Adult Advertisements Explained (2019)

This article will cover Adult Ads Explained. Whether you are a publisher or an adult media buyer, knowing the different types of ads is crucial for your success.

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Adult Display Ads

There are the display banners that you put on the website to make money. On your adult advertising network, generate a customized banner code. You can customize your banner in many way:

  1. Size of banner
  2. Category of ads to be displayed
  3. Whether you want it to be available for direct buy

Once you generate the frame code, paste it in whichever location where you want the ad to be displayed

You will be paid on two bases:

  1. Number of impressions you generate on that banner
  2. Number of clicks that are made on that banner

Tip: Showing ads in a category related to your website is a sure shot way of making more money through your ads

Note: compared to Pop-under ads, the money you make through adult display ads will be significantly lower.

For Display ads, the two best adult display ad networks are:

  1. Exoclick Review
  2. Juicyads Review – How i make $1000 per month


Adult Pounders

Your adult advertising network will give you a code that you can paste in the head section of your website. Pop-unders appear in the background of your website. They are generated whenever a user clicks anywhere on your website. Since the visitor is not directly clicking on a banner adult display ad, for every user who has made at least on click, pop-unders are generated. For this reason, the amount of money you make will be significantly higher.

You can select the category of ads to be displayed on these pop-unders while you are creating the code

Tip: Popunders are hated by visitors. So do not put more than one pop-under code on your website. This will lead to visitors hating your website, even if you offer some amazing content. If you are selling something with a product or service based adult website that can make you much more money, then stay away from pop-unders.

I have always recommended the two best popunder adult ad networks i use:

Popads review – How i make $1500 per month

Popcash review – How i make $900 per month


Instant Message (IM) adult ads

When you select the category of ads to be displayed and paste the code in the head section of your website, a small window will pop up from one corner of your website. Majority of them will look like a chat box, or like and instant messaging interface. Hot looking girl/women will be shown with some enticing text. Some networks might show small video previews of clips that they can sell as well.

Exoclick has the highest money paying IM adult ads: Read Exoclick Review


Mobile Redirect adult ads

Whenever someone is accessing your website through a mobile device, few of them might be redirected to an advertisement or an offer. Personally I am strictly against mobile redirect advertisements. Why send potential traffic away from your website, when you can make much more money from the same traffic in the form of banner and pop-ads.


In-Text adult ads

If you have a text based website, then in-text ads might be helpful for you. Few keywords will be highlighted and will be linked to an advertisement. When a website visitor’s hovers over to that highlighted keyword an ad will be displayed which when clicked will help you make money


In-Video adult Ads

These types of advertisements can be found on Adult tube websites. Whenever you are browsing porn videos on adult tube websites, you will notice Banner ads on the video player. Also when you pause the video, ads load up. Since adult tube website have millions of visitors per month, and since these ads are directly placed in front of you while you are watching the videos, the money you make through them is significantly higher. These types of ad gives a much better return compared to other banner ads on your website

Problem with in-video adult ads is that they can only be placed on videos you upload or your users upload. If you follow making money adult tube guide on our website: (add link) , then instead of uploading the videos, we use embed codes. This helps a lot in saving server cost and making the money making process simpler. (Majority of income comes through pop-under ad networks)

The iframe code of ads can be used in popular video players like JWplayer or flowplayer to play the videos with ads.


Page-Peel ads

You can imagine page peel ads as a page that you are turning in a novel. It is shown on the top-right corner of your screen. When a visitor hovers over that, the peel will take over the screen completely and the advertisement behind it is shown to the visitor.


Notification bar adult ad:

Recently introduced by few adult advertising networks, a thin rectangular bar is shown at the top of your screen, which when clicked helps you make money. Exoclick offers them as of now. Read Exoclick Review


Floating banner and Interstitial adult :

Floating ads are by far the best form of banner ads. When the banner is floating on the screen of the user (for a specify time lets say 15 second) If you scroll the banner will scroll with your cursor. It has a close button as well if you want to close it. In my experience the most money that I have made in banner advertisements is through floating ads

I recommend using Floating Ad of Juicyads. Read Juicyads Review – How i make $1000 per month


Link shortener adult ads

If you have a website where you are driving a lot of visitors to other websites. For example, if you have a website where you share adult comics, but the images are uploaded on popular image hosting website. Then when a user clicks on the link or thumbnail of the comic, then instead of directly sending him to the image sharing website, you add a middleman (a website) which displays ads for few seconds before sending the visitor to the main website.

You can make close to $3-4 per thousands visitor you send. The money you make depends on the origin of country of the visitor you send


Affiliate banners

Affiliate marking is booming. One of the best way to make money online is affiliate marketing. In adult industry majority of the people send people to dating offers or webcam offers and make money of people who sign up. You can place links, banners, or pop-unders on your website to drive people to adult affiliate companies such as Crakrevenue, and make money when people sigs up

The best adult affiliate network is Crakrevenue. Read Crakrevenue Review and Payment proof and How To Get Approved By CrakRevenue?


Selling ad space on your adult website

If you have an adult blog or adult review website then you can sell ad-space on your website. Find potential advertisers in your niche and contact them through email. Negotiate a rate and place the banners on your website. You can also ad a “advertise” page on your website so that if an advertiser is interested in placing ads on your blog or website then he can follow the guidelines before contacting you.


I hope you like this article on Adult ads Explained.

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