How to Find Your G-Spot in 2 Minutes [w/ Video Guide] (2020)

G spot is a magical part in a woman whose stimulation gives a woman the ride of her lifetime.

The G spot is such a part of the body which varies from woman to woman. You may feel like you found your g spot but do not be hundred per cent sure.

You should not be hundred per cent sure because G spot is a part of your body which has not been identified as real by science and its researchers.

While the research on G spot started as early as the 1960s, the research from 2012 says there is no specific body part called the G spot on people’s body.

How to Find Your G-Spot in 2 Minutes

However, do not let it disappoint you because you can find G spot on your body with some exploration of your own. The exploration session can start with a dildo or sensual slow sex time with your lover.

Remember G spot is a small magical place on your vaginal wall inside which provides you with intense orgasmic pleasure in the event of proper stimulation.

Like men, women too have sexual urges and it is completely normal to think of new ways of pleasuring oneself. Also, not all women have partners and even if they do, their partners might not be able to satisfy them completely. 

Therefore, there is no harm in exploring the sensitive areas of their body while masturbating. It is fun to masturbate with the partner’s assistance as well and stimulating G-spot can be the most exciting thing. 

As a result, there is no need to be shy or ashamed of yourself if you too feel like experimenting with different techniques to stimulate the G-spot. If you have confusion about masturbation then you can read this article that provides all the guidelines and tips on female masturbation.

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TIP: the best way to stimluate your G-spot is to get external help of a sex toy, and this is where i will highly recommend getting a dildo and vibrator.

So, girls try hitting on the different spot in your vagina with his dick or your handy dildo to begin searching for the magical blood tank inside which can take you to next dimension. 

The nerves on this mysterious part are highly sensitive and fills up with more blood, and you will find extra sensitivity on this part of your body.

While you might be stimulated and horny by his chiselled abs or his dick or bite on the earlobe, don't search for g spot because the vagina is your sexual pleasure part.

How to Locate the G-Spot

The search for you freaking G Spot is not as easy as it seems because some never find it while they still have orgasms from sex with their partners. We want you to walk through slowly in this article to find the best tips for applying while searching for your sweet spot.

Thus, ladies keep these essential things in your mind while you are on a mission for its search.

Advice #1 Get Sensual and Horney

You need to get sensual and horny before you can find your sweet spot. You don't see the blood rushing in a penis unless your man is aroused in it, right. It's the same thing with you g spot; it also won't get excited unless it’s filled in with blood. The blood is filled in the place only when you are aroused.

Try getting yourself horny with full honesty and dedication before you insert the handy dildo penetrates your vajajay woman.

Tips to Get in the Mood for Sex

Advice #2 "Feel" for the G-Spot

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The blood may be filled in the area of G Spot after you aroused. However, you won't get a great orgasm or sensation until and unless you can find and hot on it. The spot will be filled with blood and start raising itself. While you are digging deep down in the canals of your vagina, you will feel a certain part raised up.

The raised part is your G Spot, and you need to keep it registered in your memory. There are very few women who have a large G Spot; it means a large portion of their wall is raised with piling blood. However, not many woman are so lucky to have a large patch of vagina fill up with blood.

The raised part may be smaller than size of fingernails for some. Thus, feel every small part of vagina which you feel like raising to find your heavenly sweet spot.

Advice #3 Avoid Smooth Vaginal Areas


The vagina is a very smooth canal in your body to offer easy insertion of your guy's dick or your favorite dildo. The search for g spot is not smooth, and it is actually bumpy as hell, and you will encounter lots of it in your search for G Spot.

Close to your bladder area inside your vagina, you will find a bumpy area where the G Spot is present for most because it is the areas where the blood rushes in higher quantity. Thus, ladies avoid the smooth spot and dive deep down inside your body to search for the very bumpy area to begin the search.

Advice #4 Rub the Clit Inside Out

Many of you may have felt the rubbing of your clit providing you with the best experiences out of sex. You only get the highest amount of sexual pleasure from clit rubbing unlike anything else. While clit simulation takes a lot of time to orgasm than a guy's quick orgasm.

You may be surprised to find that the G Spot exists inside the inner portion of those vaginal walls from some ladies. The inner wall of the clitoris can only be stimulated when something enters your vagina. Thus, try stimulating the inner side of the clitoris to check if it's the G Spot of your sexy body.

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Advice #5 The Walnut Texture Patch

Maitland Ward

The walnut textured patch behind your urethral sponge is where G spot exists from some woman. Thus, do not forget to hit those patch with anything which enters your body honey. The patch is also an internal part of a woman’s clit which makes them high with orgasm while they are having sex.

Test for this walnut textured patch on your vagina yourself or make your guy hit the patch for you while he is bending your back in bed honey,

Best Methods and Things for Finding G-Spot

The G spot may or may not exist may still be the hot topic for debate among doctors and researchers but let them argue while we search it our self. The search for G spot is as elusive as itself, but we have some nifty tips to help you find the freaking spot.

Follow the things written below to increase your chances of finding your g spot.

Best Things for Searching the G-Spot

The things section here is dedicated to help you find the g spot as quickly as you can with the help of things used to drill your pussy. There are very things which drill your pussy, but some are better than the others for searching your freaking G Spot, honey.


The G spot is best found with your fingers because nothing is as natural as masturbation from your own part.

You can control the touch, speed and sensitivity with your fingers unlike anything else. To start searching for your g spot, you need to curl your fingers.

Use two fingers to curl and stimulate the g spot areas inside vaginal canal or the parts behind your clitoris for stimulating the heck out of your pussy.

Rub along those walls to find the raised patch or the walnut-like structure behind the back of your vaginal walls.


The dildo is another method to find out where your g spot is situated inside your body. Heck, some dildos even feel like real cock because of the material they are made out of honey.

Use the fake dick to hit on every part of those sensitive vaginal assets your mama gave to you. I buy all my dildos at lovehoney.

While you won’t be able to sense anything on the dildo like your fingers, the dildo can hit those rough walls inside the vagina which your fingers won't be able to meet.

Similarly, the dildo is not something like your guy's dick because your guy is concerned more about his orgasm than your orgasm.

Likewise, you have total control over the dildo, but you would not have control your guy's dick, honey.


The guy's dick does not vibrate, and it is painful at times to get pounded by his dick. The genius vibrators created by the genius of some brilliant mastermind rubs walls of your sweet vagina or clitoris to provide you with a constant rubbing.

The constant rubbing your vibrators provide can help you find your g spot easily. The unbearable stimulation with great pleasure happens only in one spot and the constant rubbing from vibrator can help know such spot easily.

You get tired searching it with fingers and dildo because it requires energy, but dildo will not run out of energy until the battery runs out.

I love vibrators and highly recommend them, so get one for yoruself now

Best Methods to Assure G-Spot Location

The methods here are best ways to find out the position of your g spot. The g spot cannot be found with simple and relative easy because you need to perform right set of activities to find it.

Get yourself ready to find the g spot with the following methods.


You cannot set start having orgasms when you are not in the right mood. You can only raise your G spot and rush it with blood with the right mood. To find out what sets the mood for you, you need to know the type of person you are honey.

Some ladies are turned on by flower petals on the bed seat with candlelit rooms for sex. Others are kinky women who are turned by watching porn on their bedside TV with porn DVD playing on it. You need to get yourself horny in any way possible to locate your G spot pretty.


While not many women are lucky enough to find their G spot when their guy is pounding them, but it's not completely impossible. You can find your G spot by changing different position in sex.

Why do not you try laying your hips on the additional pillow while getting fucked in doggie position? The rubbing from the hips rocking on a pillow may make your guy hit the right spot near your clitoris to locate it.

Similarly, you are master and controller of sex when you ride him laid on top. The rubbing, speed, and penetration everything is in your control while he lays flat on his back.

Thus, ladies try putting using his dick for your purposes next time you hit the bed with him.

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Words of Precaution!

You need to realize the search for G spot is a pretty daunting task, and you are going to be disappointed. It takes years for some to find their G Spot. Instead of searching for G spot deep down inside your pussies you need to try finding it close to your clitoris.

Many pieces of evidence claim the G spot is the clitoris and its elements which provide fun to a woman while masturbating or having sex. The reports from Vice claims, "there is no other part in the female body with a blood filling patch inside vaginal canals and many women stimulate the clitoris for enjoying sex".

Likewise, the walnut patch which feels up with blood while you are wet is another contender for the G spot. This part of the clitoris is going to turn you horny like you have never felt before while you hit it, but there are a few things you should keep in mind.

The walnut patch is close to urethral bladder responsible for releasing pee. You may have wet your whole bed if you stimulate the part too much while having sex with your guy honey.

G-spot Case Studies 

An article written by Eray Caliskan and Aski Ellibes Kaya suggest that women have self-reported about the existence of G-spot and it does have a close connection with their sexual functions and perception about sex.

For finding what else this article suggests you can read this article here

A 12 year old article published on Guardian suggests that women who experience vaginal orgasms usually have a thicker tissue where the G-spot is said to be located.

For exploring more details please read this blog

G-spot Case Studies

In this same article you will find that a team of doctors used ultrasound technology to monitor the vaginas of women who experienced vaginal orgasms regularly. 

After scanning their vaginas it was found that the lining of tissue that lies between urethra and vagina was thicker as compared to the same tissue lining of other women. 

Further they came to a conclusion that if a woman does not have any trace of G-spot inside her vagina might not experience a vaginal orgams ever. All these studies prove the existence of G-spot in a woman’s anatomy.

Final Thoughts

Whether or not G spot is still a debate and the article tries to summarize possible ways of finding the G Spot. It's in our best interest to help you find the G Spot which is why we have crafted this article to help you.

However, do not rely entirely on our techniques and try finding out the G spot in your way because you know your needs and your sexy body better than anyone else. The quest for G Spot is confusing, but we hope you become one of those lucky few who finds the G spot.

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