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Female Fake Taxi Review

Female Fake Taxi

Female Fake Taxi is a completely plotted porn content. On this website, a hot woman comes as a taxi driver and asks a male passenger for the ride.

Once the male passenger comes inside the taxi, the woman starts horny activities to seduce the man. After that, the game begins. 


  • The content is unique and different from other website contents. 
  • The video contents are not at all short. You can enjoy full-fledged porn videos online. 


  • There is limited content on this website, which is one of the most significant drawbacks. 
  • There are no blogs or galleries present on the site. 

From this article, you will have a basic idea regarding Female Fake Taxi. Further, you will also get to know the features of this website.

Some people like to watch porn videos that have interesting storylines and plot. However, there are only a few porn sites that revolve around a particular plot or storyline, and Female Fake Taxi is one of them.

It is a porn site dedicated to female taxi drivers who seduce their male or sometimes even female passengers. The creators of this site had initially developed a site called Fake Taxi in which the plot used to revolve around male taxi drivers.

In this site, they have used a similar storyline, but here the culprits are female taxi drivers instead of male taxi drivers.

Usually any mam would have a fantasy to enjoy a sexy ride with a sexy female driver. However, the fantasies of most of the guys remain unfulfilled since these things rarely happen in real life. But here you will find beautiful and stunning babes as female fake taxi drivers.

These are pornstars who look stunning and seductive in driver’s uniforms. They are supposed to lure their passengers and enjoy more than a friendly ride with them. This is a premium porn site, and therefore you cannot expect any freebies here.

However, you can enjoy a lot of bonus porn content through the network partners by spending an extra dollar! Thankfully, an affordable trial plan is available for those who like to taste the dishes before ordering a full meal.

Sadly, there are no adult pictures on this site, and the download limit is 20GB per day. This seems to be more than enough for some people, but for a porn addict, it might easily get out of stock on one horny day, and therefore unlimited download facility is always considered the best.

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A positive aspect of this site is that it has got plenty of hardcore porn content, and sites gets updated with fresh scenes every week. The quality of the videos is exceptional, and you don't get much to complain about the design and look of the site.

You will love to see sexy female drivers sucking a big dick in the backseat and nothing can match the kinkiness of sex inside a cab. The network of this site is growing at an exponential rate, and therefore, you can always expect to explore all the popular porn categories in the future.

The videos that are uploaded on this site are exclusive and shot in a realistic manner which is the speciality of this site. There are  plenty of hardcore scenes in whichyou will start imagining yourself in the backseat or in between the legs of the female taxi drivers.

What makes Female Fake Taxi a special porn site?

The concept of this site makes it special and unique at the same time.

Female taxi drivers are considered to be dominant since they drive a vehicle and therefore are in a commanding position. The same dominance reflects in the porn scenes that are uploaded on this site, and you get transported into a different world of dirty sexual fantasies.

You get access to 10 more premium porn sites when you become a premium member of this site. The premium plans are quite affordable, and therefore you don't have to spend too much while exploring the amazing content of this adult portal.

The average length of the scenes is 25 minutes which is pretty good for a site that focuses on a particular kind of video. You will find hot beauties from Czechoslovakia and Great Britain here, and there are sexy MILFs from around the European continent.

Most of the videos are in HD format and the site promises plenty of POV scenes as well.

The site has only around 250 movies yet, but you can expect the site to grow in the coming years. Moreover, you don't get starved for more content as the bonus content offered by the partner sites are good enough to last for a long time.

When we speak about the HD content of the site, it does not mean 720 pixels but true HD, i.e. movies are uploaded in 1080 pixels or more. Usually such movies have an interesting storyline and plenty of horny scenes that turn your sexual instincts seamlessly.

These are the main features and benefits of this site making it a perfect site for an admirer of themed porn movies.

Site Statistics 

  • Most popular porn stars (Female) – Julia De Lucia, Tiffany Love, Sophia Grace
  • Most popular categories – Milf, Lesbian, Creampie
  • Most popular categories – Milf, Lesbian, Creampie
  • The average length of videos – 25 minutes
  • Maximum resolution of videos – 1080 pixels
  • Download limit – 20GB per day
  • Total number of photosets – Photo Sets are not available
  • Watermarks on Photos – No
  • DRM protection – NO

Performance Score (Out of 10)

Website Design


Content Updates


Quality of Videos










Value for Money


Exclusivity of Videos


User-Interface & Layout


Overall Score



Website addresshttps://www.fakehub.com

Average visits per month – 2.50 million

Female Fake Taxi is now featured in its parent site FakeHub, but name hardly matters because that does not take away anything from this site.

Therefore, whenever you try to visit this site, you will be automatically redirected to FakeHub.

The reason for it may be because FakeHub has much better options, user-friendly design, and excellent layout and navigation.

The homepage directly starts from the newest videos and below that you can explore the top-rated porn scenes of the site.

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After that, the site shows some popular categories such as anal, lesbian, creampie, and milf. All the videos of the site are distributed among these four categories. We hope that the site adds new categories in the coming time.

Below that, we find the regular pages of the site such as 'Support' and 'Porn Directory'. ‘Porn Directory’ is a unique feature that we have hardly seen in many sites. It might be an old concept, but it helps you to find the videos of your preference easily.

Let me describe it for those who don't know what this means. You can imagine a porn directory as the skeleton of the site without any images or graphic content. Therefore, you can directly reach to a particular category or section of a web page without having to scroll through the images and banner ads.

As a result, it helps both new and old users of the site to access the content without any trouble.

The ‘Support’ web page is excellent and provides all sorts of options to the users. On the top, you will find a web page named ‘Videos’ where all the videos of the site are uploaded. Here you can sort the videos by many filters like 'Release date', 'Top rated', 'Most viewed', and 'Title'.

Further, each of the filters has sub-filters through which you can explore the videos by the current, month or year.

It is in 'Videos' where you can explore all the videos uploaded on the Female Fake Taxi. For that, you have to use the 'By Site' filter, and when you click on it, a list of network sites of FakeHub will appear. If you wish to choose Female Fake Taxi from them, it will open the list of videos that you have come for.

Sampel Video Quality Found in Female Fake Taxi

However, we advise you to not to use this feature as it does not work perfectly.

You can also search the videos of a particular model and category by using the subsequent filters. After that, there is a web page called 'Sites' which has a list of individual sites of FakeHub. This is also a way by which you can access all the videos uploaded on Female Fake Taxi.

We recommend you to use this webpage as it is highly effective in retrieving all the desired videos.

Then comes a page named as 'Categories' which has all the categories of FakeHub. We recommend you to use the webpage of FakeHub for exploring the videos of Female Fake Taxi because the page is user-friendly, ad-free, and easy to use.

Moreover, it does not matter if you register through any of the individual sites or directly through FakeHub because either way, it means the same thing.

The sad thing is that you cannot access the videos of this site without subscribing to a premium plan. However, the good news is that the premium plans are reasonable and provide complete value for your money.


The premium plans start with a two-day trial membership that is offered at a mere $1.99. The monthly plan is offered at $29.99, but you will find the plans more affordable as you subscribe for longer tenors.

The three-month package is offered at $59.99, which means that you get charged at $19.99 for each month. The yearly plan is offered at just $109.99 reducing the monthly charge to $9.16.


  • The porn content on this site is pretty much explosive. Moreover, the HD quality videos and amazing options enable you to enjoy a full-fledged porn viewing experience!
  • The website design of Female Fake Taxi is not up to the mark. However, your experience gets much better when you explore the videos through FakeHub.
  • It has all the filters and advanced search options that you can imagine. Therefore, the user will be pretty much at ease while watching his or her wildest fantasies come true!
  • The porn directory option on this site is simply amazing. It reduces your burden of going through unnecessary thumbnails as you can directly jump to the categories or niches that you wish to explore.
  • The site gets uploaded with fresh uploads once or twice a week. Even though the upload rate is not perfect at present, in future, we can expect them to add numerous sexy videos in their video collection.
  • The babes are mostly exclusive, and smoking hot to be true. Here, you will find fresh teens, sexy milfs, and a lot of blondes who are ready to give you boner anytime you visit this site.
  • Numerous videos provide the POV style scenes either knowingly or unknowingly. We think that it might be due to the confinement of the only prop which is the cab itself! However, irrespective of the reason behind POV style shooting, we enjoy it because it gets up-close, personal, and realistically hot!


  • The categories could have been filled with more videos. The limited content is one of the major drawbacks, especially if we ignore the bonus content and focuses on the videos that are associated with the 'female taxi driver' tag.
  • Nothing is free on this site. You will have to pay $1 extra for accessing the bonus content even after availing a premium plan. Careful spenders will certainly not like this feature.
  • The premium users can only download 20GB of content daily. This restriction might be due to the limited videos on the site, but it still upsets the porn lovers.
  • There are no adult images, blogs, communities, and some other options which users like to have these days.


Female Fake Taxi is an enticing concept in itself. Moreover, you will hardly see any sites dedicated solely to this plot.

Therefore, this site does not have direct competition as such.

However, the other sites that are on the network of Female Fake Taxi can prove to be a competition because each one of these sites has a unique plot and exclusive content.

For example, Fake Hostel has all the videos that are dedicated to hostel porn, whereas Fake Driving School has all the videos related to the driving school plot.

femfaketaxi porn 1-min


For any queries or complaints, you can contact their customer support team instantly as they are always ready to help you. You can access the customer support executives directly through telephone to register your queries or complaints directly.

The toll-free list of numbers according to the country can be obtained on this link - https://support.fakehub.com/

There is also an option to chat with the support team through Skype. Moreover, to access the live chat support feature of this site, you can visit this link - http://supportchat.contentabc.com/?domain=support.fakehub.com.

The support page also provides you detailed FAQs on technical and billing issues that you can refer to find a solution.

Sample Story Featured in Female Fake Taxi

Final Verdict

If you are a lover of realistic porn movies, then you will certainly binge on the videos of Female Fake Taxi. Yes, the freebies are missing, but most of the premium sites are very serious about the content that they offer to you, and therefore you must also take them seriously.

Female Fake Taxi is certainly one of those sites on which you can pay for viewing the hot content. The site works excellent through the FakeHub portal, and the filters and advanced search options minimize your efforts effectively.

We would have loved this site more if it had more scenes, but the present count is also not bad. Also, the site is relatively new, and you might aspect it getting flooded with porn clips in near future. However, for that, they need to improve their update rate, which is pretty slow at present.

The site offers complete value for money only if you consider all the bonus material and porn content on the FakeHub network. The site is secure, ad-free, and has a dedicated support team that handles all your issues and complaints smoothly.

The site does not offer a lot of categories, and a few more options, like a community page or blogs, but inclusion of all those would have made it a lot better. However, the site is not bad even in its present condition, and therefore we support and recommend it with all our might and heart!

Parting words

You would like to be a part of the porn network that has all the intriguing, kinky, and realistic plots on any day.

Well, Female Fake Taxi comes with that pass where you not only get to explore the kinky fantasies of the female taxi drivers, but all the other similar types of wild fantasies can be fulfilled through the other plots offered by FakeHub.

Take a bottle of beer and let yourself loose because when you land on Female Fake Taxi, you might forget where you are because of its steamy hot content!

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