Hitomi.la Review (2020)


Do you have a fetish or wild fantasy? The site has it all covered with its wide array of Hentai manga.

It has a massive collection and variety; from fan-made fantasies to transsexual erotic anime. It is straightforward and very easy to access.


  • Nearly eighteen thousand pages worth content, entirely free
  • All the content is downloadable and are in the form of e-books for easy reading and fantasizing


  • The advertisements that find their way on the site are scam and are not from credible sources
  • There is only reading and no watch, Hentai anime is not available to watch

Hentai is a severe niche among the otakus, and it is tough to get a hold of a physical copy of a Japanese pornography manga. These situations are where sites like Hitomi.la arrive as a saviour, spreading this genre through electronic media far and wide.

With a massive assortment of doujinshi (fan-made erotic Manga) and futanari (hermaphroditism, a name given to transsexual erotic Manga or anime), Hitomi.la has gained some severe traffic over the past few years.

No less than half a million manga books have been made available to the hard-core devotees of the Hentai culture. Whatever fetish or fantasy you might have, this site has got you covered with their vast array of Hentai manga. In this Review, we bring you a detailed analysis of Hitomi.la. Let us dive deep.

What makes Hitomi.la so great?

Hitomi.la is a free-end website that brings you  tons of erotic Manga right at your fingertips.

This site is heaven for all those weeaboos who regard themselves as connoisseurs of the Hentai culture. The archive is enormous, and across eighteen thousand pages of this website, there is absolutely no way of not finding a Hentai manga suited to your fantasy. 

You can choose across several languages from the header dropdown according to your convenience, which only goes to show how far and wide they have reached out to the international community of hentai aficionados.

The layout of the site is straightforward and elementary, which makes it very easy to access and navigate. The language dropdown is present to filter out the contents that come in the chosen language from the rest of the material.

The manga thumbnails are color-coded to indicate whether it is a manga, doujinshi or a set of computer graphics built sex images.

The thumbnails are very informative and consist of details regarding the date of upload, series to which that particular manga episode belongs to, the language in which it is available, manga type and some certain tags which make it easier to find.

There is no filter based on sexual orientation though, so there are chances that you might land upon a shotacon yaoi (homosexual romantic Manga) because there is absolutely no way to tell. The comic book reader that Hitomi. La comes with is pretty nifty and convenient as well.

With an easy-to-read two-page view mode, you can see the beautifully illustrated models featured in those hentai mangas come to life. Navigation through the pages is also straightforward, and you can simply turn over to the next page by a single click.

You can also download the comic books in .zip format and save it  in your storage for future reading. Download speed is fast here. What could have made this site even better was a dedicated section devoted to viewer support and a frequently asked questions section as well.

Absence of both these sections makes using this website a bit inconvenient. Probably the best part about this website is that you get to access this insanely huge content for free. You have access to all attributes of this website without having to pay a single penny.

Both the quality and the amount of content you are provided within this website is nothing short of amazing. If you take pride in your taste and collection of erotic Manga, there is absolutely no way you should miss this website.

Website Overview

Japanese porn manga has gradually gained pace as not only a formidable part of erotic content but as a legitimate pop culture reference as well.

While the availability of physical copies of such harem manga is limited to the Nippon land, sites like Hitomi.la brings us a wide array of doujinshi and ecchi Manga right at your fingertips.

The site has eighteen thousand pages worth of content (yes, you read that right), so there is absolutely no way you won't be able to find your favorite Manga that suits your fantasy and fetishes.

The collection offers over half a million of erotic Manga, suited to different fantasies.

hitomi.la lp

The site is fundamental and easy to access, and the manga thumbnails are very informative too. The thumbnails are color-coded to indicate whether it is a manga series, doujinshi or a set of computer graphics aided sex pics.

The thumbnails contain details regarding the type of Manga, the series to which that episode of Manga belongs to, date of uploading and some categorical tags attached to it so that you can access it with ease.

It also comes equipped with a search engine so that you can navigate through the website with ease. The language dropdown is present to filter out the contents that come in the chosen language from the rest of the material.

You can select the language you are fluent with, and voila! It filters out the mangas with your selected language from the rest of mangas with seamless ease. Just like any free-end erotic website, this website abounds with advertisements from very sketchy sources that reek of scams.

But as long as the revenue streams obtained from them keeps the site alive, there is no complaint whatsoever. It also comes with a very easy-to-access in-built comic book reader. The two-page view makes the content more readable.

The illustration exhibited by both Doujinshi and Manga is nothing short of epic. You can shift over the pages quickly with one-click page turning option. You can also download their content for future reading purposes. The download speeds are rapid because it is a free-end website.

The site could make some improvements here and there. The site layout could be a bit more interactive, as it appears quite bland for a portal which offers erotic content. Advertisements could be sourced from more credible sources.

The present announcements are nothing but luring traps of scam and dark web. It could also use some filters based on sexual orientation, as there is absolutely no way to tell whether it is a cross-dressing shota con hentai (targeted for the gay audience) or a futanari (hermaphrodite) hentai.

Another considerable drawback of this website is that there is no "Contact us" or a dedicated "Frequently asked questions" section on the website. If you find yourself stuck somewhere, there is no way you can contact them for your queries or any kind of technical support whatsoever.

Overall, if you are a hard-core otaku with a penchant for the hentai, you will find this website as your little heaven of some sorts.

Pricing & Membership Fees

Hitomi.la is a free website, and their revenue stream is dependent on advertisements. You can access, read and download all their content without having to shell out a single penny from your pocket.

Website Performance Scores



Website Design

8.5 / 10

Content Updates

9.5 / 10

Quality Of Manga

8.5 / 10

Quantity Of Videos

9 / 10


8.5 / 10

Comic-Book Reading Convenience

10 / 10



Value For Money


Exclusivity Of Comics

8 / 10

User Interface And Layout

8 / 10

Overall Score

81 / 100

Site Statistics

  • Bonus sites: There are some partner websites along with Hitomi.la provided on the homepage. 
  • About the Content: A vast assortment of hentai manga and doujinshi (fan-made Manga, usually sex parodies of established manga characters).
  • Content Exclusivity: Some content is exclusive, while the others are mostly ebooks versions of Japanese hentai manga releases.
  • The total number of videos: Half a million-plus Manga to choose from.
  • The average length of comic books: 20-30 pages
  • The highest quality of comic: 1920x1080
  • File Sizes (HQ): .zip format/.cbz content format = ~100 MB (average size, HQ)
  • Download Limit: None
  • Download Managers: Yes, should work.
  • Languages available: Around 20-30 languages besides English that includes Bahasa, Magyar, Catalan, Slovenian, Arabic and Russian
  • Channel Max: 8
  • Able to pause/resume download.
  • Test Software: IDM
  • Download Speed: Browser: 30 MB/sec. (100 MB manga, Fibre Optic internet)
  • Bit-Rate: 1700k-3500k
  • Total number of photo sets: None available
  • Photo details: Not available
  • Slideshow availability: No
  • Watermarks on photos: No
  • Picture dimension: Not available
  • DRM Protected: No
  • Global Website Rank (according to SimilarWeb.com): 405
  • Country-wise Rank (Japan, according to SimilarWeb.com): 195
  • Categorical Rank (Adult website, according to SimilarWeb.com): 32
  • Estimated employees: Not specified
  • Total visits on average: 24.85 million
  • Top Advertising Networks: Exoclicks, Juicy Ads, AdSupply, PopAds and Google Display Network
  • Traffic by countries: Japan (22.80%), followed by Korea (22.41%), United States (7.71%) and Mexico (4.67%)


  • This website has tons of hentai manga content for you to access.
  • The hentai manga or doujinshi available here are of a variety of genres and hence it will be easy for you to access the content which suits with your fantasy.
  • The language dropdown menu available with the website makes it convenient for the user to filter out content available in that particular language from the rest of the material.
  • The layout of the site is very elementary and interactive, which makes it easier for you to access and navigate through the website.
  • The site comes equipped with categorical filters and an advanced search engine which is convenient for the user to access their desired content.
  • Eighteen thousand pages worth of content, all for free.
  • The manga thumbnails are very informative. The thumbnails are color coded to indicate their genre. The thumbnails contain information like the parent series manga to which that particular episode belongs to, whether it is a manga, a doujinshi or a set of CGI sex images.
  • Comes with an efficient comic book reader with a two-page view.
  • You can quickly turn over the pages using their one-click view.
  • All their contents are downloadable if you want to save them for future reading purpose.
  • Fast and efficient download  and it is entirely free to use the website.


  • Most of their contents are in Japanese (Hiragana/Katakana script) or Korean. If you are not fluent in any of the languages given, it might be a bit hard  to get context.
  • The advertisements that come along with the website are mostly a scam and are not from credible sources.
  • There is no Hentai anime available for you to watch.
  • The site layout could be made a tad bit more attractive than it is right now.
  • There is no filter provided for choosing hentai content suited to one's sexuality. If you are looking for straight hentai manga or doujinshi, there is no way to tell that particular Manga is straight, hermaphroditic or homosexual based.
  • No contact details of any sort are given on the website. There is no frequently asked question section given with the site as well.

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Contact and Customer Support

Probably the single most drawback of this website besides all those nonsense flurries of sites is the absence of a dedicated contact section.

There is no specialized "Frequently Asked Questions "section provided as well. So, if you find yourself stuck somewhere, there is absolutely no way to get in touch with them for your query or any kind of technical support you might need.

Conclusive Verdict

Hitomi.la is a very comprehensive website when it comes to providing a large platter of hentai manga. There are eighteen thousand pages worth of content (you don't have to rub your eyes to believe that), and half a million-plus erotic manga content to choose from.

Japanese harem manga has gained acclaim as a top popular culture reference, but the physical copies are very hard to obtain for the general mass. Sites like Hitomi.la bridge the gap between the Land of the Rising Sun and the rest of the world when it comes to providing hentai manga.

The collection is very comprehensive, and there are certain tags as well for you to access the content suited to your fetish. The quality of the manga content offered here is awe-inspiring as well. The layout of the site is fundamental, but it is very user-friendly to access and navigate.

The manga thumbnails are very comprehensive and detailed, providing information regarding the genre, the series to which that particular Manga belongs to, date and time of upload and some certain tags which give you an idea about the content.

The thumbnails are also color-coded, which makes it easier for the user to distinguish between hentai manga, doujinshi or a set of computer graphics built sex pictures. Another impressive feature of this website which deserves mention is the presence of the language dropdown menu.

The language dropdown menu acts as a filter to sort out content which contains the language chosen by you from the rest of the massive content archive

There are about twenty to thirty languages offered in the language dropdown menu, with contents present in words like Magyar, Catalan and Russian- which only goes to tell about their huge international viewer base.

The comic book reader that comes built-in with the website is very convenient to use as well. There is a two-page view provided by the website built comic book reader, and you can navigate across the Manga seamless using the one-click page-turning feature.

There are some drawbacks to this website as well. The advertisements are traps to scam and rob you of money, and they have no credible advertisement sources. The site looks a bit bland to use, and it could try to smoothen out the rough edges present in the current layout.

The website also lacks a dedicated section for viewer support, and there is no way to contact them if you have any query or if you need any kind of technical support whatsoever. Also, regardless of their vast array of content in different languages- most of their content is either in Japanese or Korean.

Overall, in retrospect, this website is undoubtedly impressive when it comes to providing manga content and doujinshi, ranging across a massive array of fantasies and niches. There is no way you should overlook this website if you want to enjoy some fantastic hentai content.

Parting words

We hope that you have found this in-depth analysis of Hitomi.la and we have cleared all your doubts regarding the same. For more such Review about awesome adult websites providing erotic content, do stay tuned with us. Till then, enjoy your fantasies come to life and stay entertained.

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