YnotMail Review – Email Marketing for Adult/Porn Sites (2019)

Hey  hi makemoneyadultcontent viewer. Today i have another amazing service to help you make money and that is Ynotmail review. ynotmail makes Email Marketing for Adult/porn sites possible without any problem

If you are not familiar then you should know that none of the major ESP or Email service provider services like mailchimp or Aweber allow adult content on their servers and hence your account will be banned if you try to send adult focused campaigns

After being in the industry for very long the only solution is self hosting the email newsletter department for any adult oriented website.

Ynotmail review – Email Marketing for Adult/porn sites

Ynotmail review - Email Marketing for Adult/porn sites

What is Ynot mail?

Ynotmail comes as an alternative to a massive problem and helps any adult webmaster to send effective and smart Email newsletters to their subscribers without any problem. It is an email marketing software (online) that helps you send effective email campaigns to your subscribers. It is the only reputed adult friendly email marketing option for porn site

Ynot has been a trusted brand in the industry since, 1996 and they came up with their solution of adult email marketing to help all those players who are still using self hosted platforms. By being adult and gaming friendly  they have really bridged the gap of effective email campaigns for adult webmasters

What are the features of YnotMail?

Just like mainstream players like Mailchimp and Aweber, Ynotmail is also packed with amazing features , some of them being:

  1.  Track the performance of your adult email campaign with detailed statistics – How many people opened, how many clicked links etc
  2. A/B or split testing : Send different version of your email to different segments of your list to check which version works the best
  3. Smart automatic follow-ups: Trigger to send a special email if someone clicks on a link or if he/she reads the email.This smart triggering option is really robust and amazing
  4. Drag and drop editor: With this easy to use editor , create your own email surveys in minutes . surveys are extremely useful for gathering insights about your subscribers
  5. Higher deliverability: They protection shield makes sure you are not blacklisted and all your emails land in the inbox and not in spam folder

Check the full list of features here: https://www.ynotmail.com/features.php

Ynot Mail Pricing or What is te cost of Ynotmail?

Since they are solving a major problem they charge a premium for it. Compared to mailchimp and aweber they are a little more expensive. As you probably all know your monthly cost depends on your list size and bigger the list more than money that you have to shell out

Here is an image of the price of ynotmail per month

Ynotmail review - Email Marketing for Adult/porn sites







I am in the middle of testing the product and will update this article when i have successfully tested the entire product so that i can give you a much better idea about ynotmail. So bookmark this article for future reference if i decide to update it


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