Use Arousr to Make Money by Sexting, Phone Sex & Video Calls (2019)

Few weeks ago, I thought of testing the Arousr app and service. It is a sexting community for adults over the age of 21.

According to the creators of Arousr and their website, this app is a safe place to have a conversation with adults who want to have chat with you.

You can even talk, exchange pictures and engage in video calls over the computer, smartphone and tablet.

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To use this app you need to create the app and you will immediately get 100 credits to your account as a reward.

You can use these credits to chat with anyone on the system. Android users can use this app via mobile and iOS users can use this app via tablet or computer and then use regular text messaging.

I opted to test this app as I am on break with my girlfriend and wanted to spend some naughty time.

This was surely going to keep me busy when I felt lonely. The apps looks pretty and is fun to use. Signing up to this service is also easy and you can even xcreate your profile using the pseudo name.

On successful creation of account I was directed to the page where all the online women were listed.

After browsing through the list, I finally decided to chat with a girl name JoJo. The reason I selected this app was the profile picture of this girl.

It looked like she was doing exercise without wearing pants. This is something that attracted me to her.

The girl was friendly and we started chatting over the text messages. Soon we were talking to each other and exchanged the pictures. Chatting was fun with her and we ended up soon.

arousr join

Sexting is an act that most people engage in with their partners, but have you ever thought what it would look like if a web-based service actually let you engage in sexual conversations with strangers on the Internet and help you fulfill your innermost carnal desires?

Surprising ain’t it? Well, you would be glad to know that there’s a service that lets you not just fulfill your sexual fantasies, but can also pay you just by engaging in sexting, phone sex or even steamy video calls. As we all know, sexting has been around forever in some form or the other in the post-Internet era. 

With introduction of messaging services, e-mail based communication and Voice-over-Internet-Protocol (VoIP), it has helped couples blur the boundaries of being physically present in the same location and rather help express their feelings via sexually explicit messages, photos/videos and other similar media.

With the gig economy being a force to reckon with in the last 15 years, you can now actually use all your masterful skills at sexting as a side hustle, thereby helping yourself to earn some extra cash. 

It is now a legitimate and lucrative market out there with heterosexual men in large numbers looking to pay for a flavourful and flirtatious sexting experience with a beautiful woman online.

Their reasons could range from a busy professional life, a certain awkwardness around women or they might be looking to open up about their sexual fantasies to a stranger without the fear of judgement and even because they simply want some spur of the moment fun.

Unlike camgirl and phone sex on adult model sites, sexting is perfectly legal in almost all countries across the globe. One such website that helps you earn while working (or sexting) from home is the very popular, which is dedicated towards providing their users unforgettable adult chat experiences.

It packs together the robustness of a cam site, a phone sex network along with sexting features in a single platform. The service can be accessed via the computer, laptop, smartphones or tablet computer and allows you to enjoy and chat with live, real chat hosts, who entice you with their impeccable writing skills which can turn you on in a couple of minutes. Furthermore, there is an option to actually send free pictures and videos alongside exclusive content from the model that can be purchased by using their currency called ‘credits’. 

Although there is no compulsion on the number of times you log onto the site or a fixed schedule, it is advisable that you login at least once in a month or your account is automatically considered inactive. If you create your account, you also earn 100 credits on just signing up to use their platform, which can be used to chat with a host on Arousr. 

Its mobile app for Android and iOS looks pretty slick and the website’s UI is good too.

Get Paid From Texting, Video Chat, Talking and Through Tips

Arousr offers models an extensive variety of approaches to make money. Get paid for messaging, video chat, talking, and through the tribute features.

Models are given profile pages in the directory, which contains the tribute button and enables clients to interact with the models.

Every one of the services can be offered by means of SMS or through the Arousr Android application.

arousr phone sexting network

Acquire Half Of All Revenue From Texts, Calls and Tips

Arousr pays models half of all income produced from the service. That implies you get half of what clients pay for video chat, messaging, voice and tributes. So you get 50% of what you make.

The other half covers exchange fees, marketing, hosting and Arousr's net revenues.

Payments Made Via Check, Paxum or Wire

Funds are released each Monday. There is no base payout for Paxum payouts, which is prescribed to models.

Payments are made by means of:

  • Check
  • Paxum
  • Wire Exchange


Arousr uses a credit system, similar to a lot of such websites which enables to purchase pre-recorded model videos and pictures and also spend more time sexting, audio/video calling and exchanging media. Credits can be purchased using any payment processor such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, Credit/Debit card. The pricing plans are as follows -

Credit Card


Method and PackageCost


300 Credits



600 Credits



1000 Credits



2000 Credits



Google Pay or Apple Pay


Method and PackageCost


300 Credits



600 Credits



1000 Credits



2000 Credits



The most economical is the credit/debit card payment, with credits being around 5 to 6 cents roughly. Google Pay and Apple Pay can be used as well, but they charge a slightly higher fee and thereby, higher costs for acquiring credits.

Sexting can be done with 10 credits per message, whereas voice chat costs 28 credits. Video calling is a little costlier, with about 90 to 100 credits per minute as decided by the model, and the same goes for if you wish to purchase the premium set of photos and videos.

The ideal cost for picture sets is 10 credits and upwards while those for video sets is probably around 20 credits & upwards (it may go up to 200-500 credits). 

Arousr App "Best Sexting App Available For Android"

Arousr is a creative phone sex network that highlights its own special Android application. Communication can occur through SMS or through the application.

The application has video chat, voice, messaging and photographs. All payments outside of Visa exchanges should in any case occur on the main site.

The application is likewise more discrete for you and your clients, as you don't need to stress over SMS chat logs.

arousr sexting phone sex video chat

Get Included In The Arousr Directory

Arousr has a directory page that shows all their online hosts. The registry incorporates a profile page where you can tell potential clients more about you and what you offer.

Being incorporated into the directory and making your profile as marvelous as possible will help you with sales and profit.

You can likewise connect your profile page from sites, social media network and that's just the beginning.

arousr profile create

SignUp On Arousr To Become Phone Sex Operator

Are you ready to Become Phone Sex Operator? SignUp for Arousr, the most popular phone sex network of its kind. Using the Android app profit from messaging, video calls and tolerating tributes can be made easily.

Get added to the Arousr index to gain exposure and get new clients. Money can be made from your smartphone and even when you are out of the house. SignUp for Arousr and start minting money now.

How To Make An Account on Arousr And Creating A Catchy Profile

Setting up a profile is a very interesting and simple process to help you get started with Arousr. For chat hosts, the process is very straightforward. You must have a payment processor such as Paxum, your computer and Internet.

The folks at Arousr ask for legal documentation to confirm if the chat host is 21+ years in age or not. Hosts can then upload a few pictures of theirs and get going with a catchy bio that describes their interests and body the best way possible.

Photos and bios are an integral part of having success on the site. Post approval, you can start offering your services to the user and earn money for the same and even post links to your profile on social media, so you’ll get paid every time a guy signs up to use Arousr. 

There are not a lot of models and the network can only grow from here onwards but this aspect holds up a potential customer from buying a subscription to use the Arousr platform and must be looked into.

These models we interacted with are quite sexy and know their trade pretty well, probably making you feel aroused with their impeccable erotica writing skills. Arousr has a directory page which displays the list of chat hosts on their site. On the directory, a profile page has been included which helps you market your services in a better way. 

With no fixed schedules, you can log in and work whenever and wherever you want. During ‘off hours’, you can find around 10 chat hosts online who can be communicated with at that time. In comparison, for users who want to chat up with the hosts, they can sign up to Arousr by entering a password, and creating a username followed by an activation code, entering which you are brought to the page where you can access the directory of hosts available online and start a conversation with them. 

To help female hosts, Arousr provides multiple ways to earn money on the platform. Some of them are as follows - 

  1. 1
    Sexting and dirty talking with strangers on Arousr’s website
  2. 2
    Phone sex enabled via voice chat
  3. 3
    Initiate video chat, cam shows and live sex streaming sessions
  4. 4
    Selling premium content such as private videos and pictures
  5. 5
    Receiving tips and bonuses via referrals when you share your profiles on social media platforms

What Are Its Features?

Some of  the most amazing features on the Arousr platform are as follows -

  1. 1
    Text messaging/sexting with hosts
  2. 2
    Two-way video calling between hosts and users
  3. 3
    Video and picture sharing, buying premium content
  4. 4
    Add models to your favourite list
  5. 5
    Give monetary tips to models
  6. 6
    Reviews for each model
  7. 7
    100 free credits during login

User Reviews

Interesting application. Lets users have a good time sexting with beautiful women from around the world.

Anonymous, User

Arousr is 1000 times better than Netflirt. Totally recommend it!

Anonymous, User

Final Thoughts


Arousr takes a whole new approach to sexting and dirty-talking. It's a one of a kind platform that lets you make some cash while doing something you enjoy and we think that’s a good enough deal to get started. Go give it a shot!

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