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How to get free Christmas money

Christmas is that time of the year when families get together to celebrate and enjoy the holiday season. People exchange gifts during Christmas and shops deck up their displays to attract customers. These attractive displays coupled with Christmas trees decorated with light bulbs and ornaments associate this season with shopping, making it the peak season for retails sales.

The celebrations also mean extra spends on clothes, food, gifts, and decorations. It is, therefore, important to earn some extra money at this time to be able to buy these and make everyone in the family happy. 

And yes, it’s possible to make some free money during Christmas season by using some simple options. Read along to know more here.

How To Get FREE Christmas Money in 2022


So you want to buy that particular dress you saw in the window display. Or, you want to take your family on a holiday trip. But you don’t have enough money on you to meet these expenses this Christmas season. 

Let us tell you some simple and smart ways to earn extra money this Christmas to meet these additional spends. In fact, you could use some of these year-round to supplement your income, but first let us focus on how to get some free money for the festive season.

  1. Play games online - Believe me, you can make money by playing games online without compromising on the fun part of it. This is probably the coolest way of making some money online this Christmas without actually sweating out on a task. You make this money by watching small ads between different levels of the game. 

Doesn’t it sound cool. Let me help you with details of some fun playing apps to make money online.

  • Swagbucks is one such app that let the gamers make some real money by playing simple and fun filled games. You earn money by installing this game and reaching certain levels in specified timeframes. The swagbucks(SB) you earn in the process can be exchanged for getting gift cards.

How to earn money on swagbucks https://youtu.be/IILAqDxfF-k

  • 21 Blitz is another app that offers casino like games and the opportunity to make some quick money when cash-strapped. You could put your card playing skills to good use by playing this solitaire-blackjack hybrid to earn those extra bucks this Christmas season. 
  • Slingo is another game made for entertainment that also gives you opportunity to earn some cash. You could play this at some of the best US online casinos. You could redeem no-deposit promo offers available at some of these online casinos to start playing without risking your money.

Get paid for shopping

Yes, there are apps that pay you to shop. 

Most of the shopping apps offer attractive cashback on your grocery and other purchases which could be used to buy more.

Sometimes, you can also earn some referral bonuses that help you to spend money buying products you desire.

Read on and I will introduce you to some such apps for earning a few extra dollars.

  • Ibotta lets you buy stuff at some of your favorite national retailers like walmart or target and access some exclusive cashback offers.
    So you can earn every time you use Ibotta to buy the daily use household products and use it to buy more or transfer these earnings to your bank account. Isn’t it cool? 
  • Rakuten is the most rewarding cashback apps when it comes to earning on your shopping. It has thousands of partners where you can shop to earn that extra money in the form of cash-back rewards and get it through paypal or other such options quarterly. 
  • Instacart is a wonderful way to earn risk-free money by using your free time to shop and deliver groceries for others. You could work as a full-service shopper or an in-store shopper depending on your schedule and your earning expectations. 

Free sign up bonuses

There are a number of apps that offer free sign up bonuses.

This is quite simple as you get $5 to $20 credited in your account as welcome bonus when you sign up or download one of these.

In addition to signup bonuses, you can keep earning through various coupons and promos for every purchase you make through these tools later on.

It is like Santa Claus arriving early to credit your account for buying gifts and other necessary stuff including groceries. Let me introduce you to some of the best ways to earn signup bonus.

  • Swagbucks offers instant signup bonus as you create your account. It allows to convert these welcome bonus points to gift cards, which could be used to buy the merchandise you like. 
  • Inbox dollars offers a $5 as instant signup bonus. You could add to it by doing various other rewarding activities on this app and earn rewards in terms of cash, not points. The process is simple and cash out is hassle-free.
  • Mypoints offers a $10 signup bonus and keeps rewarding every time you purchase from more than top 2000 retailers in US. Point earning opportunity alerts can be configured to be shown in your browser when shopping online.

Refer and earn

Isn’t it wonderful when you refer your friends to buy something which you find good and profitable and earn some money for doing this too.

The best part here is that you earn some goodwill from your friends for suggesting a good tool or product, while cash in your account keeps accumulating. 

There are many incredible opportunities to refer and earn, and in case of a few you can keep earning in future also every time your referred friend makes a purchase through them.

Generally you are given a referral link which you can share within your family and friends in multiple ways and some of those receiving the link sign up or buy. This becomes an earning opportunity for you.

Sounds too good to be true. Let me take you on a tour of some of my favorites where you can refer and earn.

  • Swagbucks offers an excellent opportunity as it rewards you for $3 for each referral that signs up and tops it up with 10% of your referral’s earnings on the platform forever. If you are a good networker, that’s a lot of money on the table for grabs.
  • Rakuten is wonderful when you are looking for a high upfront reward for each referral. It credits your account with up to $25 for each successful signup through your unique referral link. You could earn a lot of free christmas money using this. To learn more, watch this video https://youtu.be/lj_vBV00V-Q

  • Ibotta offers multiple ways to earn through its referral program. You can get up to $5 for every new user that becomes a customer using your unique referral code. You could also earn teamwork bonus on top of individual bonus. What’s great is that if you sign up using bonus, your FB friend’s list is automatically added to your team, making it bigger and therefore earning more. 
  1. Fill Surveys - Brands are always looking out to understand your choices and preferences to make their offerings more pleasurable. This offers a wonderful opportunity for someone looking to make some free money for Christmas season. This requires a few minutes of your time and rewards you with real cash or gift cards to buy stuff of your choice.

Yes, I agree that most of the survey websites offer too little for your effort, but there are some which reward the user well for the time spent. The process is simple and doesn’t require a deep understanding of a topic, but sharing of experiences in your daily life. 

We have looked at some survey websites which require just a few simple information to be filled and reward you with money to buy gifts for kids this holiday season.

  • Survey junkie: One of the top survey app is Survey junkie. It is a community with more than 11 million members, who earn regular money by filling out simple surveys. It allows user to answer simple questions through a simple interface and rewards them through PayPal cash or gift cards.
  • Toluna influencers: is another wonderful opportunity to earn free money. They have partnered with some top brands to get feedback for them and reward you for sharing these feedbacks. The process is fun and enjoyable and encourages member to share more feedbacks to earn more cash.
  • Valued Opinion: Another leading online community for taking your opinion on brands and rewarding you for the same is valued opinion. These rewards can be cashed out in the form of brand gift cards or paypal cash.
  1. Taking a part time job during holidays - Christmas season sees the highest retail sales in US and business owners look for part-time workers to handle the increased work requirements. These short-term jobs could be a lot of fun and also pay well, offering money that will make your Christmas celebrations truly delightful.

One needs to figure out the right job for him as these temporary jobs can fall in different categories, starting from handling cash counter to managing front desk. 

There could be some really simple jobs that one can take up during the free time. You need to understand what you will enjoy the most and choose that to earn this free money without any stress.

There are some cool jobs which one can take up to earn during this time.

  • Dog walking - There are a lot of people whose jobs become very demanding during christmas making them struggle to get some time to walk or take care of their pets. Also, with many people travelling outstation for a holiday trip, there are a whole lot of these opportunities. If you enjoy pets, you have an opportunity to make some free money while having fun.
  • Baby sitting - There are people who love kids. And what could be more wonderful if you get a job in your free time to baby sit a child and also get paid for the same.
  • Delivery driver - More customers in stores and more purchases result in a very high number of deliveries businesses have to make to the customers’ homes. Also, the gifting culture requires a number of delivery people to reach these gifts to the right person. A delivery driver’s job could be very rewarding in such times and offers you an opportunity to interact with many people. The free money could be used to light up your Christmas festivities.
  1. Take up a transcription job - Online transcription is a thriving industry and employs freelancers to do these jobs. They pay well and don’t require any technical skills. So if you have good listening skills and know a language well, you could use this to earn money during this Christmas.

A distinguishing feature of a transcription job is that it doesn’t require you to move out of your house physically. With a basic computer and a headphone you can complete most of these jobs and therefore there are no investments to be made to earn money.

There are some good online platform that let you do this job from comfort of your home, or may I say, from comfort of your bed. So go ahead and start earning some free money with these recommended portals.

  • GoTranscript is one such wonderful and reliable place. There is enough work there, and you can easily earn a few hundred dollars every month. Their payment process is error free, and you can join them from anywhere in the world.
  • Rev is another technologically advanced platform in the area of transcription services. You can work for them from your home and earn enough to add sparkles to your Christmas celebrations.
  • TranscribeMe: You could also work with TranscribeMe, a premier transcription business working with many reputed brands world-over. You can make $15-$22 per hour by completing transcription works on their platform.
  1. Earn with Real Estate crowdfunding - Yes, you read it right. There are earning possibilities with Real estate crowdfunding, even for people with small funds. 

Crowdfunding websites have made it possible for people with minimum investible money to earn decent profits by crowdfunding a property that they could not have purchased otherwise. This offers an opportunity to earn great profits in a matter of few months, an opportunity which was available to only big investors earlier.

If you are wondering how to go about it, read on. We will introduce you to some reputed sites helping small investors earn free money this Christmas.

  • RoofStock: If you are looking to crowdfund a remote real estate opportunity, RoofStock is a great option. You can choose to crowdfund a single home or a portfolio, or can get involved in a fully passive investing opportunity.
  • Fundrise helps you to invest in a low-cost, diversified portfolio of institutional-quality real estate. Their use of technology ensures low fee and high returns. They already have more than 300k investors, making them quite trustworthy.
  • Realtymogul offers the opportunity to crowdfund commercial real estate for bigger gains in a short time. You can even invest in leased properties, assuring you of regular earnings on your investments. 
  1. Get paid to walk - If you can’t believe what you are reading right now, you are not alone. I had a similar reaction when I heard about it the first time. But it’s absolutely true.

You can walk or exercise to reduce your weight and get paid for the same. There are platforms that are rewarding these healthy habits with money, which comes absolutely free to you for Christmas purchases. 

  • GrowFitter is one of the biggest incentivized wellness program. You could walk, run or cycle and earn rewards. So get out of bed now and make some free cash.
  • Every step you walk is rewarded by stepsetgo. You can earn 1 SSG coin for every 1000 steps that you take and redeem these coins to get attractive rewards.
  • Sweatcoin is a  free app which rewards your daily walks with a new generation currency that makes money available to you to buy cool products or to donate to Charity this Christmas.
  1. Get paid to advertise - It really can’t get better than this. Yes, you can get paid to do nothing special here. If you own a car, it will be wrapped with brand advertisements, and you could make hundreds of free dollars every month without any upfront payment.

Depending on how much of the body of the car you are fine to wrap with an advertisement, you can earn money for doing nothing else. Your earning potential depends upon the miles you drive and your location. There will be specific brands which would like to display their ads in particular areas only.

Let me introduce you to some of the free apps that make this earning possible for you.

  • Wrapify is a professional company providing this money earning opportunity to its contracted drivers. You can earn a few hundred dollars every month by just driving around like you will do anyway. 
  • Carvertise: If you drive an uber, lyft or doordash, carvertise can help you make free cash this Christmas season. This is the most fun way to earn money, which could go to more than a thousand dollars every month.
  1. Sell online - There are always things at home which one had bought earlier but doesn’t need now. It is good to sell these off easily at some online portals and make money from this sale.

This is more true around festive season when you will be looking to clean up your home and find many such pieces. This could be a good source of free money when you require it the most to buy gifts.

  • Ebay is one platform where people come to buy all kinds of things. It is trustworthy and makes the process of offering your stuff for sale super easy.
  • Facebook marketplace also offers an effective solution. It is an alternative to garage sale, as it helps you reach your neighbors easily by uploading details and pictures of the product you want to sell.
  • Craiglist is very popular in US for offering all kinds of classifieds. It has an excellent reach and could be your go-to-place for selling your extra things quickly to earn some free money this Christmas.
  1. Get paid to read emails - There are online platforms that pay you to read emails. These platforms track every email that is sent you with message from advertisers and one can earn rewards by opening and reading these mails arriving in the inbox.

Yes, I agree that the money earned through these platforms will not be big, but could supplement your income during the holiday season to help you buy something for yourself or a family member, which would not have been possible otherwise.

We have tried some of these and curated a list of such platforms here for you to start using these and earning money.

  • Swagbucks: The rewards platform sawgbucks offers points for reading emails, like the way they reward surveys. These earned platform currency can be accumulated and used to buy some gifts.
  • Paid to read email is another platform for the purpose. You earn some money when you sign up and earn more when you read the mails. Their quick payment processing and low payout limit of $15 makes it very popular amongst the people looking to make some extra money.
  • Fusioncash: You can also register on Fusioncash to earn some free money reading emails.
  1.  Refinance your debt - There are financial emergencies when one is forced to take loan. The cost of servicing interest on these debts could be high and if this cost could be reduced, it will be akin to getting some free money this christmas.

There is a platform known as credible that allows you to consolidate all your loan accounts including the credit card accounts and help compare and find a lender who can offer loan at a lower interest rate. This way, one could save on interest outgo and make more free money available for Christmas celebrations.

  1. Join salvation army - Salvation army is a socio-religious group that supports people in need. It provides assistance to needy families in various ways and can help families meet critical needs. Their program to provide gifts to poor children during Christmas adds happiness to celebration of such people. These gifts could be toys, clothes or any other thing which the children require.

It is easy to locate local salvation army center by visiting their website and then contacting them. They understand your requirement and process it to help the family that requires help.

To ensure that you get help in time for Christmas, apply to them at the earliest. Their help brings a smile to many families every Christmas.

  1. Toys for tots - Toys for tots is a program to deliver hope to children who are less fortunate. It is a top-rated charity that provides books, clothes, toys and other gifts to such kids. They are supported by corporate and individual donors and ensure that these funds are used fully for bringing cheer to life of disadvantaged children.

The basic purpose of toys for tots is to collect new unwrapped toys and reach these to kids whose parents can’t afford these. 

To apply for the same, you need to reach out to your local campaign in your area. You can find all these details on their websites along with the location for all their campaigns. 

Conclusion -

Putting a smile on every face during Christmas festivities could stretch the budget of families at times. It is important to plan these expenses in advance and work towards making some free cash to supplement the regular income to bridge the gap between earning and spend.

We have curated this list to help those families that may need that extra cash to meet their needs. However, the importance of planning a celebration that doesn’t involve expenses beyond one’s earnings should be the first priority.

These platforms are used by many people and have earned reputation over a period of time. They are in the above list due to their uniqueness, yet you should check their updated terms of use before start earning the free cash at any of these platforms.


  1. How can I get money for Christmas?

There are many ways to get money for Christmas which involve side hustles and doing some extra work in free time. Earning through online freelancing work and using some platforms that reward actions like signup, filling surveys or giving relevant references can also help earn some cash for Christmas.

  1. What can I get my family for Christmas with no money?

There are certain social organizations like salvation army and toys for tots which help needy families meet their requirements by providing them clothes, toys, or other such stuff during Christmas. One should find their local center and apply for help a few months in advance.

  1. How can I get free money?

One can get free money by downloading certain free apps that reward signup, playing games on specific platforms that reward it, filling in surveys or reading emails. Some shopping websites provide bonuses and rewards on essential purchases and for adding customers to the brands through referral links.





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