Adult Media Buying Guide – Everything Explained (2019)

Today I will cover a very important topic: Adult Media Buying guide – Everything Explained.  

I have received many emails regarding an effective strategy about buying adult traffic. You can find many guides on Google AdWords, FB ads but when it comes to purchasing adult traffic the information is scarce and the quality is low. This article will cover anything and everything you need to know about buying traffic through adult website and making you an expert adult media buying.


What is Adult Media Buying?

Buying adult ads on adult networks is known as adult media buying. Adult ad networks provide the platform for buying the ads, and ad-spaces across various adult websites. They make money in two ways

  1. Either taking a flat commission of the money you spend
  2. Buying the traffic at a lower price and then selling it for a higher price to you

The rate of the Ad-spot where your advertisement will be displayed depends on the quality of traffic you can get and the quantity of traffic you can get.

Adult traffic is bought through a middleman or a broker (Ad- networks). You do not directly contact the companies where your ads will be displayed, rather the only point of contact you have is through this broker. He will give you all the details before you buy an ad. If this seems confusing, worry not you will get a clearer picture once you go through this article. 


Types of adult traffic for adult media buying:

Note: You have to understand the below two terms if you want to become an expert in adult traffic buying. You can charge a fees or premium by the people who want to buy adult traffic but do not want to waste time or efforts in understanding the whole procedure. Few vocabulary words you need to know are:

  1. Rotation on network (RON): Your advertisements are rotated on a variety of websites. Ad-spots in such a package are places on a network of adult websites (tube websites, blogs, forums, etc.). You have to be a little cautious while using RON because some of the traffic might be coming from Tier-3 countries and the probability of them converting (Ending up making you money) is very low. So do give it a check the domain names of the traffic origins.
  2.  Remnant Traffic: Let’s say the broker I was talking about earlier has some traffic leftovers (i.e. the traffic he could not sell) then to maximize his income he sells this traffic at a cheaper price. This could be an opportunity for you and you might end up buying quality traffic at a discounted price


Adult Ad-Networks for adult media buying:

Ad networks are the point of contact between a buyer and a seller. Let’s take an example, you want to buy adult traffic, you make an account on one such Ad-network and then look at various websites listed. You choose the websites that are more relatable to your traffic requirements and then purchase the Ad-spots. You have to understand that this Ad-network acts like a negotiating ground for websites who want to sell their Ad-spots and buyers who want to buy adult traffic. For this service this Ad-networks charges a commission (mostly in the form of percentage of money you spend on buying advertisements)

Although you can reach these sellers websites directly but if you are a beginner then I would recommend you to first get comfortable with Ad-brokers and understand the overall adult traffic buying strategies.

Here is a list of best adult Ad-networks right now:

  1. TrafficHaus
  2. TrafficJunky
  3. Traffic Force
  4. Traffic Factory
  5. JuicyAds
  6. Exoclick
  7. Plugrush
  8. Ero-Advertising
  9. Traffic Holder
  10. CreamyAds
  11. Etology
  12. Plugz
  13. Star-Advertising 


Independent Website Owners:

Many of the website owners want to have full control of the kind of advertisements shown on their website. They also do not like the idea of working with a broker. Such adult webmasters can be contacted directly and then rates can be negotiated through email or Skype.

The biggest advantage of contacting adult webmasters directly is that you create a personal relationship and they might even help in some other areas of your online success. But this method requires time and extra effort hence majority of the people prefer an Ad-network / Ad broker

Also, you can easily save the commission that you were earlier giving to the Ad-networks


Making money through adult media buying

One thing you must understand is that in the end it’s all about the money. Spending thousands on dollars on adult media buying and then not making a single dollar of profit is foolish. The return on investment needs to be a heavy positive figure. If you are not making money as an adult media buyer, then you are going down the wrong path.

Finding the right adult offers to promote to make money is extremely crucial. As a media buyer, you are only responsible of selling other stuff (be it dating offers, adult membership websites, adult products etc.). You are neither the creator or manufacturer of these products or services. You are a marketer, who is trying to find the sweet spot of that perfect audience that ends up purchasing or spending the money for the offer you are promoting.


Finding the right adult offer to promote is important. How to find the most profitable adult offer?

Here are some tips for this problem:

  1. Look at the latest trends on the internet. Nothing is better than making money of the already ongoing trends
  2. Research on what other hotshots are doing, effective strategies that are converting the best
  3. Your goal is to find and optimize the highest converting adult offer
  4. Once you have found the best offer, contact the website owner as an applicant to become an affiliate for that offer
    1. If they offer you very low rates, then select any adult CPA network, (my recommendation: Crakrevenue )
  5. To own a successful online ad-campaign requires you to have a solid understanding of basic concepts and smart tactics to make money


Understanding the Adult Media buyer / buying Language.

To be efficient in your making money journey, you need to know the basics. Similar to stock markets, adult media buying also has some metrics to understand the performance of a media buyer.

For you to understand the media buying language I have written everything about affiliate marketing vocabulary.

I will take each term one by one in ourAffiliate Marketing Vocabulary and then explain a little about it. For terms which require a great amount of detail or more information to explain, I will provide a link for a separate article on our website which will explain it in detail. Without wasting any more time lets start.

  1. What is Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is when a user completes a certain action which leads to your earning some royalty mostly in the form of money.  Its more about helping or driving a user decision.

When a visitor completer a certain action (For example: Completing an offer, paying for a product) this whole procedure is called Conversion

As an affiliate marketer the ultimate goal for you will be to get a visitor to buy an affiliate product so that you can get a commission. Let’s say a visitor goes through your affiliate link and buys a product worth $1,000 and the commission is 30%, then as a successful sale you will receive $300 as commission

Remember you do not own the product, the product is owned by someone else, you are just acting like an intermediary and helping him drive more sales and in return you are receiving a commission for your services.

In adult industry majority of the money making methods revolve around Pay per Action (also known as LEAD), or per sale, or even Revenue Sharing (which is a shared percentage of recurring income henceforth)

What is Affiliate Marketing

  1. A/B Testing (Split Testing)

A/B testing is comparing two versions of a thing you want to promote or sell for maximising the efficiency or conversion rate.

Let’s say you are selling a product on a particular webpage. What you do is create two different versions (lets say A and B) of the same webpage (lets say two different titles on the same page) and then test the webpage to similar audience. The version that gets better conversions is the one you then choose to continue.

A/B testing is a very important metric and one must not take it lightly when you are dealing with anything that makes you money.

  1. Bid Price

This metric is very straightforward. This is the price that a buyer is willing to pay for a certain amount/kind of traffic.

Just like in an auction you give your bid and try to surpass the bid of your competitor to get a certain something, similarly you bid against other prospective buyers for traffic. You will encounter bid price when you go for media buying or traffic buying.

  1. Cost per Action (CPA) or Revenue per Action (RPA)

CPA is sometimes also referred as Cost per Acquisition (acquit ion meaning that you were successfully able to acquire a customer or get a certain action completer)

An example will help you understand this in a better way.

CPA is equal to the amount of money you paid divided by the number of conversions you had

Let’s say you paid $500 for getting 1000 visitor to your website and only one of the visitor ends up buying what you were selling. This means that the CPA was $500. If 10 people ends up buying, then the CPA would have been $50

  1. Cost per Click (CPC)

This is the amount that is being paid whenever a user/visitor ends up clicking the advertisement. If you are familiar with Google AdSense, then you might know that a high CPC is what every website owner is looking for because higher the CPC higher will be his monthly income.

  1. Cost per Thousand (Mille) Impressions (CPM) and Revenue per Thousand (Mille) Impressions (RPM)

This is another important metric if you are a traffic buyer. This is the amount of money that you will have to pay once your advertise has been seen one thousand times.

A related term is eCPM (Effective Cost per Thousand (Mille) Impressions)

This is a measure of your earnings per thousand impressions. After dividing your earnings by the total number of impressions and then multiplying the result with 1,000 will give you your cecum

eCPM (Effective Cost per Thousand (Mille) Impressions)

  1. Earnings Per Click (EPC)

This is again a very straightforward but an important metric, you get your EPC after diving your earnings by the total number of clicks


  1. Flat Rate

Media buys when the price is fixed is known as Flat Rate buy. Let’s say you have a website which gets a traffic of 10,000 per day. You purchase an advertisement at flat rate of $1,000 per month. Then regardless of whether you traffic increases to 20,000 per day or drops down to 5,000 per day you will still end up earning those $1,000

Flat rate buys are a little dicey and needs proper evaluation before buying.

  1. Geo-Targeting

Just like when you watch a YouTube video or visit a website you see the advertisements from your own country and not from some other country, this is called geo targeting the advertisements for maximum conversions and targeting

Displaying the advertisements based on the country of the visitor

  • Landing page

If you are an affiliate marketer, then you will hear about this term a lot. A good landing page can help increase  your conversion by 2x-10x. This is basically the sales page that you show your prospective buyer. This is the first page that will be shown to the visitor once he/she clicks on your ads.

Optimising this page for maximum conversion is what one should focus all his attention.

  • Pay per Lead (PPL)

You as a promoter gets paid whenever someone you send performs a certain action. For example: you get paid whenever someone you send to register, fill a form, submit their email ids etc.

PPL programs are very popular because the conversions are higher. The visitor does not need to buy a product or pay anything, its just an action that he or she has to perform. A lot of factors define making money through PPL. People also use many black hat techniques to make money. The payout is considerable lower that a PPS (pay per signup) and it also depends on the country of origin for the person who is completing the action.

  • Pay per Signup (PPS)

The big daddy of PPL is PPS. The conversion rate is considerably lower than that of PPL’s because eth visitor has to shell out his money. The payout if much higher that PPL for obvious reasons.

The best part about this is that even if the visitor ends up signing up for a trial by giving credit card details but not actually paying, you will still get paid (for most offers, not all’s)

  • Revenue Share (RS)

The best part about Rev-share programs is that it is lifetime income, in the sense that whenever the visitor you send spend money even in the future you will still get a commission.

Note: There will be NO money credited in your account for just the signup (PPL), you will get the commission only if your visitor spends any money

  • Return on Investment

This is by far the most important metric for you. Just like any investment you make the end goal is to make a profit. This is the gross profit, which is equal to the money you earned minus the money you spent.

The goal is having this a higher positive value

  • Tracker

Trackers make your life easy. Trackers are like Google Analytics for your campaigns. These will give our all the information, number of impressions, number of clicks, number of conversions etc.

This is where you will see an overall picture and make smart decisions

If you don’t read the above article first, then the rest of this article will not be of any value to you. So spend some time and get yourself comfortable with everything I have discussed in that article. It is extremely important to understand the The key performance indicator (KPIs) of any industry before entering into one.


Best practices, tips, tricks and tactics to follow as an adult media buyer

Now let’s assume you are thorough with your adult media knowledge. You have found the best offers and have also started promoting them. Let’s say that you choose the following offers:

  1. Adult Cam offers
  2. Adult Dating offers
  3. Casino offers
  4. Paysite offers

Now spend an equal amount of money for traffic for each offer. Let’s say the budget is of $100, and you are spending $25 for each offer.

If for some offer your ROI was negative and for some positive. Let’s say you made a total profit of $10, the best knowledge you gained is that you found the converting offers i.e. the offers that made a positive income for you.

Now a normal human being will be ultra-exited and will start its next investment of $110, in the highest converting offer hoping that this time he will be able to make more money. Although that’s an obvious decision to be made, but my advice will be to always diversify your products. Never be so dependent on one source of income that when it goes away, you are left helpless. Instead focus on top-two converting offers and also send some traffic (10-20%) to other offers that might not give you instant gains but will be helpful in longer runs


Pointers to keep in mind to become successful adult media buyer:

  1. Know your numbers
  2. Test, test and test more
  3. Try different banners, try different landing pages, different traffic sources and find the sweet spot of maximum conversions
  4. Be prepared to lose money. This is not an exact science. Many a times you will go in losses. You will witness unprofitable campaigns so expect the unexpected. Be prepared and be smart

Let’s talk about Creating Call to Actions – Adult Media Buying. Call to actions (CTA) are one of the most important parameter in any adult ad banner. If you are serious about making money online, then making the right CTA will have an enormous impact on your money making potential. To achieve the right amount of conversions, make sure to focus your attention on your call to action

Let’s say that you have the highly targeted, high quality adult traffic to the offer you are promoting, but you end up making $0. This is a very common theme with newbies, when they get attracted towards the potential of making money using adult media buying. Newbies and newcomers in this field are attracted towards this method of making money like a bear for the honey. But only few newbies end up making money because they first clear their basic and have a solid understanding of what works best

Call to actions or CTAs are usually ignored by many and hence they end up losing money. But our goal at makemoneyadultcontent is to help you become the best, not ordinary but the best. My goal has always been to give the advice that has helped me make money, so that you can replicate it and hence create a decent passive income source. I have been writing all these additional helpful articles in adult affiliate marketing industry because if you don’t get your basic knowledge strong, then even if you replicate my methods still you wont see any positive results

I have compiled a list of tips, tricks and methods that can help you create a highly effective and converting Call to action CTA for your adult ad banners for your adult media buying. Creating Call to Actions look difficult at first, but with a little bit of practice, very soon you will be making money


Being honest, clear and specific

This is by far the biggest mistake people do. Even I did it when I started investing my money and time into this method. You need to be honest in your ad banners. If you want the visitor to go towards a specific link, then make sure there is a button saying “Click here”. You don’t need to be comprehensive, just few words should be able to project the message you want to convey.

TIP: If you think that you are extra smart and using black hat ways you can drive the visitors to the offer and hope them to sign-up then forget about making even a single dollar. Honestly is the key to success in the long run

Also one important thing to keep in mind is that, the banner should like a snippet or trailer of what the visitor can expect on the other end once he/she clicks on it. If you show the trailer of Superman vs batman and the landing page shows a cartoon network movie, then obviously a very small percentage of people will convert. So make sure you follow a single theme.


Putting the money making high converting banners to the premium spot of the website

If your banners are in the footer of a website, then not many people will ever see them. Your impressions will be very high but the clicks will be extremely low. This is because majority of the people will never scroll to the bottom of the website. So place your high converting banners above the fold of the website.


A/B testing the text you use

This part takes time to master. A/B testing will help you Even a small change like from “click here” to “click now” can have a drastic effect on the click through rate (CTR). Online adult affiliate marketing is all about testing, so test, test and test more. This part is very elaborate to explain and only with practice you will understand what works. I will soon be writing an article with statistics about what text banners works the best for the experts and for myself

Persuasion is the key. Your CTA must be able to persuade the visitor to click. This will only happen if your CTA can hit the pain point of the visitor.


Placement and size of CTA

Your call to action must be big enough to catch the eye and grab the attention. Don’t mix it withe other confusing things, it should be clearly visible

One thing i will stress again and again is that your CTA is extremely important. It can have a direct impact on your conversion rates. So spend some time on it and make sure your testing results in the highest converting adult ad banner for your adult media buying

Let’s talk about Make Money with PPL offers – Adult CPA – Adult Media Buying. PPL or Pay per lead offers are the most lucrative for any newbie in adult affiliate marketing or adult media buying

What is a PPL or Pay per lead offer?

PPL offers help any adult webmaster or adult affiliate to make money by driving people to sign up. Yes, just to make people create an account on a particular website can help you make money. The referred person does not even need to enter the credit card details, just sign up and confirm his email address. Sounds to good to be true right?

The benefits that a PPL offers provide are:

  1. You don’t have to wait and hope for conversions. By conversion I mean, that someone ends up loading money in his account. For camsites, if someone loads up money in his account then you will get a commission or a percentage of that money
  2. You will be paid instantly. So you can easily cash out and hence use that new money for more investment

Surprisingly, the simple and lucrative definition shared above is what majority of the adult affiliates understand. They look ate the quick money-making potential of these PPL offers and are attracted towards then=m even before understand the overall picture

First let us understand why would a website pay you money just for making people to sign up. Any sponsor or adult company creates a PPL program for themselves in the hope that these free leads will end up becoming the paying members. Since it is not a revenue sharing offer, so all the money will be kept by the network or company itself. So the initial few dollars that are paid are taken like an investment for future benefits

The problem arises when people think, Ok I will send thousands of people to the offer, even if 100 people signup I can easily make $250 (assuming traffic is coming from Tier-1 countries). This is wrong way to look at it. Sponsors or companies offering PPL program also want to make money, if none of those 100 leads ends up converting for the sponsor then it has lost $250 on you. So what will be the next step they will take, they will ban you as an affiliate or remove you as you just made money for yourself but not for the company/sponsor

Here are some tips, tricks to keep in mind that can help you become an efficient PPL adult affiliate:


Your traffic sources are important

If you are an adult media buyer and you are spending money on your adult traffic, then you should have a thorough understand of the type of traffic you are sending. Know its potential and the quality


PPL vs Revenue share

This has been an ever going debate among newbies and trust me the answer will always surprise you. I wrote an article on this topic do check this out Revenue share CPA adult offer are the best


You affiliate managers are your angels, talk to them

You are assigned an affiliate manager because in the end, if you make money then he/she makes money. They are experts and are there to help you succeed. They have their own selfish motive so you can expect some killer advice and guidance from them. Utilize this resource

Lets us discuss about Direct to sponsor vs CPA networks – Adult Media Buying. 

If you have an adult website or even any other method to generate adult traffic, then you are probably thinking of making money off it. One of the best way to make money of adult traffic is promoting adult affiliate offers. The adult offers might come in the form of various options like:

  1. Adult Dating affiliate offer
  2. Adult cams affiliate offers
  3. Casino offers
  4. Adult Pay site offers

Now you have two options, either to sign up on a CPA (cost per action) Network like Crakrevenue or contact the offer company directly. Let us first discuss about Direct to sponsor adult offers

Direct to sponsor adult money making offers

Going direct comes up with many benefits:

  1. You remove the middlemen, so you save up on that commission that was otherwise going to him/her
  2. Ability to negotiate better rates for your campaigns
  3. Flexibility
  4. Comparatively lesser competition for similar offers
  5. CPA networks might give you a lead cap in the beginning to test the type of traffic you can send (For crakrevenue you might get 25/program). Going direct will benefit you by giving you a largest Lead cap

Although these benefits sound amazing, lest talk about the negative aspects as well.

  1. Hard to get accepted as a direct affiliate as companies do not want to waste their time on people giving them just few leads or conversion
  2. You are working with just one company and hence one offer. With CPA networks you get to choose from hundreds of different offers
  3. You are responsible for how much money you make. No one will guide you or help you make more money.


CPA offers adult money making affiliate offers

Personally I love working with CPA networks, and my network of choice is Crakrevenue. The best part is that you get multiple offers to choose from and then find the one that is most likely to convert for the type of traffic you can send. So you are not limited with your options. A good reliable CPA network will have the best in the industry offers. They wont have shady or spammy offers so that saves you from some time selecting the right offers for yourself

One common question adult affiliate webmasters have is that; the lower rates will be offered. Honesty this is not true. An established CPA network has the power to negotiate lucrative rates and they are almost equivalent to direct rates

I also love uncluttered life. With multiple direct sponsors, I have to maintain excel sheets for each one and separate them out. his leads to a lot of clutter and unnecessary work for me. With a CPA network, you just sign in and all your networks are listed there in your admin panel. Also you don’t have to get separate payments from each network, rather one single payment consisting of all the money you made from different networks

CPA networks have experienced experts in their staff. So they will guide you along the way for you to make more money. Remember that the more money you make, the better is for the CPA newt=ork. So they will provide you will all the tools, templates, and everything to make you successful in making money online.

Note: If you are an experienced candidate and have been making money in adult affiliate industry then feel free to go Direct to sponsor route. You already have the knowledge and expertise to make yourself more successful. My suggestion will be to have some percentage of CPA network and other the Direct to Sponsor. Never put all the money in one basket, diversify your portfolio for maximum returns and keep yourself safe

Lets talk about Adult Facebook Social Media Campaigns – Targeted and Converting. Facebook is the biggest social media network, with over a billion active monthly users. As an adult webmaster this is the best platform you can think of to promote your adult offers to make money. The problem: Facebook dislike adult webmasters and sooner or later will ban your or your page or your account if you promote anything related to adult

As an adult webmaster you want your audience to reach pages where your adult ads are shown and from there you can get adult offer conversions and make money. To get the audience you will need the person on Facebook to find your promoted content to be enticing and exiting enough to leave his Facebook news feed and come onto your page to check out what you have to offer. For this to happen follow the tips that i will mention to you now:

Picture speaks a thousand words

The picture you use with the promoted post is extremely important. I don’t have to mention i hope that the picture should and must not contain any sense of nudity or should not be adult in nature. Here are some tips for choosing the right image:

  1. Images with a hot girl showing (obviously with clothes on) works great
  2. It has been observed when the subject of the image is looking into the audience eyes they tend to convert better
  3. Use high quality images, and utilize the full canvas size of the picture frame of FB

Your Copy matters a lot

Copy is everything when you are in any sort of advertising or adult media buying. Even a small change in text can have drastic effects on conversions.

Kind of post you are promoting can make all the difference

I have already mentioned that your goal is to attract the visitor and entice him/her enough to check your post after leaving his Facebook timeline. This sounds easy but is difficult to implement. List posts work great on Facebook, these is something inside human brain or something that brings in the curiosity to click on the list post and check them out. If you have been to any viral websites like Buzzfeed, then you will notice that majority of their posts revolve around lists. Since these websites rely on social media channels for their majority traffic, they focus on high quality list posts.

Note: you have to create something which is under the Facebook guidelines, that means you are not directly promoting adult content. Some example of list titles are:

  1. Famous nude scenes in our favourite movies
  2. 20 sexiest female athletes in the world

You get the idea right.

Now lets say you followed all the steps and were successful in driving the visitors to your website, the game does not stop here. Remember the ultimate goal is to drive them to your advertisements so that they can reach the adult offers that you are promoting.

TIP: If you are directly sending visitor to your offer, then people will dislike this, you need to be smart in this strategy. No one loves to be sent on a page filled with ads.

Let me also cover Adult advertising on Facebook today.You can do two kinds of advertisements:

  1. You can promote the Facebook page you own to majority of your fans. (Facebook is done with organic reach, now you have to pay to even reach your fans)
  2. Promote website that you own

Now you must be wondering i do not have that kind of cash to promote, worry not Facebook is very flexible in that sense. You can start your advertising campaigns at even $1/day. To advertise on Facebook you need to check their advertising page: Advertise on Facebook. Follow the following steps to set up your advertisements

  1. Select “clicks to website” option
  2. Upload you advertisement images. Spend some time on this and optimize them for maximum conversions.
  3. Accompanying text makes all the difference, hence you copy should be rock solid. You can even add text on your image.
  4. Choose the target audience
  5. Set the amount of money that you will be spending. I will recommend to start low so that first you can understand The FB environment and get comfortable
  6. Submit (make sure to review before submitting)

To get your adult campaigns approved, you need to stay within the boundaries of Facebook TOS. The content of your campaign (text and image) must be SFW (safe for work). Also any link that you are mentioning should not contain any adult or objectionable content. People try to be smart and think that instead of showing nudity they will show very sexy images while covering the essential details. So remember even thongs, sex toys, cameltoes will also get you banned. Hence be as clean as possible. You need to be smart not over smart.

let’s talk about A/B testing adult ads – media buying. When it comes about adult media buying, A/B testing your ads is extremely crucial. A smart adult media buyer knows that he need to focus his attention on highest converting offer, and to find these high converting adult CPA offers one needs the power of A/B testing

What is A/B testing adult ads ?

A/B testing or split testing, is sending visitors to different landing pages (or showing them different ads) to find out which ones are giving you the maximum returns. Let’s take an example. Let’s say we are promoting an adult CPA cam offer, and we are using adult media buying to send traffic to that cam offer. So you make 10 different banners and place them on various adult websites to drive traffic. Now some banners will get more clicks per 1000 views, whereas others will get. So after few days you will know which adult ad banners are giving the best returns, hence you will focus your future efforts only on them.

To create a high CTR (Click through rate) banner you will need the following tips, tricks, and secrets methods.


Picture or the pic you use in the banner

The sure shot way to get more clicks at a cheaper price is to have an adult ad banner which is enticing and stands out from the crowd. It must give the visitor a reason to click. Now as we all know how companies like Instagram, Snapchat and others are flourishing. The reason is simple; multimedia content always grabs the eye. Using a picture is 10 times better than just a text based banner.

Keep the following points in mind before creating a picture based adult ad banner for your adult media buying

  1. It should give the reason to your target audience to click
  2. It should be captivating and enticing
  3. It must have the potential to stand out among the crowd. Adult ad banners are a crowded space, and you will find thousands of those online.


Text based Adult ad banners for your adult media buying

You don’t need to be a copywriting expert to make those exceptional click hungry banners. To get the inspiration for your text-based banners, look at other adult ad banners on the internet. Text based banners see a tremendous difference in click-through rates even with a small change. So test, test and test more, keep trying different banners to find the best one that works for you


Design of Adult ad banners for your adult media buying

There are millions of job on the internet where a design artist is paid a lot of money to come up with something unique. An aesthetically good-looking design wall automatically catch the eye. A good adult ad design will automatically please the visitors eye and will result in high CTR. Here are some tips to achieve amazing design in your adult ads:

  1. Maintain the proportions, the objects or lays on your adult ad banners must be in synchronization
  2. Do not bombard the ad will everything, it should be simple and just enough content to entice the visitor to click to know more about it
  3. Design takes time to master, but within few weeks of designing few banners for yourself, you will automatically see what can benefit your banners


Call to action (CTA), the most important part of any adult ad banner for your adult media buying

I will highly recommend you to visit this article and take this topic seriously:Creating Call to Actions – Adult Media Buying

It is by far the most important part of any adult ad banner. Even if you have the most amazing adult ad banner, without the CTA your ad will always be incomplete


A/B testing your Adult ad banners for your adult media buying

Testing is everything when it comes to media buying. Numbers never lie, testing and then optimizing is the ultimate game that you will have to understand. You will need to analyze the numbers and look for opportunities and find the highest converting banners. Testing takes time, you might even lose some money, but once you find your sweet spot then making some amazing passive income will become super easy

The only steps that you need to understand is:

  1. designing the adult ad banners
  2. Testing the banners
  3. Making appropriate changes, redesigning the banners again nag again
  4. Testing the banners again

These four steps will continue till you find the banners that gives the maximum returns

Let’s talk about Make $1,000/day Adult media buying guide step by step. Another make money online article for anyone who is willing to spend some cash in order to get 10x (ten times) the return on investment. This step by step adult media buying money-making guide will tell you exactly how you can make $1000/day on autopilot

(NOTE: Check our RESOURCES page to learn all the tools and websites i use to make more than $5,000 per month. Majority of them are free and you can acheive the same results if you follow my advice)


What is adult media buying?

I have written a comprehensive article on this topic: Adult Media Buying guide – Everything Explained. In short, media buying is buying ad-spaces on websites to display your ads (advertisements). People on that website will crick on your ad and will be directed towards a link of your choice. I will recommend you to read the adult media buying guide article I wrote if you are serious about making money in adult niche.


Step-1: Set up your mind before reading ahead

The best thing you can do right now is to make yourself more informed. Get yourself familiar with what is currently working and what is not. Follow the following steps to understand the best tactics you can follow to make money using adult media buying:

  1. Visit the big daddy of adult porn tube websites (Egg: Xvideos, pornhub, redtube, tube8, spankwire, xhamster etc.)
  2. Look at the banner ads that are displayed on these websites (Disable your ad block for some time)
  3. Closely monitor the landing pages these adult banner ads are directing you after you click on these advertisements
    1. This step is important. You will start seeing a similar pattern. Most of the landing pages will be similar. The reason is simple, because these are those landing pages that give the maximum conversions. Yes, this small step can tell you exactly what other experts are doing to get the conversions


Step-2: Sign up for the best adult CPA affiliate network – Crakrevenue. Sign up here: CRAKREVENUE signup 

although I have done a small review of this website, but trust me this is the leading and the best adult affiliate network on the internet. I have been working with them for almost 3 years now, and I have never faced any difficulty. Sign up now at crakrevenue


Step-3: Finding and signing up with the best adult ad network

Now you have completed two very important steps, that is understanding what works and then signing up with the best adult CPA network crakrevenue.

Let me tell you how you will make money. When you set up a landing page on Crakrevenue, and then send some adult traffic to that page. If someone signs-up or ends up opting for the offer you are promoting, that will lead to you earning money. The offer can be anything:

  1. Adult dating offer
  2. Adult Cam offer
  3. Casino offer
  4. Paysite offer

Also i will recommend you to read our article on Affiliate Marketing Vocabulary Explained

Now you need to send traffic to your campaigns to make money. Although there are hundreds of adult traffic brokers on the internet, the one I recommend and one of the best is EXOTIC ADS.

All you need is a minimum $20 investment and you are good to go. This can be easily done by Signing up with Exotic Ads and then depositing the money in your account.

exoticads add fund deposit money


Step-4: A/B testing the way to success

If you are familiar with A/B testing, then that’s great but if you are not then I highly recommend you to read my article: A/B testing adult ads – media buying

A/B testing is the best way of finding the best among the average ones. It is like a magical way of finding the highest converting offer so that you can save you money and time to focus on what’s working.  But before A/B testing, you need to create the banners.

Adult ad banners are what you will be displaying on the websites where your ad spots will be purchased.

TIP: One amazing tip for makemoneyadultcontent visitors is that, Exoticads has this section where best and highest performing banners are shown to you. This facilitates a lot in copying other people’s success campaigns and making money off it.

exotic ads top ads advertisers today

exotic ads top ads advertisers today

If you have some knowledge of Photoshop, then you can easily create similar banners for yourself. Even if you don’t have technical Photoshop knowledge you can easily create the banner using any free image editing tool. Since you are not creating the banners from scratch you don’t have to worry about making the perfect banner, you already have the inspiration for he highly converting banners through ExoticAds

Note: You cannot create the same banners as your banners will be denied by Exoticads. You can use similar text, colors but make sure to use different pic of the sexy girl you are using.

Where and how can I find photos of Sexy hot girls for my adult ad banners?

There are multiple ways to get the pics of sexy girls. You can use the following methods

  1. Google image search hot sexy pics with different keyword variations
  2. Go to Reddit and browse through NSFW subreddits
  3. Look for the hottest webcam models and find their pics
  4. Look at the hot pictures posted by popular famous hot sexy models on twitter
  5. Be innovative and if you find some other amazing resource please share it in the comments section so that others can be benefitted as well


Stpe-5: Create a high converting landing page for making your first sale or conversion

Although this is not a mandatory step. It’s not absolutely necessary to create a landing page, but the most successful adult affiliates or adult webmasters have always used landing pages. If you remember our first step, I asked you to spend some time analyzing and researching about the landing pages’ other affiliates are using. So you already have an idea about what to create.

How can I create a high converting adult landing page for my adult media buying campaign?

It is very simple. Although you can just save the landing pages of other successful adult affiliates by right clicking and clicking on “save as”. For creating a landing page, you will need a domain name. Buy a cheap domain name and hosting right now with Hostgator Adult Hosting With free domain

Note: If you are creating your own landing page then well and good. If you are planning to upload the same landing page to your domain name, then you will be rejected by Exotic ads. So make sure to make few changes and make your landing page a little different.


Step-6: Getting ready for your first live campaign and filling your account with money making leads

Congratulations, you have done the hard work and complete majority of the work. Now you need to create a Crakrevenue offer and add your tracking code. To get the link code and creating a crakrevenue offer follow the following pics:

crakrevenue create an offer adult media buying

crakrevenue create an offer adult media buying

crakrevenue create an offer adult media buying

Now all you need is patience and some smart analyzing skills to check where you can make some money. Here are some banner example (Please do not copy these banners, these are just for example purpose taken from various tube websites for showing here)

Tip: Do not expect the results to come within a single day. You will need to give it time and have some patience. Track your campaigns for few days, look at what’s performing and what’s not. Numbers never lie, so analyze them and make smart decisions.

Expert TIP: Being an amazing and efficient adult media buying comes with time and it will take time for you to understand the basic. So to make you an amazing adult media buyer, i have made a separate section on this website where i teach adult media buying and affiliate marketing.

Here are some additional tips and things to keep in mind:

  1. If you  dont create multiple banners and dont use split testing (A/B testing) then you are bound to loose your money.
  2. Crakrevenue might ban your account, so make sure you follow the guidelines and also have a conversation with your account manager
  3. All the new banners that you put will get a initial surge of impressions, but will decline later, so worry not its normal
  4. Exoticads takes at max a day to review your campaigns, so wait up (they are closed on weekends, so your campaigns will be approved on monday)
  5. Creating a lander might help in getting more conversions, but make sure to split test what is working

Hope I this article on Adult Media Buying guide – Everything Explained was helpful . If I was not thorough or you couldn’t understand some point, do ask in the comment section below.

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