YezzClips Review: Make Money Selling Scat/Piss Content (2019)

Todays article will cover Yezzclips Review : Make Money Selling Scat/Piss content. Yezzclips is a unique network whic deals with a very specific niche category i.e Scat movies and piss fetish niche. If you are into peeing fetish, and are comfortable with becoming a scat mistress and pooping in front of an audicne this is the network for you. You can easily crete your own picture and video adult store


Yezzclips Review : Make Money Selling Scat/Piss contentBecoming a mistress scat can be easier with yezzclips, as they only deal with scat clips and scat movies. Ebony shitting is a very popular category on that website. IF you already into peeing / toilet slavery or toilet humiliation on patforms such as as clips4sale toilet then yezzclips will be perfect for you. Making scat mistress videos and selling them on yezzclips can be highly profitable

How much money can i make? What is the commision that i as a fetish model will get?

60% of the revenue is paid to the studio or model joining the yezzclips network.

What kind of videos or money makig opprtunities are present on yezzclips platform?

You can as a fetish model make :

  1. Full scat movies and scat clips
  2. Mistress spiting
  3. Scat mistress pov porn videos
  4. Ebony scat clips
  5. If you are a clips4sale pooping studio or model, then you can easily make more money through
  6. Shit on slave face is also very popular category on yezzclips

What about yezzclips affiliate program?Yezzclips Review : Make Money Selling Scat/Piss content

Yes , yezzclips do offer an affiliate program to make money for adult webmasters. Here is how much money you can make:

  1. If you are sending a customer theourgh your affiliate link, you will get 20% of the orders he/she makes
  2. If you are sending an adult webmaster to signup, you will get 5% of his earnings
  3. If you are sending  a studio to signup, you will get 5% of their total revenue

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