Add Inches! Yes, Men Can Make It Longer

It is just but common for men to desire for a manhood that is bigger. In fact, there are several surveys that show that most men worry about the size of their penis. Fortunately, there are natural methods on how you can add inches to your manhood and make it longer.


Medical Treatments

Penile Implant

There are several medical treatments that you can do in an attempt to make your penis thicker and longer. One of these is getting a penile implant, which is a specific type of operation that involves the use of a silicone implant. However, this surgery is proven to be costly and associated with several risks such as infections or implant breakage.

Plastic Surgery

You also have the option of getting plastic surgery for your penis which involves the process of cutting a ligament to help it hang a bit further, having the impression of a longer dick. However, this surgery also comes with a risk and it can even involve losing the ability for erection. In a similar manner with a penile implant, this surgery also entails the patient to shell out a hefty sum of money.

Fat Injections

Fat injections are another type of medical treatment that can be used to make a man’s penis longer. In this method, medical professionals transfer the patient’s own fat from another body part into the shaft of the penis using a syringe. However, the results of this procedure are only temporary and the penis will likely shrink to its original size over a period of time.

Platelet-rich Plasma Injections

Another type of injection that medical professionals can give to patients who wish to have a longer penis is platelet-rich plasma injections. Similar to fat injections, the platelet-rich plasma of a patient is injected into his penis to stimulate blood flow, making the penis appear longer. However, since this procedure is relatively new, there is no guarantee that a man’s manhood will not shrink back to its original size after a while.

Natural Exercises


Apart from medical treatments, one natural way to increase the length of your member is through penis exercises. Jelqing, or penis stretches, is known as one way of making a man’s manhood get longer. In order to perform this exercise, you need to wait until you are almost erect before grabbing the base of your penis and sliding your hand down its shaft. Although there are several men who claims that this exercise works well for them, others also state that there is really no notable difference after a couple of months of doing this exercise. Nevertheless, there really is no harm in trying it out because it is but a natural method to try and add inches to your penis.

Penis Stretching

Penis stretching is the act of somehow twisting your member’s shaft clockwise and counterclockwise. In order to ensure that blood is flowing to your member, slap your penis to your thighs, shaking it from side to side. This exercise is known to increase the length of the suspensory ligament of your shaft.


Kegels are not only for women, but men can also do Kegel exercises to increase the length of their shaft. Not only this, but Kegels can also help improve erectile dysfunction and decrease premature ejaculation. What is great about Kegel exercises is that it is so discreet that you can do this whenever and wherever you are.

Supplements and Devices

Enhancement Pills

If medical treatments and exercise is really not your thing, you still have other options to try and make your manhood longer. If you are wondering about how to get a bigger penis naturally, then you can try to use enhancement supplements. More often than not, these supplements enhance blood circulation, as well as encourage new and healthy cell growth. Pomegranate juice is known to be rich in ellagic acid, which is one key nutrient necessary for an improved blood flow, together with niacin or vitamin B3. On the other hand, Methyl Sulfonyl Methane, or MSM, is the nutrient that is responsible for a healthy cell growth. These nutrients are commonly found in enhancement pills and supplements that promise the boost of a man’s sexual performance through a longer member.

Enhancement Lotions

Another thing that you can use to increase the length of your penis is by using an enhancement lotion. However, there are claims that enhancement lotions are really ineffective even if consistently used for a couple of months. Nevertheless, enhancement lotions can sometimes act as lubricators as necessary.

Penis Extenders

There are also devices that can make your penis grow longer and this is through the use of penis extenders. Penis extenders can be worn daily underneath a man’s clothes to gradually stretch his member over time. However, there are of course some discomfort and awkwardness as the penis extenders are used. Nevertheless, several men already vouched for the effectiveness of penis extenders in adding some inches into their shaft.

Other Ways


While it may not directly add length to your manhood, shaving your pubes can make your penis look longer. This will make your member visible in its full glory, without unnecessary hair obstructing its view. In shaving your pubic hair, you may want to use a shaving gel, as well as a fur oil to soften it.

Lose Weight

Another thing that you can do to make your penis appear longer is to lose excess weight. Not only will the excess weight shaved off give you the endurance and stamina you need to stay longer in bed, it will also make your penis appear bigger and longer. After all, excess weight may even restrict you from trying out different positions in the bedroom.


Generally, men wish for a larger penis because of the notion that it translates to a more pleasurable sexual intercourse. While this is not necessarily the case, some men take the necessary measures in order to add inches to their manhood. After all, a longer penis may boost the self-confidence of a man, especially when it comes to the bedroom.

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