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Christian Cafe

With over 2 million members spanning worldwide, Christian Café is a niche dating website made only for Christians; for Christian singles to meet and find their better halves.


  • The site works using an algorithm which uses the profile information to find suitable matches that match the user's profile.
  • The search and discovery options on the website are truly impressive.


  • However, all services on the website need to be paid for, and the monthly membership is very high.
  • The site is not generous enough to offer a free membership option yet.

The review which proceeds will explain in detail about the website.

A dating website which is only made for Christians, Christian café was launched in the year1999 and has gained about 2 million members spanning worldwide. Christians own the website for Christians singles to meet and find their better half.

Also, Christian cafe is not only for singles who are looking for love but for the ones who are trying to search for advice, support and fellowship. Christian café is responsible for assisting 25,000 couples who have eventually gotten married.

While a user surfs through the website, they can also read around 3,000 testimonials of the people who have had a successful time with Christian café. Christian café isn't a free membership site but still, it offers a seven day trial period in which the user can understand the process.

During the trial period, a user can send and receive mails but is barred from exchanging their contact information. So the user can take the seven day trial period and understand if they want to invest into something like this or not.

Why is Christian Café popular?

Christian café, like any paid online dating site, will do some work for the users like matching you to the one with whom the user can hit off most likely.

The algorithm of the site works in such a way that it will use the profile information and find suitable matches that match the user's profile.

Then the website will give the user a calculated percentage of how well the match is between the users that have been selected.

christian cafe LP 2-min

Christian café, like any paid online dating site, will do some work for the users like matching you to the one with whom the user can hit off most likely.

The algorithm of the site works in such a way that it will use the profile information and find suitable matches that match the user's profile. Then the website will give the user a calculated percentage of how well the match is between the users that have been selected.

But, on the other hand, if the user is someone who loves to do things themselves, then the website will provide you with options where you can search and discover the other members.

The discovery option includes who is online and who is not, whose birthday is on that day, the day the user is searching. Once the user finds a profile they like, then they can  add the member to their favourites, or send a wink, and lastly, the user can also send an email.

But in the end, the site need not guide you through each and everything, because the layout of the website is very straightforward, and there will be a pop up of suggestions and tips that will help and encourage the user in finding the matches in various other different ways.

There are contacting features on the website as well as the application, and these include winks, emails, and the most important part, these options are available for the members who are premium.

If the user is on a free trial period, then they can send all these things except the exchanging of their contact information. Even if the user tries to send their emails or the phone numbers, it gets blurred automatically. So this entails that the admins of the websites are monitoring the messages.

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For every message that has been sent and received, the user will get a notification on their email.

The matching on Christian café works using the quick match feature. In this feature, the members get ranked with their percentage number that varies from high compatibly to low compatibly.

Then the basis of these match suggestion is on how close the answers are, like the age, the type of the relationship they are seeking, their faith and lastly their location. The user can sort the results based on their rank, their photographs, their username, gender, age, location and finally their profile views.

The amount of information available depends upon the members and how much they are willing to share with others. Once the user has gone through the website, they will come across various types of information available. The first type is called the vitals.

In this section, the website tells the information like age and location.

It also talks about the last time the user was online and the last time you viewed their profile. In the best section known as profile, the features give out personal information like the appearance, the faith, if they have any children, their schooling, their employment and lastly their lifestyle.

Right after the profile section, the user can find the members’ self-written bio. In this section, the user will find the answers to the question which have been asked by the Christian café, and these questions shed light on the users' personality and their character.


Website -

Estimated visits per month: 392,000*

The dating website attracts almost 392,000 mobile and web visitors per month, and these visitors spend around 7 minutes on an average per visit.

Majority of the visitors on Christian café are from the United States and with the second rank being Canada and then South Africa.

It’s application on iOS platform has a rating of 2.5 out of 5. And the android application maintains a rating of 3 out 5-star rating.

There are about 445 reviews and gets about 100,000 and 500,000 downloads.

Christian Cafe

The member structures include 1,000,00 from the USA, and there are about 5,000 logins every day. The gender proportion of the website is about 50% male and 50% female. The user, while signing up, will get a personal profile which they will have to fill out.

Worldwide there are about 2 million registered users; the majority of them are from the United States, the member base of Christian café is composed of diverse nationalities. There is a high member activity on Christian café, but it is composed of about 100% Christians.

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The majority of the base members on the Christian café are there to look for love and relationships. They are looking to find someone with whom they can share their devotion and faith. Other members are older but are either divorced, widowed or are looking for a second chance at love.

You cannot share in-app photos, messages or use inappropriate language on the website, which shows that you as a user is there on the website for flings or fun; these things are strictly prohibited. If the members don't abide by the rules then they get suspended from the dating site.

The age distribution is as follows 18-24, 25-34, 35-44, 45-54 and 55 and above, the members who are married legally aren't allowed to join the website. The free trial gets activated immediately after they sign-up. The application will give the user a final username and a password.

The design of the Christian café is very old-fashioned because the owners wanted to keep everything simple. The design is plain and straightforward also because it caters to the Christian singles of all the ages. But then the design could be made a lot better.

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The design is in colours like white and grey and brown. No colour play is there so that emphasis could be put on the found page.

The features on the website are on the header menu. The tabs have a drop-down menu for the more specific features page. In the online page, all the users are displayed who are online, and they are shown in the linear layout. This feature can make the growing a lot more demanding.

In the search page, the user would have to set their query first, and then they can see the suggested members that are shown on the linear display page. The profile information is also present in the linear arrangement which causes a lot of white spaces on the webpage.

But in case of the usability, all the buttons are accessible on the page, and the navigation would take up a little bit time as the users need to get used to it.

Registration process 

Follow these steps to sign-up (register) on Christian Cafe:

In the first step you will have to provide some basic details about yourself like your name, date of birth, city, email id, country name, etc. After that, you will be asked to choose a username for yourself. 

Remember that the username cannot contain special symbols and numbers. In case your friend or relative referred this site to you then you can mention their name as well. 

Once you provide these basic details you will have to provide some additional information about yourself like details about your looks, personality, religion, lifestyle, occupation, etc. 

Christian Cafe

After submitting these details you will again be asked several questions related to your personal preferences when it comes to relationships, love, friendship, etc. These questions are important because they determine the type of person you are and therefore, you should fill them carefully. 

Also, the steps where you will be asked personal information and details are optional. You can skip them but as said earlier, they are important for determining your relationship requirements. 

After submitting these details, the site will send your username and password on your email address. If the password is too difficult to remember then you can reset it as well. 

Your username and password will be your login credentials with the help of which you will be accessing your account every time on Christian Cafe. 


So, the payment on Christian café depends upon the duration which the user has chosen, the price for one-month membership is 34.97 dollars, the cost of a 3-month membership is 16.65 dollars per month making it 49.95 dollars as the entire cost.

The price for six-month membership is 13.33 dollars per month, making it 79.95 dollars  price in total. Lastly, the price for 12 months is 8.33 dollars per month, making it be 99.95 dollars in totality. In comparison to other service providers, Christian café is very costly.

The payment can be made through bank transfer, credit card, debit card and PayPal. Christian café offers one type of membership which is spanned into four various durations, and the shortest one is one month, then comes three months, then six months and lastly one year option.

The company believes that the users should enjoy the experience fully before  taking the premium membership. If the user uploads a picture during the trial period, then they get a three-bonus day for their free subscription.

christian cafe prices

The special features on the website include forum, prayer, read receipts and the option of seeing who has viewed your profile. In the forum option, the users are given a platform for participating in the relevant discussions.

In the prayer option, the members are allowed to post a prayer that they feel like sharing with the community. Also, the members can read all the prayers which are published. In the read-receipts feature, it allows the members to see if someone has viewed the messages which were sent.

In the see who has viewed your profile picture, the members can see who has viewed their profiles. In the blog option, the owners of the Christian café will publish articles which are related to dating and Christianity.

In the gift membership option, the members are allowed to buy and send a gift to other members, the gift would be a premium membership. The sender only has to put in their username and then proceed on with the checkout. In the dating 101, the website gives bits and pieces and advice on how to date.

In the testimonials section, the users can see and read about the testimonials about the users who have found love through Christian café.

The process of registration and signing up is very easy and straightforward. In the first step, the user will be asked to provide their necessary information like their email, city, country, their zip code and gender lastly their birthday.

Christian Dating Sites: Christian Cafe

Furthermore, the user would also have to nominate their username and the username of the person who has referred them to use the website (this is in case they have gotten an invitation)

In the next step, the user will be asked to provide additional information like their appearance, lifestyle, their home and their status, whether they are employed or are  schooling and about their religious activities.

Once everything is filled out, then the user will be asked to fill a set of questions and will be asked to provide their profile picture. Now, these steps are optional but will increase the chances of the profile getting noticed in the site.

The last step of the registration includes the Christian café giving the user a username and the password.

The user doesn't have to provide anything; it's the website that does the stuff. The user will need to keep the username and the password safe because once the user clicks on the exit screen, they will have to login again with the help of the username and password.

If the user forgets the username and password, they will have to get back to the customer care service. Or instead, the user can change their username and password into something that easier to remember.

When someone tries to create an account on the mobile application, then the mobile browser will start up automatically, and the user will be redirected to the mobile website. The Christian café mobile is available for android and iOS users.

In the mobile application, the options like forum and prayer aren't present; the only available option is Search and messaging features.

On the home page, the user gets presented with the membership offer if they are free members. Under the section of announcements and the unread messages, there is a highlighted members list which is in the linear layout.

Site Statistics

  • There are Various discovery options where the user can find potential matches.
  • There is a QuickMatch option that speeds up the process of finding the one with whom the user is likely to get matched.
  • The option of sending and receiving emails is easy and free
  • In the Search and browse option, the results show  relevant information like the last time the user viewed someone's profile or what the user is doing currently on the website.
  • There are multiple ways to sort, search and discover the results on the profile.
  • There is a similar profile option that allows  user to an alternative route to find matches.
  • There is an Extensive open-ended profile option to showcase your personality.
  • The users are free to see who has viewed their profile.

Performance Score



Website Design

10 / 10


9.5 / 10


9.5 / 10


9 / 10


10 / 10


9.5 / 10


8 / 10

Overall Score

9 / 10

Main Competitors

The main competitors of the Christian café are a big church, and Christian mingle.

Christian mingle is an online dating service which is geared towards the Christian men and women who are looking for wholesome relationships centred around the god. 

The website was launched in the year 2011 by the spark networks and have gained a million members.

Christian mingle is one of the most successful sites and has experienced operator when it comes to online matchmaking.

Christian Mingle is famous for making a relationship that is virtually grounded. This website is the newest online dating website. Being the most unique, it doesn't have large number of members like other sites. The focus of this website is based on qualified members.

The single community on this website is focused on developing relationships that are lasting and are based on faith and values.

Comparison Chart

Chrisitan Cafe Comparison Chart


  • It has Various Search and discovery options which include QuickMatch
  • It has got Extensive, yet optional open-ended profile fields that will showcase the personality
  • The user can send and receive unlimited emails


  • The monthly membership is very pricey
  • There no free membership option


Christian Café offers excellent support to all its members. You can visit the contact us page for all your queries and get an answer on them. There is also an FAQ section where you can get all your queries resolved and can also write to them on their contact forms to resolve issues.

You can visit the support page at


It is a faith-based online dating site that helps the Christian singles in finding other Christian singles for friendship, marriage and dating. The dropdown profile will answer the choices for an entire prayer section. This primary site feature is faith, and this is the main feature of the platform.

The site is a Christian online dating site which is meant for Christians. Once the user is filling out the form, there will be a disclaimer that states if you are trying to join this site, you need to abide by specific protocols.

The questionnaire will ask the members to pick up the type of relationship they are trying to seek and the website will display the kind of relationship you are looking for. The answers range from looking for pen pals to the marriage mind ones.

Parting words

It is a reliable dating platform for the singles who are Christians and are trying to search for love, fellowship or any community online.

The features present on the dating website allow for a pleasant experience and a productive experience to the members, and they can do all this by staying true to their faith and their values.

So if you are someone who is born and brought up with Christian values and beliefs and is trying to find someone like yourself, then this website is excellent for you.

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