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Trouble Brewing in Private Snap Paradise

It's no secret that snapchat porn, girls selling access to their private nude snap account, has taken over the adult industry. 

Selling private snaps has become a simple way for girls to make serious cash from the safety of their bedroom. Many of the top snapchat porn stars are making upwards of $2000 per week. 

Guys also enjoy the experience of private snaps more than cams or regular video on demand porn because snapchat provides a more personal and interactive experience. Private snaps offer guys an inside look at these eager girl's lives and fantasies, while also providing a communication layer, enhancing the experience. 

So with nude snapchat accounts being all the rage in 2019, what could go wrong? Unfortunately, some problems are brewing in the private snap space which threatens it's authenticity and viability going into 2020. 

Problem Number 1: Snapchat Itself

Snapchat pioneered disappearing photo messages in 2011, from a humble beginning in a Stanford frat house. This one feature allowed snapchat to grow to a hundred million dollar valuation at breakneck speed. 

Since then, snapchat has come up with a new "break out" feature, the story - which functions as a time-delayed live stream. It offered the convenience of video, but with the freshness of a live stream. 

Fast forward to 2015; Mark Zuckerburg tried to buy out snapchat for three billion dollars (yes, billions with a b). Snapchat founders Bobby Murphy and Evan Speigel refused the offer in Lou of running the company themselves and eventually taking it public. 

Since Zuckerburg and Facebook failed to acquire their fastest growing, and most threatening competitor, they took their next best option - copy Snapchat's story format and integrate it into Instagram, Messenger, and Facebook. 

Story format content has essentially become commoditized after Facebook shamelessly ripped it off. It's had the effect of slowing Snapchat's growth, essentially neutering the young startup. 

Many people now use Instagram stories and have left snapchat all together. With Snapchat losing daily active members as savvy social media addicts defect to Instagram, their stock is set to drop like a prom queen's panties. 

As a publicly traded company, Snapchat has incredible pressure to increase daily active users and revenue to keep shareholders healthy. 

Because of that, we've enjoyed a period where snapchat is not aggressively banning nude or adult-related snapchat accounts (they need every user they can get). 

The quiet before the storm: As snapchat tries to sell ads on a bigger scale, they may begin banning nude snapchat accounts aggressively to appease large advertisers (Big surprise, Geico does not want to show you an add after you just watched your favorite girl cum hard on a huge purple dildo). 

And therein lies the problem. As ad sales grow on snapchat, so will the crackdown on nude snapchat accounts. Let's cross our fingers and hope it doesn't happen, but the reality is, there will be a day of reckoning when snapchat bans all snapchat porn usernames. 

Ultimately it's not a question of if this will happen, but when. And as snapchat cracks down, entrepreneurial women and their eager fan base will head for the exits to a new platform. 

Problem Number 2: Authenticity

Sure, we all want to believe that the girl actually posts those sexy snaps we're jerking to, but in reality, it could merely be a chubby affiliate making millions in his underwear by running 1000s of fake accounts that drip-feed stolen or purchased content. 

Any private snapchat girl will tell you the number one problem they struggle with is people screenshotting, downloading, or otherwise stealing their content to impersonate them and make sales to a fake snapchat account. 

While not moral (or legal), people to steal and republish nude snaps every single day. The largest snapchat porn platform, won't name names here, has a legal team dedicated to tracking down these folks stealing content. 

But for the average girl trying to make an income from selling private snaps, there's very little they can do to stop this problem. Sending a cease-and-desist letter usually does not work, and seeking legal help can quickly become costly and wipe out profits altogether. Stealing girls content, and reposting it, can even be seen as revenge porn in many states - carrying increasingly harsh penalties, including jail time. 

There are also affiliates out there that have grown large businesses in the private snap space by posting content they've purchased (thankfully not stolen). And while not as bad as blatantly stealing nude photos from someone, affiliate posting purchased adult content of girls degrades the authenticity of the entire space. 

The reason people pay for private snaps is to know that the girl they are watching is real - and posting real-time content. Customers also enjoy shooting off the occasional sext or dick pic to their favorite model. If the private snap account is only stale old content - posted by a sharky adult affiliate using bots, then we find ourselves in a "catfish" situation, which leaves an awful impression. 

The Solution

As snapchat pornstars head for the exits and affiliates degrade the integrity of the space altogether, customers and girls need a novel solution that removes the risk of account-banning by Snap and addresses the ever-growing authenticity problem with private snaps. 

xPost.com provides a web-based stories platform dedicated to adult content - so accounts will never get banned. It's the adult Instagram and snapchat stories alternative for like-minded people looking for a better way to enjoy the benefits of private snaps, without the risks. 

xPost.com also closes the authenticity-gap by verifying all models and content producers - so you know the girl you're watching is who they say they are. 

While it may not be quite as convenient as merely opening up snapchat to see your favorite girls, it is one of the most viable options for girls and guys alike looking to share private snaps after the snapchat porn crackdown (snapchat porn nuclear winter). 

Time will tell how snapchat approaches their nude accounts, but one thing is certain: with income-producing-opportunities becoming far, and few between, savvy girls will be looking for the next platform shift.

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