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When it’s time to get the vibrator out in the bedroom to sauce up the things, you  often pity yourself watching her satisfy her pleasurable needs.

As much as it’s a ‘sight for the sore eyes,’ won’t it feel even more satisfying if you could join in too

That’s why Standard Innovations has come up with WeVibe 4 for sizzling up the bed game for both the partners.

we vibe 4

What is WeVibe?

WeVibe is more than just a ‘couples vibrator.’ It not only pleases both the partners but also has an advanced technical feature to it which lets your long-distance partner control the vibrations with a single touch on his phone screen.

If you and your partner are feeling a little ‘freaky,’ then this toy is the catch for you. It allows you to experiment with your wild side by enticing your female partner and sending her the ‘vibes’ even in public.

Giving The Feels!

Made with soft, velvety silicone, WeVibe not only satisfies you but also keeps you comfortable. It has a unique U shape which focuses on clitoral stimulation often found missing during regular sex.

The G-spot stimulator speeds up things for her and adds into more pleasure so both partners can reach mutual orgasms. It ‘vibes’ with men too as its soft touch feels natural and makes things tighter.

With sensitive vibrations, it makes him feel more pleasure and makes him hard quickly. You can indulge in self-pleasure as well as use this for foreplay to tease your partner by lying down on your bed comfortably and satisfying your desires after a tiring day!

Open Up For Pleasure 

The rechargeable toy and all of its components come in a very aesthetic and minimalist package. It contains the toy, a remote, a USB, a magnetic charging station, and a user manual.

Charging this toy is easy as it just requires you to put the toy into its charging case which is connected to an electric socket. It requires 4 hours of charging for 3 hours of use. It’s charging station looks more like your mini - speaker or a mini air purifier, neat and minimalist.

The remote has a sleek, classy design resembling your music player’s remote or your car keys. It comes with a very informative user manual that takes you through the procedureof using it, how to store it, and how to keep it clean. WeVibe promises to make your first experience a lot special!

Going Into Public 

The idea of having an erotic toy inside while you are out in public is a way to satisfy your “Fifty Shades Of Grey” fantasy. The soft and comfortable design of WeVibe makes it easier to wear along with your thong or that sexy lingerie you just bought to make your partner go crazy.

And if you’re into Yoga and need a more relaxing experience, you can wear WeVibe even in your yoga pants. You will have  significant therapeutic experience with the ‘couples vibrator’ after you do some ‘couples yoga.’

The WeConnect App makes it easier to give your partner control over of when and how fast he would want to pleasure you with the toy even when you are in public.

It has Bluetooth access which means you can play around in the trial rooms while shopping as your partner waits around—a great way to turn those boring shopping errands into something more fun.

We Connect More with WeConnect

WeVibe being the ‘couples vibrator,’ has advanced features to it, allowing lovebirds pleasure themselves even in a long-distance relationship. Surprised? You should be because WeVibe comes with an app that connects your toy to your smartphone.

And with just a touch on the screen, you have a complete control of it. Syncing your gadget with your phone is a straightforward process. Just download the WeConnect app from the app store.

It requires you to turn your phone’s Bluetooth on and then you can tap on the option “pair We-Vibe.” The toy can be synced with only one controller at a time, so you can either use your smartphone or use the remote controller for it.

WeConnect is a very user- friendly app which lets you or your partner control the modes, the speed of the vibrations, and even the intensity.

And if you are someone who has a love for customizable things, then nothing to worry about because WeConnect comes with ten pre-programmed modes and lets you customize your ‘vibes’ your way.

You can send your partner a request to join in by installing the app on your phones, and your partner can connect to the toy just by accepting the request.

Pretty easy, right? The app isn’t just effortless but way more convenient, especially when you two lovers are in a long-distance relationship. Win over the distance, only by a touch.

We Vibe 4 Review from one of our regular reader.

When I found out about the We-Vibe 3 only a couple of months prior, I in a split second hurried to the store to get it. I just knew I cherished my vibrator, and I knew I adored sex – and what could be superior to joining the two?

I imagined that it would be a life-changing surge of joy, just coordinated maybe by the medication itself. In the wake of try it, it was certainly exceptional – yet not for the qualities I envisioned.

Amid sex, it began as awkward, and afterward turned agonizing. In addition to the fact that this was expansive remote protest in the way – yet it was getting stuck into my cervix while synchronous abrading my accomplice's delicate head.

Not great. We finished unexpectedly, and kept an eye on our injuries. Amid non-penetrative play, it was quite cool – however who's truly getting it for that? It's intended to be a couple's toy utilized amid sex, and for that, it fizzled.

Taking a gander at the specs, I could see that it was smaller with another design with smoother silicone. It was as far as anyone knows all the more effective, with some new vibration settings and a superior remote control.

When I went to utilize it, the overhauled configuration was perceptibly better, however despite everything it wasn't great. It's extraordinary for moderate, delicate, shaking sex – yet not exactly sufficiently solid, and still troublesome for quick paced sex.

However, the plan was vastly improved and the vibration assortment was an incredible change. In case you're searching for an approach to fortify your g-spot and clitoris in the meantime, the We Vibe 4 is an awesome decision.

In case you're searching for a comment inside you while engaging in sexual relations. Well, I don't know whether there will ever be a vibrator that is altogether agreeable, yet the We-Vibe is gradually arriving. In case you're searching for a couple's vibrator, this might be the best vibrator out there for you.

How Can It Compare? 

The We-Vibe 4, much the same as its forerunners, is by and large intended to be a couple's vibrator. You put one end inside you to hit your g-spot, while the flip side twists around to hit your clitoris. The two closures vibrate.

It should leave simply enough space for your accomplice to enter you underneath the inside arm. The We-Vibe 4 has rolled out some magnificent improvements over the We-Vibe 3.

The sizes, shape, outline, material, vibrations, remote, patterns and charging have all experienced a genuine makeover – and the progressions were unquestionably beneficial.

At first look, the We Vibe 4 is 30% smaller than the We-Vibe 3. This is intended to make it significantly more agreeable to wear amid sex.

we vibe reviews

The internal arm has a level base, as opposed to adjusted, for simpler inclusion with an accomplice. The internal arm likewise has a delicate triangle shape, so it can remain inside you better.

The external arm has a more articulated bend than the past We-Vibe, so it can better bend along your body. These progressions, alongside a more unbending association between the two arms, make the refreshed We-Vibe a considerably more agreeable fit inside my body.

This adaptation remains set up inside me much superior to the past rendition, and has a delicate surface along each arm that gives an agreeable incitement.

It's a cozy fit that keeps associated, with little dread of it dropping out or losing its place. The refreshed We-Vibe 4 likewise has a sleek silicone material that is a HUGE overhaul from the reflexive silicone in the past variant.

The We-Vibe 3's sparkly silicone pulls in a considerable measure of tidy and builds up, so you can never keep it clean. It likewise has a ton of drag against your skin, and we sensed that we needed to apply increasingly lube just to keep it from harming my accomplice's penis.

This velvety silicone has considerably less drag and doesn't pull along your skin in the same, difficult way. The past We-Vibe required a ton of lube to be agreeable.

However when you utilized lube, it ended up noticeably tricky, moved around a great deal, and could even drop out. The We-Vibe 4 requires lube, yet it doesn't have that same tricky situation.

You can keep control of the We-Vibe without sacrificing your solace. The We-Vibe 4 has some refreshed vibrations and accomplices. The We-Vibe 3 had 2 paces and 4 designs.

The We Vibe 4 has 6 designs, each of which is accessible at 10 unique velocities. Along these lines, there are 60 combinations accessible, all controlled by your fingertips with a button and remote. The vibrations feel somewhat more grounded.

However, the position of the vibrations is staggeringly made strides. The first We-Vibe 3 has its clitoral vibrations centered at the tip, and I couldn't inspire it to adjust effectively with my body.

The enhanced motors and outline of the We-Vibe 4 has a nearer fit to my body, and the vibrations appear to be more scattered and can be plainly felt along the clitoral arm.

It remains superbly situated regardless of where I put it, and I don't need to stress over losing contact with my clitoris by any means.

We-Vibe 4 Demo Video

Vibration Power and Functions 

I was at first puzzled when the We Vibe 4 didn't come charged. I whipped it out seemingly out of the blue to shock my man, just to find that it was past dead.

Not even a good omen for vibration. I mishandled with the guidelines, supposing I should have a blemished model, until the point that I found that it required a 6 hour charge before it’s initially utilized.

I took out the charging port, yet it took me a couple of minutes to make sense of which way the We Vibe sat in the port.

I probably place it inside and out with the exception of the correct path until the point when I made sense of it – yet in the We Vibe's barrier, the correct way is plainly set apart in the manual, yet who has the will to peruse that in the throes of energy? Not this slut.

we vibe 4 review

As a matter of fact, the charging component is great. Rather than a finicky attractive port that must be put onto the vibrator only so for it to work, the We-Vibe sits in its little vessel close by a remote, secured with a cover, and can look absolutely apathetic on your end table.

It's USB rechargeable – however by and by, I incline toward A/C charge. You turn the We-Vibe on with a button strategically located on the best. You can push through the patterns utilizing the button or the remote control.

The remote control can spin through the patterns in either bearing, and adjust to 10 speeds. The patterns are:

  • Steady Low: Great for the start as you adjust to your comfort.
  • Steady Medium: To take this further and a bit fast.
  • Steady High: To make things even faster.
  • Fast Pulses: To experience faster vibes with pulses for great pleasure.
  • Roller-coaster: A unique pattern which switches from low vibes, to high and to small again.
  • Echo: Teasing your clit and switching between clitoral stimulation and vibrations inside.

In case you're utilizing the button to burn through patterns, you'll hit every one of these and after that change the power with the remote. In case you're utilizing the remote, the initial 3 consistent heartbeats are consolidated into one setting, and you can at present change the force of now 4 designs.

In spite of the additional vibration assortment (which is not kidding wonderful) the vibration control still wasn't sufficient for me (amaze, astonish). I do feel that this vibration setting would be ideal for a great many people.

Heck, when I initially got the We Vibe 3 a couple of months back, it's vibrations were ideal for me. However, now that I've been utilizing vibes routinely for a couple of months, I ache for something more grounded.

The vibrations are impressively rumbly, and add up to flawlessness in quality. I think 90% about the populace would be in paradise from these vibes alone. Actually, I require something somewhat greater and more grounded.

We utilized the We-Vibe for around 30 minutes on the primary attempt. When we woke up in the morning, I was prepared to give it a go once more. In any case, in simply the time we were snoozing, the We-Vibe had as of now kicked the bucket.

I was super mooched that this little toy couldn't hold its charge by any stretch of the imagination. It resembles you're marvelous companion that you want to go out with.

Yet a couple of beverages in, she's as of now vomiting and you're calling a taxi. I needed it to keep going for the whole deal, not short out after only one session.

We needed to hold up a couple of hours to give it recharge – so be prepared to have your charging port helpful if this is your go-to toy.

Going Solo

The toys ‘vibes’ with you correctly when you want to go solo to embrace self-satisfaction. For this, you can even switch to manual mode by pressing a button on the toy which has a logo on it.

Press it to connect the gadget to it’s remote which has five modes of ‘vibe’ with different vibrational patterns. You can switch modes and even use the remote to turn off the toy.

It is a great way to use the remote, and it functions if you are exploring your comfort and your ‘vibe.’ It offers different rhythmic vibrations, and as you explore, you’ll find just the rhythm that works the best for you.

Partner Play 

The inward arm of the We-Vibe 3 pummeled against my internal parts, and felt like it was going to go through me. In the meantime, he felt like the leader of his penis was being rubbed with an elastic tire.

It was not a decent affair. The We-Vibe 4 marginally tackled this issue with a smaller outline and silkier silicone. However, regardless it had a craving for something is standing out.

we-vibe 4 plus

We utilized far more lube than should be expected this time, to guarantee a consistent coast. My accomplice delicately entered me with mind, trying not to overpower both of us with a profound push from the start.

At the point when he's inside me and not moving, the vibrating inner arm feels awesome. It has the considerable "fullness" feeling of sex with an additional vibration – practically like an exceptionally life-like vibrator.

On the off chance that we delicately shake with each other, it has an unintelligibly pleasurable vibration that hits my g-spot impeccably.

In any case, as he moves encourage inside me and tries to push, obviously either he's too extensive or I'm too little for the We-Vibe 4 to fill in as planned. As we begin, the new outline of the We-Vibe 4 holds it set up better than anyone might have expected.

Be that as it may, with a couple of more pushes, the We-Vibe begins to move and jab my g-spot awkwardly. In the meantime, my accomplice has a similar pulling sensation on his penis, although considerably less agonizing.

The more we push, the more We-Vibe appears to draw and jab and act as a burden. However, it doesn't move around so much as the We-Vibe 3. In the meantime, the pleasurable vibrations lose all sense of direction in the movement, until the point that you barely feel them by any means.

It's not an excruciating sensation like the We-Vibe 3, yet it's not charming either. To keep the delight of the We-Vibe alive, we need to remain in a delicate shaking movement, with simply light and prodding pushes – which by and by isn't our most loved sort of sex.

On the off chance that you appreciate moderate sex with more shaking than pushing, the WeVibe 4 will probably remain set up to delight you. For us, the We-Vibe hasn't possessed the capacity to influence my dream to work out.

For solo utilize, it's quite recently alright. I'd very much want a rabbit over the We-Vibe. Things being what they are, the reason do regardless I like this toy, in spite of it not having the capacity to satisfy me amid sex or alone?

I adore a portion of the kinkier uses we've thought of for the We-Vibe. I cherish when my accomplice takes control of the remote. In case we're sleeping, I never know when simply the flick of a catch will begin to energize and bother me.

On the off chance that he's around amid a languid end of the week, I can put the We-Vibe inside me and approach cooking, viewing a film, or simply sticking around the condo – while he could astound me with vibrations whenever.

He gets the chance to control the example and power – which is a good time for him and a good time for me, since I never recognize what's coming.

You can likewise utilize it in the shower or out in the open. In any case, past that, it's great to have a thoroughly sans hands understanding while he focuses on my other touchy zones, or sets up a few props for BDSM play… and my most loved utilization of the We-Vibe is precisely for that.

Not exclusively would it be able to remain in amid play, including sway play, yet it can drop out. You can attempt to hold it in with your PC muscles, yet in the event that it drops out, you're in a bad position.

The We-Vibe 3 was particularly a good time for this, in light of the fact that the shape, outline, and material made it so elusive and non-ergonomic that it for all intents and purposes dropped out without anyone else.

In any case, in the correct position, with the correct effect, and the appropriate measure of losing yourself at the time – the We-Vibe 4 can drop out, and the result that causes can energize all by itself.


  • Strong paces and settings
  • Remote controlled
  • Rechargeable
  • Waterproof
  • Design that embraces body and is thin
  • Great charging port and capacity case


  • May not fit easily for all bodies
  • Still somewhat uncomfortable during sex

Keeping It Clean

“With great pleasure comes great responsibility” well… this isn’t the same case with WeVibe because it requires minimal care after usage. Unlike other sex toys available in the market, its unique U shape material makes the cleaning effortless.

WeVibe is all about relaxing more and worrying less. It’s waterproof, this makes it easy to clean. Just use some lukewarm water and some of your favourite bath soap and pat to dry it.

You can keep your all fresh WeVibe back into its cute case as it simultaneously gets charged for your next sizzling session.

How to use the App and How to Navigate it 

The WeConnect app that comes along with the WeVibe 4 vibrators, is a neat and minimalistic application that aids users when they’re feeling a little kinky and missing their partner’s touch, and is now available for both iOS and Android platforms.

After downloading, you can pair the phone with your We-vibe toy which has around 5 pre-programmed modes and the app gives you a bonus of 5 additional modes.

You can press and hold the pairing button for 5 seconds until the toy pulses 3 times. On the We-Connect app, click on ‘Connect Toy’ option, post which the app will pair with your WeVibe sex toy via Bluetooth, which shall be notified on your screen.

Tapping on the ‘toy’ icon will make your sex toy vibrate/pulse a little and after selecting, you’re good to go.

There are around 9 ‘vibes’ or vibration speeds which you can choose - Vibe mode is the default setting, you can adjust the stimulation pattern and intensity, whereas other modes like ‘Beat Mode’ and ‘Touch Mode’ allowing you to match stimulations to music and use swipes to control the intensity even further.

Clicking on the ‘create your own vibe’ option, when a drop-down with 9 modes appears as mentioned above. What’s even more interesting is the ‘Draw Vibe’ functionality, where you can simply draw a music pattern on your screen and save it.

If you’re feeling a little lonely and want to feel them up a little bit, you can control each other’s WeVibe toys via the ‘Connect Your Partner’ feature. Please note that currently, the application supports connecting with only one partner, so if you wish to connect with multiple partners, removing the first one is the only option.

Helpful Reviews

Getting a complete idea about the product is incomplete without the user reviews. Let’s have a look at what people have to say about WeVibe.

“This Might Just Be The Best New Sex Toy On The Market, “ 

says Sandra LaMorgese, Ph.D., as she shares her experience with WeVibe Sync.

“In the end, the We-Vibe did enhance sexual pleasure, but it did something even more important — it brought two partners closer in emotional presence. It combined pleasure and connection, and that’s what makes for the best sex and the best relationships.”

“This U.S. City Uses Couples Vibrators The Most”

says Bustle as he talks about how the WeConnect App has made using WeVibe efficient and comfortable.

“We connect the WeVibe that allows couples to play with each other either across the room or across the globe and have found that the average global vibration session lasts 16 minutes and seven seconds. But, because Valentine’s Day isn’t just a big day for love, but about sex too, the app sees a jump in vibration use on Cupid’s favourite day of the year, with the average vibration session increasing by 25 per cent. That’s a whole lot of vibration.”

Are smartphone-connected sex toys the next big thing?, says CNBC as they talked about a revolution in sex toys created by WeVibe.

“We-Vibe sells several devices that connect your smartphone with aspects such as vibration able to be controlled from your handset. It works over a distance, too, allowing someone in another location to control the sex toy. The app that is used to control the device also comes with a video link feature allowing people to see each other too.” 


The We-Vibe 4 is a greatly improved toy than the We-Vibe 3, no doubt. It's smaller, fits better, and has significantly more assortment of vibrations. It works amid moderate, delicate, shaking, light pushing sex.

Yet it doesn't work for the quick paced porno-style sex I adore. I truly think the idea of this toy, when all is said in done, is a coin-hurl. Your accomplice might be too enormous, you might be too little, it may not be the correct fit, or you may incline toward quicker sex that the We-Vibe can't suit.

In any case, in the event that you appreciate slower shaking sex and need to stimulate you without hands, this toy is truly great. On the off chance that you think this toy is for you, the refreshed outline of the We Vibe 4 is unquestionably the approach.

WeVibe, along with its app WeConnect, which syncs your toy to your smartphone, is a great sex toy to make things saucy and wild between you and your partner.

WeConnect is the saviour for long-distance relationships which fills up the intimacy gap between you and your partner. Its remote controlling function lets you enjoy even when you are solo and taking control according to your comfort and pleasure. With WeVibe, Passion is delivered!

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