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Badoo Review


If you are searching for the premier global dating platform which connects over 360 million users speaking over 47 different languages, Badoo would indeed prove to be one of the biggest dating websites on the planet.

Badoo is straightforward to use and highly compatible with all screens and operating systems. 


  • The platform is completely free on all fronts and contains no hidden charges. 
  • It has one of the most active user-bases, which makes is one of the most exciting and potent dating sites in the world. 


  • However, advertisements appear frequently on this site, which could hamper user-experience. 
  • Management of users also becomes an issue- one cannot find information related to user activity or distinguish the inactive users with existing ones. 

This review shall provide an extensive overview of the features and customizations of the website and offer you a better understanding of its performance.

Badoo is a popular site loved by people who are in search of partners for dating. Andrey Andreev is the mind behind its introduction in 2006. People of around 190 countries use Badoo every day as it is available in 47 different languages. One can use Badoo in Android, web, and iOS.

Numerous features are linked with this site that enables the users to meet different people. If not dating, they can chat and make new friends as you can also contact the people living in the nearby area. You can swipe left and right on the basis of your choice.

A notification is normally sent to you if there will be a match. Don’t worry about the safety as it is filled with some advanced features that keep your information safe. At present, Badoo is the biggest dating site available, having around 360 million users all around the globe.

It is a platform where one can meet different people with a new experience waiting out there.

Testing Badoo Dating App

Due to Facebook quizzes and games, Badoo has gained its popularity and is loved by people. The basic goal of this site is to keep themselves ahead from its competitors and emerge as one of the trusted social media networks that basically focuses on dating.

Coming to the safety part, there are several safety measures taken by Badoo to find out the fake profiles and keep them away from users. New members have the authority to link their Badoo account with other social media pages for verification purposes.

That’s why Badoo team asks the users to upload their photos before starting any conversation. This helps in cutting down the risk of fake IDs. After uploading the picture, the users are asked to send hand gestures in webcam.

The Badoo team will quickly evaluate and compares it with the main photo used in the profile.

In case it is not verified, the users are stopped there only to use the website. This shows that Badoo is entirely safe for female users as they can make use of ‘Selfie Request’ that appears at the time of doing chat. Not only this, the process of blocking and reporting an individual is easy.

What makes Badoo Popular?

Badoo is a free app that is available on iPhone, Android, or desktop.

Yes, Badoo is better than other websites, and the reasons behind this are various features such as push notification option, higher rating, availability in different languages, display who visited your profile, also,it is completely ad-free, provided you the ability to stay invisible and can be opened on PC.

More and more youngsters are nowadays moving towards mobile dating apps.

The easy to access features of Badoo make the users search other people online. It is easy to find people on the basis of age, gender, location, and distance in Badoo. With Badoo, you can send message to anyone you like.

The superpowers offered by it are a blessing as it gives you exclusive access to many features. It becomes easy for the users to see who is messaging them and take the communication further. By doing this, you can always get a potential match without wasting much time.

Badoo: Dating Honestly~

Badoo is like a heaven for doing online dating, connecting with new people and taking the relationship ahead.

There are generally two takeaways that help you in finding perfect matches. One is a visual orientation that requires an attractive profile picture, and the second one is a striking bio. Both of these are really useful in meeting people within your location.

Indeed, Badoo is experiencing a growing number of members which is multiplying every day. It is on the list of ‘best dating apps’ and appreciated by the people who use it regularly. Ideally, Badoo can be used both in mobile and laptop.

It acts as a platform that encourages users to become members and enjoy more benefits on credits. Yes, no one will deny that at present, dating apps have become a social platform used for casual hookups. From instant messaging to sending a digital gift, Badoo offers a lot.

Moreover, you can share other’s profiles on another platform like Facebook and Instagram.

Most of the users create their own albums which have their private photos and videos. Using the app, one can enjoy convenient options related to taking videos and photos without facing much trouble. Talking about the users’ perspective, the site is designed well for easy navigation purposes.

Sign in process is not much difficult. That’s so because the layout is very simple to follow, and by uploading your profiles, you are ready to use it. While deciding on doing the review of Badoo, the first thing to check was how much user-friendly the site is. Providentially, the presence of simple to use navigation keys, clear icons and emojis make the users experience easy and stress-free . 

The scoring of the profile is based on the number of photos uploaded by the users and how others react to them.

Site statistics

  • Number of people use Badoo – 418 million
  • Average messages sent daily – 350 million
  • The average number of images uploaded daily – 10 million
  • Number of monthly active users – 60 million
  • The average number of new members – 300,000
  • Number of employees in Badoo – 500
  • Number of languages Badoo used in – 47
  • Number of countries in which Baddo is active – 190

Performance Score (Out of 10)

Value for price


Quality of members


Ease of use


Customer satisfaction




Sign up


Making contact


Profile quality


Exclusivity of Videos


User-Interface & Layout


Overall Score



Website address - http://badoo.com/

Estimated visits last month – 18.79 million

With all new ways to connect with the people, Badoo allows the users to chat locally and make new friends.

There are over 340 million registered members who are enjoying the services offer by Badoo. Mostly, the population aged between 25 and 35 years are using Badoo website. And, these youngsters are taking the full benefit of this innovative website. Every day almost 400,000 join the league.

The paid version of Badoo gives even more special features. Launched in 2006, certainly, Badoo has become an active social networking application, especially in South America and Europe. You can share photos, profiles, and info with others to get better matches.  

badoo banner

A good  thing about Badoo is that anyone can use its website or app. Within 10 minutes, you can sign in and start the searching process. Being a clutter-free website, it gives the users an easy interface and experience.

‘Encounters’ is the prime tool preferably used by the Badoo members for searching people on the basis of preferences, interests, and location.

Each day, the members will get a limited number of encounters. If you are showing interest, the match will automatically move to connections, and further, you can initiate the conversation.


Badoo has many features that are absolutely free to use, like browsing users around you with the ‘People Nearby’ feature.

The ‘Encounter’ feature allows the users to like or dislike people based on your interest. Unlike other online dating apps, Badoo has the premium features that aren’t paid in terms of a monthly subscription. Despite this, you have to purchase Badoo credits and spend accordingly.

By these credits, one can appear more on the ‘Encounters’ page, boost the daily contact limit, and even send gifts in the form of sticker packs using message.n Among the various membership options, one can opt depending on how long or short period you want to use Badoo. Let’s have a look!

badoo banner 2

One month membership

The shortest subscription available at present is one-month available at $10. It’s a good deal for a very short period.

Three-month membership

Another membership plan is available or three months cost around $25. That means $8 per month; hence, it is a cheaper option than the previous one. One can easily save approximately 20% of the amount at the time of enrolment.

Six-month membership

This membership costs about $35, which means $6 a month. Here, you will get the advantage of around 40% when compared with the first option.

Twelve-month membership

If we talk about the cheapest one, then this plan is the best and available for the most extended duration. You just have to pay $60 at once. If we calculate per month amount, it is coming out to be $5 per month. You can easily save 50% of your money at the time of subscription.

Please remember to always change your Badoo account settings, especially when you are renewing your membership.

In case of discontinuing the membership, one should visit the ‘automatic renewal’ option and turn it off. The main aim of Badoo is to provide multiple options to the customers and make their experience soothing.


  • Simple to use the format
  • Instilled with multi-OS highly compatible with Android, web, and iOS.
  • There are no-fuss and frills in the format.
  • The offered free option covers almost every basic function.
  • A large number of people are part of Badoo.
  • Numerous options are available for verification of profiles.
  • Good In-built user interface.
  • Network features are available that meant for tagging and commenting.
  • Offer worldwide networking as there is a wide range of languages in which one can chat with others. Therefore, users can set up all things in their native language.


  • Advertisements appear frequently.
  • One cannot find information related to user activity.
  • Inability to distinguish the inactive users with active ones.
  • When it comes to privacy, it scores very low.
  • Badoo is not clear about what it is offering.
  • The website or app should be more precise in order to dodge unsuitable matches.
  • After six months, credits get expire, and money can’t be redeemable at all.


It’s been a decade that Badoo is actively working towards meeting new people as soon as possible. There is an exponential growth in popularity as compared with the competitors. Here we are discussing a few of the competitors of Badoo who are regularly trying to go ahead of it.

  • Hinge: Present as a social discovery network, Hinge is helpful for the users to meet new people via friends.
  • Dipify: It is present as a social discovery app for unknown people to become friends.
  • About.me: It is a platform to grow the audience and get clients.
  • Zoosk: Being an online dating site, Zoosk is loved by the youngsters.
  • Tinder: Tinder is a current hot app for finding friends.
  • LiveChat: It is present as a premium customer service platform that has a live chat support system.
  • PeerStream: A unique online dating and social networking applications, this app can be opened in any device.

Single Mum (23) Tries Out Badoo


  • The ready to help customer support of Badoo provides assistance to it’s users whenever they want.
  • The ready to help customer support of Badoo provides assistance to it’s users whenever they want.
  • Link for getting online support: https://badoo.com/help/ If you have any questions or want to chat with the experts regarding any problems, customer support is always ready to help.

Final verdict

Badoo is a well-known dating website that was introduced for people to communicate with a large population of singles living in different corners of the world.

Actually, it is a hybrid of online dating websites and social networking websites. Moreover, it is highly searched among youngsters.

Within a few minutes, one can easily sign-in and start communicating with different people.

Badoo works with an approach through which people can chat without facing much trouble. 

They will either end up in finding romance or indulge in a good friendship.

badoo LP 2

The best thing about Badoo is that you don’t have to deal with any kind of fraud, fake profiles, and spam, users can enjoy connecting with millions of users. It is very clear that the website is generally designed by developers with care to give the final results.

Till now, Badoo has become entirely successful among the users.

Surprisingly, Badoo is running for the past many years without much trouble. In regards to modernity, it remains updated as per the latest social networking trends. Because it comprises heavy content that has increased its popularity.

If you are in a search for fresh faces and more importantly, want to connect with people, then nothing can be better than Badoo.

Parting words

Badoo has both advantages and drawbacks. I hope this deep insight will be  helpful for you. Do contact us if you want to have a review of other dating websites, as well. Though there are numerous social dating websites available, Badoo is much better than others and is free too!

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