SextPanther is the Perfect Choice for Sexting and Earning (2020)


Are you looking for websites and platforms where you can sext with people and earn money for it?

If that is the case then Sextpanther is the best and obvious choice for you to earn extra income right from your home or your office.

Sextpanther is one of the unique website that lets you have sex chats with the clients and charge money for it. In this article I have listed everything about Sextpanther. Let’s have a look.

Well, who doesn’t love sexts which leave you feeling a little ‘freaky’?

If you are looking to add some sizzle to your sex life and love those dirty talks, then SextPanther is what you should try! 


Sexting is a big part of everyone’s life, and when done right, it surely races your heart and leaves you feeling hot in just a matter of a few seconds when done right.

The sexting culture has caught on like wildfire, with apps like Snapchat and WhatsApp being the initial catalysts in bringing about this amazing change & which are known to protect your personal data, enabling you to sext with your partners without a worry. 

Celebrities and influencers have equally given-in to their desires and love sexting in their private lives, which is one reason some of their nude photos and videos often leak on the Internet.

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sextpanther homepage

SextPanther - What is it?

SextPanther is an adult site that enables porn stars to trade text and nude pictures with subscribers that have premium account on the website.

Models are generally paid twice every month for the services. Many of the significant adult actresses and entertainers profit by simply sexting with the users that have premium subscriptions.

To benefit from the services of this sexting site, you need to pick a username, give your email-id and make a password to login to your account.

Read the terms and conditions, check the T&C box and tap on the Call-to-Action button “Join For Free”.

It is very simple to get started with the website. To make an account on this website you (the adult star), does not require any Visa or any other credit card.

When you make an account on this sexting site, you will get $5.00 in free credits. There is a different SextPanther site those list all the male models. This one only caters to female adult stars.

The Sextpanther website is completely legal and is a legitimate venture to help the adult stars to earn some side income by sexting with the clients and sharing their nude pictures. All this is done for a fair price.

The customer service of Sextpanther is very much patient and helpful. They listen to your concerns and they also respond to the emails fairly quickly.

SextPanther is an official adult sexting site where you can sext with well-known porn stars and even amateurs. The application enables models and users to engage in sexual conversations via call or video chat, which can be availed through tokens that you receive when you register onto the site.

Accounting to around more than 4 million users, SextPanther has emerged as one of the best  is the actual ‘talk of the town’ amongst all  sexting websites and apps. The good thing is whether you are a model or a client, you don’t have to install any app to access SextPanther.

With the lowest fraud risk, SextPanther swears by its privacy and security rules. Additionally, the service is free to register.

Sextpanther WP

Website Profile 

  • Members: 4 Million
  • Popularity: 100,000/weekly
  • Gender Proportion: 90% male, 10% female
  • Geography: USA
  • Account Verification: Email, phone number
  • Mobile App: None
  • Price: From $1 + $5 is a gift for registration
  • Free Version: It is free to register
  • Fraud Risk: Low
  • Hookup Chance: 1/5 stars

Mode of Operation of Sextpanther

  • The operating process of this website is fairly basic and very much straightforward.
  • When you make an account on this website, you need to pick a model from the vast list. SextPanther lists all the accessible models.
  • Models can be the either novices and expert porn stars. When you tap on the profile photo of a model, you will be taken to her profile.
  • Pick the model you like the most. Buy her number from the model's profile page. This offer never terminates and additionally, it is a one-time charge.
  • When you get the number, add the number to your list of contacts and participate in sexting.

For Models 

If you are a model looking to roll into the sexting culture, then SextPanther is your main game.

You have the liberty to set your prices where you can charge your fans per minute for phone calls and per text for sexts and pictures. 

There is a feature of sending mass messages that allows you to  so that you can send pictures or texts to your clients even in bulk.

Model Profile

Do I have to give away my real number?

Not at all! SextPanther provides you with a different number to operate from.from.from their side, which is then available on the website. You get to choose your area code, and then this new number of yours will be given to guys seeking for it.

You have an option to give out your number for free. It is a better strategy to attract more fans and build up good connections, which will ensure a smooth income.

But don’t worry, only your number will be available free, your client will still have to pay you to text you or receive any pictures, according to your price rates.

SextPanther lets you take charge altogether. If you prefer phone calls, you can do only phone calls, if you want to send pictures, then you can do just that. If you wish to chat and nothing else, then even that’s in your hands. You can build your profile the way you want. It is quite liberal.

Privacy and Confidentiality 

When it comes to sexting, most of us get worried about the privacy policy and the site’s confidentiality. But with the lowest fraud risk, SextPanther makes sure that there is no funny business when getting paid for your work.

You are provided with a new number to keep you away from unwanted stalking. You are also free to choose any area code to protect your privacy. Although if you want to block your work from your country or region, you can’t as the site doesn’t provide regional geoblocking. 

But as far as your privacy concerns, no private information gets leaked. SextPanther has a history of excellent privacy protection, and no model has ever complained about leaked private information.

How do Models get paid?

The payouts work on a percentage basis.

  • 55% - 65%   - for texts, pictures and videos
  • 75% - 82.5%- for phone calls
  • 80% - 88%   - for tips

The minimum payout is $20 for every model. Models get paid twice a month. The payout cycle starts from 1st to the 15th of the month, where you get the first payment and then 16th to the end of the month, where you get your second payment.

A model can choose either the option of a mailed check or bank deposit. You will have to send a void cheque to them for a direct deposit. Once you have earned the minimum payment, you can request for it and the payment will be received in 3- 5 business days.

The model gets paid every time she sends any text/ picture or makes a phone call.

Before you receive the payment, you have to send them a w-9. It is straightforward as you can e-sign and send the document in. But you can still start working before throwing in the w-9.

You can ask your clients to make the payment in tips as 80% of the money on SextPanther is based on tips.

Sextpanther Models


Models can even promote their cam pages, blogs, links, and profiles via texts, but there are limitations that you can’t push any other texting services. There is one more feature that allows you to give reference to other models and earn $100 whenever the model you’ve promoted makes her first $100.


SextPanther provides a lot of traffic for users. Make sure that you are responsive and interactive and have set your prices at a reasonable rate. You can also get engagement from social media handles,  as it will help you gain more fans. 

Make sure you tag social media accounts of Sextpather. They are usually very responsive to their twitter. They will repost your content and will even give shout- outs on their official page.

How to use it?

The website is straightforward to access even for models. You don’t have to install any app for this. Just make an account on the site, and choose your preferred services that you will be providing.  This is followed by uploading some appealing pictures and you are good to go. 

You can use your laptop to reply to texts and even receive notifications. You can also access it from the phone itself and there is a dashboard on the website where you can find everything you need. It is available when you are using your laptop.

There is also a list of your clients who are connected to you. Clients are arranged alphabetically and also by time (old clients, recent clients). You can observe your earnings with detailed descriptions.

There is a button to adjust your availability for phone calls. You can turn it on and off as you want. It is easy to reply to text messages and even send mass messages.

For Users

User- friendly 

The website is straightforward to access for users as well. You don’t need to download an additional app for using SextPanther. You just have to register your account first on the site.

After registration, you get to choose your models from SextPanther. You can choose from well-known porn stars or can go for amateur models.

Model Profile

You can choose a model and tap on her profile. Details of models will be shown and you can buy her number from there. It is a one-time payment offer and does not have any termination policy.

Once you get the number, add it into your contact list and then get on with some pleasurable sexting experience with models who are really good at what they do.

Affordable rates

This website has a lot of affordable options. Once you open an account, you are credited with $5. It will charge only $1 to get access to a model’s profile. After that, you have to pay the price that the model has set according to her services.

Privacy Policy 

The privacy policy providing protection also extends to the clients. SextPanther is a legal website for adult chatting, so it swears by its privacy protection rules. Any nudes or sensitive pictures which you have exchanged on the website are never misused or leaked out.

Revenue Model of Sextpanther

SextPanther keep distinctive rates for various things. Payouts are 55% for text/picture messages, 75% for telephone calls, and 80% for tips.

At present you can just choose from a mailed check or directly deposit it in your bank account. On the off chance that you need to do direct deposit, you should send them a void check to get it set up.

Payroll intervals are from the first of the month to the fifteenth and the sixteenth to the end of the month.

Installments are conveyed 3-5 business days after the end of each payroll interval as long as the base payout has been met. The base payout is $20 for both check and direct deposit.

When you join on the site, the default installment is set to a mailed check. On the off chance that you need to do direct deposit, you should email support to get that set up. On the site itself, there are not really any details about how installments function.

Model Referral promoting program is another essential component by which models can procure cash.

At whatever point you refer a model to SextPanther and if the referred model wins her first $100, you make $100.

A model should tempt however many folks as could be expected under the circumstances. A model wins cash each time she sends a content/picture message to the person but not the other way around.

Privacy Norms of Sextpanther

SextPanther regards the security of its models. Models don't utilize their own mobile phone numbers. Actually, SextPanther gives new numbers to the models.

Models are at freedom to pick the zone code of their advantage. Models would thus be able to get rid of the feelings of dread of their numbers being followed.

There is no need of downloading any application. Every one of the calls and messages are steered straightforwardly to their mobile phone.

At whatever point another client buys a model's number, that specific model will be informed by content.

Choice of Services with Sextpanther

As a model, you require not offer every one of the services listed on the site. On the off chance that you are keen on telephone calls, simply do telephone calls.

On the off chance that you are comfortable with sharing nude pictures, you can set your rates and proceed what intrigues you. You can turn on texts and notifications.

You can turn off the telephone calls features and play with the settings of the phone.

sext panther services

Promotion of Other Sites

Models can promote other adult sites of entertainment and sites as long as the substance is not related to sexting.

Models can sell all their private coordinated Skype sessions, pictures, videos and so on so forth on SextPanther.

It is critical to draw clients to tip you the sum you mean to charge. A couple of customers will be desperate to talk to you and see your nude pictures.

Use their positive attitude. Make them submissive and take them under your control. Make a video, then upload it to MediaFire and send the download link to your desperate, submissive clients.

Sextpanther Banner

Social Media and Sextpanther

In this computerized age, one wonders why any model could overlook web-based social networking stages.

Models ought to have a Tumblr blog, Twitter account and their very own website. In all such online networking roads, they ought to promote their SextPanther profile link. This causes them to refer new models and clients.


SextPanther is a legal website through which webcam models, porn stars, and models of sex industry can earn some extra money. It is an excellent way to invest leisure time in some perfect sexting, exchanging nudes, video chats, and calls to make more money securely.

This platform offers security and good pricing plans for models.

The website is built up in a very simple and easy to use way for both models and clients.

To conclude, it's a trustworthy website if you are looking to satisfy your fantasies, and if sexting is your thing, then SextPanther is definitely a right match. You can also check out the profiles of a few models we’ve listed down below, at the end of this article.

Final Thoughts

Adult business and the websites are developing each day and growing at a huge speed.

The SextPanther is one such website among the lot that offers models a unique way to earn some extra income just by sexting with the clients and selling them nude pictures and videos.

This website is easy to use and the models can earn easy money through this platform. The Sextpanther offers privacy, security and good pricing plans to the models.

The payouts model of the Sextpanther is also very much convenient and easy to understand. All in all, this is a very safe and simple platform for the models to earn money easily.

You can also check , another free sexting app.

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