Best Exercises for the Penis Enlargement and Girth

Have you heard people, especially women, say that their boyfriend’s size is big? In fact in porn also we see that special importance is given to the length of the Penis. Many of the top male performers in Porn are having long penises.

 The term “Big Black Cock” which is also sometimes called BBS in sex talks has become very famous only because it promotes a big penis. But is it really necessary to have a big penis? What should be the length and girth of the penis to make your partner satisfied? What is the good length and girth of your penis? All these questions will be answered in this article. 

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How to increase Girth Size fast at home: Girth Exercises

What is Penis Stretching? 

Just like you have different exercises for enhancing the different body parts in your gym; the penis also has different exercises and it is done to enhance the length. Although you will find many research papers explaining that what matters is girth, not the length; but the way length is imagined and talked about everywhere, it is indeed a psychological factor.

Sex is a lot about psychology too. Therefore, let’s look at some exercises for length:

a.) Penis Pump Exercise

This exercise is done with the help of a pump designed for stretching the penis. It is mainly suggested to men suffering from erectile dysfunction. The pump when attached to the penis takes only a few minutes to bring you to the orgasm. You will feel like your penis is inside a vagina because it is made of such material.

How to Use: You simply need to apply lubricant first on your penis provided by the manufacturer or you can have a different lubricant that you like. After this attach the pump and turn it on.

It will give you a real orgasm and finally, that will lead to enhancing the length if done regularly.

b.) Jelqing Exercise

This exercise is based on the simple logic of creating micro-tears in the tissues and then allowing them to be filled with scar tissues. The general concept is that you stretch the body part to a certain extent so that the tissues are broken and then in the healing process the overall size will increase. The same is done with the penis too; it is stretched using your hand and then released. 

How to do it: First of all a lubricant is required to be applied so that irritation can be avoided. After this, you need to put your hand on the bottom of the penis and then stretch it upward.

End the stretching just before the penis head. Repeat this step until you get ejaculated. The frequency of the exercise is once a day.

c.) Stretching Exercise

Just like Jelqing, Stretching is also done to enhance the penis length as well as girth. In Jelqing also you put some pressure on your penis and then release the pressure. The same activity is done in Stretching too. The only difference is in Jelqing you use your palm but in Stretching, you use only your thumb and index fingers. Due to the use of fingers, this exercise is very helpful in enhancing the girth and thus helps make your girl reach actual orgasm.

A bigger length of your penis looks good in the hands of your girl or inside her mouth but when it comes to entering into her vagina, girth will do the actual job and thus you must try Jelqing and Stretching. 

How to do: Put appropriate lubricant on your penis and then catch it from your thumb and index fingers only. Move your fingers from bottom to top and then reverse. Remember that you won’t have to ejaculate and the longer you do it better result you get. You are required to do it for 20 minutes a day.

 If you keep your fingers below your penis head, it will be easier for you to survive for 20 min. In case you ejaculate before 20 minutes, you can give it a rest for 5 – 7 minutes and then start again.

d.) Kegel Exercise

Kegel exercise is very different and highly technical. It’s not difficult to do it but understanding it is very essential. It will not only help you in penis enlargement but will also help you in other issues related to urine leakage and bowel control. This helps in making your muscles stronger and is useful for both men and women.

 It can be done anywhere anytime – great isn’t it? You can do Kegel when you are sitting or lying down; when you are eating or working in your office. 

Now you must be wondering what it is and how to do it?

Kegel is about tightening the muscles and then releasing them. You simply need to behave like you have to urinate and then you are trying to hold it. It is very important to know which muscles to be tightened. When you go to urinate, after a few drops just hold it; now you will find that some of your muscles are tightened, these pelvic floor muscles. If you feel them tightened and moved up; your exercise is done. 

How to do: Wherever you are, sitting in your office or lying down, tighten your pelvic floor muscles and hold for 3 – 5 seconds. Then, release it and wait for 3 – 5 seconds and repeat 10 times.

 Do this 10 times a day to get better results. It’s easy and does not require any special arrangement. 

Massage Exercise

Massage is the most common exercise done to relax. You give a shoulder massage or a foot massage to relax your shoulder or foot, similarly, you can massage your penis to make it relax, and gradually it will help you in penis enlargement. All the exercises discussed above except Kegel are also massage exercises only.

The biggest advantage of massage is that you increase the blood circulation of the penis and thus enhance your sexual performance. 

How to do: Since the penis is your very sensitive part, you need to be very careful while massaging it. Just apply a lubricant and massage gently for 10 – 15 minutes daily. It will help you with strong ejaculation too.

Manual Exercises for Girth

The above-discussed exercises are mainly focused on enhancing the length of the penis. However, as already said in the article; it’s your girth that creates a bigger impact. Therefore, the following are some manual exercises that you should perform for enhancing your girth. 

 Put the required lubricant on the penis and ensure that you have pulled the foreskin back before you start. Now, you simply need to grasp the head of the penis and stretch it upward and hold it for 10 seconds. Do the same activity in a downward direction too. After this, take your penis head towards the left direction for 10 seconds and then to the right direction for the same time. Do it twice a day for 10 minutes. 

Exercise 2: It is about creating tension at the bottom of your penis so that it finally leads to enhanced girth and length. You are required to catch the glans of the penis and stretch it upward. After this use your second hand and put your thumb at the base and push down from your second hand.

It will create some tension at the base; hold it for 10 seconds and then release. Do the same activities for left and right directions too while putting the pressure on the base in alternate directions. You need to do this exercise twice a day for five minutes.  Remember that you are not required to push your glands in the backward direction.

Exercise 3: You need to use the thumbs of both hands in this exercise. Hold your penis with the thumbs of both hands and keep your other fingers beneath the shaft for support. While holding it with your thumbs you ensure that the nails of both thumbs are touching. Once you have grabbed it correctly, pull the skin of your penis backward toward the base and hold it for 10 seconds. Relax and then repeat it for five minutes daily.

You can do this exercise even if you ejaculate partially. Most important thing is that you ensure that blood circulation of the penis is not impacted.

Exercise 4: In this one also you are required to use both hands but in a different way. In the previous one you were holding it with both thumbs, but here you will hold your penis completely with one hand just below the head and the other hand will be on the base holding the penis. Now, you need to put pressure in both directions – away from the body with the hand below the head and towards the body with the hand on the base.

You keep this pressure for 10 seconds and practice it twice a day for five minutes. 

Benefits of the Penis Exercise

There are various benefits that you can get out of these penis exercises but as we all know that to get the benefit of an exercise we need to do it correctly.

  1.  If you are doing bench press for your chest but incorrectly; it will harm you rather than any benefits. The same goes with the penis exercises too. You do not want to harm your penis because it’s not only yours but it’s of your girl too and therefore you need to take care of it.
  1. These exercises will not only improve the girth of the penis but also will help you in other sexual benefits such as improved virility and duration; enhanced power; improved ejaculation and orgasm along with volume; sperm cell production will also be enhanced. 
  2. These days many males are facing such issues as low sperm count; less duration in the bed; low power and therefore not being able to satisfy their partner.
  3. These exercises will certainly help them in achieving these goals. Not only in sexual performance but also other issues these exercises will help you such as relief from the loin pain due to constipation. It will also improve the function of the urinary nervous system.
  4.  Apart from all these benefits, the most important benefits are enhanced length and girth. However, many studies suggest that it gives only a certain enhancement to your length and girth and not a very big difference you will be able to see. Why most of these exercises do not work is discussed further.

Why does most penis enlargement not work?


Before you look for reasons why these exercises do not work; you need to understand what it means to work. If you are looking to increase the length from 4 inches to 8 inches so that you can perform a deep throat; then it will not work for you.

Studies have found that in some cases the penis length has increased by around 1 – 1.5 cm. These exercises work when you are clear with the goal that you want better ejaculation, more power, long duration, and satisfaction. Also, the length and girth may get enhanced by around 1 – 1.5 cm. 

Why it does not work is because first of all an exercise can enhance the length and girth only when the body part is made of muscles. However, the penis is not made of muscles but it is made of spongy tissues.

Two Spongy tissue columns are there for ensuring blood circulation at the time of erection; another spongy tissue column that contains the urethra for urinating and a final thin layer of spongy tissue that keep all the columns together.

 So, if everything is made of tissues, obviously there will be difficulty in enhancing the length. Although, at the bottom of the penis some muscles are there and if you correctly do the above exercises, you will find that the length and girth have been enhanced.

It’s better to accept your Penis Length

As already mentioned size matters only while speaking, not at the time of penetration; therefore, it is very important to know whether you need an enlargement or not. It is also found that many men consider their penis smaller because they keep on reading and watching about big dicks, however, their size is normal.


According to a study, the average size of the penis in a flaccid state is 3.61 inches and the girth is 3.66 inches. When the penis is erected the size becomes 6 inches and 5 inches respectively. Now, you can decide whether your tool is small or normal, whether you need to go for enlargement exercises or not.

The studies found that people with normal size are happy with their sex life and they do not want to enlarge it. The opposite of it has been found; people having bigger sizes were complaining of not having a very good sex experience. Yes, it’s true; if you have more than 6 inches, it creates issues for the girl inside her vagina.

Also, if she has sensitivity for 2-3 inches only, what will you do after 3 inches? It’s only going to hurt her. Apart from penetration, even if you want a blowjob, normal size will give you a better experience because ultimately you are going to get the blowjob from your girl not from a Python. 

Finally, it can be said that exercises are good but if done in the right manner. Secondly, your expectations matter. If you are expecting that after pumping, massaging, Jelqing or Kegel; your 4 inches will become 8 inches; then your expectations are wrong and these exercises are not going to work.

 But if your expectations are of enhancing the length and girth for 1- 1.5 cm and you want better erection and ejaculation; more power, better orgasm; then these exercises are certainly going to work for you.


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