Bumble Website Review (2020)


Bumble is one of the biggest arch-rivals of Tinder, founded by a former co-founder of Tinder.

It brings us with a wide array of features aiming to be better than whatever Tinder possibly can provide.

It gained popularity and traction almost immediately when it was launched and it still continues to be one of the most popular app-based online dating platforms.


  • The most significant advantage of Bumble is that it focuses on the convenience and safety of the women and puts women first over everything. Even when you match, the woman is supposed to initiate the conversation within twenty-four hours.
  • They even have a BFF mode which helps you to make friends as well as causal relations.


  • The application is more or less similar to Tinder, and that’s why the very app still possesses a greater chunk of the online dating market which Bumble needs some time to gain.
  • Profiles on Bumble have a minimal display scope.

What started as a result of Whitney Wolfe wanting to build a 'women-friendly' dating app, has now become a range in the online dating market. Whitney, the former co-founder of Tinder, filed a lawsuit of sexual harassment against Tinder and its previous parent company and received over $1,000,000 in the settlement.

Then she went on to create Bumble from the settlement and invariably took a big bite out of Tinder's market itself. Today, Bumble is one of the biggest competitors Tinder has and it is because of mutiple reasons.

Bumble gained popularity almost as soon as it launched and it has been regarded as a ground-breaking app in the dating world. Amongst the many reviews that this app has received, most people are finding it amazing because for once, the women users in the app make the first move and connect with the person they want to know; the male users are finding this much more relaxing and less intimidating as well.

All in all, it has gained traction all over the globe, and it didn't take much time for this app to become one of the biggest brands in the dating world.

Simply put, Bumble is supposed to be a new take on the dating app Tinder and it focuses on putting the women users on the driver's seat. If you are thinking about entering the online world in search of a genuine connection and finding true love, Bumble can do the job just right!

Let women make the first move and kick-start your meet and greet.

What makes Bumble so popular? 

Like a dozen other dating apps out there, Bumble is also visually driven and focused on the overall appearance. It might be a good idea to upload your very best pictures so that your profile can be visually appealing as well.

It's rapid and easy to understand the functionality of Bumble. Once you are signed in, you can choose to swipe right or left, much like in Tinder, to indicate your interest or deny it for a particular user profile that you are shown.

Additionally, you can also use something called 'SuperSwipe", which immediately indicates your level of liking to them. If the person you have swiped right for, also swipes you right, then you are now connected.

Upon connection, women now get up to 24 hours to initiate a conversation with you, or you both end up losing the match. It is this unique feature of the application that most women find very appealing and advantageous as well.

Besides, with Bumble, you can also break away from the standard back and forth messaging routine and chose to initiate a voice or even video call with their app itself.

Women find this feature very appealing, as there is no need to exchange personal phone numbers and worry about safety and privacy. With dating apps like Bumble, you can now get to know your connection and see if it goes somewhere, before having to meet or even share a phone number personally.

Website Overview

Website address: https://bumble.com/

Estimated Visits Last Month: XXX

Set out with the motto to change the way that people find each other, and make connections, Bumble has managed to set off on an exciting mission to change the online dating space.

Their slogan says 'Date, Meet, network Better', and this application offers you opportunities to do all of the above seamlessly.


With its brand new modes like the Bumble Date, Bumble Bizz, Bumble BFF, and more, Bumble has managed to get more exciting and engaging for its users.

While Bumble date is quite explanatory, Bumble Bizz is all about expanding network and finding like-minded professionals, who can help you with a career change, give guidance in your current work stream and more.

And for those who've recently moved or only looking to socialize, Bumble BFF is a high mode. They have been aimed to make a necessary change in the way online dating has been happening. Bumble has been successful in not only making women-friendly app essential but also an acceptable model.

By giving women the power to initiate conversation, it has already gained the fame that can make it a much bigger brand than it is now.

Pricing & Membership Fees

As far as pricing is concerned, Bumble gives you a breath of relief! You can effectively use this dating application without having to spend a cent. All the essential features that singles look for in a dating app will be at your disposal just by you signing up and logging in.

However, there are a few handy paid features in this application that would increase your chances of finding a match faster. These paid features are priced starting $8.99 a week, which is, to be honest, quite steep a charge.

It makes sense to go for a 3-months subscription, which is around $49.99, or even better to directly opt for six months, which is $79.99. More the duration of your membership, more significant would be the discount you get in the fees.

Bumble calls this paid and premium upgrade as 'Bumble Boost', and you can access a lot of 3 premium features once you pay this subscription fee.

First is BeeLine, where you can see the profiles of those women who have already taken the first step and liked your profile. Next, there is a rematch, which allows you to reconnect to those connections that were in the past, for 24 more hours.

The third main feature is Busybee, where you are allowed to extend your current connection's window by 24 hours. Bumble even has its in-app currency known as Bumble Coins, which can help you purchase the spotlight feature that increases your profile's exposure by 30 minutes.

You can even buy SuperSwipes for $1.99 with the in-app coins, to show your seriousness about making a connection.

Site Performance Score: (Out of 10)



Website Design

9 / 10

Content Updates

9 / 10

Image / Video Quality

8 / 10


8.5 / 10

Content Amount

8 / 10

Download / Streaming

9 / 10


9 / 10


8 / 10


8.5 / 10


9 / 10

Value For Money

8.5 / 10

Overall Performance

80 / 100

Competitors of Bumble

One of the most significant and most direct comparisons that Bumble faces is with the legendary dating app, Tinder. It might be because the founder of Bumble was initially one of the co-founders of Tinder, who later sued the company and went on to create Bumble.

Tinder took time to set camp in the market, but it was soon a fan favourite everywhere on the globe. However, when it comes to Bumble, it could either be because of the big sexual harassment case and professional rivalry or simply because of their unique proposition to become a women-friendly app.

Still, Bumble surely managed to hit it off in the dating market like a wildfire. Frankly put, Bumble is a better dating app, and if you are in the market to hook up, then Tinder is your best bet.

It would ideally be unfair to compare these two because despite being born out of similar ideas and having similar working analogies, their market and potential users seem to be very different.

There are many other sites in the dating market like OkCupid, CoffeeMeetsBagel, and other websites which are dedicated to specific communities like TGPersonals for transgender or LoveAndSeek for Christians.

Either way, online dating has some severe scope of the market and with people getting more and more work-focused, this trend seems like it sure is here to stay for long.


  • One of the most significant advantages Bumble can talk about, which is also its USP is that it is an app designed to make online dating more secure for women
  • This app puts women in the driver's seat by letting them make the first communication with the other user. It's a unique proposition that excites women because it keeps the creepy men at bay and also ensures that your inbox isn't spammed for no good reason
  • You have a timeline of 24-hours to initiate a chat with the person who has connected with you. This motivates the women because the process from swiping right to chatting can move quicker and you can be that much closer to finding true love
  • They even have a BFF mode that allows you to make friends on their sites, look for causal relations, and more
  • Overall, the application has a spotless and neat interface
  • It is reasonably easy to use and has a straightforward process to help you find connections
  • One of the founders of this app has even stated that almost 60% of their matches have converted in conversations, which is more than suitable for existing users
  • Your bio has to be around 300 characters, so it is a rapid and easy process to set up your Bumble account and get started
  • The gender demographics of this app are almost equal, with nearly 55% being male
  • The site has very less fake profiles compared to many other dating sites
  • The verification process of this app will prompt you to take a selfie while you copy a specific gesture, making it an authentic profile and ensuring that it is legit
  • Not only can you chat and interact with your matches, if your event is not verified yet, then you can send them a verification request as well
  • They have a feature called Bumble BFF, which aims at helping users make more friends
  • Another feature on Bumble is the Bumble Bizz, which is more suited for networking
  • The 2-3 different modes that Bumble offers makes it an all-rounder app in the dating market
  • The premium version will allow you to access Bumble features like Beeline, Rematch and Busybee. While BeeLine shows you profiles of those women who have already liked you, the rematch will let you connect to your past matches for an extension of 24 hours, and Busybee also allows you to extend the 24-hour window to encourage a match
  • It gets very cost-effective when you opt for their premium version and go for a 3-month or 6-month membership
  • In-app currency is also available in the form of Bumble coins, which lets you purchase SuperSwipes and even purchase the Spotlight feature
  • After Facebook, Bumble has started integrating with Instagram since 2018, which means that prospects can see your 24 most recent pictures on your Instagram handle as well


  • The application is somewhat similar to Tinder on many levels, so if you are already glued to Tinder, you may not find anything out of the ordinary here
  • Profiles on Bumble have a minimal display scope and are often visually-focused. This limits users from showing their other sides and personality in any other way besides pictures
  • You need a Facebook account if you want to use this app
  • While it is a safe, secure and very engaging experience for the womenfolk on this site, men have little to no control over their dating experience on this platform. Mostly, a guy must swipe right, make a connection with a girl, and then wait for her to initiate the conversation for 24 hours. After 24 hours, the link will anyway disappear, and there's not much you can do about it either.
  • Because there is such less word count available even to write your bio, it becomes difficult for most users to express themselves.
  • The search criteria that this app has is based on age, gender, and location, leaving not much ground for creating matches
  • Profiles of users are matched based on what their Facebook profile says about them, so it may not be the best or most sophisticated of all dating algorithms in the market.
  • Its barely two and a half years old yet, so not many success stories and happy testimonials can be found for the same

Customer Support

Bumble believes in providing end to end support to all its users. If you are looking to partner with them, then they have a dedicated page for you to explore. Additionally, you can also separately contact then if you are a PR individual or have any press related opportunity to discuss.

For all those users who need help navigating in the Bumble app, want an error or bug fixed, or only looking for general answers, Bumble recommends you go through their detailed list of FAQs. Even then, if you haven't found a solution, then you can always write to their support team.

Furthermore, if you want to know more about careers at Bumble, then you can check out their job culture and current openings here- https://thebeehive.bumble.com/careers/

For more information visit the support page of the site, simply click below: https://bumble.com/en/contact-us


The core purpose that Bumble has is to cut down on the sleazy and cheap messages that women often receive on such dating platforms.

It is with this goal in mind that the app has built its functionality and flow around women, making sure that they get to choose who they want to start a conversation with. Founder of Bumble boldly boasts saying that things begin to change when women are in control and she has proven that with the USP of this app, and by showing to her competitors how well it is being received in the dating market.

You can also find some inspiring success stories on their webpage and their app, which will give you the courage to go start looking for a like-minded connection as well. Not only that, but this app also offers A-class tips that will make you the perfect Bumble user.

For example, you should not be ideally swiping right on Fridays as that is the day dating apps often see less traction than other days of the week, and knowing this will make your dating experience better.

If you are the kind of person who can wait for her to make the first move, then you should be giving Bumble a try. Who knows, it might just feel nice to be chased instead of being the one who does all the chasing.

Parting Words

Now that we have shared a detailed review of Bumble, we are sure that you would be waiting to sign up and get ready for some women to approach you! It is one of the Gen-Y mobile applications that not only make dating fun but also comfortable and approachable.

If you liked our review of the Bumble platform, then you should stay tuned to our site for more such reviews and insights. With our dating site reviews, you can determine which location is precisely worth your time, effort and money!

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