How to Cure Erectile Dysfunction FAST Naturally! (100% Working 6 Easy Steps) – 2020

If you are a guy then probably you have heard about ED which means erectile dysfunction. In layman terms, it means the men who are not able to sustain their erection while having sex are said to be suffering from ED.

It is frustrating as one has the sexual urges like everyone else, but they are not able to satisfy themselves completely or even partially.

Most of it is due to the poor health and stress management issues which men face during various stages of their lives. It not only impacts your sex life but it also has adverse effects on personal and mental levels as well. 

Erectile Dysfunction

However, the good thing is that you can get rid of erectile dysfunction quite easily if you follow some of the methods we have listed below. Today we are going to discuss the natural ways and methods that can help you to overcome this issue.

By adopting these methods, you can get yourself a new life and a fresh outlook towards sex and physical relations.

With the frequent changes in our eating habits, our body is facing specific issues. When we talk about men, erectile dysfunction is one of the most significant problems. However, with the advancement in medical Science, ED can now be cured faster.

With a mixture of herbs and plants and medical studies, it is now possible to get an erection through natural remedies. 

If you are reading this, you may wish to know more about the products that you can use to get over ED. Therefore, we will take you through the different natural remedies that will help you cure ED and have a good sex life. 

What is NOT an ED?

Before thinking about how to cure an ED first, you must be sure that you have that problem in the first place. Many people do not face with ED but have problems in keeping their body at optimal levels all the time. Such people feel a lack of energy, lack of interest and get drained out many times a week or month.

Therefore such men do feel it hard to get their penis erect and even if they manage to get it hard they are unable to sustain it. However, they can do that most of the other times, and therefore they are not facing an ED.

Such men too should take care of their health and taking health supplements, and performing exercises will be good enough for them to get back in form.

ED is quite different from fatigue and physical inability. A person who truly faces it is unable to obtain a full erection for a few weeks to months or even till years. Now let us see the types of ED men across the world are facing ED.

Some men are not able to obtain an erection at all however hard they try to get it up during sex or masturbation. These people are facing with a more severe form of ED, and they must consult a doctor who specializes in sex-related problems immediately.

Most of the men suffering from ED can get a nice and hard erection which is also good enough to penetrate a girl or women during sex. However, unfortunately, they are not able to remain hard, and it soon loses it hardness and shape.

This is a more common type of ED and can be cured much quickly if proper care and attention are received at the right time. Most of the men consider themselves to be fit and rough enough to endure anything. Though most of them might be thinking right about themselves, it is not true when it comes to sex. 

Sex is a much more complex thing than we think and therefore improper food habits, lack of sleep, over masturbating, drinking, smoking and a lot of other bad habits can easily lead you towards an ED.

Dealing with ED

Getting rid of ED is not such an easy task as you have to be patient and persistent about few things. These are the things you can do to solve this issue:

Understanding Erectile Dysfunction - What is ED?

Summary of Solutions

  • Stop watching porn movies at once. Do not even masturbate if that is possible for you to resist.
  • Eat healthy food and try to provide all the essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals to your body.
  • Involve yourselves in different exercises and do as much physical activity as you can. If possible get health supplements to boost your energy and stamina while performing the exercises.
  • Do not think too much. Keep your stress levels at a check and positively handle yourself.
  • Expose yourself to as much sunlight as you can. Get up early in the morning and have a sunbath.
  • Sleep well and if possible try to sleep a bit longer than usual.
  • All these things though not a direct cure will help you overcome ED slowly but surely.

Advice #1 Stop Getting Ejaculates

If possible stop masturbating at once for a few weeks and though it will be hard to do that for many, it will be the most effective way through which you can get your sexual prowess back.

However, for men who are not able to stop masturbating or having sex can at least avoid getting an ejaculatory orgasm. Ejaculatory orgasm means the orgasms in which you ejaculate while having an orgasm.

Some people can orgasm without ejaculating, and such people are considered to be safer from ED than others. However, some people cannot stop ejaculating while having an orgasm.

Therefore, it is advisable for such men to stop getting an ejaculatory orgasm and if they are not able to do that they must sadly stop masturbating for a few weeks.

Advice #2 Stop Watching Porn

Porn movies provide much needed sexual stimulation when we are alone, but they also lead to too much sexual stress. You also are not able to control masturbating when you are watching porn, so it is better to avoid watching adult movies and videos at once.

Too much sex on the mind can make you insensitive towards stimulation, and this limits your chances of having a full erection. Therefore, by avoiding sex movies and scenes, you get your sensitivity towards sex back, and this helps you deal with ED more powerfully.

Pleasure Man

Advice #3 Eat Healthy Food

Thinking about eating good and fresh food is a good option for those who are suffering an ED. However, just thinking would not be enough as you will have to include healthy food like fresh veggies, fruits, red meat, milk, fish and much more in your diet.

This will help your body to absorb all the essential nutrients it requires to keep it on an optimal level. This would reflect in your sex life as well, and you will be able to feel more intense arousals whenever you will come across some hot women and ladies.

At the same time, avoid junk food like pizza, burgers, cold drinks and street side food which is unhygienic and unhealthy. Completely avoid oily and fatty food as it has adverse effects on both physical and sexual health. Stop consuming alcoholic drinks and cigarettes at once.

The people who smoke, drink or do both regularly are more prone to ED than other men. Therefore, if you are indulging yourselves in these bad habits, stop them at once.

9 Erection Boosting Food

Advice #4 Exercise Regularly

To eat well, you will have to exercise regularly, and for getting fit, you will have to follow a strict exercise regime. Start your day by jogging and running. If you are not able to do both at least walk a mile or two.

This will not only improve your appetite, but it will also get you back in shape and health. After returning home, do regular push-ups and repeat them in the set of two or three.

Try stretching and warming up as much as you can before every exercise as it helps your body to get in good condition before you start working out. There is no need to do lift weights as all we are doing here is getting your arteries and veins pumped up so that they can carry the blood circulation more effectively.

The arteries that connect your penis are very thin and are prone to clogging up easily. Exercising will help them to get back in normal shape and condition which will immediately have a good effect on your erection as well.

Advice #5 Start Taking Supplements

All the nutrients cannot be obtained from food, and it is a fact that food consists of nutrients like vitamins and minerals in a complex form which cannot be absorbed easily in your bloodstream.

Therefore, eating food supplements is always a nice option to those who are facing an ED. We advice such people to take multivitamins as they contain the essential vitamins and minerals in a concentrated form which gets easily absorbed in your body.

 Vitamin D is very important to your health, and sexual energy and the most abundant source of it is sunlight. Consuming supplements also have a profound effect on your stamina and energy levels which will also help you in dealing with fatigue and other issues you face while having sex.

Therefore, you can lie down under the sun early in the morning and late in the evening before the sun starts to set. However, do not lie down in the afternoon sun as it can have adverse effects on your health and skin.

Few people are not able to get their daily dose of sunlight due to their hectic and busy schedules and duties of life. We recommend such people to take capsules and tablets of vitamin D3.

If you are facing impotency from a long period, it is better to take supplements that are directly meant to improve your sexual health.

Such supplements are available in the market, and most of them are safe and healthy to consume. However, you need to consult a doctor before consuming supplements of high power and strength.

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Read the following list and choose the right product for curing ED:

  • L-arginine: Another name for this incredible product is an amino acid. You can obtain this from a diet and give you the essential proteins. Usually, you will find it in red meat, dairy products, chicken, and fish. However, it is also obtained in the laboratory through artificial techniques and added to the medicines to treat ED. As soon as this product gets converted into a chemical in the body, it will start showing results.L-arginine initiates the release of growth hormones in the body, insulin, and other essential substances to benefit and cure ED.
  • Propionyl-L-carnitine: The second on the list is a chemical that is present in the body. The two main constituents of Propionyl-L-carnitine are acetyl-L-carnitine and L-carnitine. It is also famous as the energy booster for the human body. It initiates the efficient functioning of the heart, muscles, and other body parts. Therefore, it will increase the blood flow to every part of the body and help to cure ED. 
  • Dehydroepiandrosterone: The next product on the list has many benefits. Individually, it might not be advantageous. However, after converting it into oestradiol and testosterone, it will show incredible results. It is a hormone that you will find in the body. The exact location of this is near the kidneys and close to the liver. With age, the natural phenomenon of the body changes, and you see reduced DHEA levels. Therefore, to increase it in the body, you must start having this supplement. 
  • Ginkgo: It comes amongst the top-selling natural supplements. The extract is collected from dried green leaves and is available as capsules, tablets, and liquid extracts. Sometimes, people get stressed due to which they start facing issues like erectile dysfunction. Taking Ginkgo as a supplement will help reduce stress and perform day-to-day tasks efficiently.  
  • Ginseng: With multiple benefits, it is one of the top-selling supplements to improve sexual functioning of the body. Through the nitric oxide pathway, ginseng helps to relax the muscles of the corpus cavernosum. Therefore, if you are looking for one of the best supplements for ED, you are in the right direction. 
  • Yohimbine: Yohimbe is a famous tree found in central and western Africa. Yohimbine is a chemical that scientists use in making medicines. The main aim of this supplement is to enhance blood supply and nerve impulses in the vagina and penis. Once the right amount of blood reaches your penis, you will experience the proper erection. Therefore, people suffering from ED must add this to their lifestyle. 
  • Horny Goat weed (epimedium): It is a natural herb to cure ED. The main aim of the product is to cure ED by increasing blood flow and improving sexual functioning. It consists of a chemical named phytoestrogens that is famous as a female hormone estrogen. 

Other Oral Medications

  • Sildenafil: The fir oral medication comes in the form of liquid or tablets. Doctors recommend taking this medicine one hour before sexual intercourse. Always remember to keep a gap of 24 hours before taking Sildenafil. It is a type of Viagra that helps in ED before making-love. 
  • Tadalafil: This other medicine on the oral medication list, will help in curing erectile dysfunction. Doctors recommend you to take this orally either daily, or as the doctor recommends. You can take this medicine thirty minutes before having sex. It will give you a great sexual session and will satisfy your partner completely. 
  • Vardenafil: The medicine potentially helps to cure ED by increasing blood flow to the penis. You need to take it as directed by the doctor for the best results. The best time to consume this oral medicine is one hour before starting intercourse. 
  • Avanafil: According to medical researches, this oral medication treats erectile dysfunction naturally. It further helps to give you a better sexual experience with your partner. Consult your doctor for the dosage and get rid of ED. 
Erectile Dysfunction

Advice #5 Say Goodbye to Stress

Stressing out regularly is not a good way of leading life. It not only had adverse effects on your life and relations but it also impacts your physical and sexual health negatively. Stressing directs your energy levels to the factors that you are thinking too much about.

Therefore, your sexual organs and reproductive system receive less attention which directly jeopardises your ability to get erect and perform well while having sex. We advise you to think positively and try to remain happy as much as possible. 

Thinking positive has a direct connection with your blood circulation as it is noted that when you are feeling elated you blood flows at an optimum level at speed from all to all the parts of your body. If you are feeling too much stress, watch a comedy show or prank video and forget all the worries of your life.

Thinking will not help you to solve the issues and therefore over thinking is such a waste of time. Keep yourself engrossed in different activities and cultivate new hobbies to keep your mind and time occupied. Do not think too much about life and sex as well as it will only get you more worried.

If you follow all these things, your health will regain its original shape and form, and soon you will be able to eliminate the issue of ED from your life. However, if you are still not able to regain your full strength and stamina while having sex it is better to get advice from a doctor.

How to Fix Erectile Dysfunction FAST

Other Treatments for Erectile Dysfunction:

Penis Pumps

One of the best treatments that you will come across is the penis pump. With age and due to specific factors, men face erectile dysfunction. It means they have a problem maintaining an erection for sexual intercourse. A penis pump will be helpful to help you overcome this inability.

It is a plastic tube that you need to fix on the penis. After you do it, you need to use your hand or battery-powered pump technique and help your vital organ get the relevant blood flow. As soon as the right amount of blood reaches the part, you will see an instant erection. 

To avoid any side effects through the medications mentioned above, you can always feel free to take this treatment process. Following are the benefits of penis pump so read and select the right treatment for a longer time:

  1. 1
    The procedure is cost-effective and will give you instant results.
  2. 2
    Per the process is concerned, there is no requirement of any sought of surgeries. The medications will get inserted from the top of the penis that will further show good results.
  3. 3
    This device is simply great to get a sufficient erection for sex.
  4. 4
    With proper and efficient use, you might see variations in the future. For instance, you will see your penis get erect by itself after a few days. 

Penile Implants

The second option available for all is a penile implant. A device is placed inside the penis to help men get an erection. The ones having ED issues might not be able to satisfy their partners. The best treatment will be penile implants to overcome stress and such inabilities. 

Types of penile implants:

  • Inflatable: It is a device that inflates and deflates according to your requirements. It gets inserted into your penis to pump the fluid into the cylinders from the reservoir. Alongside this, you will release the valve into the scrotum. It will help you drain the liquid back into the storage
  • Semirigid: The second device is firm and beneficial for anyone suffering from ED. It helps to position the penis according to the requirements. You can experience upward as well as downward positions to give an erection to the penis. 

Other ways might not give you the results you have been looking for lately. Therefore, opting for penile implants will help you get better results for sexual activities. Make sure you read about the procedure first, as you will require surgery for this technique.

You need to see the risks involved and complications and then go for penile implant treatment to curing ED. 

Now, if you want to know the exact requirements, you need to take up specific tests. Firstly, you will analyze your erection problem by yourself. When you decide to take relevant measures to cure erectile dysfunction, you will need to consult the doctor. 


Besides, all the points mentioned above, the natural way to cure ED is by acupuncture. It is a traditional technique where you need to press specific points on the body to stabilize blood flow levels. When you do it correctly, you will start experiencing changes in your body. 

Following tests that you might need to present to your doctor:

  • Physical examination: It will include blood pressure testing and physically examining the penis and testicles to detect the problem. 
  • Blood Test: It consists of a CBC (complete blood count), cholesterol, triglyceride, and blood glucose. 
  • Urine Tests (urinalysis)
  • Ultrasound: You need to do a duplex doppler that passes over the penis. It will show the direction of blood flow. 
  • Psychological examination: The doctor will analyze your problems and get to know if you are ready for the treatment. In case you have issues like high blood pressure, you will get treated with medicines to stabilize reach all levels in control.
Be prepared for a full-body analysis when you choose to cure ED. 

Final Thoughts

Conclusively, You have ample of options available to cure the inability. Therefore, you can either go for natural supplements, oral medication, or other treatments for the best results. 

These were the natural ways through which you can face and reduce your issue of ED by a great extent. Tell us if you liked it and we are also waiting for your suggestions and tips you used for dealing with ED.

If you have some experiences to share you can do that also as we always welcome your feedback and suggestions.

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