Make Money with Adult Tumblr Blogs (2019)

I have talked about Tumblr before for driving traffic, today I will tell you about Make money Tumblr with adult Tumblr blogs. Tumblr is one of the very few adult-friendly platforms for adult webmasters. You can create blogs and add content to it. The best part about Tumblr is the ability to add monetization techniques and make money from it. Unlike twitter where you need to promote affiliate products for main source of revenue, tumblr is easier to monetize.

Although there are many ways to make money off Tumblr, today I will tell you exactly the strategies, tips, tricks that work.

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How adult webmasters use Tumblr for highly targeted adult traffic

Getting traffic (targeted) is one of the biggest concern for any adult webmaster. Majority of the emails, Facebook messages I receive are related to driving more traffic to the website. Traffic is king, the more you have the more money you will make. On one of the tube website I get close to 25,000 visitors per day, which gives me close to $1,800 per month.

Traffic also need to be targeted, that is relevant to your niche otherwise you will face high bounce rate. The Ultimate Guide Reduce bounce rate. If you have an adult website, or an adult porn site then Tumblr can be an excelled source to drive adult traffic back to your website. This traffic can then be used to make money through adult display ads, Popup ads, affiliate links etc.:


How to drive traffic through Tumblr to your adult website?

There are multiple ways to drive adult traffic back to your website:

  1. Linking the images to your website: If someone clicks on the image, then that person will be directed to your website
  2. Post description: Adding your website link in the description of your post is another great way to driving traffic to your website
  3. Tumblr Blog Description: People check out blog description to know more about the blog. So add your website link there as well


How to add content on Tumblr?

I am a big fan of automation and I love time saving automating tricks. You can easily automate what your post to Tumblr, so that it does not become a daily job of yours to add content. Even on my adult tube network, I sit for one day and add content for the whole week by scheduling the posts


I don’t have a website; can I still make money from Tumblr?

So you don’t own an adult website, no worries, Tumblr offers amazing other opportunities to make money online in adult industry. Instead of driving the visitors to your website and then making money off advertisings, you can easily add adult advertisements of your own on your Tumblr blog and also send traffic to affiliate links. Let me go through each way one by one:


Making money from NSFW Tumblr blogs using Affiliate links

You can either make Image click through links, by adding an affiliate link in each image you post on Tumblr. The affiliate link can also be added in the post description and blog description as well. Whenever any visitor clicks that link and end up doing an action (such as signing up) then you can easily get a decent commission for each signup. Check out our affiliate Marketing section for more information on successfully making amazing passive income by becoming an adult affiliate. The best adult affiliate network is Crakrevenue  (How To Get Approved By CrakRevenue? )

Few Affiliate programs also provide you with amazing free content for promotion, you can also use these free pics to add to your Tumblr blog

Apart form using the images to link to affiliate offers, you can also embed I frame code of these affiliate offers. Fro example Crakrevenue affiliate offers easily give you iframe code of banners and photos. So place these banners on your adult Tumblr blog and when someone clicks on this affiliate link and signs up you will get a commission.

TIP: The best part about using affiliate links photos or posts is that if any visitor reblogs your post then the affiliate links stays intact. So the person reblogging offers a new audience to your blog and affiliate link


Making money through adult display ads on Tumblr

Yes, you can easily place adult ad banners on your NSFW Tumblr blog. Just like a website, you can place banners and make money from people who click on these banners.

Note: Majority of the adult display ad networks are blocked on Tumblr. But still make are whitelisted, so make sure to make an account on that adult deeply ad network which is whitelisted in this adult-friendly blogging platform. Adding affiliate banners is beneficial in this sense since they are less likely to get banned



Making money through Pounder ads on Tumblr

If you have been following my website, then you know majority of my adult tube income comes from Pop-under (More than 80%). Hence, pop-unders are a must for ay adult website. The best part about Tumblr is that you can easily ad popup code in the header section of your Tumblr blog. The two best pounder adult networks are:

  1. Popads review – How i make $1500 per month
  2. Popcash review – How i make $900 per month


I hope you like this article on Make money tumblr through adult tumblr blogs

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  1. hi, i just created a porn blog using tumblr and also i started using popads, i got a few impressions and
    now i see 0.20 in my popads account..the thing is that now i have a few more followers and visitors but still got the same $0.20 in my popads account..should i use or generate another html code?

  2. Excuse me, what is “that adult deeply ad network which is whitelisted in this adult-friendly blogging platform” ? Any help ? Thank you


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