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How To Make Your Penis Bigger? – Complete Guide

Men are often worried about the length, girth, or overall size of their penis. It is not just for sex purposes but they feel that a bigger penis is a sign of powerful masculinity.

However, men who have a penis of a much smaller size should be genuinely worried about their erection.

There are different male penis enhancement supplements like capsules, tablets, etc. available in the market.

You will also come across many penis extenders that exert pressure on the length and girth of your penis to make it bigger over some time.

However, the real question is whether these solutions are permanent or temporary.

how to make penis bigger?

Some men have a slightly curved penis by birth or due to some accident. The development of the penis is also a big worry if the person goes through any accident or fracture in his childhood days.

Some men are satisfied with their length but they want more girth whereas some men have enough girth but insufficient length. Penis stretching exercises are preferred by men who have issues with the length of their manhood.

Many studies have proven the fact that stretching exercises promote growth in both length and girth of the penis. However, one must not indulge in too much exercise or stretching because it can damage the penile tissues.

Some men around the world are not happy with the size of their penis because their penis does not grow to its maximum capacity due to weak erection. In such cases, the issue could be physical or due to a lack of testosterone production in the body.

Testosterone which is the male sex hormone controls the penis function and stimulates the neurotransmitters which help you to get hard and get strong erections. Proper rest and sleep, cheerful mood, healthy diet, and various other factors play an important role in determining the penis size.

Does Size Really Matter?

Therefore, if you want to see a permanent-growth in your penis size then you must focus on all the above mentioned factors.

Some stretching techniques, penis pulling exercises, and methods like mechanical pumping can sometimes be risky especially if you do not do it properly or if you do not have enough knowledge or guidance on the subject.

Stretching beyond the natural limit of your penis can also cause permanent deformation or tissue damage. They are also risky for the nervous system. Some try desperately to increase their penis size and undergo ligament surgery that increases penis size barely up to 1 inch.

Penis enlargement surgeries are not good for your overall sex life and they can decrease your penis size in the long run. Penis enlargement surgery usually means cutting off a ligament known as suspensory ligament.

Suspensory ligament helps us to sustain the erection at lower angles as it attaches the penis to the pubic bone. However, cutting it causes the erection to rise to a slightly higher angle. It means that you will have to support your penis while penetrating a vagina or anus.

Another method is injecting fat injections inside your penis to improve its girth. The fats are usually taken from the glutes and are introduced below the penis’s skin. However, there is a risk involved in this as fat often grows in an unstable way which can give a deformed appearance to your penis.

It may cause the penis to become dysfunctional. Some men even get olive oil injected in their penis instead of fat. However, this is even riskier as olive oil is more unstable and can even reduce the size of some tissues resulting in the smaller and deformed-looking penis.

Human muscles continue to grow at any age if we stimulate them properly with the help of a healthy diet and exercise and it applies to the penis as well. Some men might not have that much potential to grow because of the structure of the penis tissues but they can achieve some growth naturally.

Today we will discuss all the penis enlargement methods that are safe, easy, and provide great results. Here are some primary methods to begin with-

Stretching exercises

Penis stretching exercises are one of the safest methods to increase the penis size naturally. This is because they do not have any harmful effects and you may end up adding some girth and length to your penis. Follow these steps to learn how to stretch a penis manually:

  • Hold the glans i.e. head of your penis firmly.
  • Stretch your penis by pulling it in the upward direction. Do this for at least 10 to 15 seconds.
  • Now, you should stretch your penis in the left direction for another 10 to 15 seconds. After that, repeat the same procedure in the right direction.
  • You can keep stretching your penis in all the three directions for up to 7 minutes. For maximum gains, do this exercise routine for at least two times a day.

Let us look at another penis stretching method now.

  • Hold your penis’s head firmly and stretch it in the upward direction. Put pressure on the root of your penis by pressing it with your fingers simultaneously. Maintain this posture for at least ten seconds.
  • Now, stretch the penis in the left direction and once again apply pressure on your penis’s roots. Repeat the procedure in the opposite direction.
  • Do all these positions for up to 3 minutes. You can do this exercise twice a day for achieving the best results.

O-massage technique 

  • This stretching technique has helped many men to achieve some increase in their length and girth. It is called O-massage technique because you will need to make an ‘O’ shape with your index finger and thumb first.
  • After that, insert your penis in the 'O' till your fingers touch your penis's base. Move the 'O' in the upward direction slowly and reduce the 'O' as you move towards the head.
  • Making the ‘O’ smaller will increase the pressure and stretch the entire length and sides of your penis. Do not put too much pressure as it can cause pain.
  • Do this exercise only once a day but ensure that you do it up to half-an-hour.

However, you will have to take some precautions while stretching your penis. These precautions are:

  • Stretch your penis only when it is flaccid.
  • Do not overdo these exercises as they can cause pain and injury.
  • Consult a sex expert or doctor if you are facing any issues or discomfort. You can also ask them whether you can increase the frequency of a particular stretching exercise.
  • Do not forget to rest your back on the support of a solid surface while performing these stretching exercises.
  • Stop immediately if you feel sudden pain or discomfort.

Now let us see some mechanical penis stretching exercises.

Mechanical pumps

Though penis pumps are not as popular as other penis extending devices like penis extenders or penis enlargement supplements, they are quite effective if used properly.

It is mostly used by those men who are dealing with erectile dysfunction. 

However, it is also useful for men who want to perform better in the bed or people who are not satisfied with their erections.

It improves your erection and makes your penis appear big temporarily. 

There are two types of mechanical pumps that are trending in the market viz. air pumps and water pumps. Let us take a look at both of them separately:

4.X4 Labs Male Power Air Vacuum Pump

Air Pumps

Air Pump is also called a vacuum pump because it creates a vacuum to pull or stimulate the penis.

It comprises of a plastic tube that has to be fitted on your penis. The tube attached to a pump is powered by batteries. The tube is manually operated and creates enough vacuum to pull the penis for stimulated blood flow.

It results in a rock hard erection which is maintained with the help of a ring made of rubber. This rubber ring is integrated inside the tube to block the blood in the penis.

Water Pumps

Water Pumps are similar in design but they use the power of water instead of suction to stretch your penis. Many men prefer water pumps over air pumps because water decreases the pain and discomfort that is associated with stretching especially when you use warm water.

Water pumps exert pressure evenly on all the sides and do not compress your penis as the air pumps do. Moreover, it causes less tissue damage since you do not have to pump it frequently to maintain the pressure.

However, men who do not like the wet feeling that water gives might prefer air pumps than water pumps.

How effective are the manual pumps?

Manual penis pumps are designed to work on your penis’s tissues and regular use will give positive results to the users. These penis pumps, especially the water pumps are often promoted as penis enlargement devices because they give an overall boost to the size of your penis.

However, you must note that the effects of penis pumps are temporary. It is more like a weight training exercise that helps you to achieve big muscles but you lose them quickly if you do not exercise regularly. The overuse of penis pumps is not recommended because they might damage your penile muscles.

The damage might be temporary but even temporary can be a cause of great concern for men who have sensitive penile muscles and tissues. Also, the gains achieved by pumps vanish quickly. There are many risks associated with the usage of pumps. Some of these risks are as follows:

  • Many men have a sensitive penis and constant pumping can damage their penile muscles seriously. Such men should consult a doctor before using penis pumps because it can affect the performance and functionality of their penis.
  • Even injuries can occur in men who are dealing with skin issues or any other health problem. Men who are anaemic or dealing with any other blood disorder can bleed or blood clots can be developed on their penis.
  • Men who take drugs and over-the-counter medicines like aspirin which causes thinning of blood should also avoid using these pumps.

Things that you can consider before purchasing penis pumps:

  • Penis pumps might not cure your ED i.e. Erectile Dysfunction completely but it can be used simultaneously with other treatments and medications to achieve faster results.
  • Men who do not have any severe health, skin, and blood issues can benefit from penis pumps by limiting their usage. The penile muscles need rest to recover from minor ruptures and tears that are caused by stretching.
  • Men can undergo physical tests or exams by visiting a specialist in sexual issues or sexologist. You can select the right penis pump for you after doing a complete analysis of the pumps for your penis.
  • You can choose a safe and reputed penis pump that has enough reputation in the market for achieving faster results.
  • Some people have also reported a feeling of numbness or coldness after using these pumps.
  • If the inner ring of the penis pump is tight or hard, it can damage the penile tissues and your penis might also turn blue. You must not go for higher pressures especially if you are using vacuum pumps.
  • Choose a penis pump that comes with a ring size that suits your penis’s girth.
  • You might have to shave the areas near your dick’s base as the hairs can get stuck inside the ring during pumping action.

Penis extenders

Like pumps, penis extenders are also mechanical devices that stretch your penis using traction. They are used for increasing the girth and length of a penis without any surgery.

They usually have metal rods with screws attached to them which can be used to increase or decrease the traction. They also come with a safety cap that protects your penis.

How do they work?

The penis extenders are usually fitted on both the ends i.e. base and head i.e. glans of a penis. The traction mechanism works across the length i.e. shaft of your penis.

They have adjustment screws or rings that can be used to adjust the force that is applied vertically across your penis’s shafts. 


As a result, small ruptures and damages are caused in the penile tissues due to constant pressure and expansion of tissues. Your penis repairs itself while you take rest and builds more cells and tissues for growing your penis size.

Some penis extenders are designed to be used discreetly as their compact size allows men to wear them inside their trousers and pants. However, not all penis extenders are that small in size and you cannot wear skin-tight jeans or trousers while using them.


  • Noticeable growth in overall size is seen after using them for a particular period.
  • Penis extenders work on the basic principle of cell multiplication. Therefore, their results are more permanent as compared to penis pumps.
  • Sophisticated penis extenders are being used these days which are made from softer and safe materials.

For example, Phallosan Forte is a penis extender that does not use metallic rods or screws to stretch the penis.

Instead, it uses vacuum cups and balls to increase and decrease the pressure on the shaft.

Thus, it is not only more comfortable but also safer than traditional penis extenders.

  • Some penis extenders like the Phallosan Forte can be used during the night as well. However, for that, you need to be careful about your sleeping positions.
  • Penis extenders are designed to be used discreetly. You will have to keep wearing it for a few hours every day to get the desired results quickly.
  • Many companies that manufacture penis extenders provide a hundred per cent money-back guarantee if you do not achieve the desired results.
  • Penis extenders not only enlarge your penis but also increase the blood flow in your penis. It also reduces symptoms of erectile dysfunction to some extent.
  • Some penis extenders like the ProExtender and Phallosan Forte are also used to heal curved or slightly bent penis.
  • Some penis extenders like the ProExtender and Phallosan Forte are also used to heal curved or slightly bent penis.


  • Overuse of penis extenders can cause damage in your penile tissues. These damages are mostly temporary but some penis extenders can also cause permanent issues.
  • For permanent results, you will have to wear a penis extender for at least six months or more. Some penis extenders work too slowly and you have to wear them up to 10 hours a day for achieving quicker results.
  • If you stop using the penis extender after a few months, your achieved gains can vanish.
  • Penis extenders are not lifelong solutions for a bigger penis unless you use them regularly.
  • Penis extenders can be quite costly and therefore, some men might not be able to afford them.

Male enhancement supplements

Many men prefer male enhancement supplements these days because they help them to achieve growth naturally and more safely.

They are mostly available in the form of pills or capsules.

They not only increase the size of your penis but also enhance your sexual stamina and libido. Natural MESs are available these days which have few or no side effects.

These natural supplements are mostly made from natural ingredients like aphrodisiacs and herbs that solve many sexual issues at once.

They not only improve your penis’s size but also help you to achieve stronger erections. 

progentra supplements

Men who are dealing with premature ejaculation or weak orgasm can also consume these supplements to improve the quantity, quality, and retention capacity of their semen. It is also ideal for older and middle-aged men who aren't capable of producing enough testosterone in their bodies.

Male enhancement pills lie VigRX, ProSolution, Extenze, etc. are made completely of natural ingredients. They do not contain any chemicals and have negligible side effects. Enhancement supplements are cheaper than penis extenders or similar penis extending tools that are available in the market.

Disadvantages of male enhancement supplements

Overdose of male enhancement supplements can cause irritation, pain, or a feeling of restless in your crotch area. Many men have even complained about issues like nausea, heart diseases, etc. after consuming these supplements.

Enhancement pills which are made from natural ingredients work slow as compared to the chemical or steroid-based supplements. Therefore, the users have to be patient and wait for months or even years in some cases to witness any visible growth

Some enhancement pills cause some difficulty while swallowing because of their large size.

Final verdict

These were some of the techniques that you can use to elongate your manhood as per your expectations. However, we do not recommend you to use these methods and techniques unless you have a really small dick.

The penis stretching exercises are best because there are no risks or side effects attached to it. Simply by eating healthy food and improving your sleeping habits to achieve natural, strong, and harder erections and work on a few stretching exercises to achieve your desired length.

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