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10+ Ways to make Penis Thick and Longer Naturally

There has been a hype created in the society that only men who have a big penis can satisfy women or women only judge men on their penis size or they like only those men who have a big penis which is not true.

The porn industry is also the main reason behind this perception and most men think that this is true.

In science, there has been a specific term for those people who constantly think that they have a small penis size, which is penis dysmorphia. 

In this blog, we are going to discuss what is the ideal size of a penis, does penis size matters to your partner, and the ways to increase your penis size naturally.

So stick till the end and get all the detailed knowledge about penis enlargement.

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how to make pennis thicker and longer naturally (2022) [100% WORKING]

What is the cause of Micropenis? 

There are various causes of micropenis before the birth of an infant the male genitals develop due to the hormone called androgen and if the body doesn't produce enough androgen or doesn't respond normally to androgen production then it may cause Micropenis which is also called Microphallus.

Certain medical conditions that affect the hypothalamus or pituitary gland both play the main role in hormone production also responsible for micropenis.

Another reason for Micropenis is the removal of prostate glands in males also called a prostatectomy. After this surgery, it has been seen that penis size has been shortened. 

According to one study among 124 men who have undergone surgery many of them have seen a decrease in their penis length. Another reason for Micropenis could be Peyronie's Disease. 

Understand if you have a small penis or not? 

Most men think that they have a small penis but just thinking is not a correct option you have to understand it scientifically. After successfully examining penises of around 15000 people scientists came to the conclusion that only men who have 1.6 to 2 inches when flaccid or less than 3 inches will have to increase penis size.

If you have  3 inches or more than 3 then your penis is not small your size is perfect. Most of the men don't measure the size correctly and think that they have a small penis size. 

The correct way to measure your penis size is you should take measurements from its upper side where it connects to the body to the tip of the penis and if you want to measure the thickness of the penis then measure from the middle of the shaft.

Most men think that their penis size is small but it's not the case according to a study done by Statistics Palmer most adult men have penis size are within about half an inch of 5.24 inches.

And you don't have to worry about your penis size. According to one survey, 90% of women are not concerned about their partner's penis size. 85% of women are satisfied with the penis size of their partner.


Ways to Increase the Penis Size

Despite all the above statistics and facts, if you think that you have a small penis size and want to increase it then we have mentioned the best ways to increase your penis size. 

  • Practise Kegel Exercises

Kegel exercises have been proven effective and one of the best ways to increase penis size. By following the below steps you have to kegel exercise for an increase in penis size. 

  • Lay on the floor and keep your hands flat on the floor. Bent knees comfortably pointing upwards
  • In the next step try to draw your penis inward and hold for five then release. 
  • In the third step try to squeeze your anus like you are trying to stop bowl moment hold for five seconds and then release it. 
  • Repeat the second and third steps 8 to 10 times and do 3 to 5 sets of this exercise.
  • Medical Grade Vaccum Pump

A vacuum pump is also referred to as a penis pump used by men to treat erectile dysfunction. Medical grade penis pump helps men by successfully increasing the profusion of blood in the penis.

This will help men who during intercourse to increase the size and girth of the penis. Although it is popular for treating erectile dysfunction it is also helpful for the enlargement of penis size and girth.

According to a study done by a team of researchers of Tehran University of Medical Sciences on 37 men to know whether this device helps in penis lengthening or not and they got some positive results. 

  • Jelqing

At first, Jelqing seems like masturbation but it is not. Jelqing is a penis stretching method that is effective if done correctly. It has been also seen that it is effective for men who are suffering from Peyronies disease.

Many studies have been proven that penis stretching exercise is an ideal exercise to increase your penis size and girth naturally. 

  • Steps To Do Penis Stretching Exercise

  • Before starting, ensure that your penis is in a semi-erect state.
  • Then apply Jelqing Lubricant to your hand.
  • Form an OK gesture with your Thumb and Index finger without adding much pressure.
  • Keep your semi-erect penis shaft in the circle and grip your penis base for 20 to 30 seconds. 
  • Tight the circle and apply some pressure on the shaft
  • In milking motion stroke the shaft of your penis slowly and relieve the pressure only when you are getting towards the head and tip of the penis. 
  • Repeat the same process for 20 minutes.
  • Lose Weight

Most men think that they have a short penis because they measure only that part of the penis which is visible to them. But the base of the penis starts from the pubic bone held by the suspensory ligament so due to fat on your body you can't see the base of the penis.

Scientists use a specific term for this situation: a buried penis. If you shed some weight the chances are higher that you will see a larger penis for that you have to start doing some workout and also have to change your diet pattern. 

  • Topical Creams and Lotions

Lotions and skin creams are also one of the best options to enhance your penis size or erection while having sex because it has certain components included in it that increase the flow of blood in the penis vessels and it will also help with premature ejaculation.

The most common components that are used in lotions or topical creams are alprostadil and L- arginine. L - arginine is a naturally occurring amino acid in the human body and helps to widen the size of blood vessels and helps to better blood flow.

Alprostadil is mostly used in the gels because it helps to stimulate the smooth muscles in the penis that resulted in the erection and some length increase. 

  • Penis Sleeves

Penis sleeves are also referred to as penis extender, penis sheath, penis enhancer, external penis prosthetic, or cock sleeve. It is nothing but a type of sex toy that most men use to increase their penis size or girth.

This toy is made of latex, silicone, or rubber so that it will feel like the original penis and will be helpful for your partner during penetration and orgasm. 

For multiple reasons men use penis sleeves like for the large penis illusion, some use it for managing erectile dysfunction without any use of medication, some use it to increase stamina because if you wear it sensation muted which resulted in long-time sex. 

  • Trim Your Pubes

The benefit of trimming your pubic hair is that it looks like your penis size has increased from last night although it won't be physical it makes you feel like that if you have a small penis size.

According to one research conducted by the University of California, San Francisco most men shave their pubic hair because they wanted to look good during oral sex with their partner.

Removal of pubic hair opens up your penis and gives an illusion of a bigger penis. So this is also one of the ways to increase your penis size naturally indeed this won't add any size physically but will give you a feel so that you will feel confident in front of your partner. 

  • Reduce Stress and Meditate

Stress can also affect the size of your penis because due to negative feelings blood can flow from the penis which resulted in low blood in the penis and can cause small size or erectile problems another reason for the small penis size is can be sexual performance anxiety.

That is why you should reduce your stress also do meditation that can be helpful for your good sex life and larger penis size as a positive feeling flow more blood in the body. 

  • Penoscrotal Rings

Indeed penoscrotal rings are not proven as effective in improving erection in everyone but still, it has shown some great benefits in individuals. The penis ring fits on the base of the penis and applies pressure on the surrounding area.

Due to this pressure, blood vessels that carry blood out of the penis squeezes and blood leaves the penis more slowly.

One of the major causes of erectile dysfunction is your body can not supply enough blood to your penis to keep it erected penis will help to trap the blood in the penis and keep it erect for a longer time and increase the amount of blood in the penis this will help to keep your penis erect and also increase size. 

  • Botulinum Toxin

Botox is a bacterial toxin called botulinum that erases wrinkles by preventing the nerve impulse due to which muscle contracts. This toxin is even helpful for erectile dysfunction both psychological and psychogenic.

It is also useful for those men who are not getting desired results from other treatments or drug therapies. Botox mechanism is the best option to give you an erection although it can block the neurotransmitter norepinephrine which prevents blood flow it doesn't obstruct the release of nitric acid because it is most important for erection.

It relaxes the smooth muscle of the penis and allows the blood to flow into it which causes an erection. 

  • Make use of Penis Extenders

This device increases your penis size by putting your penis under tension through stretching and it is also known as a traction device.

According to studies, it has given positive results, and also you can wear this device under clothing. In one study it has been seen that daily use of a penile extender for continuous four months can increase your penis length by .71 inches and in some cases, the result is up to 1.2 inches. 

  • Penis Enlargement Surgery

If you are looking for the best and most reliable option for your penis enlargement surgery would be the best option you can choose. Doctors use different methods for this that we have mentioned below. 

  • Injections

You may know about the fillers injected in the beauty industry into the lips for cosmetic aesthetics this same principle doctor uses in case of penis enlargement.

Surgeons inject temporary fillers like Juvederm or Restylane and in some cases, they also inject platelet-rich plasma for better blood circulation. But in this process, you have to take special care so that get desired result otherwise the shape of the penis can be uneven. 

  • Implants

This procedure is similar to a breast implant in which silicon blocks have been added to your penis for thickness. As this procedure has fewer complications after surgery so it has the approval of the US Food and Drug Administration. 

  • Enlargement Surgery

The surgery of enlargement depends on your requirements whether you want to increase size or want thickness. Both procedures have some kind of risk but if done properly can be successful.

  • Lengthening Surgery

Surgery is the easiest way for a larger penis. In this surgery, the suspensory ligament would be cut down so that your penis hangs in a lower position from your body and it seems larger. 

  • Thickness Surgery

In this surgery, the doctor adds fat to the penis so that it will be more engorged. The doctor cut the skin and layer it on the penis so that it looks thicker. 

  • Side effects of Surgery

Despite lots of precaution, it may cause various side effects on your body which may include:

  1. Surgery can make your penis unattractive if fillers didn't inject properly. 
  2. Break of Implant
  3. You may face unintentional injury during recovery.
  4. Infection and disease risk is high. 
  5. Penile sensation loss in some patients with sexual stimulation. 
  • Blood Flow supplements

The stronger erection will make your penis larger and for this, you can take various blood flow supplements. Viagra (Sildenafil) and Cialis are FDA-approved drugs used for blood flow and stimulating penis erection.

You can also use various natural components that will help you in the same way without any side effects. 

However, you can also take some pills that contain natural supplements and vitamins which enhance blood flow to your penis and help for the larger size.

But while taking pills to ensure that it doesn't have any other synthetic elements that will harm your body in another way.

Final Words

Since we are living in an age where every information is available at a single touch but the information you are getting doesn't need to be true or appropriate for you.

That is why with in-depth research we have compiled the best way to increase your penis size. You can try any one way which you may think is suitable for you. 


  • What is an Average Penis Size?

You will not believe it, but it has been studied by scientists, and the average length of the penis when it erects is 5.1 inches. Most men think that their penis is small and their partner will not satisfy with their size but it is not true. According to a study most women are satisfied with the penis size of their partner. So hereafter you don't have to worry about your penis size.

  • What is the best and proven way to get a Longer Penis?

In the above blog, we have mentioned the best ways to get a longer penis however the proven ways include weight loss, shaving of pubic hair, use of a penile extender, and kegel exercise. Apart from this, you can also take the help of surgery, dermal fillers, etc. This will help you to increase your penis size. 

  • Does Stretching Your Penis Work?

It depends on the method you use for stretching according to doctors' jelqing technique penis stretching won't help you much in an increase in your penis size and it can lead to a curved penis. A better option than jelqing is a penis extender which stretches the penis tissue to increase the size of the penis. In some studies, it has been proven that a penile extender is effective in increasing your penis size.

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