Improve your Performance with the Best Penis Pumps

It's undeniable that when it comes to sex toys and sex therapy, we are the experts. We know almost everything in the field of sex gadgets, and that include penis pumps. 

We have the expertise because we have to spend much time testing all the different models that are now flooding the market.

Readers would spend so much time browsing the web to choose the best penis enlarging gadget online but usually end up with an unsatisfying result. 

However, with our professionally perverted mind, for many years we have dived into the art of dick enhancement. 

Improve your Performance with the Best Penis Pumps

Our first belief that fucking is foremost in a man's life, so we want you to consider us the humping heroes and the contemporary cock spokesmen.

So as not to be pissed off and ripped off by these merchants who only supply info that is favourable for more significant sale, we have chosen among so many penis pumps and present them to you now. 

Why is it Important to Read Reviews in Looking For The Best Penis Pump Available in the Market?

The demand for dick pumps is so high that most of the time we encounter disreputable sellers pushing their goods that leaves one full of disappointment. That shit must end now. Having the know-how on what makes a good penis stretcher should be on top of your mind.

Not all dick pumps were equally created. Cost is not always an indication of good quality. We learned all that shit the hard way. That is why we want to share our knowledge with you. Our penis pump buying guide will give you a favourable place to put your first step.

Improve Your Performance with the Best Penis Pumps

The name itself of this penis enlarger would explain everything, and the X Series is a group of specific dick pumps that are designed to increase the circumference or perimeter and length of the penis.

This line up is composed of three devices differing slightly in sizes. The Bathmate X20 is the smallest, and the X40 is the biggest.

If you are in the mood to be middle-of-the-path with your dick pump, you can settle for X30.

The looks and functions of each device are the same regardless of its size. However, this ''vanilla'' dick pump, as it is also called, got some really serious sucking power.

No, it will not give you a good blowjob. How everyone wishes it did. However, what it can do is even much better.

Together with some exercise routine, this HydroMax X-Series is designed scientifically to enlarge and elongate the penis. 

The same attributes can be said of the models with the same brand line up. If ever this gadget works in any way better or worst, we have to figure it out.

Main Features

It's obvious that this X-Series had a remarkable amount of sucking power as compared to Bathmate, the original design. This X-Series has a flap on the top that open/close and accommodates and controls its suction in a see-through chamber.

The chamber can be ordered in different colors like red, white or blue. HydroMax X-Series, like the other products, has an optional measurer by the side of its chamber.

You may say that some penis pumps are better looking than this X-Series, but those fancy looking bastards did not do what they are supposed to do. The saying is right when it says ''You can't judge a book by its cover!

One thing we can say with this X-series is it works even if looks like a child's bike pump.

What Comes in the Box of Bathmate Hydromax?

The following are inside the box:

  • The HydroMax X-Series dick pump (in the size and color of your preference)
  • A soft-touch comfort pad that's removable
  • An advertising flyer for the other products lineup
  • An instruction manual (either for bath and shower use)

The HydroMax manufacturing team did not spend so much time on impressing you with the looks but worked more on its personality. Aside from the lint and cardboard, making it easy to dispose of the evidence.

If you’re a person of discretion, this vanilla pump might be just the right one for you. Take note that HydroMax products are packed and shipped in unmarked boxes.

Does It Measure Up?

HyroMax is standard as compared to other penis pumps that use water pressure in stimulating cellular growth. It is more durable and rigidly constructed. The comfort pads offer much tighter seal against the body that helps in increasing suction power.

HydroMax pales as compared to Xtreme series. However, its ability to deliver 35% more in suction power against the original BathMate is worth considering.

Our Experience with It

We were thinking that using the X Series would be complicated when we opened the box. However, we were amazed by the simplicity of its design. We appreciate all the improvements in this model. The size of its inner convolutes was reduced giving more room for penile expansion.

This device is simple to use, and the newly designed Superflow valve, which is the standard feature of all HydroMax models made it easy to control the pressure in the chamber making is safe and secure to handle.


  • Big and Bad –The X-Series comes in a variety of sizes to choose from, more room inside to accommodate growth.
  • Open Sesame –The new valve design helps keep you from rupturing a blood vessel when increasing suction power.
  • Warranty –This product comes with a 2-year limited warranty.
  • Measure Once & Pump Twice – The measuring guide at the front of the chamber features both inches and centimetres
  • Safe to use – The entire contraption is made out of skin-safe materials that are 100% phthalate free.
  • Penis Tested & Doctor Approved – The professionals at the Aspen Clinical Research Facility helped its development.
  • It Works – The manufacturer did one thing right: it delivers a fatter and longer dick.
  • Physical Trainer –The workout routine, featured in the HydroMax website, is easy to follow. 


  • High Quality but Low Standards – The X-Series was made of high-quality materials, but that doesn’t seem to make it work any better (or faster).
  • Don’t Try This at Home –Don’t ever try using this thing without following the instruction. It will rip your dick off.
  • Gator Aid –One will need some help when it comes to adjusting the Gators. They are quite large, somewhat flexible, and attached to the base.
  • Break your Bank –A bit expensive than the BathMate.
  • Dorky as Fuck –Other penis pumps might look somewhat clinical, this is like having a one night stand with a broken tire pump.
  • Time-Consuming –The 15-minute daily penis workout is a pain in the ass.

This penis pump looks like manual masturbator, but it is a simple tool to stimulate the penis to grow in time.

We found out that Penomet produces favourable results.

At first, we were sceptical, but we were surprised by how fast this thing boosts our cock power! For fuck sakes, be patient as we explain how it happened!

Penomet Vacuum Pump Main Features

Penomet has a Gaiter System that is interchangeable that could give way to increase chambers pressure gradually. It is back up with over two years of scientific research and one of its claim that in as little as 15 minutes, it can bring about favourable results.

This gadget is supposed to increase the length of the dick by 3 inches and circumference by as much as 30%. Medical grade silicon is used for the gaiters making it tolerable on the shaft.

The cylinder itself is made of polycarbonate plastic and unbreakable. For safety, it is has a 360-pressure release valve. The unit comes with a lifetime gaiter replacement guarantee without the need to register. This penis pump has a 60-day money back guarantee.

Penomet won awards since the establishment of the company like Best New Male Enhancement Device back in 2013. 

How Does The Penomet Pump Work?

Penomet is very simple to use. It works by employing an AquaPressure system that creates vacuum pressure all over the penis.

PACKAGE 1 – Standard
This type uses the 3.0 pump and Force 70 Gaiter. You need to visit its website for a complete instruction regarding this.

PACKAGE 2 – Extra
This version costs a bit more, and it comes with three different gaiters – the 65, the 70, and the 75. It’s worth the extra for additional gaiter since they come with an automatic lifetime replacement guarantee. It's worth investing in your dick, man.

PACKAGE 3 – Premium
This premium is the most expensive one. It comes with a 3.0 pump but has some extras that justify the higher cost. It includes Force 60, 65, 70, and 75 gaiters. Also an Extreme Force 80 gaiter for the pros. 

NOTE: All three packages have different cylinder colours available: 

  • Clear Blue 
  • Violet Green
  • Orange Pink
  • Red

The various gaiters come in different colours too.


  • Pump Up – The Penomet promises an almost instant girth increase by as much as 30% and can stretch your penis 3 inches.
  • Impotence – This gadget also helps men prevent the onset of age and health-related infertility.
  • Go Long –after “two pumps and a mash-down.” It can help stop you from your load. 
  • Straighten Up –The Penomet reverses Peyronie’s disease
  • The Little Engine –This tool can boost sexual stamina and could improve your bedroom performance
  • Dive or dip –This can be used in the pool, bathtub, or shower because Penomet contains no electrical parts. It is waterproof.


  • Need some Assembly –The Penomet need users to snap in place custom-sized parts to create the penis pump that will fit over the shaft. 
  • Not Your Bear –This thing is to be used with water, not like the conventional air vacuum devices.
  • The Gaiter –The different gaiters are quite challenging to navigate.
  • Work It Out –For optimal results Penomet makers suggest you adhere to the predetermined cock exercise routines shown on the website. 

Considering use of polycarbonate plastic, medical grade silicone, with a lifetime warranty are indications of Penomet seriousness in helping men love their mighty dick. It's uncommon to come across a company that so dedicated.

We are big fans of Penomet because they set the bar for future dick pump manufacturers. You can find more information on Penomet at their official website.

The baby of a high-tech penis pump collection, it is designed to function by using the water from your shower tub, or shower produces suction for stimulating cellular growth your dick region.

This thing works like a suction cup to force your penis to grow bigger.

The Main Features Of The Bathmate Hercules & Goliath Water Penis Pumps:

Our new gadget comes in two different models, each of which has minimal differences (more in size) Hercules and Goliath. The smaller BathMate Hercules called “the true original” because it’s the first penis pump. It is the most popular among newbies with average-sized penises. 

Both models are designed to accommodate a variety of dicks. 
The skin-safe gator and clear plastic vessel come in one piece. The gator can be rotated easily, and gauge measurements on the side are optional. 

What Comes in the Box?

The boxes didn’t have much at all, which could be a good thing for those who value simplicity. This pump is packaged only with itself.

It has some comfort pads, a flyer about other products in the lineup, and an instruction booklet for bath and shower use. Just have a look at it and you will get all the instructions you will need.

How It Measures Up

The BathMate series by HydroMax has two different models: they are Hercules and the Goliath. Goliath is 30% larger than the Hercules. 

Our Experience with It

Most men don’t have the luxury of time to take a leisurely bath. Moreover, doing it every single day, and even the shower option can be a big hassle. Considering that the majority of us don’t have 15 minutes of grooming while in the water, you might take up a hobby to keep that diligence.

Now, we to do some things we like because let’s face it, the ultimate purpose is to enhance our penis. Can’t we afford to be mad right?


  • If You Work It, It Works –This gadget, despite its flaws, does produce growth when used as directed.
  • Bigger Is Better –This HydroMax lineup, together with the 15-minute workout proved to increase penis length and girth effectively.
  • Stay Healthy –Regular use of this, a quality penis pump can increase your sexual health.
  • Skin -Safe The HydroMax produce all its pumps utilizing industry standard and manufacturing techniques with 100% phthalate-free materials. 
  • Short and Simple –The exercise session is 15 minutes, which is a little time investment. Not too long and you are good to go
  • Long-Term use –The pump comes with a 2-year warranty.


  • Tiny Tom –This is a penis enlarger, but it cannot accommodate men with a huge penis. It’s for average-sized beginners only.
  • Pure Intelligence –You don't need to be super intelligent to operate this gadget.
  • Ouch! –Not to using the gauge measurer could damage your dick in a big way. 
  • Mostly Gators –By the time your dick reaches past the Gators, not much of your junk reaches its way into the pressure chamber. 

If you read the reviews on the other HydroMax penis pumps in the new lineup (the BathMate and the X-Series), then you guess whats next coming Yes, the Xtreme version that operates in the same way as the other gadgets.

The only thing is it goes with the new and improved valve and many more. The Xtreme series has some add-ons which the others don’t have.

It has had four different models compared to the other lineups that only have two or three.

HydroMax Xtreme is the high end amongst the gadgets we have presented. It is also for advanced users. Its models come with extra accessories, and they come in attractive colours.

HydroMax is the pioneer in making penis enhancement. This brand has been making dick enlarger since the beginning of time.

One can see how innovative they are in their design and each of the various sized is designed to accommodate the giant penis of men. They offer 60 money -back guarantee.

HydroMax Xtreme was made for guys who desire a little bit more even if their dicks are already enormous. Not only that, because this version was designed for dudes who can work well under pressure.

The degree of suction provided by this gadget even on the lowest setting is not for the weak of heart. It will either stretch out your dick or you will die to try.

The Main Features

The makers of the Xtreme series claim that this most expensive gadget, it will help dudes unleash the beast inside their pants.

These particular series include things like a detachable handball with hose attachment meant for maximum pumping pleasure.

This lineup features four various models: the XX20, XX30, XX40, and XX50, each of which has the capability of imposing tremendous amounts of pressure on the shaft. With such features, the Xtreme series becomes the most suitable for experienced pumpers.

What Comes in the Box?

The Xtreme series claims to be the pump for the men who know what they want, it won't surprise you that the box it came in contained a little more than the other pumps in its lineup.

It is the cream of its brand’s crop. Within the commercial-looking packaging we found the following:

  • The HydroMax Xtreme Dick Pump(in size specified )
  • A handy carrying case
  • Cleaning sponge
  • The handball pumper
  • The flexible hose to be attached to the pumper
  • Detachable comfort pad
  • Lubricants 
  • Shower strap
  • Instruction manual

How It Measures Up

Comparing this HydroMax Xtreme thing really has no competition. Having a well-designed feature, it is beyond compare.


  • Extra-Ordinary –This series comes with a shit ton of accessories. It is the ultimate model in the whole lineup.
  • Manual or Automatic –This is easy to use, primarily if you’re used to penis pumps. I
  • Stick to practice –If you faithfully participate in the 15-minute daily penis workout, you are going to be rewarded with penile growth after about 30 days.
  • Dick Defense –The contraptions in the HydroMax lineup are phthalate free.
  • Warm and Fuzzy –Get that good feeling from the guaranteed results or else. 


  • Lousy Endorsement –A known company helped research and development of this HydroMax, but the company recently received bad reviews from former employees. 
  • Halfway Up the Mountain –Although the Xtreme series is Alpha Dog for its brand, it’s still on a mid-range status when it comes to penis pump on its best day.
  • Heavy Weight –After filling it with water, the Xtreme feels like a cardboard anvil on your crotch.
  • Next Gator –Hopefully, that the next round of HydroMax penis pumps would come with smaller gators.

#5 - Fleshpump

We have to include Fleshpump on our list because it is one of a kind. This one is a brand-new product in the market and works differently than the rest of the penis pump. 

It has a powerful electric motor, and the product is made of good quality material. 

You should know that Fleshpump is an electric and air penis pump, and none of the other works with this kind of technology.

The company that manufactured Fleshpump is none other than Fleshlight. The lord of all sex toys for men. The pump works very elegantly as it should be.

If you need a break from your regular penis pump, Fleshpump is going to be a great addition. The design is unique, and the product looks and feels very solid and durable.

The product is made of premium plastic so that it can last long. If you want to unleash the wild side of yours, you have got to have Fleshpump. 

The unique design makes it stand out from the rest, and we bet you won’t last for a long time. 


  • The total length of the product is 13.3.’’
  • Insertable length is 8’’.
  • Supple donut sleeve.
  • USB charging cable
  • Comes along with Fleshpump lubricant.


  • Portable and lightweight.
  • Automatic suction advanced technology.
  • Requires low maintenance.
  • Boosts your sexual stamina.


  • Very expensive.
  • You will need time to get used to the new design and feel. 

The company POS-T-VAC manufacturer top-rated men sex toys since time immemorial, and they also have a long history of manufacturing only the best products. 

The significant part about BOS-2000 is that it has been clinically tested, and it is made of body-safe and medical-graded materials. 

There are three different packages to buy, and it is a vacuum penile pump that will cost you $247. The price is for the Deluxe Starter Kit.

The kit will involve eight penis rings, the pump, lube, manual, DVD, tube adapter, and a carry bag. You can buy the pump online easily from different e-commerce shopping websites. 

Each seller offers a different warranty, and the shipping cost will be different as well.


  • Battery operated.
  • Easy to handle.
  • Creates strong suction.
  • Phthalate Free.
  • Waterproof.


  • It is very user-friendly
  • Effective
  • The product is available in three different sizes for different penis sizes.
  • Lubricant is included.


  • You will require a lot of AA batteries again and again.
  • Not one of the sturdiest.

The only product in the market that comes with a dual system is the power pump by Sinclair Endow. It has both an electric pump and a handpump. 

Someone with weal hands can try the electric pump feature to give their hands some rest, which we really liked. 

However, we are disappointed with the built quality because it is not up to the mark. There is a huge possibility that the electric pump could break while you are using it. If something like that happens, ensure to document it. 

In case you have a large penis, this power pump is not for you because the chamber is very thin. You can purchase the product online from 


  • Suitable for a firm erection.
  • Dual vacuum system.
  • Comes with four different penis rings.


  • The incorporation of the manual and electric pump is fantastic.
  • Four penis rings are another pro bono.
  • You can use the power pump easily.


  • The chamber is very thin.
  • Not suitable for large penises.

Paloqueth is one company that always sells easy to use and cheap penis pump and this rechargeable penis pump is no exception. This product is an excellent value for money item. 

They are not the best in the market, but someone who doesn’t want to spend money can surely go for this one. 

There will be two different seals to go for. You need to choose the one that suits your penis the best. Our recommendation is to use the right amount of lube before you start. 

There will be two additional pump gaskets included for better convenience, and the design is so that it makes it easy to use.


  • Comes with two different seals.
  • USB cable included.
  • Two additional pump gaskets for better convenience.


  • Convenient.
  • Easy to use.
  • Very affordable.


  • Air can escape while using it.
  • It is not made of high-quality material.

Those who are suffering from ED, you can get the Encore Deluxe kit for yourself. It includes everything that you will require to get started with the show. 

There are different pump sizes, and you can see which one works for you the best. It can be used as a manual pump or an electric pump. 

The pump is typically designed for those who can’t have a proper erection. Your life will be changed after using the Encore Deluxe. The price for this product is $125.00.


  • Designed typically for men with ED.
  • Improves your erection.
  • Easy to use.
  • Easy to maintain and clean.


  • Comes with an oversized chamber for large and thick penises.
  • Seven cock rings included
  • Lube included.


  • Weak pump.
  • No batteries included.

Those who want a safe Penis pump can go for Standard PostVac IVP-6000-C Kit, which will allow the only required amount of vacuum to produce. 

The product is straightforward to use, and the user manual that comes along gives all the instructions correctly.

The good thing about this penis pump is that it is approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration. 


  • Comes with an adapter.
  • 2 x 8 inches cylinder.
  • Ring sizes vary from 1 to 3.


  • Easy to use.
  • Easy to clean.
  • It was approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration.
  • Great customer service.


  • Weak pump.
  • No batteries included.

What is a Penis Pump?

A penis pump is a simple device. It is used to draw blood flow into the genital area so that the person using it can have a better erection. The penis pump will come with some penis rings, which you will wear to hold the erection. 

Penis pumps are usually used by men who have erectile dysfunction problems. 

What is a Penis Pump used for?

The primary purpose of using a penis pump is to cause an erection. Some penis pumps will be electric, while others will be manual. Both work perfectly, but you need to decide which one will you like to go for.

How Does a Penis Pump Work?

What are the different types of Penis pumps?

There are many types of penis pumps, go through each one of them, and see which one works best. 

Water penis pumps: You can use them conveniently when you go for a shower. If you want the easiest to use and a reliable penis pump, water penis pumps are the best ones. 

Air penis pumps: They come in different forms, for example, trigger handle, electric, and bulb pumps. 

Budget penis pumps: Don’t worry, there is a lot of budget penis pump available in the market. We understand that there choosing the right one is never easy. 

Vacuum penis pumps: Vacuum penis pumps are suitable for those who are suffering from erectile dysfunction issues. You will find tons of vacuum penis pumps readily available in the market. 

Benefits of using a penis pump

Penis pumps are designed to benefit people who can’t have an erection or fail to have a proper erection, which in other words is known as ED. It can also assist men from developing erectile dysfunction issues, and will ensure that the health of penis health is always right. 

Some doctors may also recommend penis pumps, particularly, vacuum penis pumps to those who are suffering from ED.

Hydro vs. Air - which is better?

In the air penis pump and the hydro penis pump, the main difference is that an air pump, air can be extracted once used, creating a vacuum, while in hydro pumps, instead of air, water is used. You don’t require lubricants to use hydro penis pumps. 

Hydro pumps are much cheaper than air penis pumps. Also, because you don’t need to use anything additional, it becomes a much less expensive version. But, if you have ED, then the air pump is better.

Advantages of a Penis Pump

Average Price

Different kinds of penis pumps will cost you differently. However, and the average price of a good penis pump will be somewhere around $160.00.

Most Effective Way to Use a Penis Pump

Here’s a step-by-step guide for you that will teach you the easiest way to use the penis pump. Follow the guide correctly.

  1. 1
    First things first, you need to place the plastic tube that you can see in the penis pump over the penis.
  2. 2
    The penis pump will be either electric or manual. With the support of one of your hands, attach it to the tube. This process will start creating a vacuum inside the tube. This is done to pull blood into the genitals.
  3. 3
    Do that for some time until you have an erection. Once you do, slip the penis ring that comes along.
  4. 4
    Now that you are erect, remove the vacuum device.

To sum it up, our experience with the Xtreme was satisfactory to anyone who might need it. More so than it was with the BathMate or the X-Series. We won’t go as far as to say it’s better than what we’ve tried recently, but it left a good impression as well as memories. Give it a try! 

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