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Apps to Earn Gift Cards [100% Working]

The best apps to earn gift cards are no joke, in the developing marketing world. Gift cards are prepaid money cards that offer money value either in the form of a discount or bonus. Companies, Banks, Retailers, Enterprises and Businesses offer gift cards as a token of appreciation.

There are apps to earn gift cards, which bring all the available gift cards to one place. The aim of this article is to assemble the information into one blog. Do go through this entire article to get to know various such applications.

 For better understanding, don’t skip any paragraphs.

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20+ Best FREE Gift Card Apps to Earn Gift Cards in 2022

What are gift cards? And Why are they issued?

Gift cards are prepaid stored-value money cards. They are distributed as a part of an appreciation token, product promotion, or membership purchase. Gift cards can either be physical gift cards or digital gift cards. This article is all about digital gift cards.

There are different types of gift cards available, ranging from money vouchers to lottery tokens.

Some gift cards provide a monetary value for purchases from a specific store or e-commerce platform.

While some other gift cards provide discounts for purchases. Freebies from associated partner companies are also furnished in the form of gift cards.

Money value gift cards are in trend replacing the actual gifts. Gift cards instead of gifts, give the recipients the flexibility to choose products of their wish.

Regardless of their type, all the gift cards are targeted to provide value to you.

Apps to get gift cards

Swag bucks:

 Swag bucks is an interesting yet useful gift card app. Because it provides gift cards for answering surveys and watching videos. It is based on a points system which is given as “Swag bucks points” or SB. For every 1000SB, you will get one dollar.

Swag bucks are one of the best-paid survey apps available. The ratings go up to 4.4 out of 5 stars. Swag bucks is one better option compared to other apps to get gift cards. As it offers more ways to earn money.

It provides cash back for online shopping from retailers like Amazon, Target, Walmart, etc. You can fill out surveys and earn gift cards on Swag bucks. It also works well with watching online videos.

You can earn money by using “Swag bucks search” as your search engine. For some online game purchases, Swagbuck offers reward points. Affiliate marketing is also available in this app.

  • Swag bucks, give you a bonus that may range up to 5 dollars if you use their app and signup.
  • Payment option: Gift cards, paypal, prepaid visa card or check redeem.

Link for the Swag bucks app : Swag bucks

Inbox Dollars:

Inbox dollar is another free membership site that gives gift cards, cashback and vouchers. The activities are as simple as Swag bucks. You have to watch videos, play online games and answer surveys.

Additionally, some extra tasks are also available like reading promotional emails, online shopping through index dollars and watching ads.

Unlike Swag bucks which works in a points system (offers points for tasks), Index Dollar works directly on money. Like, it provides value in the money format, not based on scoring points.

You will be offered a five-dollar bonus for just signing in as a new member. Next, there will be a survey with 30 questions that include your age, nationality, etc. This survey provides roughly 0.50 dollars on completion.

  • Inbox Dollars offers a five-dollar bonus for just signing in as a new member.
  • Payment options: Paypal, Gift cards, Visa card.

Link for the Index Dollars app: Index Dollars

My Points:

My points is a legitimate online app to earn free money by filling out online surveys. This is one good app for college students in their 20s to make some money online.

The signup process is very simple. Download the app from the app store. It is available for both android and apple users. You will need to give a working email and fill in some extra details.

Then, you can start using the app and collect points.

One great thing about My points is that you can redeem the offers as early as getting 700 points (Roughly equal to 5 dollars). As in the other apps, the minimum limit is 15 – 20 dollars.

  • Payment options: Gift cards, Paypal cash, Travel miles, Coupon codes

Link for further details about My points: My Points

Feature points:

 Like any other platform, Feature point is an online platform that pays for answering surveys and more. An additional feature of feature point is that it pays for downloading apps. It also provides a 50 points bonus on signing up with a referral code.

Feature point conducts contests on both a daily (rewards up to 5 dollars) and monthly (rewards up to 100 dollars) basis. For entering such contests, you need to collect tokens (one token for every 20 points earned).

Feature point pays in three different ways. They are gift cards, cash through PayPal and bitcoin. Also, it has the shortest payout limit. You can start to redeem with 5 dollars.

  • Feature points provides a 50 points bonus on signing up with a referral code.
  • Payment Option: Gift cards, Paypal cash, Bitcoin

Link for further details about Feature points: Feature Points

Zap Surveys:

Alongside offering gift cards and cashback to the consumers, Zap surveys also contribute to child welfare charities. For every one dollar you earn, a sum of 0.20 dollars is donated to charity.

You can sign up with your email address or your Facebook account. The first survey is about your personal details like age, date of birth, etc. You will get at least five dollars for completing the first survey.

The minimum cash redemption limit is 25 dollars. It is a bit huge compared to other platforms. 

  • The Zap survey does not provide a score for sign up. But, it does give you 5 dollars for providing your basic details.
  • The money redeemed is through gift cards, cashback, and PayPal payment.

Link for further details about Zap Surveys: Zap Surveys

Points Prizes:

In points prize, you can earn money or other rewards by watching videos, playing games and taking surveys. To join this app, you need to be 18 years or older.

The minimum payment limit is 3000 points (equivalent to 20 dollars). 

This app will favor you the most if you are residing in the U.S.

  • Payouts are made as gift cards, bitcoin or PayPal payments.

For further details about Points Prize, click this link: Points prize

Survey Apps for Gift Cards

Survey Junkie:

Survey junkie, an online platform for taking surveys in exchange for points. To join survey junkies, you need to be 18 years of age or older. Also, it is limited to certain countries like the United States, Australia, Canada, etc.

Unlike the above-mentioned apps which have more than 5 ways to earn money, survey junkie is all about surveys.

  • Signing up through a referral code might earn you 15 to 20 dollars easily.
  • The points can later be converted to gift cards from Amazon, Target or Walmart. You can also redeem it as cash through PayPal.

For further details about Survey Junkie, click this link: Survey Junkie

Life Points:

 Life points include surveys about different product brands and service offering companies. Ultimately, these surveys are a part of modern marketing. By helping them fill out surveys, you can earn money and gift cards.

Life points make donations for good causes. Together, you have 3 different options to redeem options. You can take rewards such as PayPal cash, gift cards or make donations.

The minimum payout limit for life points varies according to the payout option.

  • For gift cards, it is 5 dollars (approximately 550 points).
  • PayPal cash out approves at 10 dollars (1100 points).
  • Make donations with a minimum of 1 dollar (110 points).

For further details about Life Points, click this link: Life Points


Toluna lets you choose the stream/ niche of your surveys. The surveys are of two types, short and long surveys, that reward accordingly.

Most of the survey sites disqualify your survey when you do not meet the requirements for taking the survey. Like, if you are in your 20s, trying to take surveys of the 40s. The survey site disqualifies the response and no rewards will be given.

Considering such a success rate, Toluna tops the list with a success rate of 32%.  The payout system is based on points. 

  • Toluna gives a signup bonus of 500 points.
  • You can redeem a gift card or PayPal money for a minimum of 30,000 points. Enter a lucky draw with 500 and 1000 points, winning a 4500 monthly cash and an LED TV consecutively. The pay is a bit low in Toluna.

For further details about Toluna, click this link: Toluna


 A legitimate survey site to earn money as a passive income. But that requires quite a lot of patience. The minimum payout point is 5000. Even when earning points with patience, you might feel trouble withdrawing rewards.

To earn money in You-Gov, you need to do quite a lot of surveys for peanuts.

For further details about You-Gov, click this link: You-Gov

Panel Payday:

Panel payday being named an online survey site, scams its consumers with referral emails. With you, panel payday earns affiliate commissions from companies.

Panel don’t create surveys, rather get surveys from outside and give it to you. They are more of an affiliate marketer, not an online survey platform. Definitely, not recommended.

Maru Springboard America:

Maru Springboard is one of the Marketing research companies in America since 2009. It gives surveys about products from different brands and services of companies.

The minimum withdrawal limit is quite high. You need to collect 50 dollars. The takeout options are visa card payouts, gift cards or charity donations.

Maru springboard uses email/SMS to notify about new surveys. Also, their payout period is super short. You will receive them a week after initiating payment.

  • Payment option: Gift cards and Paypal cash.

For further details about Maru Springboard America, click this link: Maru Springboard America

Apps giving gift cards for shopping


Rakuten is an online shopping app formerly known as Ebates. They have tie-ups with more than 2500 retailers and shoppers.

When you shop through Rakuten, you will possibly get a cashback of up to 40%. Rakuten also has physical cashback offers, alongside digital rewards.

For every purchase made through the app, Rakuten gives an additional bonus or reward. 

  • No sign-up points available in Rakuten. 
  • The payout is through PayPal, once every 3 months. You can also redeem cash as gift cards.

For further details about Rakuten, click this link: Rakuten


 Ibotta provides cashback on regular daily purchases. This includes bills, clothes, groceries, etc. You need to make the purchases and submit the bills. Or make in-app purchases. The more you purchase, the greater the rewards will be.

  • By just signing in Ibotta, you get a bonus of up to 20 dollars. And also every time you redeem an offer, you get bonuses.
  • The withdrawal options are gift cards, bank and PayPal deposits. And the minimum withdrawal limit is 20 dollars. The cashback will be credited within 24 hours.

For further details about Ibotta, click this link: Ibotta

Fetch Rewards:

 If you are a lover of shopping, Fetch rewards are bliss. It gives you the leverage to shop from everywhere including gas stations, restaurants, etc.

Scan the bill receipts of both virtual and online purchases and upload them to Fetch rewards. You will be rewarded points for every bill. One dollar for 1000 points.

Fetch rewards are easier to use and a bit faster than Ibotta. Yet, Ibotta has a good welcome bonus and a better cash back option.

  • Fetch rewards don’t provide cashback. It has gift cards and Prepaid card facilities.
  • You can also refer the app to your friend or family member. And earn up to 2000 points for every successful signup.

For further details about Fetch Rewards, click this link: Fetch Rewards

Shop Kick:

 Shop Kick is another free app for making purchases and getting rewards out of it. But, there is something extra special about shop kicks. It allows you to earn even without shopping. Like, watching ads and referrals.

You can earn by simply entering a partner brand shop.

Brands pay shop kicks for just getting you inside their shops. Literally, you can earn up to 30 points by just entering a shop.

The rewards are provided based on the points system. The points are typically named “kicks” in this app. So, you need to get 250 kicks for one dollar.

  • Payment options: Visa or Mastercard, paypal reward

For further details about ShopKick, click this link: ShopKick


 Honey is a browser extension that helps you find gift cards, vouchers and coupons while shopping.

Download the honey app, create an account for free and activate it. When you shop, the plugin will notify you about the offers. For every offer that you redeem using the plugin, you will also get extra points. These points can be claimed as gift cards later.

You also earn by referring a friend or family member.

For further details about Honey, click this link: Honey

Receipt Hog:

Receipt hog is one of the top-rated apps to earn gift cards. It has a 4.5 out of 5 rating in the app store.

In receipt hog, you can submit your purchase bills and claim coins. It includes both online and offline purchases. The more bills you submit, the more will be the coins. 

  • Later, these coins can be traded for free Amazon or Visa gift cards or PayPal cash.
  • You can earn extra bonus coins by filling out surveys and spinning the hog slots.

For further details about Receipt Hog, click this link: Receipt Hog


Checkpoint is an online platform that gives you rewards for check-ins, check-outs and shopping.

By just going to a place and scanning the barcode present, you will get rewards. Once you check in and scan the barcode, you will have to pick a list of items from the shop. Some additional points for scanning the barcodes of those items.

You can also earn by watching videos, answering surveys, referring to your friends and playing games.

  • Payment option: Gift cards and Paypal cash.

For further details about Checkpoints, click this link: Check Points

Receipt Pal:

Receipt Pal is another marketing research company that helps businesses to find customer purchase patterns. The company was created in 2013, owned by NDP Group and is based in New York.

Receipt pal uses the data collected from your bills to help NDP Group’s clients with marketing strategies.

These apps offer a sum of rewards to you in return for data. You can earn roughly 80 – 100 dollars per year by just submitting all the bills and receipts.

Four valid receipts will give you 100 points. Also, the app gives up to 1000 points by just creating an account, linking email and adding Amazon accounts. Receipt Pal doesn’t support cash payouts.

Rather, they distribute gift cards of equal monetary value.

  • Account opening points: 1000 (It doesn’t include bonuses)
  • Payment option: Gift cards

For further details about Receipt Pal, click this link: Receipt Pal


 Mobee pays you for mystery shopping missions. Mystery shopping means purchasing a particular product from a shop and giving feedback about it.

For every mystery shopping assignment, you will win points as rewards.

Typically, Mobee is like a video game. In which you have to complete assignments and get rewards. Not just mystery shopping, there are different types of assignments to complete.

  • The minimum point required to avail reward is 500 points (5 dollars). 
  • Mobee doesn’t support actual cash payouts. Rather, it is distributed as prepaid visa cards or gift cards for Amazon, Dominos, etc.

For further details about Mobee, click this link: Mobee

National Consumer Panel:

 NCP is another legitimate app to earn gift cards through shopping. After every shopping, scan the products and get points for them. Once you acquire sufficient points, trade the points for gift cards.

Just like any other app, In NCP you can also earn through surveys and referrals. By joining the NCP’s membership panel, you can avail 25% discount on AT&T wireless plan and phone accessories.

For further details about NCP, click this link: NCP


By just doing simple tasks, you can get up to 500 dollars every year. Make sure you research and choose two to five above-mentioned platforms. Because it is important to choose the apps that suit you.

Keep alarms or set timings throughout the day. Take the surveys, watch videos and scan shopping bills. Avail gift cards and shopping vouchers. By doing that, you can manage some of your regular expenses.


Q1. What is the fastest app to get gift cards?

Some of the fastest apps that help you get gift cards are

  • Inbox dollars
  • Swag bucks
  • My points.

All three of them give rewards for taking surveys, watching videos and playing games. An additional bonus for signing up and referrals is also available.

Q2. Which is the best app for earning gift cards?

All the above-mentioned apps are best for earning gift cards uniquely. This article is already shortlisted for your convenience.

You can try them individually and choose one that suits you.

All the available apps to earn gift cards by shopping are my favourite apps. As it is user-friendly and easy to handle.

Q3. What app gives you gift cards for playing games?

  • Swag bucks.
  • Ibotta.
  • Earn Honey.
  • Check Points.
  • Inbox Dollars.
  • Toluna.
  • Feature Points.
  • My Points.
  • Ebates.

The above-mentioned apps give rewards for playing games. Still, it is not limited to games alone. You can also earn by answering surveys, watching videos and also referring to your friends.

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