Experience Powerful Orgasms with the Help of AutoBlow 2 (2019)

Let’s face it. Pleasuring oneself is not only healthy but also helps to boost one’s immunity, mood and reduces your risk to prostate cancer. However, for a long time, women have had the privilege of choosing between tons of toys andmachines compared to their male counterparts.

Over time, manufacturers have come up with satisfying male toys and machines like the ice cream cone,Tamagotchi, and the electric ear dryer. However, the industry was lacking one essential toy for men, an automatic blow job robot toy.

One thing is certain: Blow job is one of the most satisfying and orgasmic forms of sexual pleasure, for both genders. Although biology dictates that the vagina membrane and that of the mouth are similar, there’s is that one thing about a blow job that makes it stand out from intercourse.

The first step when using the Autoblow 2 is to insert your preferred sleeve whether anal, pussy or mouth sleeves and ensure you hear the click to confirm that it fits perfectly.

This toy comes with a rod that is meant to help you insert the sleeve into the canal although I realized that I haven’t had to use it much. 

autoblow2 review how to use

This toy comes with a rod that is meant to help you insert the sleeve into the canal although I realized that I haven’t had to use it much. There is however not much texture with the toy and hence you will be required to stimulate your penis with your hands or another implement. Once you’re hard, apply water-based lube on your penis and a little into the sleeve and slide into the toy.

Once you’re inside, ensure that you are comfortable, and use the button at the bottom of the device to turn the toy on. The same button will be used to control the speed.

Are you a blow job lover and:

  • Don’t have time with your lover for the same?
  • Are tired of paying for poor blow job services?
  • Your partner keeps denying you a blow job?

Worry no more. Finally, technological advancement has culminated in a new fully automatic blow job robot in form of the Autoblow 2. Unlike her predecessors, Autoblow 2 offers maximum real-feel and deep fellatio sensation for maximum satisfaction.

You are probably wondering:

  • What is Autoblow 2 Masturbator?
  • What features does it come with?
  • How is it used?

Relax 🙂

We have come up with a comprehensive review of the Autoblow 2 Masturbator, its features and buyer’s guide 2019.

Autoblow 2 Review 2019

What is Autoblow 2 Masturbator?

Fellas, give that arm a rest and let Autoblow 2 work a load for you automatically. The Autoblow 2 is a male satisfaction machine, the first of its kind on the market, which provides you with similar stimulation to that of a blowjob. 

autoblow 2 review

The device is 8.6 inches tall, with a diameter of 3.93 inches. The canal is about 6 inches long, with enough room to accommodate penises with a girth of up to 6.5 inches. It comes with three different sleeves that are built to fit penises of all shapes and sizes. One of the most outstanding features of the Autoblow 2 the fact that is it a plug-in and doesn’t require batteries. Full charge affords you up to 1,000 hours of blow jobs.

Another interesting feature is the fact that it is automatic eliminating the hassle and discomfort of manual masturbation. Because of her uniqueness and guaranteed performance, Autoblow 2 has been featured in numerous articles, blogs and television stations. Initially, over 3,000 people supported its crowdfund on IndieGoGo, which culminated in a 622% increase in returns of their original goal.

The crowdfunding initiative was launched in 2014, with the device currently being owned by over 100,000 men. Autoblow 2 is available on Lovehoney and you can easily order it for yourself. 

What Features Does it Come With?

When conceptualizing about the device, Autoblow 2 had one particular thing in mind. To come up with the most effective blow job masturbator that guarantees you comfort, performance and ultimate sensation, whether you are using it solo or with your partner. If you dont want to read the complete review, then you can click the button below and gift yourself this mind blowing toy.

Some of the features it comes with include:


Packaging and Outlook

First impressions matter and that is something that Autoblow has put into consideration. The toy’s packaging is medium size, with a great design and a modern appealing outlook.

The rigid design is plastered with marketing gimmicks including, ?Luxury Blow Job machine for sophisticated men. Overall, the device comes with one of the most attractive packages and an eye-catching design 


Interchangeable Sleeves

To offer you optimum sensation and lifelike feel, the masturbator comes with sleeves made from the realistic skin-like material. The material has not beenspecified by the company although it states that the material is phthalate-free. The sleeves may, however, be tacky and hence emita slight smell that I personally found repulsive.

The material, however, gives you a similar sensation and pleasure like the one you would receive from your partner. The sleeves are available in three distinct sizes to accommodate all penis sizes. This includes a size A for the short guys, B for the average sized and C for thebigger guys in relation to girth, and cant stroke up to 15 centimetres of your penis length. 

There are different designs that feature a pussy, mouth and ass, and come in different styles namely: uncoloured and the “real doll” series. The real series comes with extra features like better look, coloured labia and lips etc.It hence comes with a higher investment value than the original series.

For customers who are sceptical about the material of the sleeve can use condoms and a water-based lube and seek medical approval


New spring-loaded design

The Autoblow is constructed with two spring-loaded beads that are designed to offer you a tight fit and also amplifies the sleeves’ lifespan. A powerful motor operates the ring of beads, which rotates a wheel moving the rings of beads up and down the shaft of the sleeves. According to the manufacturer, the all-metal motor is capable of lasting for over 1000 hours of use.

This design makes it both powerful and durable, unlike other available options on the market. It also affords the sleeve of your choice a longer lifespan to enable you to enjoy your solo time or time with your partner to the fullest.


Powerful industrial strength motor

Unlike in other sex toys powered by batteries, the motor on the Autoblow 2 is an industrial, extra-powerful and durable motor. It is designed to offer the machine enough power to afford you intense sensation during the deep throat session.

The motor is not prone to breakage or getting wornout easily, and is complemented well by the electric charge system. On the downside, as will be seen later, the motor is responsible for emitting too much noise, which most consumers found uncomfortable.

Nevertheless, if you are looking for a manly sexual device that will not disappoint in terms of power and performance, look no further than the Autoblow 2


No Batteries Needed

This is one of the best features of the Autoblow 2. Unlike the usual toys and machines that are either battery or manual powered, this particular one is poweredby electricity and can be plugged into any charging port using either an EU or UK adapter.

According to the company website, the charging system is designed to offer maximum safety when plugged in during use. Unlike battery-powered toys, one is able to set their desired speeds to the extreme.

The higher the speed, however, the louder the noise emitted. All in all, the fact that it is electrically powered eliminates the chance of distraction due to worn out batteries and can last well over 1000 hours.


Automatic, Hands-Free Experience

Are you tired of having to do all the work with your manual male toy? Relax: The Autoblow 2 is designed to do everything for you and offer an unmatched sensational and orgasmic feeling.

You are only supposed to hold it in place and leave it to do the hard work for you. Better yet, you can have your partner hold it for you and allow the machine to do everything else without you having to worry about anything.

All you are required todo is to control the speed of the thrust motion depending on your preference.


Durable, Robust Construction

Durability and performance are a guarantee when it comes to the Autoblow 2 Male Masturbator. The plastic and rubber outer construction enable you to hold it in place during use and also enhances its durability.

The inner metal construction is proof that the machine cannot easily be worn out and will serve you for an incredibly long time without the need for maintenance. The industrial strength motor also affords you long service over 500 hours


Tighter mechanism

One thing is certain:Blow job gets sweeter the deeper you penetrate and the tighter the mouth is in order to offer a good grip against the mouth cavity. The manufacturers put this in mind when coming up with the Autoblow 2. 

The milking mechanism is enhanced with three row of beads that enhance the grip on your penis and allows for maximum contact to offer you the best feeling. When attached, the sleeves, whether pussy, anal or mouth are capable of accommodating over 15cm of your penis and a girth of up to 6.5 inches



Hygiene is definitely one of the most important considerations one has to make when purchasing a sex toy or machine. There are numerous bacterial and viral illnesses that one is prone to for not using a clean and hygienic sex toy.

Due to this, the manufacturers of Autoblow have made the machine with hygienic material and also made it for you to clean the toy with ease. For extra hygiene, it is advisable to use it when inserting the sleeves. Once you confirm that the sleeve is in place, plug the adapter into the toy and then into the wall.

The sleeves are interchangeable and hygienic whereas the parts can be easily detached and washed with soapy water or hygienic cleaner. You can choose between a Lelo Sex Toy Cleaner and Best Antibacterial Toy Cleaner to add to the cart when purchasing the Autoblow 2.


The Feeling, Sensation

We may have put this among the final features about Autoblow 2 but don’t get us wrong. We are well aware that this is the most important feature for consideration when it comes to getting a sex toy.

The manufacturers of Autoblow made sure that this is the most outstanding feature of the male masturbator. After trying it, there is one thing certain about this device, the feeling it gives you is unmatched.

According to numerous customer reviews across various authority websites, the Autoblow 2 Male Masturbator gives you a better feeling than some of the blowjobs you have received in your life. Check all the amazing reviews on lovehoney : the best site to buy this amazing toy for yourself.

The aim of coming up with the device was to afford men a similar, or better feeling like that of an actual blow job. Better yet, the device fits perfectly and offers a tight orgasmic grip for maximum sweetness during use


  • Incredibly orgasmic feeling and sensation during use
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Designed and constructed to last long
  • Offers a good, tight grip for the best feeling
  • An automatic machine that does all the work for you
  • Available with a variety of sleeves including pussy, mouth and ass
  • Powerful motor to fit your preferred speeds
  • Compact design makes it easy to carry and store
  • Requires no batteries for uninterrupted sessions of fun


  • Because of the electric industrial motor, the device is uncomfortably loud, up to 48 decibels
  • It is heavier than most other toys, weighing up to 2lbs.
  • Comes with a high investment value

How to Use the Autoblow 2?

Just like any other stroker you use. You mightwill have to use some lube before you slip into your penis. The box clearly states that it is hands-free, and guess what, it is not! The device is enormous, and you will have to hold it for proper stroking. So, you will be using some lubes first, slip in, after that, you will have to hold it, and finally, switch the thing on. 

Inside the Autoblow 2, you will find two rounded beads that shall beare placed on springs. The motor is at the base of the device, and there is a piston attached. It is the motor that will drive the two rings of beads. It will go up and down. The maximum height it will reach is 4 inches. The springs can stretch easily, says the label to fit all sizes, but lies the issue. 

Some users with 5.5. inches girth has mentioned that they don't feel a thing because the sleeve is up to 4-inches long. The max they feel is slight tingling. There is nothing mind-blowing about this device for sure. This might have happened because the beads weren't coming in contact with the penis properly. The max that occurred was the beads touching on the penis. So, the primary thing that you will have to do is insert the sleeve into the device.

You will hear a click sound. The rod that you will find inside will help you put it safely. Putting the sleeve inside is an easy thing to do. You will see an adapter too, plug it in, and would be ready to use your device. Always make sure to use a water-based lube to get started. Once done, take out the sleeve, and that's about it. Wash it, dry it, and store it somewhere safe. The rest of the device is not waterproof!

It is important that you experiment with it if you eventually want to use it hands-free. Personally, for example, I realized that propping it on my thighs and lying down works best. Better yet, you can purchase a handle from the manufacturer that will enable you to hold it in place more comfortably. Autoblow-2 weighs approximately 2 lbs and is hence bulky compared to other toys on the market.

Getting the right and comfortable "hands-free" position is hence crucial for the ideal orgasmic feeling.

Cleaning and Maintenance

The device is not that hard to clean; however, you may have to struggle a bit for the first-timers. You will have to get used to it first to know how to clean it. Some even say that the device is hard to clean, and it doesn't come along with any covers to store it properly. Well, another disadvantage. So, what you can do instead is put it in a clean plastic after using it, and store it somewhere safe. 

Also, be mindful of where you are using water to clean it. You may use a wet wipe to clean some parts of it. But don't pour water on it at all. The device is not waterproof, and it will get damaged if you run tap water on it. That's why to be extra cautious while cleaning it. The sleeve is removable, though. Remove it to wash it. Let it dry before you reuse it. The sleeve's biggest drawback is that it really smells bad even if you wash it for three-four times.

The device comes with a removable sleeve, which can be washed with a toy cleaner that can be purchased together or clean soapy water and then left to dry. After that, you can go ahead and dust it off and store it inside the unit. According to the included manual, you are recommended to store the sleeve separately from the device, preferably in a plastic bag with corn starch.

According to various customer reviews, the sleeve emits an unwanted odour straight from the box because of the material used to construct the sleeves. This hence requires you to wash them extensively and store them safely and in hygienic conditions. Since it is a mains-powered toy, it is hence not waterproof. Ensure that you keep it away from water, especially where the mechanisms are located.

 In case you need to wash the main case, it is best to use a lightly dampened cloth and a towel to dry.

What I Liked About Autoblow 2

One thing is sure: There is everything to love about the Autoblow 2. Not only is it a luxurious blow job machine, but also one of a kind in the industry. The most outstanding thing about the device is the fact that it is automatic and electric powered. For a long time, men have had to do all the work when having a solo session of pleasure. Worse yet, battery-powered toys die in the middle of an enjoyable session, which most men hate.

Well, the two worries have been eliminated with the introduction of the Autoblow 2 Male Blow Job Masturbator. The device is automatic, and guarantees to offer you maximum pleasure without requiring you todo much. It comes with an automatic construction and is powered by the current. All you are required to do is to plug it, insert your penis and enjoy the orgasmic thrust from the electric motor that moves the sleeves.

Better yet, you never have to worry about interrupted sessions due to batteries charge dying since the device is electric-powered.Another feature to like about the Autoblow 2 is the ease of ease of use and cleaning of the toy. The ease of use culminates from a cool design and minimal controls. The power button sums up as the speed control button, making the session easy and comfortable.

After use, the device is quite easy to clean compared to others on the market. The sleeves can be easily detached and cleaned then fitted back into the device after dusting and drying. The performance and feeling that the Autoblow 2 gives you are unmatched. It guarantees you a sensation similar to that of an actual blow job and that is exactly what it delivers. According to customer reviews, the feeling is even better than an actual blow job.

The grip is enhanced by a row of beads attached to the sleeves, which amplifies the feeling and makes your orgasm more intense. If you are looking for a toy that will do everything for you and afford you the best blowjob feeling, the Autoblow is an ideal bet.

What’s not to like about the Autoblow 2

There is everything to like about the Autoblow 2, but there are also a few features that I did not fancy about the toy. The noise is the most dislikable feature of the Autoblow 2. Because of the electric powered industrial motor, the toy emits awfully loud noise, up to 48 decibels. This makes it the least ideal toy to use in discreet.The device is also quite heavy, weighing about 2lbs. This makes it one of the heaviest toys I have used in the past.

The heavy weight makes it difficult to use and hence requires practice to get the best and most comfortable position. Autoblow 2 comes with a relatively higher investment value compared to other toys. However, I attest that it is worth every dollar spent

Where to buy the Autoblow 2?

Autoblow 2 has received massive uptake by hundreds of thousands of men since it joined the market. It is available on Lovehoney. Although its available on other places as well, but i have heard many reviews of fake or defective products being sold. So i will stick to the biggest sex toy website in the world : Lovehoney

Bottom Line:

I have tried a number of toys but I must admit that the Autoblow 2 is a toy in its own category. I have never seen or tried a blow job masturbator before and the sensation I received from this particular one was incredible. The toy is designed and manufactured to offer you maximum sensation and feeling similar to that of an actual blow job.

I particularly loved the grip it affords me, the power of the thrusts and the fact that I had to do nothing to experience all that. Although it produces a lot of noise and s quite heavier than other toys, the feeling it offers made me overlook all the negatives. If you are looking for the ideal blow job masturbator then Autoblow 2 is the ideal toy.


There has been an influx of sex toy manufacturers over time. This has led to the introduction of a variety of toys for men that do not perform as expected.Others are substandard and break easily or underperform. This has led to dissatisfied and angry consumers who end up wasting their hard earned money. Until the introduction of the Autoblow 2 Male Masturbator, men have had to receive blow jobs after too much hassle including costs.

Well, not anymore. Autoblow 2 was introduced into the market as one of the best male toys for blow jobs on the market. It guarantees you performance, extra sensation and anorgasmic feeling without you being required to do anything. This is because it is automatic and requires no batteries but instead comes as a plugin. You enjoy your time without having to worry about batteries dying in between your sessions.

The Auto blow 2 is the ideal male blow job toy if performance, sensation comfort and durability are what you are looking for during your pleasure moments.

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