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5 Best Sex Toys for Teen Girls

Not long ago, completely new types of sex toys became available. These are small toys that adult cams stars use in their videos. The main distinctive feature of these toys is that the vibration and its power are not controlled by the girl, but by the man who is watching her.

These sex toys are tuned so that the chat user has the ability to influence the speed and duration of vibrations. The fun begins when several users try to influence the vibration at the same time. This makes sense because the girl earns more in this way.

Moreover, these sex toys are capable of reacting to tokens (the electronic currency in sex web chats). You can set the range in which the vibrator will vibrate and the force of vibration - the client pays, and the toy vibrates harder or weaker, depending on how many tokens were passed.

There are different toys of this type available. So girls who work as models are faced with a choice of which sex toy to choose. These are the favorites of our stars of teen cams.


Lovense is very pleasant to the touch, because it is covered with the most delicate hypoallergenic silicone. The beautiful hot pink color is impossible to take your eyes off.

Waterproof abilities don't really matter in a chat; however, it can matter if you use the toy in your real life sometimes. A feature of the toy that does matter in a chat is vibrating to the beat of the surrounding sounds. The Wearables app makes it possible. As you can guess, the louder the sound, the stronger the impact.

It is important that the toy has an anatomical shape. It is about ten centimeters long, with a 12-cm tail. The thick part that is inserted into the vagina has a special protrusion, which stimulates the G-spot. When the vibrator is inside, the protrusion should touch the anterior wall of the vagina. The Vibro egg is only 3 cm in diameter, it does not slip out and does not interfere with movement.

And finally, another important advantage of Lovense Lush Bullet is its powerful vibration. A very powerful motor is located inside the tiny toy. It is stronger than other, larger vibrators. At the same time, it can vibrate in a new way every time. Using an application, you can change the rhythm and strength of the vibrations. And you can also create your own templates.


This sex device can be connected to a webcam video chat to set the token ranges to which HUSH inside the model's body will respond with vibrations of varying degrees of intensity.

The form is very convenient for insertion - the plug expands gradually, which helps avoid painful sensations. A special stop will prevent too deep penetration.

The material the LOVENSE HUSH is made of is very delicate and hypoallergenic.


Another popular Lovense toy is the Nora New. This vibrator stimulates several intimate areas at the same time: the clitoris, the vagina, and the entrance to the vagina with special beads moving inside the vibrator.

This sex toy provides three modes with different intensities.


This is another vibrating egg similar to Lovense Lush. It is distinguished by its beautiful purple color and the LED in the antenna. It flashes to the beat of the vibration, helping the partner better see how the sex toy is working. The tail is flexible. The shape is suitable for any woman, does not interfere with movements, and does not slip out even with active actions.


Let's not forget about the traditional silicone dildos that every model on teen cams has in stock. The girl will select the size of the toy in accordance with her preferences and capabilities. Don’t insist on using the hugest dildo if she’s not into it - it will please neither you nor the model.

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