


  • The year 2015 appeared to be quite a problem for them with many user-profiles and pictures leaked online. From then onwards, people have been considering it a risk of investing their data and money.
  • Ashley Madison offers you a free account at the start, but you cannot do anything with it. All the features, options and services can be used properly in the premium membership. 
  • Only the paid members can send emails as well as start instant chats with the person you like.
  • The site has got some fake profiles of women who try to lure men for money.
  • Many people may think that Ashley Madison offers too much price as compared with other online dating sites. 


You will be a lot happier when you will see the price at which Ashley Madison offers premium credits to you giving you a joyous journey. There have been many significant improvements by the team to provide their members of the impeccable experience that they have always wanted.

Each message costs you about five credits. This includes sending as well as receiving messages from the ladies. You can also send priority messages at the same cost. The minimum fee to start a live chat amounts to 30 credits with an hour of chat costing you about 50 credits.

Once the one-hour mark passes, you will be charged another 30 credits and 20 more by the end of the corresponding hour. Furthermore, if you decide to send virtual gifts to the women, this will cost you in a range from 20 to 50 credits.

Now, the minimum purchase is 100 credits with every credit costing you about 0.59 cents. When you give a chance to buy 500 credits, it will cost you for $0.34 each (approximately $169.00). The 1000 credit pack costs you $289 or $0.29 per every credit. 

Furthermore, the free perks only include  registration, viewing the profiles as well as sending winks. If you decide to become a paid member, then you will have to pay $19.99.

Ashley Madison

People opinion on cheating

Here are some of the opinions of real people. Take a look at what members and non-members think about Ashley Madison.

Exiting members opinion:

Members join the site despite having a good relationship with their partner. The reason is that something is missing in their relationships, and they want to fill up that gap. They are not willing to live without intimacy, which is why they have joined the site.

  • Some members join because their marriage is nothing like the fairy-tale; they thought it would be. However, divorce was not the right solution for them. Plus, divorce is costlier as well. Hence cheating is the easiest way out. You have fallen out of love, you are simply missing something, and you are using the app to fill up ethat missing something. 
  • One of the members also said that it feels great to be able to flirt with someone. Getting to know another person also gives them the jitterbugs they need in their life. The temptation of always being able to talk to bodythe other person makes them feel happy.
  • Another member said that he doesn’t take it as cheating; he just uses the app to connect with different women because it makes them feel alive again. The excitement that the other person will reply gives them the adrenaline rush.
  • Some even commented that both their partners use such apps to get in touch with other people. This helps them to connect with one another better. 
  • One of Ashley Madison members is not divorced from his wife but lives separately, and he has joined the app just because he misses the intimacy. And he finds it here.
  • Relationships are complicated, one said. Even if he knows that he is cheating on his current partner, but modern-day marriages are nowhere the same as the old ones. Everyone is on a mission, and that is disturbing. 
  • One of the members said that he is not looking for a perfect relationship. He has understood that fairy-tale stories work only in cinemas. He is here because other people join the site with a similar viewpoint, which helps to feel better. 

Non-members opinion

The one common thing that most of the non-members said about Ashely Madison is that the app promoted cheating environment because the app openly claims that it is for husbands and wives who want something extra. 

So, even if someone is not thinking about cheating, they will feel tempted to do so because it is a free site to join. Thus, the promotion of a cheating environment was something, which was not acceptable by many. 

Even if most people will never meet, it will be cheating because partners will usually hide about such things. 

Website safety percentage

A few years back, Ashley Madison dating app was hacked, and that turned many lives upside down because the data was made available online with the names of the cheating husbands and wives. However, the team of Ashley Madison has tightened its security policy. 

All this happened in 2015, and 32 million cheating spouse’s data was made available online. Hence, to tighten the security policy, the platform will be made available in only a few countries. 

Right now, the site is 80% safe to use. Encryption has been added, but the security policy needs to be tightened even more so that no such leaking incident happens ever again.


  • Ashley Madison offers a reliable and satisfying customer experience only in the weekdays to their members. You can always trust their professionals if you have any queries or complaints regarding their services. You can either call their toll- free number at 1-866-742-2218 (North America). Also, you can select your region and try calling on that number.
  • Their customer care service is friendly, fast and secure where the professionals take the highest degree of measures to maintain your confidentiality and give you a satisfying experience.
  • They have a professional team of experts who answers all of your queries. You can mail them by going through this link: or you can view their FAQs by going on this link:

Final Verdict

Ashley Madison is possibly the best dating platform that ever existed and provides great options to people who are in for some hookups or rather seeking an affair.

Ashley Madison has got some of the easiest to use layout, making a lot simpler for you to navigate and find whatever or whoever you are in search of. Furthermore, there are options for availing a paid membership and the opportunity to meet millions of users.

Besides this, the customer service team is always geared up to provide quality assistance for any member questions or concerns. We would recommend Ashley Madison so that you can check this place and see who you may meet.

In the Last…

After discussing a lot of features and benefits with some shortcomings as well, we have arrived at the end of a detailed review for Ashley Madison, one of the most renowned online dating websites in the world.

Do tell us how your experience was by commenting down here and tell us if you want us to review any other dating site or an adult one for you, send us your queries and we will surely take care of that. It was a great time, and we will see you again in a while.   

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